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1676 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Jun 2006 at 6:06 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-06-16 10:23:47 AM  
think theyll slow down though and 'save legs'.
2006-06-16 10:23:52 AM  
oh card
2006-06-16 10:24:04 AM  
Jeez, what the hell. I'm not rooting for Serbia, but how was that intent to injure?
2006-06-16 10:24:48 AM  
Zombie Hitler: That might be the worst call of the Cup so far.

The sending off in the Spain game is the worst call. That wasn't bad at all. You can't go in two-footed and studs up. I know that, professional fruitboilers should know it too.
2006-06-16 10:25:05 AM  
wyltoknow: Jeez, what the hell. I'm not rooting for Serbia, but how was that intent to injure?

When you go in the way Kezman did, you know you will probably hurt the other player. Fair call, I think.
2006-06-16 10:25:52 AM  
Lady J: How come you're so wound up??

I always turn into a raging nervous lunatic whenever Holland plays on a tournament. It's genetic and unavoidable. Only remedy is drinking enough beer during the match. And when they win I'll be on the town all night drinking. When they loose too. Shared pain is half the pain.
2006-06-16 10:25:52 AM  

'fruitboilers'. Like it.
2006-06-16 10:26:47 AM  
Serbia and Montenegro look like they've simply quit.
2006-06-16 10:27:21 AM  
Argentina is very impressive, but it all goes to show I was right in saying S&M is overrated. Not giving any goals in qualifiers doesn't mean much when you're playing Uzbekistan and the likes...

Go South Korea and Brazil ! No World Cup for me this year. :(
2006-06-16 10:27:32 AM  
It's... only a game.
2006-06-16 10:27:49 AM  
Vukic on for captain Milosevic. Not that it matters much at this point.
2006-06-16 10:28:24 AM  

Unlike Brazil or England, Argentina don't aren't letting up the pressure just because they're ahead.

I dunno, I think they have been fairly casual in the second half, although they have plenty of reasons (3) not to push it any more.
2006-06-16 10:28:50 AM  
Lady J: It's... only a game. :)
2006-06-16 10:29:31 AM  
Lady J: It is alleged that shortly after Bill Shankly first moved to England, he was asked what his occupation was by a census taker. Some time later, it was discovered that his Scots accent had caused it to be recorded as "fruitboiler".

Probably an urban myth, but a good story.
2006-06-16 10:29:48 AM  
My predictions =

Argentina / Serbia & Montenegro: 3-0
Netherlands / Côte d'Ivoire: 2 -1
Mexico / Angola: 1 - 0
2006-06-16 10:29:57 AM  
Zombie Hitler & wyltoknow

High speed tackle, going in with the studs up as gwowen said is dangerous to the opponent (regardless if you "meant" to do it or not)

Just wanted to add this from the rules section on the FIFA site:" A tackle, which endangers the safety of an opponent, must be sanctioned as serious foul play.
2006-06-16 10:30:00 AM  
Why isn't Vidic playing exactly? I thought he was suspended only for the first game?
2006-06-16 10:31:50 AM  

I never wanted someone to be right so bad. You have a good prediction status though, hope it keeps up!

Based on the Argentina score, my predictions aren't worth shiat I'm afraid Major_Tom.
2006-06-16 10:32:06 AM  

If I read the markings right on yahoo then he's marked as injuered (same as Dragutinovic and Petkovic)
2006-06-16 10:32:13 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

"Can we keep this between us? I'd hate to lose my teaching job."
2006-06-16 10:32:25 AM  
Now we're talking...tuning back in for Messi!
2006-06-16 10:33:05 AM  
Messi comes on! w00t!
2006-06-16 10:33:10 AM  
Yeah it looked dangerous as all hell. From looks alone, it was worthy of a card.

But I don't think I saw him actually touch the opposing player. I still think it was more acting than impact.
2006-06-16 10:33:27 AM  

By definition, it is a game. I concede the 'only' might be debateable. Debatable? Bedtable. Bananahammock. Shh.
2006-06-16 10:34:31 AM  
Don't do this to me binnster, I'm a nervous wreck already as it is.
2006-06-16 10:35:30 AM  
Major Tom

Stay off the uncle methinks.
2006-06-16 10:35:55 AM  
Wow, all this hate for the ESPN announcers. I admit I don't regularly watch all...but I play the game, and am always into the World Cup doings. I don't have any problems with the ESPN guys at all, and really do prefer understanding what the commentators are saying to the Spanish energy of Univision.

Oh, and don't bash baseball. I'm a fan of both, but if I have to choose the more boring sport, it's soccer.

And what's wrong with the ESPN guys talking about the US team? Last time I checked, they were a US channel, broadcasting to US citizens. Hence, we should actually be giving two shiats about what goes on with the US *team*.

So, Kazman was supposed to be the Serbian superstar. What's the explanation for the World Cup no-show?
2006-06-16 10:36:18 AM  
Gooooooooooooolazo. Azo, azo, azo. Take THAT!
2006-06-16 10:36:22 AM  
Here's the fourth one.
2006-06-16 10:36:31 AM  
4-0, Argentina. Damn.
2006-06-16 10:36:35 AM  
I'm surprised Messi's ego fits inside the stadium.
And that assist is not gonna help.
2006-06-16 10:36:41 AM  
2006-06-16 10:36:41 AM  
2006-06-16 10:36:47 AM  
can you say blowout?
2006-06-16 10:38:00 AM  
2006-06-16 10:38:43 AM  
Leafing through rules on,1584,3,00.html

Things I did not know: removing your jersey while celebrating a goal is reason for cautioning due to unsporting behaviour.

"Removing a jersey is defined as removing the jersey over the head or covering the head with the jersey."

So showing man-boobies is perfectly ok though.
2006-06-16 10:39:00 AM  
Lady J: Stay off the uncle methinks

Uncle Charlie is NOT invited during the World Cup. I don't want to die of a heart attack or completely destroy my interior. If 'ya know what I mean.
2006-06-16 10:39:03 AM  
Wow, still 15 minutes left. This is going to be a massacre.
2006-06-16 10:39:11 AM  
Zombie Hitler: Serbia and Montenegro look like they've simply quit.

Well what do you expect? They (S & M) voted to breakup weeks ago.
2006-06-16 10:39:32 AM  
Qonas: Oh, and don't bash baseball. I'm a fan of both, but if I have to choose the more boring sport, it's soccer.

There is no reason on Earth why a nine inning baseball game should take more than 2.5 hours. I'd imagine that MLB games average way in excess of that.

If the umpires actually enforced the rulebook [failure to pitch = automatic ball; batters can't leave the batters box during an at-bat] and the games will just rip along.
2006-06-16 10:39:43 AM  

what is this "Hence" you type of?
2006-06-16 10:40:12 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Wish I were home to watch this action.
2006-06-16 10:42:04 AM  
Yowsers. 5-0.
2006-06-16 10:42:04 AM  
True, the umps give a lot of leeway to the players during a baseball game, but don't forget this is America. Once an athelete starts making a good amount of money, an inflating ego follows suit. So they get pampered, heh, because superstar athletes = ratings.

Besides, more than 2.5 hours? Just grab another beer, pass the time and holy shiat 5-0 Argentina.
2006-06-16 10:42:06 AM  
What terrible defense.
2006-06-16 10:42:09 AM  
again! 5!
2006-06-16 10:42:10 AM  
Qonas: And what's wrong with the ESPN guys talking about the US team?

I think the problem is the fact that before the games, they talk about the US team. After the games, they'll talk about the US team. There is plenty of time to talk about the US team. During the non US games, it would be nice to get some information and insight into the game being played. When you look at the lack of knowledge the announcers apparently have for the other teams, it makes you wonder if the information they're giving you in regards to the US team is even useful.

There is hate for the ESPN announcers because they are not doing a good job.

And, jesus Christ, Argentina is farking ruthless.
2006-06-16 10:42:10 AM  
2006-06-16 10:42:37 AM  
Holy crap. Why is Serbia even putting up a pretense by running? They should all just lie down and take a nap for the rest of the game. It'd be the same difference, really.
2006-06-16 10:42:46 AM  
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