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(Some Guy)   Man dumps urine, poo, and paint on himself, everytime cops come to arrest him.   ( divider line
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10751 clicks; posted to Main » on 24 Jun 2002 at 5:50 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-24 11:31:42 AM  
Just have some teens set this waste of space on fire while he's asleep. Problem solved.
2002-06-24 11:59:01 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-24 12:41:49 PM  
I heard ICE-T is collaborating with him on a police protest song.

I wonder if Ronnie Dobbs is his neighbor?
2002-06-24 05:53:15 PM  
"Dumbass" or "Genius"?
2002-06-24 05:53:48 PM  
hahaha.. that's damn hilarious.
2002-06-24 05:55:20 PM  
Well, THAT really stinks
2002-06-24 05:56:29 PM  
Let's see the Dadaists top that.
2002-06-24 05:56:41 PM  
I'm just glad I'm not the newbie cop that has to clean out the car after he gets out of it...
2002-06-24 05:57:03 PM  
Ha...if I was a cop I'd go walk up to that guy every single day. Then laugh my a$$ off and walk away.
2002-06-24 05:58:40 PM  
Sorry people, but this is simply a case of a man who is mentally disturbed caught in a society that doesn't care about treating him sensibly. This man needs help and this country continually shuts down any avenues of mental health assistance. Sad, really ...
2002-06-24 05:59:27 PM  
There's a strange man with a funny accent in downtown Calgary who reminds me of the guy in this story. He always walks around with signs like that, calling people "filthy murderers" and "racists" (no idea).

I've never seen him pour urine all over himself, but I wouldn't put it past him.
2002-06-24 05:59:50 PM  
the guy deserves a Genius tag!!!!
2002-06-24 05:59:51 PM  
For a homeless guy, he sounds like some sort of legal expert. I'd put money on him being one of those eccentric genius types.

Oh yeah, "Sol. Randolph Murdaugh III passed bar exam by drinking more than anyone else," ? Comic genius
2002-06-24 06:00:27 PM  
oh, and can anyone say "photoshop contest"?

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-24 06:00:55 PM  
"I can walk up to him right now and he'd run in the house and pour paint, urine and doo doo on him"

Doo doo? And this is the Police Chief talking?

Oh, it's South Carolina. Carry on.
2002-06-24 06:03:21 PM  
I say some vermicelli should be added to see what "evolves"
2002-06-24 06:04:07 PM  
Nice, Boojieboy!
"Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Come and see the violence inherent in the system!"
2002-06-24 06:04:23 PM  
Rivers said. "I try not to have no dealings with him."

double negatives - that freak cop likes it!
2002-06-24 06:04:28 PM  
this sounds just like a florida story.
2002-06-24 06:10:30 PM  
I remember this one time this guy... oh wait, it was something else.
2002-06-24 06:11:51 PM  
"I try not to have no dealings with him."

I am not a grandmaster of english, but I think that sounds a bit wrong.
2002-06-24 06:14:22 PM  
Crazy people are so entertaining.
2002-06-24 06:16:16 PM  
I'm almost hesitant to say anything but I think this guy may be one of my relatives.
2002-06-24 06:17:16 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

I got the poo on me.
2002-06-24 06:17:16 PM  
This is hilarious. I would like to go hang out with this guy and drink a bit. Then wait until I get him plastered and talking...and then beat the 'doo-doo' out of him. What a jag. This guy needs to be deported.
2002-06-24 06:18:49 PM  
Just cause a guy dumps shiat all over himself, douses himself in urine, says that judges and cops are devils and claims public land a his own everyone assumes he's crazy! How do you know it's not heatstroke?

Margot Kidder
2002-06-24 06:21:10 PM  
Someone needs to post that picture of the fat guy in the apron with mustard on him.
2002-06-24 06:21:20 PM  
"I'm tellin' ya, Andy, we gotta nip this in the bud. Nip it in the BUD!"
2002-06-24 06:26:47 PM  
What do you know, he lives in a trailer.
What a surprise!
I hope that the town makes him pay the court costs of these frivolous suits.
2002-06-24 06:29:35 PM  
I've seen a couple homeless guys like that in downtown Calgary too. Just North of Cowboys bar, theres a bunch of guys who are always sitting under the bridge with a bunch of signs and pamphlets. They say that street (4th or 5th street or something) has been renamed freedom street, and bullshiat like that.. They're trying to start a revolution, but it's hard to start a revolution when you're drunk off your ass all the time.
2002-06-24 06:29:58 PM  
The cops oughtta just drive up and wait for him to douse himself with 'the fizzies', then drive off, laugh and repeat later.
2002-06-24 06:31:51 PM  
in protest to this article, I will now shiat myself.
2002-06-24 06:32:16 PM  
Dagodfather75 That's exactly the reason pot laws will never be changed in this country. Potheads are too stoned to remember to vote.
2002-06-24 06:34:41 PM  
hmmm...I dunno, he might just have something there. I always cooperate, and end up with a farking speeding ticket.
2002-06-24 06:35:32 PM  
Thats exactly right..Most of my pot head buddies are too stoned to remember to go to work, not to mention trying to get laws changed.
2002-06-24 06:35:45 PM  
Plus, potheads are always confused by the butterfly ballots.
2002-06-24 06:36:07 PM  
Dagodfather: hilarious! I've never seen those guys but that underpass (south of Cowboys actually) is notorious for homeless cooks. I once saw a guy with a broom and a sign that said "I keep this sidewalk clean, please help with a donation". Never actually seen him sweeping though.
2002-06-24 06:39:45 PM  
okieeeee....i'm going out on a limb here, but i think that guy has some "issues."
2002-06-24 06:42:37 PM  
"I try not to have no dealings with him."

What is the police officer trying to say here? Man double negatives don't make it not easier for the understaning of none of the police forces.
2002-06-24 06:44:54 PM  
Oh yeah, you're right, South of Cowboys not north.
I stopped and talked to a couple homeless guys under that overpass one night when I was walking from the Fox and Firkin to the Embassy. They were hilarious. One guy showed me all the tickets the police had given him that week. He had tickets for urinating in public, Jay-walking, public drunkeness, and who knows what else. I guess he never pays the tickets, so he get arrested two or three times a month
2002-06-24 06:45:39 PM  
Dagodfather75: there is no bridge just north of Cowboys in Calgary. There is a (railway) bridge just SOUTH, but no one's been there with any signs for over a year.
2002-06-24 06:49:32 PM  
As deputies and police converged outside, Yisrael prepared himself for arrest by pouring yellow paint and urine on himself. Once police got inside, they cuffed him anyway,

img.fark.netView Full Size

As if it isn't hard enough to be a police officer these days. Sheesh, I'm no police supporter or detractor, but this is above the call of duty... or is that peepee?
2002-06-24 06:51:03 PM  
Yeah, I meant south, not north. And now that I think about it, it has been a while since I've seen those guys under the bridge. But that doesn't make them any less insane.
2002-06-24 06:52:34 PM  
2002-06-24 06:53:22 PM  
Why on Earth would you wait until a cop shows up to pour Poo on yourself? Bah, it seems to me that you'd be better off leaving the cops out of it to get the most enjoyment out of your poo-lounging time.
2002-06-24 06:54:32 PM  
These are the kind of guys that make America great.

*heart swells with pride*
2002-06-24 06:59:42 PM  

This guy, named yISRAEL OCCUPIES land, then claims it for himself.

Why does the US have a problem with this? Isnt that EXACTLY what ISRAEL does?

Somebody help me out here.
2002-06-24 07:00:12 PM  
2002-06-24 07:02:17 PM  
shiatty article.

(Sorry, it had to be said!)
2002-06-24 07:05:58 PM  
a police officer saw him possibly trespassing.

WTF? If the can't tell, then their just fishing for reasons to fark with him. These are dirty cops worthy of the shiat they get.
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