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(TAG! You're it!)   Schools look to ban "tag" and other fun activities. Why do U.S. schools hate kids?   ( divider line
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2006-07-10 01:21:26 PM  
Yes, TheGoblinKing, tinylvis is a chick, but the point you make is still a valid one, since she would likely make her boyfriend wear fuzzy pink sweaters, carry a man-purse, and eschew competitive sports anyway. Then when he didn't mince to her defense in an argument, she'd leave him for a mechanic.
2006-07-10 01:23:05 PM  
What is really scary is the helicopter parents in college who still "help" their kids with homework,laundry, bills, and even argue with professors over grades.

These college aged children are the most self centered, socially awkward, uptight , pansies I have ever seen. I shiat you not, I had a short fling with a girl and long story short I wasn't really interested in anything so she gets her mother to call me and chew me out for "not respecting her", "being insensitive as she is overly sensitive" and blah blah, and then she, no lie, asked to talk to my parents. I put her on hold next to blaring loud pron.

I was a sec ed major and decided I didn't need the liability of kids and idiocy of parents so I am an assoc. prof now. Sadly I still see children and talk to their parents more then them when it comes to grades and tests. It is sad when a 40 something mother comes into your office because little johnny didn't sleep well so his tets were low, or that lecture based classes were against the law because he has adhd. Well I was a ritilan kid myself and guess what learning a little self discipline is all that is needed. Oh and why was johnny tired? he was smoking up all night because mommy paid all of his bills and gave him an allowance that night.
One last note, she actually tried to sue me and the university for not changing the grade.

/math prof. so sorry for any bad grammar
//god help us all, oh noes I said god not pc
///slashie goodness
2006-07-10 01:23:14 PM  
the wussification of ameria marches on
2006-07-10 01:23:30 PM  
What are today's kids going to learn about real interaction, if they don't have a chance to do it during the school day and the parents won't let them out of their houses when they are home?

Good point. Maybe kids wouldn't be abducted or molested if they had lawn darts handy.

I don't know, but I imagine a good lawn dart in the crotch would be a deterrent to messing with kids.

/nostalgia rocks
2006-07-10 01:24:05 PM  
infantry: i thought it was called the "american dream"?

No, that's getting a blowjob from large-breasted blonde while watching NASCAR and shooting the empty beer cans off the top of your gigantic TV with a powerful handgun.
2006-07-10 01:24:42 PM  
A little late in the thread but just wanted to reminisce a little...

Remember the playgrounds in the 80s. We had a couple tornado slides that went up 30ft. Or playgrounds that were huge wooden forts with bridges. Or the swing sets where you could launch yourself 20ft once you hit the apex.

//wishing he had a backyard where he could setup the playground of his childhood. (hide from wife)
//likes talking in third person
2006-07-10 01:28:19 PM  
first dodgeball, then tag. everyone gets a chance to bat, everyone gets a trophy, there are no losers, only happy oblivious-to-reality little drones.

if we're not going to teach them the difference between winning and losing, we might as well start with the mandarin lessons.

\ attack of the killer oranges
\\ not enough immigrant workers to pick them off
2006-07-10 01:29:05 PM  

more than likely that large breasted blonde is probably on anti-depressants.
2006-07-10 01:30:23 PM  
StatJunkie - From the article:

"The New Jersey School Boards Association doesn't keep statistics on school recess games. Anecdotally, the trend exists."

If that doesn't worry or scare you, don't ever vote again. Or have children.

I'll bite, why should that scare me? beyond the fact that "anecdotally the trend exists" is apparently acceptable and conclusive evidence now.

Well, if there's a bright side, it's that at least we can all rest easy knowing that the "War on Christmas" won't be a bloody one with all these pussified kids getting ready to join the front lines.
2006-07-10 01:32:09 PM  

If people want to counter this trend, push for more laws limiting liability claims (tort reform).

I'm all for torte reform. The problem, from my perspective as a voter, is that most of the special interest groups lobbying for torte reform are actually trying to shield corporations from legitimate liability claims (and calling it torte reform), which isn't something that I can get behind.

As is often the case with polarizing issues, there just doesn't seem to be a sane middle ground that has any sort of popular support.
2006-07-10 01:32:18 PM  
First boobie touch for me was from an older girl that was already in middle school at the time. We fooled around in those big ass truck tires they used to put on playgrounds.

Nowadays that gets you a felony and permenently branded as a sex offender.

What a world.
2006-07-10 01:32:33 PM  
I don't have access to any immediate "back-up" on this statement, but I am pretty sure that I have heard/read in news articles that the numbers of children being abducted has not increased in recent years - despite the media foaming at the mouth over every single incident...

But seriously, my parents never worried about me wandering around my own neighborhood with other kids, and I don't recall any child in any neighborhood I ever lived in being abducted... I'm not saying it didn't and doesn't still happen, but are we perhaps (dare I say it) being overly paranoid because of the unrelenting media coverage everytime a child goes missing?
2006-07-10 01:37:24 PM  
infantry: more than likely that large breasted blonde is probably on anti-depressants.

Bit of a broken record there, aren't you? Work with me here.
2006-07-10 01:37:31 PM  
Reason #12342 not to send your kid to public school and home school instead - this article. My kids play tag, swing on monkeybars and do all kinds of "dangerous" activities during home schooling activities. (Like learning, another dangerous activity they don't do at public schools).
2006-07-10 01:40:28 PM  
SnarkBlarmsten: Reason #12342 not to send your kid to public school and home school instead - this article. My kids play tag, swing on monkeybars and do all kinds of "dangerous" activities during home schooling activities. (Like learning, another dangerous activity they don't do at public schools).

With all due respect, homeschooling sounds like the ultimate in overprotective, control-freak parenting to me.
2006-07-10 01:41:19 PM  

sorry man, i went off on some kind of tangent. you need to replace handgun with long barrel shotgun. damn, thats all i got. basically you stumped me and my mind went blank. thanks. too much thinking is dangerous - almost as dangerous as playing tag.
2006-07-10 01:43:18 PM  
infantry: basically you stumped me and my mind went blank.

It's that kind of day on Fark. Kind of blank.
2006-07-10 01:44:09 PM  
kids still play tag?
2006-07-10 01:44:41 PM  

yeah i was hoping for more inflammatory articles so my anonymous internet posting ass could tell people what my worthless opinions are. because i know everyone here cares what i have to say
2006-07-10 01:45:57 PM  
Adman12: Tis because you know nothing about it. And believe me, I've seen all the home schooling bash threads on Fark, and I can tell you that there is nothing more idiotic than a bunch of people criticizing something they know absolutely nothing about.

But let's not hijack the thread. Let's continue to bash something we do know about, how stupid it is to ban tag. Does that sound overprotective?

In fact, I will play a game of tag with my daughters when I get home - in the front lawn, where sticks are known to fall from the trees!
2006-07-10 01:46:17 PM  
infantry: yeah i was hoping for more inflammatory articles so my anonymous internet posting ass could tell people what my worthless opinions are.

Your opinions aren't worthless. They apparently cost you about $5 a month.
2006-07-10 01:46:41 PM  
In about half of US states it's legal to spank kids with a huge PADDLE at school. And yet tag is too violent?
2006-07-10 01:47:25 PM  
SnarkBlarmsten: But let's not hijack the thread. Let's continue to bash something we do know about, how stupid it is to ban tag. Does that sound overprotective?

No, that sounds fine.
2006-07-10 01:49:33 PM  
tag's fun unless you were the slow fat kid like me that gets tagged all the time. kind of like the slowest wilderbeast being dragged down by a lion

But that's how you develop strategy & cunning! I was a skinny kid who thought it was a waste of effort to run around after everyone, so I'd lie in wait, grinning, and optimize on my peers' short attention span. They couldn't stand me just standing there, and when they got in range to taunt me i'd strike out and nab somebody.

Come to think of it, this still applies in my daily social interactions.

2006-07-10 01:49:42 PM  

i think my opinions are worthless to everyone else. i value my opinions. good thing i canceled my total fark. when the time runs out, letting people know what i think will be free and there will be no yellow sign by my name. i could always go and hang out on a yahoo discussion thread. i could be one of THOSE PEOPLE WHO TYPE IN ALL CAPS AND SAY THINGS LIKE "KILL ALL NON-WHITE PEOPLE"
2006-07-10 01:50:19 PM  
tag's fun unless you were the slow fat kid like me that gets tagged all the time. kind of like the slowest wilderbeast being dragged down by a lion

I was that kid, but at dodgeball, I learned to catch and aim. I wan't necessarily fat, just big. I was 5'2" in 5th grade and I had massive arms so I just fired right back, usually to the head of some little shiat who called me fat. Me and the other big kid in my class were the reason they switched from rubber balls to Nerf balls for dodgeball.

debug: I can't wait for the first President from this generation to tell a foreign country that they are in "time out".

These kids will never elect a President. Somebody would have to lose an election. Instead, I'm thinking they'll just give every candidate a participation award.

Well said! At my elementary school, they have done away with the honor roll. It hurt the dumb kids' feelings. Screw making the dumb kids do homework and get decent grades, we can just stop rewarding the smart ones. That way no one get's their feelings hurt. I agree with George Carlin on this topic. Leave the kids alone. "The kid who eats too many marbles doesn't grow up to have kids of his own." Call it passive eugenics.

We are screwing with nature here. It is a sad fact that not all children are meant to survive. Some of them are too weak or dumb to survive. If we keep stopping them from getting hurt we are only hindering the advancement of the human race. This is also the cause of global overpopulation. Let some of the slower and weaker members of our species prove Darwin right once in a while and we would all gain from it.

/Climbs down off soapbox
//shakes fist at video-game-playing kids
///"Get out here and play on my lawn, dammit!"
2006-07-10 01:50:47 PM  
SnarkBlarmsten: I can tell you that there is nothing more idiotic than a bunch of people criticizing something they know absolutely nothing about.

that's what happens in every fark thread.
2006-07-10 01:52:12 PM  
My girl's almost three; she's learned to climb, get dirty, ride her trike, paint, and dance. Plays outside with neighborhood kids, and when she falls she brushes off her knees and keeps going. She also says "please" and "thank you" and "yes sir/yes ma'am." I'm not the best mom, but I'm trying to raise a good kid. If she's not going to have recess at school, I'll be sure she gets lots of play-time at home. I just pray that if School is not going to make sure she's well-rounded, then School makes sure she knows how to use her brain.

/yeah, yeah...good luck
2006-07-10 01:55:08 PM  

True. I agree with that.

What I find disturbing with that is that parents use the "blame everyone and sue everyone else" bit instead of letting their kids be kids.

"Oh, Johnny comes from a broken home. His life is sooooo hard, I hate to see him in any kind of pain....".

Instantly ANY injury becomes the fault of someone, and the entire student body has to go to the lowest common denominator based on some asshat kid's "feelings".

The 'blame' culture's gotten everywhere. Not that there aren't some things that are someone's fault, but the default position of 'shiat happens, sorry about that' seems to have largely vanished.

I say seems, but I'm not entirely sure how real that actually is. There are people making money from both the blame culture (accident lawyers) and those that push the outrage about the percieved pussification of society as a product.

I'll never forget, though, when I ws in a newsagents, and the radio was on some commercial channel. There was an advert that started "If you've been in an accident, and it was someone else's fault, then give us a ring". It really hit home how damned stupid that was - by definition, an accident is no-one's fault. You just fell over. Unpleasant, but that's gravity for you. But there's a whole industry there that pays no heed to things like common sense, and society warps itself to accomodate them, mainly because they have the threat of the law and money.

It only takes one neurotic parent to screw over, or merely threaten to screw over, a school to spoil it for everyone else. This kind of behaviour, when it's uncalled for kind of reminds me of the typical psycho-girlfriend behaviour. Everything's such a damned drama, and a personally threatening one too.

/Lord, histrionic people do my head in.
2006-07-10 02:00:46 PM  
noYOUare: So here you are, doing a great job raising your 3-year old daughter, because you know what is best for her.

Yet, when she is 5, you are going to turn her over to a school system that will be completely inadequate for her (especially if she is already intelligent and well-adjusted).

I'd think about that if I were you.
2006-07-10 02:00:50 PM  
Ok, so why not protest this by organizing the largest game of tag in history on the state capitol lawn? Imagine hundreds if not thousands of kids (which is a nightmare in itself, granted), running after each other, with the parents acting as referees, and hopefully having the event be large enough to make it into record books.

/Although there will be some asshat parent out there who would be more than willing to fark the whole thing up by suing because their brat got hurt I'm sure...
2006-07-10 02:05:27 PM  
I have a few nephews that I play with often. My one newphew who is 6 gives up in tag within 20 seconds of being "it" because he thinks others are not playing fair when they run away from him... then the 12 year old gets pissed when he doesnt win... not quite good for tag, but when playing catch, he never throws the ball to the wrong spot, its just that I was not standing where I should have. but the two year old can play well and knows that he is going to loose, sometimes...but he is happy that he is playing anything, and the smile gets bigger when he finally does win (or i let him win)
This may be a age thing, but I think it has alot to do with the parents. (All 3 are from different families) Teach them early that there is disappointment in life, and they will be better adjusted for adolesence and not go all colombine on some kids cuz they made farked with them!
2006-07-10 02:06:30 PM  
SnarkBlarmsten: I'd think about that if I were you.

I thought we agreed to "no threadjacks" on this issue.
2006-07-10 02:06:46 PM  

blah blah, I blame the left for everything, blah blah blah

I think the problem here is that it's not just the evil lefties who are responsible for this crap. As someone else pointed out above, which you summarily ignored and contorted into more frothing about the evil libruls, both the lefties and the righties are the reason for the wussification of today's children.

You've got idiots on the left who don't want their kids to lose, so no sports or awards unless they go to everyone.

And you've got idiots on the right who are pushing to get Harry Potter books banned from public schools for promoting witchcraft.

This is not a partisan issue, chief. BOTH SIDES are full of idiots.

Also, with your comment about school vouchers. I have no problem at all with school vouchers, unless the private schools are religious. The whole "My secular government should not be using public funds to teach children religion" thing. But if that's not good enough for you, then I'm not sure what is.
2006-07-10 02:10:29 PM  
Can't find the earlier post now, but someone mentioned getting dirt in their hair from mud fights...
I have dirt in my hair right now, from playing softball yesterday. Yes, I showered. It gets in your pores.

Trying to raise my tomboy by example.
2006-07-10 02:11:18 PM  
Banning things like TAG will just make kids rebel later on.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-07-10 02:11:26 PM  
When I went to Catholic school, we didn't have a playground. So before school we played in the swamp out back -- basically, "who can jump across the widest part of the water?" Half the kids would start school soaking wet and covered with mud. It was awesome. And yeah, we played a lot of tag.
2006-07-10 02:11:35 PM  
I don't get it. Which tag did we ban? I vote for 'Ironic', or maybe 'AudioEdit'.
2006-07-10 02:11:37 PM  
Smear the Queer". It was essentially tag, but you had to tackle the other person for them to become "It"

That's not how we played it. One person tried to hang onto a ball while a gang of kids tried to get it from him. The ball-man (aka the "queer") usually got tackled (aka "smeared"), and then a huge wrestling match ensued from which one kid with emerge with the ball and take off running. Then he'd get chased down and tackled. This process continued throughout recess, or until somebody got hurt so badly that the playground teacher broke up the game. The more people involved, the more fun it was. (More dangerous, too. One time we had 20 guys playing, and somebody got their nose broken. It's rough getting tackled by 19 guys.)
2006-07-10 02:12:21 PM  
I was never allowed in the house when I was a kid. We stayed outside constantly. Of course we didn't have 400 TVs and 900 game consoles, either. Bathroom? Pee behind the tree. Thirsty? There's the hose.

I'm surprised a lived through childhood considering some of the stuff I used to do. Climb on the roof & take running leap off of the house? Okay! Walk around the corner or up to the store? Bye! Dodgeball to the face? Feels good!

We also learned how to take second, third, last place and like it. None of this everyone gets a trophy crap.

/i miss good ol' metal playgrounds
//kids these days are wuss bags. fat little wuss bags. thanks mom!
2006-07-10 02:13:18 PM  
I'd think about that if I were you.

Not much to think about, unless you're willing to pay my rent and buy my groceries.
2006-07-10 02:17:56 PM  
I forgot to add that I feel the complete pussification of kids is the reason we have things like farking furry fruits who think they have spirit farking animals and want to fark other people in fur suits, farking emo morans, etcc you see where Im going with it.

The human mind can wander to some weird ass shiat when left to it's own devices.

Parents, do your kids a favor and go play with them outside. Moms.. teach your girls to hang it hard core with the boys and Dads, teach your boys to burn and blow some shiat up.
2006-07-10 02:19:04 PM  
When we moved to the South from the west coast my parents forbade me from saying yes ma'am because they said it sounded like something a slave would say. I have never said it to anyone except as a joke (like for instance saying it to a man). But I mean, it's cultural, so I don't judge people who say it. Just from the way I was raised, it would seem very weird for me to say it.
2006-07-10 02:21:33 PM  
At least we're preparing the children early-on to be lead by total idiots.
2006-07-10 02:22:19 PM  
Yes. Manners are weird.

At least, in the sense that so few people have them, they're rare.
2006-07-10 02:25:34 PM  
noYOUare: Not much to think about, unless you're willing to pay my rent and buy my groceries.

Good point. Although you'll probably get a few offers.

My wife and I are raising our son together, but we both work, partly because my wife loves her career, and partly so we could afford a modest home in a nice part of town.

Even if one of us were at home, however, we would never think of home schooling. My wife's a teacher, so she's particularly qualified to teach the subjects. But she also realizes that learning to get along with a large group of peers, not all of whom have been hand-picked by us, will help him develop stronger social skills. Plus, he'll have to come to terms with the reality that, outside of our house, he is not the centre of the universe.

The people I know who home school are either intellectually arrogant folks who can't believe that a public system could possibly meet the needs of their precious angel, or wingnuts who think that the outside world is full of moral corruption. Either way, I see their attitudes as part of the same kind of thinking that leads to banning tag.

The public system has many, many flaws. But if you're rasing your daughter as well as it sounds like you are, the occasional lame teacher or low class will do her no harm. It might even teach her to be a better person.
2006-07-10 02:26:40 PM  
Q. Why do U.S. schools hate kids?

A. Because kids are nothing more than a commodity item for use in current and future wars in the eyes of those running the country. As most public schools in the U.S. are federally funded, teachers and principals have no choice but to adhere to federal standards (which are not set by the U.S., but by the U.N.). The resulting curriculum produces uninformed, uneducated, unmotivated, and unaware adults who can't think for themselves. Most of them went through school in a drug-induced stupor thanks to the pharmaceutical creations of A.D.D. and A.D.H.D. The grading system has also been changed to allow kids who haven't learned a damn thing to advance to the next grade, ensuring that "no child is left behind".

Q. Why are such horrible things being done to our children?

A. Because in order to sustain any kind of war, you need troops. And because war is so unpopular, the best way to make the military attractive is to turn everything else to shiat and then wave a few thousand dollars in the face of dumb-ass-by-design kids who have the "I-want-it-now" mindset engraved in their brains.

Banning tag? Dumb.

Why not ban diet soda and its neurodegenetive sugar substitutes?

Why not ban the use of prescription drugs on people under 18 and save the integrity of the minds of the future?

Oh yes, I forgot; the warhawks can't recruit for a war when the purpose of the war is known and as such, they will do anything to prevent the majority of young minds from developing the thinking skills to understand just what the hell is going on. I have no kids. I will never have kids. To bring a child into a disgusting, war-ridden, diseased, and greedy world is something I consider to be criminal.
2006-07-10 02:28:38 PM  
WeedNStoli: Why not ban diet soda and its neurodegenetive sugar substitutes?

Why not ban the use of prescription drugs on people under 18 and save the integrity of the minds of the future?

Tom?.... Tom is that you?
2006-07-10 02:33:25 PM  
I was always 'it' when playing tag, and the worst thing that happened to me was being a regular poster on

/why does god hate me???
2006-07-10 02:34:11 PM  
Your enemy isn't liberalism (which is really an economic system anyway). You enemy is the standard social science model that has informed social policies, both left and right, since the '40s.

1) It never ceases to amaze me that some people will see the word liberal/liberalism clearly being used in the context relating to the contemporary American political philosophy, and will still insist on assuming that it refers to classical liberalism. And yet if you used the term "republican" (spelled with a small 'r', either do to laziness or simply a typo) you would probably expect everyone else to understand from context that you meant the GOP and not one who supports a republic as a form of government.

2) You do have a point though in that both the left and right are at fault. Between the censorship of "violence" supported by the right and the dogma of "self-esteem" supported by the left, we are ruining America's youth.
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