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(MySpace)   Today's reminder that you were born a decade or two too soon: Teacher posts topless photos on her MySpace account for students to enjoy   ( 590klbj.com) divider line
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56849 clicks; posted to Main » on 13 Jun 2006 at 2:48 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-06-13 12:37:30 PM  
[image from myspace-257.vo.llnwd.net too old to be available]


eh not bad?
2006-06-13 12:47:26 PM  
Thank god I have never seen on of my old teachers topless. I'm not into granny porn.
2006-06-13 12:54:53 PM  
But.. It's ART, dammit!
2006-06-13 12:54:55 PM  
on = one
2006-06-13 01:01:27 PM  
The pics in question are here: NSFW
2006-06-13 01:05:26 PM  
Many more pics of the teacher here: flickr, so it's only marginally NSFW
2006-06-13 01:07:14 PM  
Oh noes! Pictures of the human body! Everybody run!
2006-06-13 01:12:54 PM  
[image from img388.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2006-06-13 01:16:43 PM  
Kyosuke: Many more pics of the teacher here: flickr, so it's only marginally NSFW

Definitely better than I expected. Then again I expected grainy webcam tit shots. But those were good.
2006-06-13 02:05:23 PM  
BEEE240: I'm not into granny porn.

I am not into Nun/Priest porn either.
2006-06-13 02:07:42 PM  
Can someone save them elsewhere in case they get yanked from Myspace/flickr? I want to check them out later.
2006-06-13 02:18:54 PM  
Art teacher, so, what's the problem?
2006-06-13 02:27:43 PM  
Shor haired cutie, but looks a bit aged for 29... also seems to be a lesbian.
2006-06-13 02:51:56 PM  
Ms. Hoover indeed.
2006-06-13 02:52:43 PM  
I'm glad that I was taught by nuns.
2006-06-13 02:54:04 PM  
Uh, what did she expect? When a teacher does something that's going to be a serious distraction to the students, especially something like this, you're crossing the line. Hell, I'm no prude (she's got nice titties), but we're talking about a high school teacher, for crying out loud. It's best not to get the high school guys all bonerized if you can help it.
2006-06-13 02:54:28 PM  
Yeah - she does look a bit ridden hard and put up wet for 29. Teacher in a bathtub!! I think all of these could pass for artsy-fartsy, but the crotch shot is a bit too much for a teacher, even of the art persuasion.
2006-06-13 02:54:48 PM  
KLBJ-590 / Austin, Texas trifecta in play! W00t!
2006-06-13 02:55:00 PM  
TFA was written by a four-year-old, apparently.
2006-06-13 02:55:13 PM  
nuns are hot and they're a hard habit to break

2006-06-13 02:55:14 PM  
stoj, bravo.
2006-06-13 02:55:24 PM  
Anyone else think shee looks like Annette Benning?
2006-06-13 02:55:29 PM  
If the adults (other parents board members et al) in this situation would act like adults and not make a big deal about it, maybe the kids would learn that nudity is not a big deal.
Even if the images are a bit scary.
2006-06-13 02:55:48 PM  
The pics of her make her look like shes been through the drug loop multiple times. Skeletons have more meat on them then her and her friend.
2006-06-13 02:56:07 PM  
FoodIsGood: TFA was written by a four-year-old, apparently.

no kidding -- "including her boobs" ???

heh - heh - huh, huh, heh heh

2006-06-13 02:56:32 PM  
What an idiot. Those are "Art" pictures? The whole lot of them are worthless except the ones you can jerk off to.
2006-06-13 02:56:40 PM  
Annie Lennox unavailable for comment.
2006-06-13 02:56:54 PM  
Hmmmm mediorce at best
2006-06-13 02:57:04 PM  
If it were porn pics she had, the lighting would be better.
2006-06-13 02:57:09 PM  
Shor haired cutie, but looks a bit aged for 29... also seems to be a lesbian.
Is a lesbian. The photographer is her girlfriend.
2006-06-13 02:57:10 PM  
annette benning no
fort benning yes
2006-06-13 02:57:15 PM  
Here's linky to first:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/tamarah/77899143/ (NSFW)

and second:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/tamarah/77899142/ (NSFW)

Lazy, not making pops

/would hit it
// sharp knees and all
2006-06-13 02:57:33 PM  
That is absolutely disgusting. She has got to be pushing 40.
2006-06-13 02:58:16 PM  
Hand-cuffs, topless and a black g-string?

Would you REALLY want this lady tyeaching your kids?
2006-06-13 02:59:00 PM  
We'll never get to the point where nude pictures AREN'T a big distraction until they're put out there openly and allowed to BE a distraction for awhile. It is a necessary step.
2006-06-13 02:59:06 PM  
Not sure what the big deal was about. Appreciate Art for what it is. Are we talking 3rd grade kids or High School?
2006-06-13 02:59:10 PM  
Ha! A decade too soon indeed. Dammit!
2006-06-13 02:59:12 PM  
From the link:

Austin High School Art Teacher Tamara Hoover has shown her student a lot...! Including her boobs...and now she may get fired for it..!

"her student"? "boobs"? Exclamation points? Fragments? Random ellipses? Random mistyped ellipses?

It's not basic English literacy, it's KLBJ.
2006-06-13 02:59:17 PM  
2006-06-13 02:59:54 PM  
Bah, leave her alone. She's a super sweet girl, and it's legal to walk the streets in Austin topless anyway. This flap is retarded.

2006-06-13 03:00:17 PM  
Austin again, two stories in a row. What is wrong with that place?

When are you too old for a myspace? 22.
2006-06-13 03:00:39 PM  
No HTML skills but
NSFW with bondage
2006-06-13 03:01:06 PM  
29 Holy shiat. I've farked women who are around 40 that look younger. Damn that is a old 29. Still I would hit it, I guess.

Anyway who give a crap, they just don't like that she is a lesbian.

2006-06-13 03:01:30 PM  
Now I have pictures dancing in my head of Sister Catherine Lucien. Industrial strength mind bleach please...
2006-06-13 03:01:43 PM  
BTW, the bipolar teacher from Florida was hotter, IMO.
2006-06-13 03:02:02 PM  
mmmm...artsy chicks from Austin.
Easiest score on the planet.
2006-06-13 03:02:09 PM  
uh, those are really unimpressive. From any perspective.
2006-06-13 03:02:10 PM  
Just because you call something Art doesn't make it good. Good is not in the definition of art.
2006-06-13 03:02:19 PM  
She's only 29? I'm thinking junkie.
2006-06-13 03:02:24 PM  
if you're to believe the woman's story on her myspace (hahah) it was a teacher with a grudge and she has the support of parents.
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