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(Frank)   The World of Warcraft Fark guild is looking for new members. Drew plays in it as well. Details in thread   ( worldofwarcraft.com) divider line
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2006-08-09 10:34:59 AM  
Like drunken gaming? The World of Warcraft Fark guild is looking for new members.

Souls of the Damned is a horde guild on the Rexxar server that caters both to casual players and active raiders. We've got about 170 members, many of whom are Farkers thanks to a couple of greenlit submissions a while back. Drew even joined up last year and has partied with us enough to hit level 60.

Everyone is welcome to join, but bear in mind that priests and druids are in short supply at the moment. We're pretty full on warlocks and mages, but we won't turn you away if you really want to play either. Hell, we don't care. We're loaded.

Talk to any of the following folks in game for an invite: Malkus, Frank, Valeris, Uriahs, Slickshoos, Inkist, Sludig, or just do a /who for the guild name and ask anyone to point you to an officer.

And I'll go ahead and get this out of the way:

[image from i63.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2006-08-09 10:39:00 AM  
Actually, I was going to say:

[image from carebearslive.com too old to be available]

Real men play on PvP servers.
2006-08-09 10:48:37 AM  
I play alliance and on Argent Dawn. I have 4 60s though. :P
2006-08-09 10:56:34 AM  
Leroy unavailable for comment...

[image from files2.gamer-scene.com too old to be available]
2006-08-09 12:43:29 PM  
Smookyfufu: Real men play on PvP servers. Worlocks

there i fixed that for you.

[image from img120.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2006-08-16 10:01:47 AM  
My character in there is NiceHat. Or any variation on NicePants, NiceJob, NiceFace. etc
2006-08-16 10:41:00 AM  
I've got a few toons on Steamwheedle, and one on Illidan, but that might be pretty cool to join up with a Fark guild.

Once the expansion is out, I was thinking of making a Blood-Elf Paladin. Maybe I'll see you guys there.
2006-08-16 12:43:47 PM  
3 bosses down in Naxx..

Haomarush - pvp - Horde.. of course.

60 Shaman

i might make an alt and roll with you dorks.
2006-08-16 03:42:48 PM  
Haha, 25 man will screw your guild.

Just kiddin.

/Casual guild on bloodhoof, guild.blueforgefire.net
2006-08-16 03:43:35 PM  
Currently attempting to clean up a mess with my characters after a frozen account debacle involving a second person and their desire to delete my items.

All I have to say is that the claim 'normal response time is 24 hours, our GM staff works 24/7, 7 days a week' is definitely a load of shizzerat.
2006-08-16 03:43:41 PM  

What's a worlock?
2006-08-16 03:43:46 PM  
Smookyfufu: Real men play on PvP servers. Worlocks

Skinny Puppy fan or just a bad speller?
2006-08-16 03:43:53 PM  


Let me know when you want to form an Alliance guild on Khaz Modan.
2006-08-16 03:44:08 PM  

Who is your character on Illidan?
2006-08-16 03:44:40 PM  
hmmmm.... never played on a pve server. What's it like? Is it just really, really easy to level? If so, I may make an alt (I know you don't need mages, but I love the class).
2006-08-16 03:45:37 PM  
too bad your horde

lvl60 human priest on Lightnings Blade ...

Wait, what server cluster is that??? is there a chance in hell I can gank Drew in a BG come 1.12????
2006-08-16 03:46:29 PM  
Farking nerds, get a life.

I played WoW for a while. Pretty cool game but kind of light. I still miss DAoC though. Farking great PvP (RvR if you like) system IMHO. Right now I'm diddling around with Hero Online. It ain't all that but it's sort of fun.

/I'm a nerd too
//have fun
///still thinking about going back to WoW, or maybe DAoC
////had first max skill armorcrafter on my server in DAoC
//MMOGing is a huge farking time-sucker
//just like slashies
2006-08-16 03:46:43 PM  
2006-08-16 03:43:53 PM elchip



Let me know when you want to form an Alliance guild on Khaz Modan.

Alliance = ezmode = n00b.

/Oooo, on this forum i can post the actual "aw jeez not this shiat again guy" instead of the ascii one :)
2006-08-16 03:46:43 PM  
Someone start a Fark COV guild and I'm in.
2006-08-16 03:49:06 PM  
And how about something for the European servers?
Horde guild on Terenas, Alliance guild on Deathwing? :)
2006-08-16 03:49:16 PM  
I lost one of my best friends to WoW. I forwarded her this link. She's in a big ol l33t guild and they have a bunch of healers, priests and druids.
2006-08-16 03:49:48 PM  
I offer thee my condolences as I sup tea in the roleplaying server (pinkie out).

Haha actually if anyone is part of the pvp ursin server, we should get things going.
2006-08-16 03:50:06 PM  
Bah, if this were a PvP server, I would so be there. Unfortunately, I can't stand the tedium of leveling up a toon non-PvP.


/fear the bunnies.
2006-08-16 03:50:19 PM  
Nerd Alert!
2006-08-16 03:50:51 PM  
FOR DA HORDE!!!!!!one!!1

I havent played the game in over a year and I still love the horde.
2006-08-16 03:50:54 PM  
You guys short on undead rogues?

//Sorry, inside joke
2006-08-16 03:50:57 PM  
Cool. I still prefer EQ to WoW, but I never was into PVP.

Especially in WoW where the server lag makes it damn-near unplayable.

You guys use Teamspeak?

/ouch, I just sprained my nerd
2006-08-16 03:51:41 PM  
I play halo. Have fun with your digital dungeons and dragons knockoff.
2006-08-16 03:53:00 PM  
You mean dungeons and dragons online? That game sucks.
2006-08-16 03:53:17 PM  
Glad to see I'm not the only AD player here.

/Argent Dawn. We know drama.
2006-08-16 03:53:20 PM  
I don't think I could ever play on a PvE server. It is just too much fun stealthing on a roof in Darkshire waiting for people to duel and shooting the loser in the back (with a Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer), then restealth and repeat!

Or running around STV dual wielding Rockhide Strongfish (both weapons are one handed maces that look like fish!) both w/ fiery enchants.

That'd be much harder on a PvE server. :(
2006-08-16 03:53:58 PM  
Hahaha, awesome, I'm Alliance and on the same 1.12 Battlegroup as Rexxar.

Battlegroup 6

Kul TirasNormal
Khaz ModanNormal
Thorium BrotherhoodRP
Prepare to kick my poorly-geared level 58 arse around.
2006-08-16 03:55:31 PM  
TheBlackrose Nothing can beat the drama that Illidan has to offer. Hell, we even have www.illidrama.com because we can't discuss it on the offical boards.

/html skills are lacking today
2006-08-16 03:56:14 PM  
Do I need to be a certain age? I'm 14, play WoW, Fark, and don't consume alcohlol. If you guys are cool enough I might transfer to your server. (I play on Perenolde, Horde)
2006-08-16 03:56:26 PM  
I've tried to play on a PvE server and I just get bored.

Maybe I'll try again, who knows.
2006-08-16 03:56:36 PM  
Opifex: TheBlackrose Nothing can beat the drama that Illidan has to offer. Hell, we even have www.illidrama.com because we can't discuss it on the offical boards.

/html skills are lacking today

Hell, everyone knows about Illidrama because of the Serenity Now Incident that was posted on Fark awhile back.
2006-08-16 03:57:20 PM  
Oh, this really is on a carebear server.

Nothx. I love ganking. STV is a wonderful, magical place just full of lowbies begging to be maimed.
2006-08-16 03:57:56 PM  
elchip I know, but it's still awesome. Sucks that the forum has become so popular we are getting a lot of spammers now. Illidan still has the best WoW community of any server imo.
2006-08-16 03:57:59 PM  
What the hell are you dorks going on about now?
2006-08-16 03:59:14 PM  
lokidecat: You guys use Teamspeak?

We switched to Ventrillo a while back.
2006-08-16 03:59:22 PM  
Any runscapers here?

/too poor for WoW :(
2006-08-16 04:00:48 PM  
I need some advice, if I can stray from the main subject. I have to buy a game system for my turning 7-yr old son, and I know nothing about them.

Which is the best?

/non-gamer, non-geek Farker
//didn't know we existed, did ya'?
///now get teh hell of my lawn!
2006-08-16 04:00:54 PM  
F that, battlefield2 is better.
2006-08-16 04:01:04 PM  
Leeeeroy is the only thing I know about WoW.

/attention span only long enough for 3-minute CS:S games.
2006-08-16 04:02:31 PM  

wait 6 months, buy the Nintendo Wii
2006-08-16 04:03:04 PM  
Is there a Fark Corp on Eve Online? Now THAT is game worth playing.
2006-08-16 04:03:22 PM  
anyone play on Lothar server?
2006-08-16 04:03:33 PM  
Sorry I'm already busy being the warlock class leader on Blackhand in my guild. Don't even have time for my 'real' alts. But I might look y'all up someday. Maybe. You have been warned.
2006-08-16 04:04:21 PM  
I have a level 37 Undead Chicken with the Orb of Extra-Crispiness and Blessed Sword of Colonel-Slaying. Can I play?
2006-08-16 04:05:27 PM  

thanks you sir. BF2 is the way to go. there is nothing better than going into one of my kill spots and just sniping people as they walk past. You can almost see the expression of shock on the faces of the little characters as they fall.

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