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(Some Guy)   No. 10 on the Top 10 Most Bizarre Celebrities List is our old pal Henry Earl, who was made famous "by the admin of, Heywood Jablomey"   ( divider line
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21520 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Aug 2006 at 8:37 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-08-08 12:54:53 AM  
So, is Henry in jail right now?
2006-08-08 1:03:40 AM  
Via Con Dios, Dick Assman!
2006-08-08 2:00:52 AM  
Heywood Jablomey. He said 'Heywood Jablobmie." Uh huh huhuh uh huh huh huhuhuhuhuh!
2006-08-08 2:52:35 AM  
That henry earl data is copied nearly word for word from his wikipedia entry.

/or vice versa
2006-08-08 8:41:37 AM  
"The Drinkinest nubian in Kentucky" is still one of the greatest taglines/nicknames ever.
2006-08-08 8:44:36 AM  

According to this site (which may the most deliciously crazy fansite EVAR!), he is a free man.

I just may download the Henry Earl Firefox extension that will keep me informed of his free status via RSS feed.

/I kinda wish I was joking about that extension.
2006-08-08 8:48:16 AM  
I bet he doesn't have to pay for his own drinks much anymore.
2006-08-08 8:50:47 AM  
Looks like Henry's only been in 40 some days this year. Maybe he's getting soft in his old age?
2006-08-08 8:50:48 AM  
Looks like Otis has some competition.

//wonder if he has his own key to the joint.
2006-08-08 8:53:30 AM  
If Abe Vigoda knew he was left off the list, he'd roll over in his grave if he were dead.

Marguerite "God Warrior" Perrin, ok she's new on the net download scene, but still pretty big.
2006-08-08 8:55:07 AM  
Farked (in an odd way for me - "Stream does not support writing")
2006-08-08 8:55:50 AM  
2006-08-08 8:58:57 AM  
That's the coolest farked page I've ever seen.
2006-08-08 9:05:16 AM  
fappomatic: Otis from Austin?

2006-08-08 9:09:42 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-08 9:16:50 AM  
He hasn't been in nearly enough this year does anybody know if he is still alive?
2006-08-08 9:19:59 AM  
Damn, I had him confused with this famous H. Earl.
2006-08-08 9:20:02 AM  
Farked. Oh yes.
2006-08-08 9:21:37 AM  
I never have any awesome looking MySQL stack dumps like that.

2006-08-08 9:31:02 AM  
I am glad its farked actually because the site stole most of the text from Wikipedia.
2006-08-08 9:36:25 AM  
I never have any awesome looking MySQL stack dumps like that.

Guess you gotta be stupid enough to run a windows box with .net yet also run MySQL instead of MS-SQL. WTF
2006-08-08 9:46:02 AM  
MySQL with ASP?

Is this one of the signs of the apocalypse?
2006-08-08 10:08:39 AM  
Darth Darth Binks: MySQL with ASP?

Is this one of the signs of the apocalypse?

No, it's a sign of sheer stupidity.
2006-08-08 10:11:04 AM  
2006-08-08 10:18:10 AM  
2006-08-08 10:28:36 AM  
This is signs of the second coming,
2006-08-08 10:29:06 AM  
Boo scary guy who's taking credit for discovering Henry...

[image from too old to be available]


/seriously, I need to mod that pic at home to put Henry's face on it...
2006-08-08 10:31:27 AM  
I'm a little annoyed that Tourist Guy made that picture himself. Not as funny that way.
2006-08-08 10:44:41 AM  
btw, nice headline Smitty

Wonder why Farkers aren't in more of an uproar over this article giving credit to that site...when it was FARK that made him famous.
2006-08-08 10:53:59 AM  
stvdallas: HOORAY BEER!!!!!

I never really thought about it, but what if that is Henry Earl? Some ad agency finding him and cleaning him up to make him their spokesman...

They do look a bit alike.

/And by a bit alike I mean they are both black
//They all look the same to me
2006-08-08 11:01:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available][image from too old to be available]
2006-08-08 11:03:40 AM  
Strange Celebs? Not much sranger that Claire Peller getting famous.
2006-08-08 11:57:24 AM  
Formerly Known As Gnaget But now with long name

I never really thought about it, but what if that is Henry Earl? Some ad agency finding him and cleaning him up to make him their spokesman...

I dunno. I don't recall James Brown having a Jamacian accent though :)

/And, I'm still looking for that photoshop change.
//It just needs to be done (but with a GOOD mugshot, not the one above
2006-08-08 12:27:30 PM  
He's still no Leslie.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-08 12:45:58 PM  
Actually his name is Jeremy Heywood and he's a total dickhole.
2006-08-08 1:45:36 PM  
What's wrong with Mysql and asp? Really.

2006-08-08 1:50:22 PM  
eno: Yeah, I've seen him get into troubles with other websites and random people all the time.

It's funny as hell to get a chubby fat guy addicted to porno and his fat girlfriend get into internet wars. After reading his crap for a couple of months I got fed up with it though. Been a long time since I checked out this fatty's website, only to discover he's even more addicted to his porno.

How his fat wife heather puts up with him, I seriously don't know.

Trailer Trash galore, can't wait to see them on the springer show entitled: My fat husband is addicted to porno.
2006-08-08 1:52:37 PM  

2006-08-08 1:55:03 PM  
O I get it... you weren't quoting me, you were responding to my /dickhole? query. Gotcha. But it took a few reads.
2006-08-08 1:56:39 PM  


2006-08-08 1:58:54 PM  
Maddogjew: Just google for his rabid adventures with either his host, another forum, someone commenting on his porn addiction or fat wife, etc. and you'll find all of Jeremy Heywoods flaming adventures.

He's kind of like the fat mongoloid you see drooling in a supermarket and who curses at anyone who walks by. ^_^
2006-08-08 4:36:44 PM  
The funny thing is, Heywood is a real guy (obviously not his real name) and pretty cool too boot.

/I used to never be able to stomach his photoshops, and probably still can't.
2006-08-08 7:25:01 PM  
I made up Sol Goode and Noam Sane.
2006-08-08 9:22:57 PM  
Matrix Flavored Wasabi: Could that be you Jeremy?

[image from too old to be available]

Oh his real name is Jeremy Morgan by the way, as in big M, little organ.
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