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2002-06-23 07:50:22 AM  
That'll fark up the minds of the people who have to have a phone to drive.
2002-06-23 07:53:16 AM  
"Does that mean the average cellphone user won't be able to talk during that time? Not at all, said Mr. Gaudet."

then just what does jamming mean?

EatMore Possum has determined the real reason for the jamming - traffic safety.
2002-06-23 08:29:16 AM  
Ok the person who put up the asinine tag obviously spends too much time talking to their buddies on their cell phone.
2002-06-23 08:57:44 AM  
'That'll fark up the minds of the people who have to have a phone to drive.'

Only to those that equate a cell phone to car keys.
2002-06-23 09:31:59 AM  
"Can you hear me now?"
2002-06-23 09:46:51 AM  
Hmm.. let's see here..

"Bob! We got us a rouge signal, eh?"
"Eh? What's that signal all aboot!"

The time it takes to make a call and set off a wireless detonation device and the time it takes to strawberry-jam the call .. hmm.. I figure that the call will be completed and the signal will terminate and everyone will pat eachother on the back saying, "Good job, eh?" until they hear the explosion.
2002-06-23 09:56:53 AM  
Did you bother to read the article before you put "asinine" as the tag?
2002-06-23 10:08:08 AM  
So as far as I can tell they will only be jamming the freq of bomb calls? I didn't know there was a special freq for terrorists.
2002-06-23 10:44:42 AM  
Secret code for a jam-proof bomb (the FBI might be knocking my door down right now, this is top-secret stuff)

IF time_since_last_signal > 5 THEN

2002-06-23 11:02:02 AM  
all your signals are belong to canada.
2002-06-23 11:35:49 AM  
I live in Calgary.

Actually we ("we" being the GPS receiver company I work for) have noticed some GPS interference (sine wave near L1) coming from somewhere south. Can't tell how far south though (Montana?). The only effect has been slightly longer signal acquisition times.

Industry Canada says they won't bother looking for the source until after the summit to see if it goes away. Maybe it's the U.S. DOD setting up for local jamming of civilian GPS if necessary?

But it's probably nothing. The last time we detected interference, it was some old lady watching her stories with a very noisy Radio Shack retransmitter (the kind that's been recalled).
2002-06-23 11:41:42 AM  
I wish they'd be more liberal with the use of cellphone jammers, and make it illegal to drive while on the phone.

Would be nice to be able to walk out in public and not have to listen to a bunch of farking annoying ring tones. Do everyone a favor and put your phone on vibrate.
2002-06-23 12:58:15 PM  
how is this asinine? cell phones suck ass anyways
2002-06-23 01:09:41 PM  
I guess John Clark is on the job.
2002-06-23 01:25:24 PM  
[image from thebigt.com too old to be available]
2002-06-23 01:42:44 PM  
I live in Edmonton, and my friends and I are heading up to check the summit out.. yay!!

/checks gas mask
2002-06-23 01:47:27 PM  
Jeeze I never knew I'd be so glad to live in Edmonton away from Calgary. Don't wana be near the place during the G-8.
I even seen four army helicopters, probably all Canada has, fly over my house going south the other day. They're supposed to have 5000 troops down there and stuff. In the paper I seen they had anti-aircraft wepons and stuff like that too. Take that all you hippie protesters!
2002-06-23 02:30:11 PM  

choose English or French.
2002-06-23 03:25:41 PM  
Also in Alberta.

I don't understand the mentality of protesters. If I see a giant fence, and behind that fence are 5000 troops who want to beat me up just to break the boredom, and behind them is a giant arsenal protecting the most powerful people in the world...my first instinct is NOT to go running at the fence screaming and swinging my arms.

Dumb farks.
2002-06-23 04:39:15 PM  
I'm in Calgary, where they expect a lot of protesting to happen. Let me tell ya, these protesters are getting one hell of a cold welcome in this city. They have been denied several places to set up a solidarity village not just by the local governement. Its kinda funny, the protesters keep writing in to the Herald ( local paper ) biatching about the bad rap they are getting. People keep writing back telling them we don't like protesters and we think they are bunch of mindless jerks. Me included, I got my letter in calling anarchists a bunch of "idiotic thugs". I hope the military does beat the crap out of some protesters.
2002-06-23 04:46:08 PM  
Yeah and were going to have a few thousand of those morons here in Ottawa too. As if they need to disrupt any more peoples lives.
2002-06-23 06:07:57 PM  
Go Police and other security forces! Show those useless protesters who's boss! My friend's dad was one of the RCMP in charge of security when the G-8 (or whoever) met in Quebec city, and he tells all sorts of cool stories.
2002-06-23 07:44:56 PM  
I'm a dispatcher for the RCMP in northern bc. In order to maintain the peace for this little shindig they have plundered the force throughout Canada; around here things are running balls to the walls, minimum staffing and no holidays for the entire month of June.
Can nobody say Teleconference?
Mind you, you don't get to pepperspray anyone then, do you?
2002-06-23 08:57:35 PM  
First off:
...so now it's the "G8" summit instead of G7 because someone biatched/bribed/lobbied their way into it, Lovely

Maybe for shiats and giggles, when this is over we should jam the Canadian police radio's and see how they like being jammed = )
2002-06-24 12:29:07 AM  
Hm nice.
jam all cell phones during the G8 summit. Then terrorists can't set off remote control bombs or even call each other.

Tell me, smart boys, how many DIPLOMATS do you think are addicted to their CELL PHONES?

If you said, "all of them", you'd be pretty damn close.

meanwhile, how many serious bombmakers would use a remote control device that operates in the SAME frequency range used by countless civilian transmitters? Hmm?

Oh sure, you say, it would be easy. Take a cell phone, rig the detonator to the ringer's power circuit, when you want it to go off just call the number. Phone energizes ringer, ringer fires detonator, kaboom. Rightey, yes...

ever dial a wrong number? So have I. Just did so today, in fact. What serious bombmaker would leave himself open to such a complication?

Yes, jam the cell phones--and succeed in doing more sabotage to the G8 summit than a bomb could ever do.

SpaceCoyote's deadman switch is also pretty good--so long as the signal CONTINUES, the bomb does not go off. If the signal is halted--say, by a team of cops seizing the transmitter and, not considering the possibility of a deadman switch, seizing and deactivating anything they see--kaboom.
2002-06-24 01:20:26 AM  
Oops looks like I stumbled into the fascist forum...any of you complainers have any idea *why* so many people protest the G8 meetings?

What the hell kind of metting is going on that requires 5000 infantry and anti-aircraft missiles? You'd think they were planning a war...or maybe they are...against whom, do you wonder?
2002-06-24 01:48:44 AM  
Well, the anti-aircraft missiles are there to, uh, you know, protect the airspace. In case you've been asleep the past half year, some people are worried about big planes flying into things. The military presence is there to protect several of the most important/powerful individuals in the world.

Everyone knows what the G8 is about. A bunch of politicians and big multinationals get together to assure the future legality (and profitability) of new ways of exploiting the 3rd world, screwing up the environment and farking over the consumers.

I'm pissed off because the protesters will cut me off from work (I work downtown Calgary) (which for most people means using up sick time/holidays), groceries (I live downtown), limiting entertainment, and generally making me wish I was somewhere else next week. I just hope my windows don't get broken and that I won't get pepper sprayed while outside.
2002-06-24 06:16:16 AM  
If a yuppie can't use his damn cellphone, then the terrorists have won. It's not just a powerful communication device. It's part of the grand scheme of things. Without it, Lattes are just white coffee. Sensetive new age guys go back to being queers. It's no longer conceptual sculpture. it's just another failed attempt to build a barbeque. It's not an oxygen bar. it's just another fire-enhancing airtight deathtrap. so Yuppies of the world, unite, and
2002-06-24 09:55:22 AM  
I am in calgary, I live downtown and work downtown. I work right across from the Macdougall building and I am expecting protestors outside of there(provinical building)

I walked in the protest yesterday it was great peaceful and tons of people were there. I work all this week and I am pretty sure I will be accosted by the police as I walk to work.. at 4:00am ...

I am not looking forward to shiat being causes by such spineless groups as Blac Bloc. I am not looking forward to a cloud of teargas because a few morons just had to assult the cops. The police have stated they will judge each incident on a case to case basis. They are not going to lump the peaceful protestors in with the asshats(well so they say)

I am glad that there is impartial observers that will be watching both protestors and police, so if either groups are in the wrong it will be documented and shown.

Well we can only wait and see what happens this week.
and remember take a lemon with you to work, if the gas is flying some lemon juice under the eyes will help.
2002-06-24 10:32:14 AM  
For all those making the "hippie protesters deserver to get their asses kicked" comments: you must be completely unfamiliar with the issues anti-globalization protesters are against. This is important. This is necessary.
Don't let over-hyped media coverage of a few rogue farktard anarchists ruin the whole movement.
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