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(Some Guy) keeps insisting Rove's going to get indicted. The discrepancy is easy to explain: Time-traveling aliens   ( divider line
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363 clicks; posted to Politics » on 20 Jun 2006 at 7:13 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-06-20 5:12:58 PM  
No no no. It's and anti-time extrusion into normal time. Don't you people watch Star Trek?
2006-06-20 5:20:21 PM  
Earth is composed of opposite hemispheres
which rotate in opposite directions - equal
to a zero value existence (plus & minus). As
entity, the opposite hemispheres cancel out.
Earth exist as 4 - 90 degree opposite corner
quadrants, but not as a 360 degree circle.
Earth is Cubic opposites, nothing as circle.
A singularity inflicted scholar has not the
mentality, freedom or guts to know that
academia is a Trojan Horse mind control.
Singularity brotherhood owns your brain,
destroying your ability to think Cubicism.
Evil academia blocks out Time Cube site
and suppresses its discussion and debate.
2006-06-20 5:24:01 PM  
Let me get this straight. Several fringe political blogs are expending all their resources writing long-winded nonsense articles attempting to defame other fringe political blogs. Is that about right?
2006-06-20 5:31:13 PM  
Yay for Time Cube!
2006-06-20 5:31:56 PM  
Someone at EIB broadcasting is greenlighting stories today.

In all fairness bboy, the people "broke" the story that Rove was going to be indicted about a month ago. It got picked up by the wires and made its way into the MSM. They haven't even bothered to apologize or retract. I think a little wet noodle slappage is in order.

Whatever the story regaring Rove's non-indictment (I bet he struck a deal), needs to be exposed as the people behind the "indictment on monday" story that hit the wires.
2006-06-20 5:32:12 PM  
bboy: It's like a snake eating its tail.

Or fission.

God, I really need a drink.
2006-06-20 5:36:00 PM  
Diogenes: No no no. It's and anti-time extrusion into normal time.

Quick! We need tachyon beams!
2006-06-20 5:36:44 PM  
TAILS in a SNAKE!!!!
2006-06-20 5:40:07 PM  
These people have as much credibility as the French guy who predicted a tsunami in May.
2006-06-20 5:42:38 PM  
" needs to be exposed as the people behind the "indictment on monday" story that hit the wires."

[image from too old to be available]

Yeah, there's a lot of that going around.
2006-06-20 5:54:48 PM  
Dear Doug Thompson: Nothing says intrepid journalist more than the Red Green look.
2006-06-20 5:54:59 PM  
Truthout indeed.
2006-06-20 6:07:20 PM  
You know, after all this time, after all the insane gibberish on the internet, Time Cube is still the standard by which all gogglebox nonsense is judged.
2006-06-20 6:13:02 PM  
Heard it from a friend who
heard it from a friend who
heard it from another
yer indictments comin' dowwwwwn.

/reo speedwagon's political blog
2006-06-20 6:19:18 PM  
Isn't this the "god damned piece of paper" guy?
2006-06-20 7:40:49 PM  
Another link about this Truthout bullshiat?
2006-06-20 7:46:32 PM  
2006-06-20 8:01:36 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Didn't RTFA. Just want to make fun of Rove and the currents.
2006-06-20 8:03:08 PM  
Comrade438: Xenu?

[image from too old to be available]
I'm here all week.

/Actually Im going back to bed.
2006-06-20 8:05:28 PM  
anti time means that the scandal happened in the future and because time is colliding with anti time it gets worse the futher you go back into the past rather than developing as the future progresses. thus....static warp shell.
2006-06-20 8:17:57 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/Had to be done.
2006-06-20 9:08:06 PM  
I never had any hope that Rove or Libby or any other of the corupt crew in charge here would ever spend one day in jail. Laws don't apply to them.

However it is damn peculiar that:

1) The ONLY statements we have heard about Rove's "exoneration" come from his own attorney, Luskin. No statement at all from Fitzgerald.

2) If this letter they got from Fitzgerald puts everything right by them, why won't they release it? What ELSE is in the letter they don't want everyone to see?

3) Bush and Rove can lie their heads off about Rove's involvement from the get go. The facts of Rove's involvement are not even denied by anyone, and they are in stark opposition to the definitive statements they made before. The press doesn't care because they are too liberal. Remember when the most important ethical question on earth is what phone Gore used for a campaign call?

4) What else is Fitzgerald up to? If he is not going to indict anyone, what else is he doing?
2006-06-20 9:15:32 PM  
I'll bet they're the same time travelling aliens who submitted this:
2006-06-20 9:41:12 PM  
Lest we forget, that he who moves in favor shares with each man that which stands alone...however, we do not wish to have the implications of our inclinations to be misconstrued.

2006-06-20 10:37:18 PM  
Of course, now someone will use this as a smear attack on Markos Moulitsas.

/Google him, ya lazy moran.
2006-06-20 10:46:57 PM  
Diogenes: No no no. It's and anti-time extrusion into normal time.

Lionel Mandrake Quick! We need tachyon beams!

No you idiot! That makes it worse! We need to create a static warp shell!

2006-06-20 11:34:35 PM  
You can't beat TimeCube, it's the archetype. It's like becoming a greater hero than Odysseus, or a greater home-run hitter than Ruth. Not gonna happen.

I've seen a lot of very weird things on the internet, but nothing has imparted the same sense of awe and confusion as the first time I discovered Dr. Gene Ray's singularity truth, despite fascist viper-scientist Satanic fool coverup bastards.
2006-06-21 2:06:27 AM  
It'd be funny if they told them he wasn't going t o be indicted, then went ahead and did it anyway. Irony that would shake the earth to its core.
2006-06-21 2:12:07 AM  

4) What else is Fitzgerald up to? If he is not going to indict anyone, what else is he doing?

Rove must have bribed him with a little Gannon three way.
2006-06-21 9:09:50 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I bet they're reptilian too!
2006-06-21 9:21:37 AM  
This was covered on FrontLine Last night.
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