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(Some Gobot)   US Air Force reports from the set of Transformers movie   ( divider line
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2427 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 15 Jul 2006 at 10:54 AM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-07-15 07:48:36 AM  
This was a great way to highlight what our mission is, what our people do and what our equipment does at no expense to the taxpayer

This is a gawddamn Transformers movie.
2006-07-15 08:15:18 AM  
Yeah, thank God the USAF can finally get some free advertising, unlike all them other movies about planes thru the years.

Also, Bay screwed the pooch with making Optimus a Peterbilt. This movie has the stink of 'suckass' all over it.
2006-07-15 11:11:02 AM  
Ozy, from what I understand they made him a Peterbilt so he could be ~50 feet tall. Flatnosed trucks could only realistically become 30-40 feet tall. Bumblebee is said to be close to 20'. I'd be more pissed if Prime wasn't towering over that little yellow wimp. However, the paint job on that truck....yeesh.
2006-07-15 11:26:03 AM  
anyone got the pic? i havent seen it yet
2006-07-15 11:56:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I think this is it...
2006-07-15 12:19:11 PM  
This movie the classic Transformers storyline. You know, Spike begging his father to buy a broken down camero (which happens to be bumblebee) so he can fix it up, win a drag race, and impress a girl that ignores him. Classic stuff there. And incase anyone couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic. Everytime they release new info, the movie looks worse and worse. I wouldn't be surprised if they call it Transformers: Spike's Booty Call.
2006-07-15 12:38:58 PM  
One of my Uncle's was in the military and got to be in Goldfinger as a result - he was one of the troops gassed during the attack on Fort Knox. He stated "I had never died so many times in one day."
2006-07-15 01:13:38 PM  
We've got snakes in the mutherfarkin F-18!

/ got nothin
2006-07-15 02:47:03 PM
2006-07-15 03:58:52 PM  
That's 40 for me, woo-hoo!

//got nuthin'
2006-07-15 04:01:31 PM  
Can't wait for this film. I grew up with the toys and the sat morning cartoon. I remeber living in Brooklyn and my family was so poor at the time the only time I got a real bot was special occasions ie. birthdays and X-mas. I remeber kids on the block making transformers out of cardboard. I hope this movie stacks up to the expectations me and of the cats I knew from the block. So far the teasers have given me goosebumps.
2006-07-15 06:06:02 PM  
They must all bow down before the mighty Zeroids.
2006-07-15 10:25:03 PM  
lelio: We've got snakes in the mutherfarkin F-18!

Starscream: "Megatron! I've got snakes in my circuits! And there's not a got-damn thing I can do about it!"
2006-07-15 10:47:15 PM  
Setinotathome - Gobots??? Gobots were teh suck!!!

And STFU about submisions....
2006-07-16 12:19:16 AM  

More than meets
the eye
[image from too old to be available]


Dudes in
2006-07-16 12:38:41 AM  
Prepare to have your childhood raped by a moldy two-by-four, defenseman

That is all.
2006-07-16 07:50:30 AM  
Some of those guys are in Army ACUs with 1st Cavalry Division patches.

I wonder if they got actual Army guys in there too, or just have a bunch of Air Force guys in Army uniforms.
2006-07-16 08:13:03 AM  
We've worked with Michael Bay before; we like the way he operates.

That makes one of us...
2006-07-17 12:13:10 AM  
gobot?? friggin lame ass gobots and teh TRANSFORMERS cannot be mentioned on the same page damnit..
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