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2002-06-29 10:16:18 AM  
Hey, I just did... OUCH!!!!!!
2002-06-29 10:17:08 AM  
Yeah, i'll get right on that. I own the real TeleZapper and that doesn't even work. Thank God for caller id and answering machines. Fark you "unknown name, unknown number" peolpe
2002-06-29 10:17:37 AM  
I heard about this in a magizine recently. Some guy had a theory that he could do this with a sound card and a modem.
2002-06-29 10:23:04 AM  
I tried this some months back. I held my answering machine up to the speakers to record it. I was getting recorded-message calls pretty regularly up to that point.With the recording, I got one more recorded call. It played all the way through into my answering machine, but then they never called back.

The downside is that your friends and family will hear the tones, and hang up right away. It also kills calls coming in from some pay phones, and may kill some cell calls.
2002-06-29 10:24:04 AM  
hmm is it true you people in the states get up to 5 a day or something like that?

maybe not 5.. but quite a few in the course of a week?
2002-06-29 10:27:39 AM  
Somehow I'm thinking Telemarketing companies have already implemented the obvious work around and have their systems wait for the entire "number disconnected" message, thus foiling the Telezapper and any similar ideas.
Your best bet is (and always has been) to just make your number as private as possible, and just quickly tell telemarketers you aren't interested, should they call.
2002-06-29 10:30:14 AM  
5 a week? Hell, I get that many a day sometimes. All after 7 PM.
2002-06-29 10:30:23 AM  
IANAL, but if i'm not mistaken, calling machine calls to a residential number is outlawed by federal law.

From an article I found on Googleemphasis mine: "Placing unsolicited, prerecorded telemarketing calls is illegal under both federal and Oklahoma law, according to Braver. Unlike "live operator" sales calls, which are generally legal unless the company has been asked not to call,the automatically dialed, prerecorded sales calls are prohibited outright."

2002-06-29 10:31:59 AM  
Or you could just do like me and operate with a mobile phone only... once again, if I'm not mistaken, telemarketing calls to a mobile phone are illegal unless you give someone explicit permission to call you... especially since you pay for the time...
2002-06-29 10:32:10 AM  
I get a few each day, but I enjoy jerking their chain. I pretend that I am interested in their new windows/home improvement/whatever. I see how long I can tie them up on the phone (hang on a sec, gotta get a pen). Then eventually I tell 'em "f.uck you" and hang up.
2002-06-29 10:32:36 AM  
Grateful Phish: I think 5 a day is a little extreme, you'd have to had put yourself onto a few lists, or bought a lot from Telemarketers in the past. I get 2-3 weekly... but I understand the average is probably closer to 5-7 a week.
2002-06-29 10:35:53 AM  
Yep, telemarketers routinely break the law. In Cal, the recorded voice has to be preceded with a human voice. You think that ever happens?

Since you can get $500/violation, I suppose you could make a job out of taking the scum to small claims court. Just wait for four calls or so, and spend a few days getting your $2,000 judgement.
2002-06-29 10:37:07 AM  
I don't know how the hell they get my number, either. Whenever I sign up for something that would most likely place my name on a list, I always use a fake name. Bastards. I usually just start screaming "I'LL KILL YOUR MONKEY! I'LL KILL YOUR MONKEY!" until they hang up.
2002-06-29 10:38:14 AM  
Get a call announcing I won a set of steak knives and I immediately demand the guys name and number! Of course he won't give them to me and asks why I want them and I tells him when I get the free knives I'll call back and listen to his sales pitch. He phone zapped me.
2002-06-29 10:38:14 AM  

That would be great, but I live way out in the middle of nowhere. If I need to make a cellular call, I have to drive my car to the top of the hill a few miles down the road.

2002-06-29 10:39:30 AM  
Try this:
1) Say "Could you hold on a sec?"
2) Put the phone down
3) Do something else
4) Wait until THEY hang up

Not only does it not bother you, the couple of minutes they spend waiting are minutes that are spent NOT bothering others.
2002-06-29 10:41:31 AM  
This all sound's like Telemarketing to me but it's online.
2002-06-29 10:42:12 AM  
This crank has collected $1,800 by taking telemarketers to court.
2002-06-29 10:44:46 AM  
Strom Thurmond must be in his glory
2002-06-29 10:46:57 AM  
These tones could have been clearer. Sounded like someone held them up to a speaker. These are standard tones and could be recreated.
2002-06-29 10:48:56 AM  
I've had an unlisted phone # for 12 years. I can recall maybe 3 calls in all that time (from companies I don't already do business with).
2002-06-29 10:50:25 AM  
I'm lonely and have no friends. The only people who call me are telemarketers.

2002-06-29 10:50:35 AM  
Loopy, I use the same technique. It helps to say "Sounds interesting. Let me get my wife, she handles this stuff." Then go about my business while their queue time racks up.
Just be sure to never say "yes" or any other affirmative to a telemarketer as the shadier ones (I know, I know...) can use that as a basis of agreement to whatever they're pitching and further try to bugger you.
2002-06-29 10:50:45 AM  
At last! No more calls from 'happy dude.'
2002-06-29 10:52:38 AM  
I used to get dozens of calls per week until I started telling every one of them to "TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST". After a couple of months of that I almost never get a marketing call anymore. I didn't think it would work but I can't argue with success. They are supposed to remove you if you request it or they supposedly face fines. It's worth a try.
2002-06-29 10:53:33 AM  
"These are standard tones and could be recreated."

Really? If so, anybody got a synthesizer? I think everybody's got a synthesizer of some kind via their sound card. Find some General Midi software, I'm sure there's sounds within the GM spec that are plain enough to do the job. Or use a software synth. Just record the tones to a wav file and use ad nasuem. But I like the 'yell fark off into the phone as loud as possible and hang up' method. Much less trouble and it works too! :)
2002-06-29 10:54:34 AM  
what I have been getting recently is...these "personalized" recordings on my answering machine.
"Hello! Your name was given to me by someone who thought that you might be interested in a new sattelite service. I'm going to be in your area next week, and I thought you might want to see how I can save you money. You might want to thank your friend for passing your name along!" blah blah blah.
2002-06-29 10:55:48 AM  

Yes, they are required by law to stop calling you. Record the time/date of your request(s) and you can have them charged/fined.
2002-06-29 10:56:07 AM  
The first thing I ask them -- the very first thing before they start their pitch -- is "What are you wearing?" Then I start moaning while they're pitching, start babbling some dirty phrase I learned in Spanish until they give up. Works every time.
2002-06-29 10:56:10 AM  
We had a problem with telemarketers a few years back. We have Caller-ID, so we could always tell when they were calling. We had tried everything in the above - jerking their chain, putting the phone down and walking away, etc. What we found works. Tell them to put you on their "Do Not Call List." We tried "please do not call us anymore," but that doesn't work. It must be phrased "put me on your DO NOT CALL LIST." Granted, we had to talk to the bastards, but it decreased our telemarketing calls from 3 or 4 per day to maybe 1 per month. Best of all it is free!
2002-06-29 10:58:30 AM  
Correct, Meshman,
"Take me off all of the lists your organization is associated with."

Have them confirm it!
2002-06-29 11:00:05 AM  
This is one to piss them off, if your into this kind of thing.
Answer the phone, let them puke out there speil, say you would like to talk to them, but could they hold on for just one moment. Set the phone down and walk away! After they set there waiting for you to come back, several minutes or so, they get the idea that your not comming back and hang up. You can hear the tone and hang up your end, after wasteing their valuable phone time!
No it's not mind blowing, but what the hell.
2002-06-29 11:01:15 AM  
Another interesting telemarketing tidbit (My mom was a telemarketer for awhile and know a lot of the tips n' tricks):

They are often required to try to keep you on the line even if you say "No" once or twice. However, on the third "No" they are supposed to leave you alone.

Anytime I get a telemarketing call I say, "No no no" right away and then say "put me on your do not call list".
2002-06-29 11:02:59 AM  
I love how TeleZappers are marketed so aggressively in Tennessee, where it is illeagal for telemarketers to use automatic dialers!
2002-06-29 11:03:35 AM  
sorry pickle, was in the process of posting, and didn't see yours.
2002-06-29 11:04:05 AM  
Do you think that when they were children, any telelmarketing scum imagined this is what they would be doing to earn a living?

I used to fill out contest entries using a second phone line. I would just wait for the calls, and when they came I would see how long I could keep them on the line. I set appointments to go to sales presentations. When they would call back to see why I didn't show up, my son would give some bullshiat reason we didn't come like my wife kicked me out of the house for agreeing to go to the sales pitch.
2002-06-29 11:05:22 AM  
"put me on your do not call list" works, but only for a year. After a year, thay can call again.

One telemarketer had the balls to say that they would put me on the list, but it would take three months for it to happen. Heh. Havn't heard back frmo them, though.
2002-06-29 11:13:37 AM  
Check out the CALL SCREENER from callmenot.com. It is the same cost as a Telezapper. But it works much better. We have not had to deal with a telemarketer call in 6 months. It answers the phone, plays a programmed message that not only includes the SIT (Special Information Tones) but a message advising the caller that the number does not take sales or survey calls. Only when the caller presses "1" does the call screener emit a ringing tone. I turned off the ringers in the house. So we are not alerted unless it is an actual human. There is a sample .wav file on the web site that you could use on on your answering machine for no cost.
According to the information that comes with the unit, if a telemarketer presses a "1", they have knowingly violated the law. But I have yet to have a telemarketer that stupid get that far.
2002-06-29 11:22:04 AM  
I used to do this back in 1989, but it was the whole audio message. (This was back when actual people called you instead of computers.)

I recorded audio from an actual out-of-service number, and then called directory service and recorded it speaking my own number. Splice the two tracks together, set the answering machine to pick up on the first ring, tell your friends/family to wait for the message to finish when they call, and there you go.

Anyway, it's only a matter of time before telemarketers adapt to just the tone going out.

2002-06-29 11:31:10 AM  

Here is a URL that will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about special information tones.

http://www.cisco.com/univercd/cc/td/doc/product/tel_pswt/vco_prod/sup_​call/sup 04.htm#xtocid1066911

You could use the specifications to reproduce the tones. The tone you want is the VC (Vacant Circuit). Of course yelling does have a natural thearpudic value.....
2002-06-29 11:40:49 AM  
DMA List Suppression

(How to Get Rid of Junk Mail, Spam, and Telemarketers)

The Mail Preference Service division of the Direct Marketing Association (known as DMA) compiles a list of people who do not want junk mail. This list is provided to any company who requests it, usually magazines.

Write Mail Preference Service and request your name, address, and phone number be deleted from all mailing and marketing lists. Provide them with three spellings or variations of your name, as well as with any other names at your address (including previous occupants). They will retain your information for five years. At that time you should write again. Be sure to write when you move. Send your name and address. Be sure to sign and date your letter.

Mail Preference Service
c/o Direct Marketing Association
PO BOX 9008
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008

The Farmingdale office processes your request. They will attempt to enter your correct full name at your specified address, but not all permutations, and they have been known to arbitrarily leave off an important variation of your name. On a quarterly basis, they send an updated database to their DC office and make the database available for general distribution. To see if your name was correctly entered into their database, contact: Mail Preference Service, Washington, DC, and ask for Ms. Tyree, Consumer Affairs Dept. 202.955.5030 x2413.

DMA also offers a telephone opt-out service. Write them with a list of all telephone numbers you want placed on "do not call" lists. Send your name, address, phone number with area code, and signature. They will retain your information for five years.

Telephone Preference Service
c/o Direct Mail Marketing Association
PO BOX 9014
Farmingdale, NY 11735-9014
2002-06-29 11:44:30 AM  
I own a Telezapper and it works wonderfully. After listening to the do-it-yourself WAV file, I'm glad I paid for the Telezapper. The TZ plays a single, quick tone. The do-it-yourself 3-tone WAV file is extremely annoying and would confuse people who call me. I'd be explaining about the sound each and every time a legitimate person calls. No thanks.
2002-06-29 12:09:19 PM  
5 a day isn't extreme at all. I get atleast 15 a day on weekdays. On the weekends it is toned down to about 3-5. It's insane.
2002-06-29 12:28:37 PM  
when telemarketers call me, i hearken back to the time way back in the day when sports illustrated was selling "football phones" with their subscriptions.

i ask them right at the start, "i might be interested in what you're selling, but does this offer come with a free football phone?, or at least a maxwell smart shoe phone? no? well then you can kiss my grits, mel!"

2002-06-29 12:38:23 PM  
We had that signal ring once ourselves. We knew not to pick it up if it rang the "normal" way. :) Used to listen to some dumbass from Frito-Lay requesting one of us to come in early, we used to listen to it, laugh, and flip it off. :)
2002-06-29 12:38:57 PM  
When I get calls, it's rare that I actually talk to a person. Most of the time, I pick up the phone and there is just dead air. When I DO get a person, I like to say "yeah, I'll get him" then in a couple seconds I say "oh, you wanted Ryan? I'll get him" then after a while i say "Ryan's office, how may I direct your call" They get fed up with that pretty quick.
2002-06-29 12:41:58 PM  
how do you farkers get on so many lists?? geez!

my recommendataion: dont ever give your real phone number to ANYONE unless you need to hear from them.

When i fill out forms to get a Blockbuster card, order something online, get a credit card, or anything like that, i always give a fake number!

Actually, its funny... i do get some telemaketing calls- they're all from my phone company! hehe... cause they obviously have my number. bastards!

But never 10-15 a day.... maybe 1 every 2 weeks??
2002-06-29 12:50:10 PM  
When I get an "unknown name, unknown number", I answer "Good Morning! Frank's Pickles and Penis Pumps, how can I help you?" (yes, a direct JB ripoff) in the queerest lispy happy voice I can summon up.

They always hang up right away. Sometimes, I kind of wish they would stay on the line a bit.

Well, that's my personal "me too" that nobody gives a shiat about. However, if you hate telemarketers, I've got two words for you:

Tom Mabe

Fire up your favorite filesharing server and search on that name, or go out and buy one of his CDs in the comedy section. You will not be disappointed.
2002-06-29 12:50:14 PM  
I usually get a couple a week. But, you've gotta put a positive spin on telemarketers. It can be a lot of fun to screw around with them. Make really loud odd noises and act like nothing happened. Begin accusing them of being with the FBI and spying on you (or just being paranoid in general). Make up crap on the spot, reasons why you don't need whatever they're selling. Such as having a midget/monkey with brushes attached that cleans your ducts for you.
2002-06-29 01:07:58 PM  

I'm the same way....my mom calls every once in a great while, but other than that it's these worthless telemarketers. People why I don't answer the phone. heh, well if it's someone that needs to get a hold of me they'll leave a message. 90% of the phone calls I get don't leave messages so I know it's scummy ass telemarketers. You just really don't want to bother me when I'm playing Renegade. I get pissy.
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