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(Fox News)   Step 1: Zarqawi found alive after bombing. Step 3: Condition quickly upgraded to 'dead'   ( foxnews.com) divider line
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2006-06-09 11:23:24 AM  
So, four years after we should have gone in and whacked him, but didn't because the administration nixed it so he could provide an excuse for war (no, really, the Pentagon said let's do it, and the NSC killed the idea) we finally kill him.

Good jorb, guys.

Source: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/4431601/

Military officials insist their case for attacking Zarqawi's operation was airtight, but the administration feared destroying the terrorist camp in Iraq could undercut its case for war against Saddam.
2006-06-09 11:24:29 AM  
Too bad. As a prisoner, his info would have been extremely useful.
2006-06-09 11:25:02 AM  
Actually, none of the above. Call me a pragmatist.

Call me a nihilist. Now where's my marmot, man?
2006-06-09 11:27:52 AM  
When insurgents post pictures of dead troops we get all pissy but then turn right around and start posting pictures of their guys dead?
How can they not see the hypocrisy of this practice?!?!??!
2006-06-09 11:28:53 AM  
Oh, but he looks so peaceful lying there.
2006-06-09 11:31:07 AM  

Fascism originated with a political party in Italy show me where it is defined as an economic term I have never seen that before and I am curious. The closest economic term would be corpratism?
2006-06-09 11:32:23 AM  
Lets have a Zarqawi last words contest. It could be fun.
2006-06-09 11:33:13 AM  
Airstrike was a good idea. SpecOps almost nabbed him in person not too long ago, they were close enough his personal bodyguards detonated their own suicide vests. So better an airstrike than dead US troops, and a dead Zarqawi anyway.

2006-06-09 11:34:37 AM  
Reyals, that's yesterday's topic. Here's some light reading to bring you up to speed.
2006-06-09 11:36:40 AM  
It's a good thing we are keeping this waring going over there. It's a lot harder to pull off an airstrike in a rebuilt nation.
2006-06-09 11:38:12 AM  
This was only from 2 monthes ago. Of course not being readily viewable from a TV, I'm sure no one had seen it.

You'd think the story could be held together for a little longer than 2 days without gaping holes.

For shame psy-ops...For shame.

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2006/04/09/AR2006​04090089 0_pf.html
http://www.editorandpublisher.com/eandp/news/article_display.jsp?vnu_c​ontent_i d=1002314713
2006-06-09 11:38:39 AM  
2006-06-09 11:39:13 AM  
[image from livecity.it too old to be available]
[image from i.a.cnn.net too old to be available]

2006-06-09 11:42:46 AM  

Lets have a Zarqawi last words contest. It could be fun.

"Dirka dirka, Mohammed jihad, dirka dirka."
2006-06-09 11:43:07 AM  
Doesn't look like anyone is going to be seeing that story today, either, d00fy. At least, not through those links.
2006-06-09 11:44:42 AM  
Oh for fark's sake people, in anything but true anarchic capitalism, they are both political and economic systems, as the two are no longer separate.
2006-06-09 11:47:13 AM  
Christian Bale - you're the only one here who seems to be in touch with the reality as opposed to simply knowing a single perspective of the West or the East. Logic over emotion - nice break to see over the typical "blow that terrist up into 70 pieces, 1 for each virgin" crap that seems to be the majority of opinion.

Way to look at the time line, the facts, the propagated information, and evaluate it from a third party - both perspectives East and West. Whether you're right or wrong I can't say for certain, I don't disagree, but way to actually remember the past, and the facts - I'm almost in shock.

// Don't worry about references, they're out there if anyone with an ounce of wisdom can find it
/// Those without wisdom wouldn't read it even if it was handed to them
//// Make a flash animation and you'll have believers
2006-06-09 11:48:53 AM  

Since both of those links are broken, can you give a synopsis?
2006-06-09 11:50:20 AM  
Thanks Rev its what I thought it was it was taught to me as corporatism but based on what I remember it looks the same.
2006-06-09 11:52:46 AM  
PalsyClown: Over there, the fundi islamist will not believe anything without visual/physical proof.

So you're saying they're smarter than we are?
2006-06-09 11:54:05 AM  

There seems to be odd insertions of spaces in d00fy's provided URLs.

and again, linkified
2006-06-09 11:56:39 AM  
I think he was muttering something about having just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance...
2006-06-09 11:57:48 AM  
Ah, thanks Theobold. I should have seen that; I need to get more sleep.
2006-06-09 12:06:52 PM  

Lets have a Zarqawi last words contest. It could be fun.

"...the Aristocrats!"
2006-06-09 12:09:11 PM  
Three cheers for spilt blood!!
Oh, wait, he was a bad man too. Bonus!!
2006-06-09 12:11:56 PM  

I tend to believe that many more people here have a more nuanced view of the world than one may think from simply visiting here. However there are a number of extremists here on both sides that rapidly cause many discussions to become flamewars of ideoloques.
2006-06-09 12:13:39 PM  
Stryyder: However there are a number of extremists here on both sides that rapidly cause many discussions to become flamewars of ideoloques.

How's that new computer working out for you?
2006-06-09 12:14:54 PM  
Who the hell wants a virgin anyway? They don't know what they're doing.
2006-06-09 12:15:53 PM  

2006-06-09 12:17:14 PM  

Hope he didn't suffer too much...


Probably didn't, he was probably in shock from having two 500lbs bombs dropped on him. I'd have preferred him alive, though. We could put him in a cell, solitary confinement for life, with a Zarqawi-Cam. Now he gets to be a martyr to his followers.
2006-06-09 12:18:16 PM  
"Died of his Injuries."


/Not that I'm complaining.
2006-06-09 12:22:15 PM  
Biological samples from his body also were delivered to an FBI crime laboratory in Virginia for cloning, after which he will be interrogated and tortured in an undisclosed CIA facility in Eastern Europe.
2006-06-09 12:22:26 PM  
Why did we bomb him again? Life is life.

Did anyone else feel that? It's like all the smart just got sucked out of the room at once.

Go braid some daisies, you farking hippie. The grownups are talking.
2006-06-09 12:23:23 PM  
Yeah... keep thinking that he's dead... I wouldn't be surprised if he's alive somewhere, being interrogated with a pair of pliers and a hot iron.
2006-06-09 12:25:27 PM  
Anybody hear the interview on npr yesterday with Nick Berg's dad ? He said he wanted to sit down with Zarqawi and talk to him, make him realize the sanctity of human life, so he (Zarqawi) could then dedicate the rest of his life to working in a hospital or something.

I'm not sure what planet dad is from, but that's really not the way things are likely to play on on this one guy.
2006-06-09 12:27:34 PM  

That'll learn'em.
2006-06-09 12:29:08 PM  
Cause of death: Fist Related Injuries
2006-06-09 12:34:58 PM  

I would like to see that video before I make too much of an ass out of myself. However, I've been on the giving end of several hundred grenades and a couple of AT-4's, so I know what these explosions look like. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to do it on ranges and never had to do it in real life

I was also a training staff assistant at Combined Arms Exercise in California a couple of times. I've seen everything from 81mm mortars to 2000 lbs bombs. Never once have I seen anything more than a flash from the detonator and a ginormo cloud of smoke and debris. Everyone has this image in their mind of military explosives going off and looking like napalm. Most of our weapons are concussive.
2006-06-09 12:44:23 PM  
Is it late enough in this thread to point out that the administration had three chances to kill this guy, but declined?

"Military officials insist their case for attacking Zarqawi's operation was airtight, but the administration feared destroying the terrorist camp in Iraq could undercut its case for war against Saddam."
2006-06-09 12:44:43 PM  
According to MSNBC, "He died after 'he mumbled something.'"

"farking lag, my team sucks, those guys were using wall hacks..."
2006-06-09 12:44:50 PM  
Lets have a Zarqawi last words contest. It could be fun.

"Strike me down and I shall become more powerful than you can imagine."
2006-06-09 12:48:25 PM  
God Emperor of Poon

I heard that's how Anna Malle died.
2006-06-09 12:49:20 PM  
Anna Malle died?
2006-06-09 12:51:20 PM  
Has anyone seen John Rhys-Davies lately????

[image from filmogs.com too old to be available]
2006-06-09 12:56:01 PM  
Al-Zarqawi's last words:

"OMG C4MP3R F46S!!!!!111"
2006-06-09 01:00:51 PM  
I hope there was pain.

bury him with swine.
2006-06-09 01:04:48 PM  
Black Saber Squadron Commander:
Sir, he made it to the 3rd verse of the Numa Numa song & then launched into the song I feel pretty....then the farting started. I think he musta had tuna fish for lunch. He was suffering Sir. Jonesy couldn't take it no more, he accidentially unloaded a whole clip into him.

USMC Captain:
Anything else to report?

Black Saber Squadron Commander:
Uhh, it's 110 today, wanna hit the beach?

USMC Captain:
OK, think we earned a coupla hours off. Bring the body, he could use some rinsing off & I wanna see if shiat floats.
2006-06-09 01:05:16 PM  


/none of the skills
//well, maybe some
///but really really lazy
2006-06-09 01:09:42 PM  
Caldwell indicated that U.S. troops "went into the process to provide medical care to him" before he expired. He did not elaborate on the medical assistance.

"Quick! Someone apply a tourniquet to his neck to stop that head wound from bleeding while I perform the 'bayonet to the liver' technique to repair his lower abdominal injuries. You there, soldier, put that plastic bag over his face to stop any airborne contaminates from getting into his airway!"
2006-06-09 01:31:31 PM  
How farking stupid is Yahoo news? They keep showing this picture of Abu Hamza al-Masri on their frontpage story implying he's a successor to Zarqawi:

[image from us.news3.yimg.com too old to be available]

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh...Someone needs to wake the fark up over at Yahoo. Seems like they can't tell their Arabs apart. The guy supposed to succeed Zarqawi is Abu Ayyub al-Masri, not Abu Hamza al-Masri.Abu Hamza al-Masri. has been sitting in a British prison for some time now.
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