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(Right Wing News)   Why home schooled kids continually do better than public schooled kids   ( divider line
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11561 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 19 Jun 2002 at 10:08 AM (20 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-06-19 6:36:07 AM  
Obviously the submitter wasn't home schooled.

Watch out for the irony bus.

(In case the text gets edited, the submitted text read: "Why home schooled kids continually to better than public schooled ones")
2002-06-19 8:36:41 AM  
Grundular stole my joke.
2002-06-19 9:20:15 AM  
I think not getting atomic wedgies/hindy bindies or having your hair washed and rinsed in a toilet MAY have something to do with that.
2002-06-19 9:34:24 AM  
Maybe the fact that they get 1 on 1 teaching, instead of 35 on 1 teaching like public school kids, tends to be an advantage. You think? Maybe?
2002-06-19 10:09:49 AM  
But home many home-schooled kids turn out to be weirdos? They have trouble fitting in with regular society. You can be taught book stuff at the home - but social stuff - can only be taught at a school with others!
2002-06-19 10:10:18 AM  
Home-schooled people seem to have a weird concept of what is "normal". For example, when they reach university, they often come to class nude and hit on the instructors.

2002-06-19 10:10:19 AM  
My teacher:student ratio is like 6 to 1. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a better education.
2002-06-19 10:10:44 AM  
Homeschool teachers make learning a lot more interesting as they have greater access to places that do the subject first hand. Public school teachers, most of the just want to retire and get a paycheque.

And the headline, definitely not home schooled.
2002-06-19 10:11:05 AM  
Whoops. Rather student:teacher ratio. Maybe I'm not getting a better education afterall.
2002-06-19 10:11:40 AM  
Most of the home-schooled people I have seen are right wing fascist nazi fundie types, with no common sense. Of course, this is just in my experience, and is not statistically accurate I am sure...
2002-06-19 10:11:54 AM  

That's BS! You can still get your kid involved in scouts, city league sports, etc.

Home school kids do better because the teachers care. PERIOD.
2002-06-19 10:11:57 AM  
fark it. I am going back to sleep.
2002-06-19 10:12:22 AM  
right on Kreskin. My college is about 20% kids who were home schooled, and they're all social midgets. They may be smart, but they won't get the good jobs cause they'd bomb any interview.
2002-06-19 10:12:30 AM  
The irony bus never made it. It was blown up by some home schooled types at the corner of Gilo and E. Jerusalem.
2002-06-19 10:13:12 AM  
Did anyone see the South Park episode with the home schooled kids? :)
2002-06-19 10:13:34 AM  
homeschool kids sleep with the teachers for better grades
2002-06-19 10:13:37 AM  
headline needs another
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-19 10:14:44 AM  
I would bet that the stats are skewed by the input. [they are valid, but the interpretation is meaningless]

Home schooled kids probably have a higher acuity for learning and the parents are likely more involved in the
process. It is not by default the problem of the system.

However, the system does suck. If we could get the involvement of parents, I'd bet gobs that it would improve significantly.

Pedantry where knowledge granted is supercillious is farcical.
2002-06-19 10:15:11 AM  
bring on the robo teachers
2002-06-19 10:15:46 AM  
[publik skewled]
2002-06-19 10:16:06 AM  
Homeschooling is for parents who are paranoid about the outside world.
2002-06-19 10:17:29 AM  
Bah, it's all just a right-wing conspiracy to keep mothers out of work and dependent on husbanding anyway....

Worryingly, I'm not sure whether that's my actual belief or a tinfoil-hat joke. The world's gone strange.
2002-06-19 10:17:36 AM  
Sure homeschooled kids are socially awkward for the most part. But, I've seen a staggering number of public schooled kids that are just plain ignorant. Had I kids, I'd teach them at home and find social outlets for them.
2002-06-19 10:17:54 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-19 10:19:11 AM  
Kids learn all they need to know from tv.

CNN tells us to kill those we dislike,
Discovery tells us doggystyle is best,
And Springer teaches you that no matter how farked up you are there's always a bigger weirdo.
2002-06-19 10:19:20 AM  
Who cares? I can beat 'em up!
2002-06-19 10:19:27 AM  
haven't we all had this discussion?
it is a shame though, that the posters article tagline had an error.
2002-06-19 10:19:41 AM  
Headline should read:

"Why home schooled kids continually get beaten up more than public schooled ones"
2002-06-19 10:20:31 AM  
Amen, Stebain. You hit the nizail on the motherfizukin hizead.

That last statement was cleverly coded for those who were not home-schooled.
2002-06-19 10:20:31 AM  
Today's schools are about attitudes and behavior, not facts and skills

This is for sure. American high schools are about how much money mommy and daddy have and not about education.

On that note though homeschoolers are social gimps. When I was an undergrad I was in a few classes with some of the former home schoolers. They had no idea how to act or how to relate. Sure they did good work and they were smart, but they could never make any friends and couldn't empathize with others (nor could they talk to others). Generally, they made fun of the "stupid" ones in the classes they were in and didn't understand how to deal with their feelings...
2002-06-19 10:20:42 AM  
At my school (public), the teachers do care. Most of them, anyways. I think that it's in the innner city that you get the problems with public schools. And don't get me started on the "Leave no Child Behind" shiat. The Shrub doesn't know jack about what's wrong with the school systems. His solution? Throw more money at it. Bastard.
2002-06-19 10:20:50 AM  
Actually pub skewled kiddos are hybrids. They may spend 6 hours a day in the public, but they spend another 3 or 4 hours in th afternoon, at night and on the weekends hammering out homework and projects with their parents.

Of course this is the case in the more stable homes, otherwise they git thair home skewlin on the street corner and sink or swim based upon their ability to master math ebonics.

If lil Rufus has 50 X tabs and sells em for $10 bucks a pop, how soon til Raymire comes looking to kick his scrawny butt and collect his take.

2002-06-19 10:21:01 AM  
I seriously doubt that there are any parents out there who can teach differential calculus, advanced foreign languages, shakespeare, and AP biology.
2002-06-19 10:21:10 AM  

As if public school prepares kids for the outside world.(?)

They try ban all games that have winners and losers because someones feelings may get hurt. You can be expelled for wearing an inappropriate shirt or carrying a nail clipper. Nearly 80% of high school graduates cannot balance a checkbook and have no understanding of personal or world economics.

All public school really prepares you for is how to be a good little employee.
2002-06-19 10:21:39 AM  
Public schools educate ALL children, whether their parents are involved, neglectful, abusive, etc. and even when the child has behavioral and learning disabilities. Herein lied the BIG difference, although I am not saying I believe or rely upon the author's stats in any way.

I also like the insinuation that public schools are only their to indoctrinate kids into an agenda, as if home schooling isn't (many kids are homeschooled to teach them 'Christian' values and remove them from contact with the outside world; don't get more agenda-motivated than that).

Also, you can't convince me that most parents are capable of teaching their children all the subjects they need to know to be prepared for college, and not every kids can teach themselves. Not all teachers are great to be sure, but I'll wager their education of many parents any day.
2002-06-19 10:22:46 AM  
Damn my private school education.... :)



(and I'm sure there's more)
2002-06-19 10:23:03 AM  
The American public education system today is not about educating students; it is about indoctrinating them.

And it's about grabbing as much cash out of the public trough as possible. The NEA cares more about political correctness, protecting its members' interests, and money than it does about educating kids.

That education bill Dubya signed is a farce; it's little more than pork for a federal department that shouldn't even exist.
2002-06-19 10:23:11 AM  
Trust the source: Right Wing News.

2002-06-19 10:23:29 AM  
School is that bad these days, eh?
Funny how it worked pretty damned well so recently.
Bring back Conjunction Junction!
2002-06-19 10:23:38 AM  
"Why home schooled kids continually to better than public schooled ones"

to better?
2002-06-19 10:23:52 AM  
Mafflick -- just so your anectodal repository can be updated, I happen to know quite a few left-wing-neo-hippie-tree-hugging-earth-mamma types who home school their kids. They say that public schools are too rigid (read: too hung up on athletics and little or no support for the arts), and are just breeding grounds for future government drones. Which, ironically, is what the right-wing-fundies say.

In all actuality, if economics permitted it, I'd home-school my son. Our school system has no arts program. PE is limited to 45 minutes a day for just 2 months of the year (PE is considered a "special" course along with technology, foreign language, and "advanced reading studies"). It does, however, boast an athletic program that starts 'em as early as 5th grade into the great career and intellect builiding skill of football.

Home School -- not just for the wacko fringe anymore!
2002-06-19 10:24:25 AM  
Note to self: no more posting so early in the morning. It's bad for your grammar skills.
2002-06-19 10:24:49 AM  
I wuzzuh home skooled and I tirned out okay.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-19 10:25:17 AM  
Yeah, but home schooled children are socially enept and can't function in the real world.
2002-06-19 10:26:15 AM  
Tigerzdad: "It does, however, boast an athletic program that starts 'em as early as 5th grade into the great career and intellect builiding skill of football."

Notice that because of this science, art, and language (the most useful subjects) take a back seat.

Did anyone have a coach "teach" a class? What a farce. If you were on the team, you got an A. If you weren't...god help ya...
2002-06-19 10:26:27 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

All aboard at Conjunction Junction!
2002-06-19 10:26:54 AM  
Mysticcat - I can teach all of those.
I am not a parent, though. You may still be right. Most parents that do home school will hire a tutor for the subjects that they may not be able to teach, don't they?
2002-06-19 10:27:23 AM  
Being a home schooled Farker (living on a sailboat has it disadvantages) I feel I've grown up to be a semi-intelligent addition to society. I only had a short period of discomfort socializing with people my own age, but since then I've come to the realization that many public schooled kids truly are/were idiots and I'm better than them. So there.
2002-06-19 10:27:57 AM  
I get a 1 to 1 teacher:student ratio. I'm both.

Plus, it's easy as heck to skip grades, and you can get credit for trivial things like price comparison at the supermarket.
2002-06-19 10:28:15 AM  
This article, I hope, is more an editorial than a presentation of fact/news.

Home schooling parents tend to freak me out. I envision all of them having fallout bunkers and "MY OTHER CAR IS AN ABRAMS TANK" bumper stickers on the 1983 Ford station wagons with partially missing "wood" panelling.
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