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(Yahoo)   Teens who listen to raunchy music on their iPods start having sex earlier. EVERYBODY PANIC   ( divider line
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7881 clicks; posted to Main » and Fandom » on 07 Aug 2006 at 10:09 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-08-07 1:22:07 AM  
Or is it that people who are likely to have sex earlier prefer crappy music?
2006-08-07 1:36:34 AM  
Well lets petition all of our representatives to draft a strongly worded, time-wasting proposal to ban iPods and convince the rest of their constituency that iPods are THE DEVIL.
2006-08-07 1:38:13 AM  
rock and roll is of the devil
2006-08-07 1:44:33 AM  

/think of the children
2006-08-07 2:02:07 AM  
oh no no, don't worry, kids walking around with ipods are listening to Pat Boone and ABBA.
2006-08-07 7:55:51 AM  
from TFA: Teens whose iPods are full of music with raunchy, sexual lyrics start having sex sooner than those who prefer other songs, a study found.

[yoda]mmmmm...backwards that sentance is. written by me it was not.[/yoda]
2006-08-07 8:09:37 AM  
Yet another study that notices a correlation, but screams causation. Yes, it couldn't possibly be that kids who have sex more often are more inclined to listen to music with sex-filled lyrics. No... it has to be the other way around. The lyrics have to CAUSE the sex. Of course. Asshats.
2006-08-07 8:53:21 AM  
but if you still can't get merill bainbridge's MOUTH on itunes, how bad could it possibly be ?
2006-08-07 9:11:37 AM  
It was quite disturbing watching my friends 10 year old brother listening to his ipod and obliviously singing "Oh, I love this song: 'my humps, my humps, my lovely lady humps'"

I dont know if it means he is going to have sex earlier, I just thought it kind of odd.
2006-08-07 9:12:30 AM  
Studies have shown that teenage girls who dance to raunchy music in front of their webcams excite me very much.
2006-08-07 10:12:37 AM  
These kids today with their sex, drugs, and rock n' roll...

In MY day we got by on wine, women, and song.
2006-08-07 10:12:44 AM  
OMFG!! All new technology is evil and will suck out teh souls of teh children!!!

Next please...
2006-08-07 10:13:03 AM  
Ummm, I don't think one causes the other. I think it's more of just a general rebellion thing. Both are rebelious actions. If a kid is drawn to one, they're drawn to the other.
2006-08-07 10:13:18 AM  

2006-08-07 10:13:44 AM  

"My Humps" would be the worst song ever written, if it wasn't for "Hella Good" or "Hollaback Girl".

/Gwen Stefani must die
2006-08-07 10:14:25 AM  
monas panics
2006-08-07 10:15:06 AM  
I always thought it was vage, penis, boobs, abs and ass that made people have sex. My mistake.
2006-08-07 10:15:56 AM  
"I don't know what a hollaback girl is. I just know that I want her dead."
2006-08-07 10:15:59 AM  
People who listen to RIAA music are more likely to experience anal sex than average.
2006-08-07 10:16:20 AM  
For some reason this doesn't disturb me in the least, then agian have you ever taken a close look at a teenager who listens to anything but pop, rock, hiphop or rap? They may not be having sex with other teens, but you can sure as hell bet their sheep are well taken care of.
2006-08-07 10:16:34 AM  
It couldn't possibly be that teens who are sexually charged in the first place would be naturally attracted to this kind of music?
2006-08-07 10:17:09 AM  
squishydrew: "My Humps" would be the worst song ever written, if it wasn't for "Hella Good" or "Hollaback Girl".

If "Hella Good" had no lyrics, it wouldn't be so bad.

Oh, who am I kidding, all of those songs make me want to kill puppies.
2006-08-07 10:17:20 AM  
The solution is obviously abstinence-only iPods.
2006-08-07 10:17:26 AM  
What are these 'sexual overtones' referred to in the article? Where can I get them?
2006-08-07 10:17:49 AM  
I just listen to Peaches on my ipod

FARK the pain away!
2006-08-07 10:18:05 AM  
SquishyDrew I think Humps is way worse than Hollaback Girl. Hollaback Girl is annoying tho.
2006-08-07 10:18:30 AM  
They should at least be listening to Revered Horton Heat's "One Time For Me."
2006-08-07 10:18:43 AM  
In other news: Ice Cream causes warm weather.

Think about it, very time the weather warms up you see ice cream.
2006-08-07 10:18:58 AM  
Yet another study that set out to prove the obvious. Next they'll report that sex on tv/movies leads to more sexual activity among teens.
2006-08-07 10:19:28 AM  
Hollaback Girl?

Should I consider myself lucky that I have no idea what that is?
2006-08-07 10:19:51 AM  
I always thought it was teenage hormones that made teenagers have sex.
2006-08-07 10:20:07 AM  
7of7: Or is it that people who are likely to have sex earlier prefer crappy music?

You mean to say that people who listen to crappy music are extremely impressionable and can't think for themselves and might be more likely to make bad decisions?

Yeah, I can go along with that.
2006-08-07 10:21:07 AM  
I'd love to see exactly how this "study" was conducted.
2006-08-07 10:21:16 AM  
ImOscar: You mean to say that people who listen to crappy music kids are extremely impressionable and can't think for themselves and might be more likely to make bad decisions?
2006-08-07 10:21:58 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-08-07 10:22:08 AM  
Or is it that people who are likely to have sex earlier prefer crappy music?

Correlation, NOT causation.
2006-08-07 10:22:13 AM  
yo, where can I get some of that?
2006-08-07 10:22:31 AM  
This just in-

Dorky and/or religious kids who listen to lame music don't get laid.

2006-08-07 10:23:40 AM  
how the blue fark did the word iPod make it into the article/study/whatever?

This just in: kids who listen to raunchy music on Serius have the same tendencies. Must kill Serius!
2006-08-07 10:23:50 AM  

/thought this would be appropriate.
2006-08-07 10:23:52 AM  
I am going to start stealing iPods from teenagers and then replacing all the music on them.

Start with some The Living End, Early Man, old Sabbath, and maybe some Beta Band.
2006-08-07 10:23:55 AM  
Ok so I RTFA and its the classic blame it on the music, game, tv show, movie etc. Kids that are prone to certain behaviors are going to seek out reinforcement for that behavior in their live and their entertainment. Violent kids are going to play violent video games not farking Pokemon! Kids who are prone to risky sexual behavior are going to listen to music that reflects it too not farking Beethoven.
2006-08-07 10:23:57 AM  
"We Sing" always got me in the mood.
2006-08-07 10:23:58 AM  
hey, society is going down hill. in 20 years kids will be having sex, using drugs, and doing stupid things at a younger age than present. when i start a family, i fully expect my daughter to be a whore and my son to be a wimp with a short attention span.
2006-08-07 10:24:06 AM  
sex + current technology topic = selling papers
2006-08-07 10:24:07 AM  
What's this you say?...Teenagers having sex?...OMG!!!! ALERT THE INTARNETS!

What's mildly amusing is that I would wager at least half of these researchers got it on to "Whole Lotta Love" while half baked on a doobie in the front seat of a 68 Z28.
2006-08-07 10:24:24 AM  
2006-08-07 10:24:31 AM  
Man, studies already have shown 2 Live Crew is responsible for all pre-marital sex. When I submitted a different report on this study this morning, I made sure they got all the credit.
2006-08-07 10:25:57 AM  

Hey, you fixed it for me.

/So how does one raise a child that is less impressionable?
2006-08-07 10:26:18 AM  
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