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14579 clicks; posted to Main » on 08 Jul 2006 at 11:11 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-07-08 7:49:53 AM  
"Now go for the wet spot..."
2006-07-08 8:00:28 AM  
When making a wish, you need to be very specific. "A daily dose of pussy" is simply not clear enough.
2006-07-08 8:02:55 AM  
Dip the cat in egg-wash and floor, then place into a deep-fat fryer pre-heated to 450f.
2006-07-08 8:52:25 AM  
Pick me up out of this bowl and I'll scramble your eyeballs.
2006-07-08 10:54:49 AM  
your turn.
2006-07-08 11:13:33 AM  
Wow, the "beat until Fluffy" trick worked better than expected
2006-07-08 11:15:05 AM  
"What? You say I'm in a bowl? That's ridiculous. Why would I be in a bowl? What kind of thing is that to do?"
2006-07-08 11:17:56 AM  
Don't cry over spilt flour. Meow.
2006-07-08 11:18:07 AM  
2006-07-08 11:18:51 AM  
Cute moron. I will enjoy returning the favor by leaving some steamy "biscuits" on your pillow and piping frothy "marangue" into your ear canal while you sleep.
2006-07-08 11:19:28 AM  
2006-07-08 11:20:41 AM  
Knead pussy ?
2006-07-08 11:21:28 AM  
You need to learn to knock. I am tired of you cathing me with sweet pussy.
2006-07-08 11:27:09 AM  
This was the best disguise yet for Pepe LePew...
2006-07-08 11:27:24 AM  
"Whoa. Where am I? Just how much did I drink last night?"
2006-07-08 11:30:34 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
Cats, from here to Cat-Man-Du, fried, boiled, blanched, or otherwise prepared, are...



\All apologies.
2006-07-08 11:30:38 AM  
"You never know where you'll end up after a night of partying with Gary Busey."
2006-07-08 11:31:21 AM  
Meth? What meth?
2006-07-08 11:35:12 AM  
"Worst Episode of Rachael Ray... evah!"
2006-07-08 11:35:13 AM  
It's new and improved Meow Mix!
2006-07-08 11:35:18 AM  
Honestly, I won't taste like chicken! Despite my fluffy exterior I'm really tough and stringy.
2006-07-08 11:37:39 AM  
"When I said that I didn't want a 'hot dog', this isn't exactly what I had in mind either..."
2006-07-08 11:46:09 AM  
After removing the cat's legs, dip cat in a bowl of flour. Bowl should be able to hold approximately 1/2 of cat.
2006-07-08 11:48:07 AM  
Exactly *how* much powder is needed to get rid of these fleas?
2006-07-08 11:48:28 AM  
2006-07-08 11:51:01 AM  
"Do ya mind?! I'm tryin' ta sleep here!"
2006-07-08 12:01:14 PM  
Cat: "Uh, so you're saying this isn't kitty litter?"
2006-07-08 12:09:23 PM  
....Gently fold in ingredients and mix until well combined.
2006-07-08 12:17:43 PM  
I's prefer to be known as Fluffy now. not Beano.
2006-07-08 12:28:48 PM  
And the propper preparation of cat pot pie begins as follows:
Take one medium sized cat....
2006-07-08 12:35:20 PM  
In a rare case of spontaneous genesis, a small spark caused a cat to be born from a cup of flour.
2006-07-08 12:54:53 PM  
What??? Korean food again?????
2006-07-08 1:49:14 PM  
"Is this too much fur? The recipe said "a dash".
2006-07-08 1:52:10 PM  
Oh sh*t, I don't think that's batter. Who took my cookbook?!?!
2006-07-08 2:17:16 PM  
Buying a girl flours is always a good start if you want to get some pussy.
2006-07-08 2:21:02 PM  
"Time for my cat-nap...and I don't want to be disturbed FOR ANY REASON!"
2006-07-08 2:35:53 PM  
"Every time somone masturbates, God flours a kitten."
2006-07-08 2:38:50 PM  
"Roll in flour and find the wet spot."
2006-07-08 3:08:32 PM  
No thanks, that's not what I had in mind when you offered to let me snort some coke off of your pussy.
2006-07-08 3:31:08 PM  
"My name is Alf and this is fast cooking, my way"
2006-07-08 4:36:15 PM  
"On second thought, maybe it wasn't a good idea for me to star in 'Fatal Attraction 2'."

/First she cooked the rabbit, now she microwaves the cat!
2006-07-08 4:38:13 PM  
"Who loves kitty?"
2006-07-08 4:46:29 PM  
Cat: "Stop looking at me and trying to think of something terribly funny. It's not going to come to you. I'm a cat in a bowl. Big farkin' deal."
2006-07-08 5:10:57 PM  
"Just add water" and you'll find out what these claws are really for...
2006-07-08 5:25:13 PM  
Bush Hater
2006-07-08 5:27:22 PM  
I'm not that fat
2006-07-08 9:43:58 PM  
"Can I help you?"
2006-07-08 10:43:50 PM  
"Pour some sugar on me"
2006-07-08 11:36:08 PM  
Mmm-mmm Home-made kitten nuggets! Now that's fancy eating!
2006-07-09 3:08:31 AM  
"Pussy pie, anyone?"
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