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(Some Guy) Video Unbelievable video of starlings nearly taking down a tree   ( divider line
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35392 clicks; posted to Main » on 25 Jun 2006 at 5:11 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-06-24 11:24:19 PM  
Cool video! Have witnessed similar in US. Tried to view Chimney Swift Vid., but got KO'd twice. Some birds of a feather really flock together.
2006-06-24 11:25:24 PM  
Amazing. It's almost mesmerizing to watch them fly.
2006-06-24 11:32:16 PM  
I wonder why they just had to be in that tree?
2006-06-24 11:33:21 PM  
I don't know what else to say other than "Cool".
2006-06-24 11:34:27 PM  
RedMosquito: I wonder why they just had to be in that tree?

Maybe they could "cedar" nests from there.

2006-06-24 11:35:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Starling nearly taking out something else...
2006-06-24 11:36:27 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-06-24 11:38:01 PM  
This video reminds me of white blood cells attacking a pathogen. Like that woman in that movie The Fantastic Voyage. Now I'll have nightmares tonight.
2006-06-24 11:38:37 PM  
MeanMF: Maybe they could "cedar" nests from there.

I would so sponsor you for that comment if you weren't already a TFer. Love it.
2006-06-24 11:38:40 PM  
MeanMF: Maybe they could "cedar" nests from there.

Heh, no need to apologize. I hear that is a very "poplar" species to nest in these days.

Did I just say that?
2006-06-24 11:44:09 PM  
And I thought the birds in San Antonio were bad.
2006-06-24 11:45:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-06-24 11:46:39 PM  
They do that "alder" time.
2006-06-24 11:51:53 PM  
They do that "alder" time.

Teak man, teak..

somebody end this..
2006-06-24 11:52:28 PM  
They were just "pineing" for the fjords.

Cool video, and for once it has some nice camerawork. [no shakey cam, rapid zoom in-and-out, etc]
2006-06-24 11:58:19 PM  
Oh, wood you guys just stop it?
2006-06-24 11:59:07 PM  
Reminds me of how a school of fish move... I swear there's something to be learned about the laws of nature here, maybe even GOD itself, but I'm waaaaaay to dumb to know what that is...
2006-06-25 12:01:43 AM  
Almost made me larch.
2006-06-25 12:05:48 AM  
"Maple" we should stop this now.
2006-06-25 12:07:23 AM  
If this doesn't stop soon there's going to be elder pay.
2006-06-25 12:14:15 AM  
Oak. Just shut the bark up.
2006-06-25 12:15:54 AM  
That tree was taking it like a beech
2006-06-25 12:16:44 AM  
Some people are getting sycamore of this.
2006-06-25 12:17:28 AM  
You guys are really going out on a limb here.
2006-06-25 12:19:14 AM  
I barking hate you all.
2006-06-25 12:19:16 AM  
No need to be an ash about it.
2006-06-25 12:21:40 AM  
I'm gonna count to tree and y'all better stop with the puns.
2006-06-25 12:24:03 AM  
Oak-ay, that's much better
2006-06-25 12:25:15 AM  
Shiver me timbers!

I can see that Captain weezbo is going to have to take the 'elm (and, for anyone wondering, it is a Dutch 'elm, which controls a Dutch Rudder) and get us back on an even keel before we branch off again.

Now, I want this thread spruced up and shipshape or ye'll walk the plank!
2006-06-25 12:32:51 AM  
Willow-ve you just stop it.
2006-06-25 12:39:24 AM  
I guess I butternut post another one.
2006-06-25 12:41:28 AM  
Barf. Yew all make me stick.
2006-06-25 12:42:34 AM  
MeanMF: I guess I butternut post another one.

Oh fir pete's sake.
2006-06-25 12:44:04 AM  
I'd rather not see any more puns, but I'd bet my dogwood.
2006-06-25 12:45:05 AM  
This is becoming deciduous-ly ridiculous.
2006-06-25 12:48:42 AM  
I walnut be able to sleep well after seeing this video. Olive you should know that I'll be plum worn out tomorrow.
2006-06-25 12:49:37 AM  
Are you guys still here? You seriously need to leaf this be.

/it's knot cool
2006-06-25 12:51:34 AM  
RedMosquito: Are you guys still here?

Aspen-t too much time on this already.
2006-06-25 12:51:38 AM  
A man groves tired of terrible punnery...or so they say...
2006-06-25 12:52:20 AM  
If this headline was redwood we still be posting?
2006-06-25 12:52:56 AM  
There's gonna be a mesquite soon.
2006-06-25 12:54:48 AM  
MeanMF: If this headline was redwood we still be posting?

Orange you the one who started it? Thanks to you, I'm gonna need a coffee ivy in the morning.
2006-06-25 12:57:36 AM  
I'd say I was above this awful punnery, but I lilac a rug.
2006-06-25 12:58:12 AM  
I'll be exhausted by bedtime, or as the Southern troops say, "the tam-a-rack".
2006-06-25 12:58:27 AM  
KCBlueGal: Orange you the one who started it?

Yeah I guess cypress-ed the "add comment" button first.
2006-06-25 12:58:48 AM  
Someone better get to the root of this!
2006-06-25 01:00:50 AM  
Is this all because submitter didn't like what kumquat said about his mother?
2006-06-25 01:04:28 AM  
This is acorn-y thread.
2006-06-25 01:07:24 AM  
stinkbunny: This is acorn-y thread.

Yes, but I have become rather frond of it.
2006-06-25 01:08:34 AM  

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