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(Defamer)   The only thing that would make this cardboard standee of the new Superman seem gayer would be if he were blowing on his nails   ( defamer.com) divider line
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2006-06-13 06:43:32 AM  
So is this the tacit admition that the new Superman, indeed, blows?

The commercials look good, but there is no way I am going to the theater to see this.

Nacho Libre, on the other hand. . .
2006-06-13 07:15:39 AM  
So you're the guy who is going to see Nacho Libre? I knew there had to be someone out there to which that pile o' crap looked like good entertainment. Do you also enjoy nascar and wrasslin?
2006-06-13 07:27:01 AM  
SpongBub: Do you also enjoy nascar and wrasslin?

Wow, way to be a complete dick there, bub. Someone take a leak in your wheaties this morning?
/not going to see SuperGal or Nacho Libre
2006-06-13 08:03:39 AM  
Why does Superman have to do lunges?

/Boy, that's... pretty damn gay.
//Going to comic book store after work to get one of my own.
2006-06-13 08:19:24 AM  
SpongBub So you're the guy who is going to see Nacho Libre? I knew there had to be someone out there to which that pile o' crap looked like good entertainment. Do you also enjoy nascar and wrasslin?

I don't get it. What's the connection?
2006-06-13 08:27:39 AM  
Hmm. It seems SpongeBub woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

I prefer GT to NASCAR, think wrestling is fun sometimes, but think UFC is better, and like Napoleon Dynamite and Jack Black, so I'm willing to give Nacho a chance.

Anything else you'd like to know befeore you STFU and GBTW?
2006-06-13 09:06:05 AM  
Wrasslin' rules[image from media.libsyn.com too old to be available]
2006-06-13 09:08:29 AM  
I have been in favor of updating the Superman costume ever since "The Death and Return of Superman". Couldn't we shift him to a pantsuit or something? keep the cape, but get rid of the cod piece underwear look. maybe it has happened in the comics, I wouldn't know, but the Superman outfit is fairly impractical in 2006.
2006-06-13 09:08:39 AM  
The trailers for Superman look great, Kevin Spacey is an awesome actor, so despite the fact that as a child I was a Marvel Comics guy and not DC, I am definitely looking forward to seeing this one.

I have a soft spot for the Christopher Reeve/Brando flick, it was a classic (at least to my limited taste).
2006-06-13 09:08:42 AM  
I'm going to see every movie, and I like everything.
2006-06-13 09:09:01 AM  
Hopefully Nacho Libre is good after all the publicity and crap hype for the last YEAR! Superman though, um did it in the 70's and 80's kthnx ba bye.
2006-06-13 09:10:04 AM  
Yeah? Well, I'm cooler than all of you! I'm never seeing any form of visual entertainment. EVER! I'm going to read big thick books by Russians with indecipherable names and sit in my wood-paneled study smoking a pipe while getting a $50 blowjob from a hooker named Jim!
2006-06-13 09:10:06 AM  
Snaps! to submitter

Indeed - he looks fabulous!
2006-06-13 09:10:14 AM  
I got a chuckle out of the Wrasslin comment. I know some are going to take offense, but thats fark for ya. Laugh alittle bit. Its good for ya.
2006-06-13 09:10:24 AM  
Can someone tell me why Superman is NOW gay, when he really hasn't changed his looks?
I mean, I'm gay, and I just don't see it.
2006-06-13 09:11:39 AM  
Superman isn't gay or straight, he's asexual. Any load that shoots out of his super penis on earth would blast holes through steel.
2006-06-13 09:12:29 AM  
Wow! That's quite a poster. Will you look at me, quivering. Like a little girl, shivering. He can see right through me.
2006-06-13 09:12:53 AM  
Didn't care for Reeves, and this one isn't much better. 260 million couldn't buy a name?

/tough part to cast and it shows
2006-06-13 09:13:19 AM  
[image from supermanjaviolivares.iespana.es too old to be available]

Ha ha! Real Supermen pull their undies above the bellybutton.

[image from images.allposters.com too old to be available]
2006-06-13 09:14:10 AM  
Mr. Clarence Butterworth: Superman isn't gay or straight, he's asexual. Any load that shoots out of his super penis on earth would blast holes through steel.

that still wont stop him from doing showtunes once and a while. i'd have to say hes gay from that pic.
2006-06-13 09:14:16 AM  
That's felching Superman...
2006-06-13 09:14:25 AM  
Look, it's quite simple, really.

Superman, in the comics, is forever making these sorts of poses (the flexing, lunging, Mr. Atlas type poses), and the further you go back in the comic, the more "like that" they are. It's rooted in the fact that he is never supposed to seem like a predator - he's always standing up to (whatever) versus leaping on it from a dark alley, like Batman or Spiderman would be doing. Now he's drawn in a more modern way, but still, you don't catch Superman hanging upside down from a fire escape ready to drop down on the bank robbers. You see him standing outside the vault with his fists on his hips.

As such, when they go to make the movie, they're looking for a classic Superman pose to embody "all that is Superman", and it ends up looking ghey.

Definitely going to see it in the theatre.

/ he's not ghey, people
// he's just drawn that way
/// ask Jessica Rabbit
2006-06-13 09:14:40 AM  
The 80s Superman flicks have aged sooo badly. Interesting to see a sane Margot Kidder, though.
2006-06-13 09:15:11 AM  
I'm pretty sure body paint counts as clothing... although in this case I wish it didn't.
2006-06-13 09:16:28 AM  
this definately needs to be a photoshop contest
2006-06-13 09:16:57 AM  

260 million couldn't buy a name?

Who had heard of Christopher Reeve before Superman?
2006-06-13 09:17:55 AM  
Wow. Get a picture without the flash messing it up and we've got a photoshop contest.
2006-06-13 09:18:08 AM  
We need a Preacher movie, not more of the same old crud.
2006-06-13 09:18:13 AM  
it's funny how some people, regardless of what reality is, will always try to convince others that they're not what they seem, regardless of how they act...
2006-06-13 09:19:11 AM  
Better shut it until you can bounce bullets off your eyeball submitter
2006-06-13 09:22:16 AM  
img.fark.netView Full Size
2006-06-13 09:22:19 AM  
I hate wrestling and NASCAR. I also plan to see "Nacho Libre" because I liked Napoleon Dynamite and think Jack Black is good in the right roles, which this should be for him.
2006-06-13 09:22:24 AM  
[image from i5.tinypic.com too old to be available]
2006-06-13 09:22:58 AM  
Where is the World Cup thread, goddamn it!?! RoK vs Togo is on.

Move it alone mods, this aint the DMV.
2006-06-13 09:23:06 AM  
yeah, this movie is the swan song of the movie industry, the shark that will be jumped so to speak.
2006-06-13 09:25:00 AM  
You really can't make a Preacher movie. It'd be NC-17, would raise the ire of all religious groups and wouldn't make a dime.
2006-06-13 09:26:41 AM  
Wow Headso, you did that guy a HUGE favor with the pixelation.
2006-06-13 09:26:48 AM  
How about a Hyperion/Supreme Power movie?
2006-06-13 09:28:51 AM  
Thank you FARK ... ONCE AGAIN I SPEW MY MORNING PEPSI ON MY KEYBOARD ... sheesh get a Disclaimer going or something. "The following image is very humorous. Please empty your mouth and tighten your butt cheeks to prevent any laugh related spewing or farts. Thank You for your time and attention." SEE? Is that so hard?

smoky2010 - That is one secure man there, horribly gross to look at, but secure nonetheless.
2006-06-13 09:29:10 AM  
Dansker: Wow Headso, you did that guy a HUGE favor with the pixelation.

Yeah, I felt bad for him so I scaled his schlong bigger then pixilized it...
2006-06-13 09:29:37 AM  
Wait a minute. People still think Napoleon Dynamite is funny? Amazing!
2006-06-13 09:29:51 AM  
If you look closely at that cardboard stand-up, you can see where they photoshopped the penis out of his mouth. I guess that's their idea of "de-gayifying" him.
2006-06-13 09:29:54 AM  
The Ambiguously Gay Duo wants a word with him.
2006-06-13 09:30:34 AM  
Where can one see this cardboard cut out?
2006-06-13 09:30:38 AM  
Theobold Holsopple Ha ha! Real Supermen pull their undies above the bellybutton.

and leave their brains all over the bedspread.
2006-06-13 09:31:03 AM  
I'll probably go see it, but if they're looking for Snakes on a Plane-levels of success, they'll bring back Terrence Stamp for a reprise of Zod in the sequel.
2006-06-13 09:32:12 AM  
......man that spiderman pic is pretty hargaard so is the superman one blowing !
2006-06-13 09:33:19 AM  
If they hadn't put him in 2(x)ist underwear, they might stand a better chance of denying teh ghey.
2006-06-13 09:33:48 AM  
What the hell is hargaard?
2006-06-13 09:35:10 AM  
Does NOT approve:

[image from sover.net too old to be available]
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