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17636 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Jun 2006 at 7:16 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-06-12 03:31:12 PM  
200KG? Jesus, the car probably hit him and crumpled instantly, and he barely noticed.
2006-06-12 03:43:52 PM  
See, mom? That's why I'm not losing weight, OK? All your "If you'd just slim down a little, maybe you could find a nice man to marry you" crap won't save me from getting run over by a car, will it?
2006-06-12 03:51:54 PM  
It also helps if the car has to get into your mother's basement to get your fat ass.
2006-06-12 03:52:20 PM  
What do you get when you guzzle down sweets?
Eating as much as an elephant eats?
What are you at getting terribly fat?
What do you think will come of that?
I don't like the look of it!
2006-06-12 04:17:44 PM  
Maybe if he wasn't such a lardass, he would have been able to brake in time or wouldn't have fallen off the bike.
2006-06-12 04:36:17 PM  
Huh. Perhaps they should use that 1200 pound mexican guy as a traffic cop, then.

/Though not in the US.
//SUVs still outweigh him.
2006-06-12 04:39:34 PM  
Man, is anyone else scared at the thought of a 450lb man on a bicycle??

//hey, where'd the seat go?
2006-06-12 04:50:50 PM  
...on a bicycle built for two...
2006-06-12 05:10:53 PM  
have some mehr kuchen, fatass.
2006-06-12 05:51:46 PM  
A good time to remind everyone never to run over a hog in your car. Even a small one can cause a vehicle to flip over.

/not sure about the human variety
2006-06-12 07:22:34 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-06-12 07:27:32 PM  
Yes, but you're also a much bigger target.
2006-06-12 07:28:15 PM  

Exactly. You better believe that no amount of weight will save you from being run over by an American car! Our cars don't play!

Chevy: the Professional choice for vehicular manslaughter

/Drives a Chevy.
///Nobody better hit it.
2006-06-12 07:29:30 PM  
What kind of bike was he riding that can support that kind of weight? Must have extensive system of bracing and struts with solid rubber tires or something. It boggles the mind.
2006-06-12 07:31:16 PM  

I'd rather ride a Moped that that little flea of a car.

/Wonders if that thing is street legal in the US?
2006-06-12 07:36:05 PM celebrate, the man went on an eating binge in order to "beef up against cars coming off of the autobahn", and was soon thereafter killed by a quadruple heart attack.

"What a fatass," the Chief of Police said, referring to the deceased.
2006-06-12 07:37:03 PM  
Transmission would probably wear out a bit sooner....
2006-06-12 07:37:30 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
German Engineering.
2006-06-12 07:37:38 PM  
Tell that to Ben Rothlisberger.

2006-06-12 07:39:37 PM  
All I can imagine is this huge guy lying in the middle of the road, a car like the one in NittLion's picture zooming by, crashing into him, and sproinging into the air with a big ol' BOING!!
2006-06-12 07:43:58 PM  
Can't comment on fat guys getting run over by cars, but when a skinny lunatic gets run over by a semi truck, it looks like this:

The pics are real, but he wasn't a carjacker.
2006-06-12 07:44:32 PM  
Who cares about the fat guy... was the car OK?
2006-06-12 07:53:02 PM  
2006-06-12 08:12:37 PM  
Seriously, what was a 200Kg guy doing on a BIKE?!?

200Kg = about 441 lbs, right? That is a fat bastard. How the hell did he even get on the bike without the seat disappearing into the folds of flab? Was there a great sucking noise as the seat emerged from deep within his buttcheeks?
2006-06-12 08:19:11 PM  
holy shiate, he was on a bicycle?????
2006-06-12 08:20:41 PM  
Cue the fat twins on motorcycles pic...
2006-06-12 08:30:18 PM  
One day I got bored and calculated: How much does your heigh affect your odds of dying in an auto accident? My results are as follows:

[image from too old to be available]

Since I'm 71 inches tall (5'11"), my death rate is 110% of normal (i.e. normal + 10%), compared to someone only two inches shorter, or 5'9", who comes in at 76% of normal (average = 25%). That means I'm ((110 - 76)/76) = 44% more likely than someone two inches shorter than me, to die in an accident. Yay.

Note that this assumes that people of all heights are just as likely to drive as one another. Also, this data is only for men; I'm too lazy (and not concerned enough about women) to do it on their data as well.
2006-06-12 08:32:31 PM  
Dual front air bags?

[image from too old to be available]
2006-06-12 08:32:53 PM  
2006-06-12 08:30:18 PM Enigmamf

Where does data like that come from?
2006-06-12 08:34:55 PM  

Hmm look at that crazy rate for the 5' tall guys. Think its the result of a Napoleanic road rage? ;)
2006-06-12 08:35:00 PM  
Enigmamf, can you intergrate the number of pirates per capita and average global temperature into that chart?
2006-06-12 08:36:39 PM  
canusa: "when a skinny lunatic gets run over by a semi truck, it looks like this"

Freaking OW.

But then again, if you try and stop a big rig with your shoulder there's a rather good chance the big rig will win.
2006-06-12 08:42:05 PM  
Well, at least the dude is getting some exercise. Maybe he was at 300 kg a couple of weeks/months ago?
2006-06-12 08:54:37 PM  
canusa: Where does data like that come from?

Raw traffic accident data:

From that I can get the number of deaths for each height. I then compared that to each height's proportion of the adult (18+) population (a slight bias is possible from still growing 16-18 year olds; I don't remember if i did, or if it was possible to filter out 16-18 year old deaths in the death data). That data I got from the CDC -- I poked around until I found a reasonably recent data set, I think one of the NHANES surveys.

I then divided each 1-inch bin's proportion of the accidents by that bin's proportion of the population, which I divined to demonstrate how disproportionately that bin died in auto accidents.
2006-06-12 08:56:33 PM  
Holy crap! The funniest thing about this, is that I keep picturing what a 440 lb. man riding a bike would look like.
2006-06-12 08:57:26 PM  
TheWizard: Hmm look at that crazy rate for the 5' tall guys. Think its the result of a Napoleanic road rage? ;)

Not to throw a wet blanket on the humor... but I suspect it's a) poor visibility from too low of seats, and b) effects of whatever medical conditions caused the person to be short.
2006-06-12 09:03:51 PM  
cellulite saddlebags

2006-06-12 09:07:42 PM  
This thread is worthless without a video of a 200kg man riding a bicycle.
2006-06-12 09:19:20 PM  
"Not to throw a wet blanket on the humor... but I suspect it's a) poor visibility from too low of seats, and b) effects of whatever medical conditions caused the person to be short."

Also add in that somebody that short will practically be hugging the steering wheel, which is bad news with or without an airbag.
2006-06-12 09:22:34 PM  
Save me from seeing a video of a 200kg man riding a bicycle!
2006-06-12 09:23:23 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

/Simpsons fans know why I posted this pic...
//Couldn't find the scene from the episode I wanted though
2006-06-12 09:35:06 PM  
I suggest that this guy begin his next diet with walking for exercise, and not bicycling.

Electrify You forgot to add "obscure?"
2006-06-12 09:35:20 PM  
In other the news, the driver of the car died on the scene.

/haha its funny because hes fat.
2006-06-12 09:36:43 PM  
Well they do make bike seats for fatasses. Seen'em in stores, big ol' dinner plate sized things.

Anyway, I want whatever kinda bike that guy was riding. I'm only around 235 lbs, only ride on streets and I'm constantly having to replace blown out rear tubes.
2006-06-12 09:40:25 PM  
Uh, he probably could have stopped his bike in time, or avoided falling off and landing in front of an oncoming car if he didn't weigh so much.

Guess they forgot to take into account that a lighter weight man probably wouldn't have been hit by the car in the first place...

2006-06-12 09:49:43 PM  
I work for the fat ass in the article...
2006-06-12 10:00:30 PM  

[image from too old to be available]

/Well, the one on the left is Mel Gibson. I don't know who the other two guys are.
2006-06-12 10:15:28 PM  
For those environmentally challenged people who think this is a good reason to buy a smart car (and who only read the headline), you need to weigh more than both cars (that means the Suburban that is going to squish you).

/Oh, and keep in mind that the Smart Car corollary does not mean you have a massive penis and it will do you no good in that accident.
2006-06-12 10:23:28 PM  
I think it stops being beneficial when you weigh enough to be able to take on a jumbo jet. Like some people's moms.
2006-06-12 10:36:42 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

The car in question.
2006-06-12 11:10:46 PM  

2006-06-12 11:42:11 PM  
I know a fatman (who's also built like a brick shiathouse) who rides a bike at 350 lbs. He's one of those guys who's fat but also has a couple hundred pounds of muscle under there. 450 is even more impressive - hey, at least he's exerciing, right?
2006-06-13 12:13:16 AM  
Don't worry, he'll be dead soon enough. He's working hard at it.

/Heart attack here I come...
2006-06-13 12:20:03 AM  
Not to minimise all the pain suffering and other PC bla bla bla, but that must have been funny as shiat to see.
2006-06-13 12:41:42 AM  
Mad Scientist:

Is that a pict of Mariah Carey?
2006-06-13 12:43:58 AM  
Saw a fat guy on a motorcycle the other day... from behind. All you could see was a huge ass with a wheel.
2006-06-13 01:14:32 AM  
How does a 440 lbs man brake suddenly on a bicycle?
2006-06-13 01:35:12 AM  


2006-06-13 01:39:33 AM  
Old enough to know better-

I'm betting they're Chinese-made tubes. That never used to happen, and now with me it's almost monthly. And I don't ride daily, and come in at a svelte 220 lbs.

Enigmamf- Thanks for the chart. At 6'3" it's just one more way I'm screwed.

2006-06-13 01:47:33 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-06-13 05:06:53 AM  
That was uncalled for, linuxpyro. I hope I have some eye bleach left...
2006-06-13 06:11:13 AM  
Once, in my fereshman year at Otago University (1998) , I Was passed out drunk after our basketball game in the middle of the street I got hit by a drunk, speeding driver. I woke up during the accident and the guy payed me 120$ not to tell anyone(dobbed him in anyway) And the doctors at A&E (thats accident and emergency) said that because I was so relaxed from the booze It had probably saved my life.

Alcohol is bad

gimmee a single malt please
2006-06-13 09:32:13 AM  
I think this is an adaquate representation of the collison:
2006-06-13 09:32:50 AM  
2006-06-13 12:23:21 PM  
You think if he wasn't so fat, he could have stopped that bike in time? I'm not sure being fat saved him so much as almost got his ass killed.
2006-06-13 06:25:35 PM  
Enigma - Um, no offense, but that's an...interesting...way to spend time. Definitely not bashing you - geeks are cute (your profile kind of confirmed your geekiness).

/Isn't there a "Hug a Geek" Day?
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