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(CNN)   Four-year old boy survives after falling eleven stories, bouncing off a metal awning, and landing in concrete courtyard. Credits his survival to watching lots of cartoons   ( divider line
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2006-07-08 06:49:09 PM  
for those agreeing that the days of only needing one parent to work to make a living are long gone try this:
-i'm 22, so we're referring to the 90's
-dad was in the navy
-mom was a stay at home
-my brother is 26
-we weren't poor, but we were far from rich
//thinks people don't understand the concept of a budget and like to blame others

Same scenario here. People who say both parents absolutely have to work no matter what probably had really, really stupid parents. And unfortunately it passed on to their kids.

kinda the same thing here. except mom worked nights as an lpn, and daddy worked days as a fulltime alcoholic. she raised all 3 of us kids and still had money left over. its called a budget and not buying that 95 dollars pair of jeans and the 150 dollar pair of shoes.
2006-07-08 06:49:47 PM  
2006-07-08 06:18:40 PM COMALite J [TotalFark]

Her husband left her and the kids

So her husband left her for a completely unrelated reason. Otherwise he would have brought her kids with them.

People here are preaching good decisions and smart living. And you come to us with an example of someone sticking around in a loveless relationship where the father doesn't even give a shiat about the kids.

I do believe that no amount of explaining this will enable you to comprehend it.
2006-07-08 06:53:14 PM  
TAH-DUH indeed!
2006-07-08 06:56:37 PM  
Wow, that's more hardcore than all stuff that happened to me when I was four.
2006-07-08 07:02:20 PM

This lady is not impressed
2006-07-08 07:12:32 PM  
czarangelus: It sounds like this was an accident that could have happened to anyone. She probably was at work and can't afford child care on her salary. People should cut her some slack, but they won't... it's easier to blame the victim than admit our system is seriously flawed, if this is the case.

i pretty much have to agree with you there. there is always the possibility that she is a totally shiatty parent, but there is also a chance she's just trying to get by.

of course, she DOES live 11 stories up so it can't be that bad of a place - right?
2006-07-08 07:15:16 PM  
He should be sent to an underground facility to train with that kid that had his indestructible head run over by a car last wk. Then sent to find Bin Laden.
2006-07-08 07:32:33 PM  
Re the lady that was smashed in the face with a brick:

1. Find an attorney that will twist Dad's nuts for child support and ins. coverage for the kids. There are dozens in the phone book who will take a percent of the award.

2. Too ugly to work in fast food or retail? Crime victim? Have a Dr. sign her up for for state vocational rehab to be an IT tech, machinist or nursing home LPN. They also pay for child care while attending school.
2006-07-08 07:45:03 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

This godless invention of Sir Isaac Newton has threatened the lives of this nation's children for the last time!
2006-07-08 07:58:43 PM  
Oznog: Sleeping on the job:

Buttons & Mindy! Who it was at Warner Brothers who dropped that show, and tiny-toons, must've been wacko.
2006-07-08 08:52:00 PM  
czarangelus: It sounds like this was an accident that could have happened to anyone. She probably was at work and can't afford child care on her salary.

Surely that must be a troll! Poverty is NOT an excuse for child negligence.
2006-07-08 09:13:59 PM  
LMAO, Fool_Marquis.
2006-07-08 09:50:53 PM  
Then he looked and saw two kittens, one telling the other one, "see, that's how you do it!"

\now THAT's obscure
2006-07-08 10:43:56 PM  
Judd Nelson's Nostrils

Would you give me a foot massage -- I'm kinda tired.
2006-07-08 10:56:45 PM  
Look control, just because I don't be givin' no man a foot massage don't make it right for Marsellus to throw Antwan into a glass motherfarkin' house farkin' up the way the attractive and successful African-American talks. Motherfarker do that shiat to me, he better paralyze my ass cuz I'll kill the motherfarker, know what I'm sayin'?
2006-07-09 03:04:22 AM  
"...fall from an 11-story window after being left alone at home, bouncing off a metal awning into a concrete courtyard and then trying to stand up..."

"Hm, he seems happy enough bouncing around out there, I think now's a good time to head out while he's still occupied."
2006-07-09 04:00:00 AM  
Was the mother Britney Spears perchance?
2006-07-09 08:14:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
One of my earliest PC games. Bouncing Babies. How appropriate.
2006-07-10 02:25:14 AM  
I'm a mother of 3 kids, my oldest is 8 and my youngest 9 months. I stay at home with my kids every day while my husband works out of town. Although I don't think I'd ever do what this mother did and leave my children alone, I can tell you that even had childcare been in will do what you least expect them to do. It was an accident... and a hard lesson for the single mother. Its a mistake neither of them will make twice!!
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