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(VUnet)   "Reservoir Dogs" video game assured of big sales down under now that Australia has banned it   ( divider line
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1137 clicks; posted to Geek » on 28 Jun 2006 at 7:11 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-06-28 06:54:46 PM  
Here's a cheat code for Mr.Pink
Up, X, X, O, Down, Up, Up, O, O
You do that and he doesn't tip.
2006-06-28 07:19:29 PM  
Is the entire video game going to take place in a wharehouse?
2006-06-28 07:19:39 PM  
strange, considering the convict ancestry.

/i keed.
2006-06-28 07:31:59 PM  
"These moves include repeated pistol-whipping of the side of the head "with blood spray evident" and burning the eyes of hostages with a cigar until they scream and die."

Oh this will help make the world a better place.
2006-06-28 08:55:52 PM  
"Another 'signature torture move' involves cutting the fingers off a hostage so that blood spurts out as the victim screams in pain."

"These moves include repeated pistol-whipping of the side of the head "with blood spray evident" and burning the eyes of hostages with a cigar until they scream and die."

I am now officialy interested in this game.
2006-06-28 09:09:13 PM  
Is Stealer's Wheels on the soundtrack?
2006-06-28 09:11:09 PM  
2006-06-28 09:18:08 PM  
mdbuff12: Is Stealer's Wheels on the soundtrack?

With luck, the game's soundtrack will come directly from K-Billy's Super Sounds of the Seventies (TM).
2006-06-28 09:39:23 PM  
The game would have to be everything that was left out of the movie. Like the actual robbery.
2006-06-29 12:20:38 AM  
Thank goodness someone is thinking of the children. After the spine ripping epidemic following MK and grenade sprees motivated by GTA:VC, maybe this move will make our little island a better place.
2006-06-29 01:01:05 AM  
If there is a part in the game that lets you torture the cop, I'll buy it in a second.

/With "Stuck In The Middle" playing, obviously.
2006-06-29 01:21:13 AM  
Eh, I'm sure everytime something gets banned, there's simply a lot more mail orders coming in.
2006-06-29 02:27:26 AM  
The problem is that we (Australia) don't have a mature rating for games. If someting is deemed unsuitable for children, it's banned because apparently the ratings board dosen't think adults play games.
2006-06-29 02:32:33 AM  
I thought Austrailia fought in WWII to protect freedom of speach and counter nazi like censorship.

/guess they were fighting a different war
2006-06-29 02:44:38 AM  
Whenever a politician urges people to "think of the children," keep one eye on your wallet and the other on your liberties.
2006-07-01 05:46:44 PM  
How is it going to get sales if it's banned?

This happened with GTASA as well, excepy San Andreas had already been released by the time the ban came around. They actually requested that people return their games. Stupid.
2006-07-04 01:13:44 AM  
I love all the Austrailia jokes Rockstar puts in its GTA games, probably done out of spite.
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