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(Some Guy)   We've secretly replaced the vanity top in this bathroom renovation kit with three pounds of pot and some cocaine. Let's see if our plumber notices   ( divider line
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8583 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jun 2006 at 5:22 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-06-14 2:38:53 PM  
And you just know they gave him a big hassle about it at the returns counter.
2006-06-14 2:44:32 PM  
I never thought I'd hear these words together before:

Possible Home Depot Trifecta now in play.
2006-06-14 2:58:46 PM  
Damn... the vanity and cabinet I bought at the Homo Depot were empty! I want my money back!!!
2006-06-14 5:20:55 PM  
I'm sure the plumber frequently puts down the pipe, but his crack is always on display.
2006-06-14 5:24:01 PM  
-1 for repeating the Folgers theme from a few days ago.

(apologies if you're the same submitter)
2006-06-14 5:26:57 PM  
I'd have reported a 50 pound bag and a 49lb,15ounce bag. But then, that's me.
2006-06-14 5:28:03 PM  
I saw 40 lbs of pot and 3 grams of coke, but I shop at Lowes
2006-06-14 5:28:44 PM  
2006-06-14 5:28:53 PM  
Man, if he'd just shut up about it, he could have unloaded it and bough all kinds of new stuff for his house. Just sayin...

Now playing "Bails of Cocaine" by Reverand Horton Heat.
2006-06-14 5:29:20 PM  
You can doobie it. We can help.
2006-06-14 5:30:13 PM  
I thought Ace was the place for your hemp filled hardware,.. man....
2006-06-14 5:30:23 PM  
So was the weed any good or what?
2006-06-14 5:30:36 PM  
Heads will roll..

/honey, are you going to the bathroom AGAIN?!?
2006-06-14 5:30:55 PM  
Submitter was in too much of a rush to get the headline right: 40+ POUNDS of marijuana, and 3 grams of cocaine.

Street value of drugs, around $50,000.
2006-06-14 5:31:12 PM  
goethe_helen_hunt: I'd have reported a 50 pound bag and a 49lb,15ounce bag. But then, that's me.

Reported? Heck, I would have just thrown a party.
2006-06-14 5:31:36 PM  

nice one
2006-06-14 5:33:13 PM  
Man who stand on toilet high on pot.
2006-06-14 5:33:35 PM  
damn what a dumbass, I woulda smoked that and sold the coc. personally
2006-06-14 5:33:58 PM  
Wow they got those Atlanta rappers working fast.

\the speedy wheels of justice...
2006-06-14 5:34:18 PM  
Great. A dumbass gave away the equivalent of two years+ pay as a plumber in MA. What an honest man. What is wrong with Americans today?
2006-06-14 5:34:53 PM  
son of a biatch! WHy couldn't I have gotten 40 pounds of marijuana instead of the used toilet seat I ended up with last time I bought something at Home Depot!!

/true story...
2006-06-14 5:35:29 PM  
You always hear the stories " man finds stash of drugs in X calls police, ect..."

It warms my heart to know for every story like this there is a story that goes-- " Man finds huge stash of drugs, He and his girlfriend, being practical people, ration the doses out and party a few times a month for the rest of their lives."
2006-06-14 5:37:02 PM  
No smoking pot while getting a bj in the men's room. Also, quite pissing on the floor, ya lug.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-06-14 5:37:15 PM  
I am getting a real kick out of this. My wife works there in the Tewksbury store. She has talked to so many cops and DEA agents it's ridiculous. Oh, drug-sniffing dogs are there like every day too.

/bonus...they found more today. My wife suggested selling growth lights there for a real profit. Her manager was tickled by that idea.
2006-06-14 5:37:36 PM  
Well, I'm off to Home Depot... I promise I won't let anyone know if I find anything...
2006-06-14 5:37:44 PM  
Quit, quite, same thing. Whatdoyawanna fighaboutet?!?
2006-06-14 5:38:42 PM  

Dunno if this is the same story twice, but after reading about Ludwig, 19, killing the parents of his girlfriend, 14, this was a link beneath it.
2006-06-14 5:40:05 PM  
Ok that's a bunch of pot but three freaking grams of coke is hardly worth mentioning. What would be the motivation for putting 3 grams of coke in with the weed? Methinks perhaps the plummer had a few all nighters.
2006-06-14 5:40:09 PM  
Oh, and it's not really clear by the article, but there are more than just one Home Depot affected by this. There are three in the MA area alone.

"Attention Home Depot shoppers! Your rebate is in the box!"
2006-06-14 5:40:10 PM  
I have been looking for 3 years for a pound of marijuana just lying around somewhere and this guy finds 40 and turns it in...

2006-06-14 5:40:40 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/ crack kills, ya know
2006-06-14 5:41:32 PM  
Combustion, that song kicks ass. Right up there with "Baddest of the Bad" and "Cowboy Love".

/on the related-to-the-article song theme, better queue up their song "Marijuana", while you're at it.
2006-06-14 5:42:10 PM  

Also, quite pissing on the floor, ya lug

Quit. Quit pissing on the floor.
2006-06-14 5:42:11 PM  
Or is it "there is more than one..."? I have to Grammar Godwin myself before someone else does.
2006-06-14 5:42:16 PM  
I think they need to start looking for a dead Home Depot employee, either at the store or the distribution center, who sold Jimmy the Nose's furniture to the wrong people.
2006-06-14 5:44:25 PM  
Rafe: /on the related-to-the-article song theme, better queue up their song "Marijuana", while you're at it.

Personally, I prefer "Marijuana In Your Brain" by Lords of Acid. Ahh, college.
2006-06-14 5:45:14 PM  
Some guys have all the luck.
2006-06-14 5:51:33 PM  
bump wins the thread. I came here to make a funny comment but, nope, no point.
2006-06-14 5:52:16 PM  
Can't believe anyone's surprised at this. I mean, the purchase was made at Home DePOT after all.

/THE place for Doobie-it-yourselfers.
2006-06-14 5:53:23 PM  

So ya do wanna fightaboutet..... alright, put up ya dukes!
2006-06-14 6:04:40 PM  
Odds this was a sting to bust the "lucky winners" who didn't call the cops?
2006-06-14 6:08:28 PM  
fnordfocus, seems to me that that would be entrapment, among other things like leaving drugs out in public.

Not too likely.
2006-06-14 6:09:15 PM  
It was probably just commercial brick weed, you'd have to smoke like half a pound to catch a buzz.
2006-06-14 6:16:51 PM  
i wanna know whos the guy who payed for 40 pounds and ended up with a bathroom mirror- did he freak out or what...
2006-06-14 6:17:36 PM  
Raz, isn't drug possession a strict liability crime, and wouldn't that trump entrapment issues? I seem to recall hearing that the the USPS once sent child pornography to suspected perverts and arrested the ones who didn't call the postal inspectors to complain.
2006-06-14 6:23:15 PM  
Isn't this just some marketing gimmick by home depot to sell some slow moving merchandise?
2006-06-14 6:23:53 PM  
i just started working in tewksbury, good to see they're known for something now
2006-06-14 6:27:49 PM  
No, fnord.

Go wiki John De Lorean. He SOLD drugs to cops and got aquitted.
2006-06-14 6:29:54 PM  
Basically the idea of entrapment is "If you wouldn't have done it without the cops' interference, it's illegal'.
For the defense to be successful, the defendant must

"For the defense to be successful, the defendant must demonstrate that the police induced an otherwise unwilling person to commit a crime. However, when a person is predisposed to commit a crime, offering opportunities to commit the crime is not entrapment."

He obviously wouldn't have those drugs if the police hadn't left them there, hidden.
2006-06-14 6:48:18 PM  
I still think that I could argue that definition either way.

However, now that I reflect, 40 pounds is a bit much to waste on entrapment. Better to put 2 ounces in 320 different packages.
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