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(Some Guy)   Which phrase would Hillary Clinton's staffer be most likely to use while negotiating an important issue with a colleague? 1. "I'll get back to you." 2. "I'm afraid I disagree." 3. "You suck"   ( divider line
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487 clicks; posted to Politics » on 28 Jun 2006 at 6:25 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-06-28 5:58:03 PM  
Let me be the first to say "Who gives a shiat?"
2006-06-28 5:59:35 PM  
To which the Vice President replied, "fark you".

Let's start a multimillion dollar investigation of that aide.
2006-06-28 6:00:43 PM  

Somewhere Dick Cheney is reading this and saying, "Isn't that just farking adorable?".
2006-06-28 6:03:15 PM  
"I'm Ron Burgundy?"
2006-06-28 6:03:31 PM  
Score another point for Cher Horowitz's verbal conquering of the English-speaking world.
2006-06-28 6:03:46 PM  
That's a news story to Matt Drudge? One staffer said "you suck" to another? What a douche.
2006-06-28 6:06:25 PM  
patrick767: LOL!

[image from too old to be available]

Some Farker called me a douche!
2006-06-28 6:12:11 PM  
Where would Matt Drudge be if there were no Clintons to kick around?
2006-06-28 6:14:35 PM  
Imagine, while you're reading this sentence, that in its place is a really lame joke about an intern giving a blow job.
2006-06-28 6:21:37 PM  
Isn't it obvious to everyone that Mrs. Clinton does not and never did suck?
2006-06-28 6:35:54 PM  
And we're green! Really strange past few weeks of greenlighting.
2006-06-28 6:42:45 PM  
2006-06-28 6:53:39 PM  
She could have called her a "major league asshole"?
2006-06-28 6:54:14 PM  
I would like to lick Hillary Clinton's cankles. Just thought I would share that with you guys.
2006-06-28 6:56:57 PM  
Bare and valanced.
2006-06-28 6:58:07 PM  
Who was she speaking to? ....Monica Lewinsky?

HAW! HAW! HAoh god my pants
2006-06-28 7:06:30 PM  
Hmm, this article kinda smells funny. Oh wait, I know that smell, I've been smelling it all the time recently, it's right wing desperation. Now that they have farked everything up beyond belief they need to tilt at these irrelevant windmills to keep them from breaking down and crying.
2006-06-28 7:14:10 PM  
I sincerely hope I am wrong, because it would be so sad, but maybe Hillary and Chuckie will just have a duel. And both will be unfortunately and terribly killed because of their expert marksmanship. That would be so sad. I'm begining to weep now.
2006-06-28 7:27:53 PM  
this means something
2006-06-28 8:29:05 PM  
eden express: Where would Matt Drudge be if there were no Clintons to kick around?

Giving five dollar blow-jobs in a back alley.
2006-06-28 10:28:09 PM  
Speaking of Her Hillary, Upstate New York is having its own NewOrleans moment right now.

Where's Her Hillary on this?
2006-06-28 10:29:00 PM  
(Upstate as viewed from NYC)

2006-06-28 11:11:24 PM  
Parts of her senatorial area are WASHING AWAY!

2006-06-29 8:45:57 AM  
eden express
Where would Matt Drudge be if there were no Clintons to kick around?

the same place the democrat party would be, unemployed?
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