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(Some Guy)   The best pizza in the east isn't in New Haven - tell us about your best pizza   ( divider line
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7127 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Aug 2006 at 8:04 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-08-13 5:04:07 PM  
Mine doesn't exist anymore. Used to be a place called Manny's in Fall River, Mass, was my all-time favorite....
2006-08-13 5:12:58 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-13 5:28:56 PM  
Grimaldi's in Brooklyn.
John's of Bleecker Street.
Patsy's in East Harlem.
2006-08-13 5:55:58 PM  
Grilled pizza. My own.

I developed my own recipe and prefected it.
2006-08-13 6:05:28 PM  

BillCo you are an uncooth savage.

[image from too old to be available]

See? It's crisp 'N Tasty.

Now that's the shiznit.

/$1 per pizza at the cheap store down the block.
//pretty damn tasty for a buck.
///a nice change from ramen noodles.
2006-08-13 6:09:15 PM  

Ammato's on Clyborn.
2006-08-13 6:28:14 PM  
Beau Jos - where else can you order pizza by the pound?

They also give you sauces to dip your crusts in.

menu (pdf + pops)
2006-08-13 6:34:40 PM  
I love Uno's, but we don't have one here, so I only get it on road trips
2006-08-13 7:53:48 PM  
Portside Pizza by Columbia City, Indiana.
2006-08-13 8:07:41 PM  
DeLorenzo's Tomato Pies
Chambersburg section, Trenton, NJ
2006-08-13 8:08:08 PM  
East cost pizza sucks.

/from Chicago
//live in Norwich, CT
2006-08-13 8:08:31 PM  
Benny F'n Tudino's

Hoboken, NJ

2006-08-13 8:08:39 PM  
Papa Johns
2006-08-13 8:08:40 PM  
Just about any pizza when I'm drunk
2006-08-13 8:08:42 PM  
Bazbeaux in downtown Indianapolis my home state
Vinnie Van Go Go's here in Savannah
2006-08-13 8:09:23 PM  
2006-08-13 8:09:24 PM  
NY pizza is one of the worst pizza ive ever had. well, almost as bad as pizza in germany.

best pizza is on the west coast. LA has the best pizza, hands down. you havnt had pizza until you come to LA.

NY pizza greatness is a myth. send in the mythbusters already.
2006-08-13 8:10:03 PM  
BillCo: [Totino's Party Pizza]

That stuff is like heroin... I'm not sure I'd call it pizza, but it's damn tasty. And for 89 cents....
2006-08-13 8:10:07 PM  
The best pizza I've had came from one of the Pizzeria Uno stands at Chicago's Ohare airport.
2006-08-13 8:10:17 PM  
This one is easy. All of you Illinois Farkers better represent on this one:
2006-08-13 8:10:40 PM  
North Bay Area, CA: Mombo's in Santa Rosa. Best New York style pizza outside of New York itself.
2006-08-13 8:10:56 PM  
There is no best pizza because it's important to get many different varieties of pizza at all times. Deep dish, NY style, brick oven it's all good. However in the Philadelphia area we are blessed with many small Italian places which will make you not only excellent pizza from dough they kneaded that morning, but cheesesteaks, hoagies, grinders, strombolis, calzones, tomato pies, you name it. We live in a pizza area of embarrassing riches, and I for one am 50 lbs heavier to show for it. God bless the eye-ties and their wonderful dedication to some awesome food.
2006-08-13 8:11:24 PM  
on the west coast... pleasure pizza in santa cruz, california.
2006-08-13 8:11:53 PM  
Ian's pizza! back me up madisonians
2006-08-13 8:11:56 PM  
Of course it's not in New Haven, it's one town over in Hamden: Bimonti's. Perfect pizza and even better garlic-mozarella bread. Service generally sucked, but that's the one thing I really miss from Connecticut. I guess Joe was the son or nephew of the guy who supposedly invented/brought the pizza in the U.S.
2006-08-13 8:12:07 PM  
I'm a fan of Lombardi's in Manhattan, on Spring Street between Mott and Mulberry.
However, I've been partial to deep dish ever since my first trip to Chicago last month. It's pretty good stuff.
2006-08-13 8:12:22 PM  
Union Villa, Easton MA
2006-08-13 8:12:25 PM  

YES YES YES. represent the west coast baby!
2006-08-13 8:12:40 PM  
What Gabbo is Fabbo said plus...

Dunwoodie Pizza in Yonkers
Johnny's in Yonkers (formerly Mount Vernon)
2006-08-13 8:12:48 PM  
Chichetti's. Bellingham, Washington.

2006-08-13 8:13:02 PM  
Lou Malnati's in Chicago.
2006-08-13 8:13:34 PM  
Tony's Pizza on Anistasia Island, Fl.

The Bestest of All.
2006-08-13 8:13:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-13 8:14:08 PM  
It's a tie between Las Vegas Pizza and Benny's Pizza in West Chester, Pa.

/That is some good shiat
2006-08-13 8:14:11 PM  
Pelham Pizza.

Pelham, NY
2006-08-13 8:14:12 PM  
I heard about this joint in Mystic, Conn. on TV
2006-08-13 8:14:13 PM  
Gregory's, Belmont MA

cheap, too
2006-08-13 8:14:15 PM  
Just a short aside; I grew up in Boston, and I know Boston doesn't have any famous pizza skills.

So I was real surprised when I moved to Vegas, and right there on Las Vegas Boulevard, was a Boston Pizza place. About as greasy a pizza as you could have, for cheap.

As for good pizza, Bertucci's started in Somerville, MA, and I say they're still making great pizza.

2006-08-13 8:14:40 PM  
Fargo's Pizza in Colorado Springs. It's a family-oriented mish-mash of 19th-century bric-a-brac, but they make damn fine pizza.
2006-08-13 8:14:51 PM  
I make my own pizza dough, I change the flavour using different beer. 1 Cup of beer, flour, sugar, salt, yeast and basil.

It's honestly the best home made pizza you'll ever have and it changes with every different beer you use from Guinness to Canadian to Heineken :D
2006-08-13 8:15:05 PM  
Deep dish spinach at Giordano's, Edwardo's, Pizzeria Uno, or Lou Malnati's, or about fifty smaller places. Chicago is the best pizza town in America.
2006-08-13 8:15:09 PM  
"The best pizza in the east isn't in New Haven" WRONG I life within 30 sec. walking distance of those places on Wooster St. NYC'S best is John's on Bleecker. Chicago loads so much junk on their pizza to mask the bad sauce and crust. Oh, and west coast: avocado is NOT a topping. Let the flaming begin!
2006-08-13 8:15:09 PM  
It's no where classic pizza (Chicago or NY style), but Pizza Port in Solana Beach (near San Diego) makes the best California style pizza anywhere. They also brew killer beer.
2006-08-13 8:15:36 PM  
jblaze: Pelham Pizza.

Is it good? I've never eaten there sober. I really have no other reason to go to Pelham besides get farking bombed.
2006-08-13 8:15:39 PM  
2006-08-13 8:15:49 PM  
After watching it on "Doug", I had to try banana slices on pizza. I figured pineapple was good so banana would be good too. Interesting if nothing else, I'd try it again with a friend, but as long as there are other toppings, I'll pass.

I'm on the west coast, the only good pizza here is homemade.
2006-08-13 8:16:01 PM  
Vincent's in Pittsburgh PA. That and Prandl's Chocolate Sour Cream cake made DH's time at Carnegie Mellon tolerable. ALMOST.

Meh, grad school inhales sharply no matter where you are...
2006-08-13 8:16:03 PM  
California Pizza Kitchen - Thai pizza, BBQ pizza and my all time favorite, thin crust white pizza.
2006-08-13 8:16:09 PM  

YES YES YES. represent the west coast baby!

You mean Alaska?

Because we are the farthest west state, and I make the best pizza, bar none.
2006-08-13 8:17:06 PM
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