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(BBC)   Thailand's king celebrates 60 years on the throne, finally emerges and wipes   ( divider line
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2006-06-09 9:36:34 AM  
Sounds like he needs more fiber.
2006-06-09 9:50:56 AM  
It's cute how these old-world countries still hold on to their outdated traditions.
2006-06-09 9:58:14 AM  
Wouldn't he wipe prior to emerging? Or do they do it differently in Thai-town?
2006-06-09 9:58:47 AM  
I wanna be king so I can have one of those fancy jackets.
2006-06-09 10:36:07 AM  
Contrabulous Flabtraption: The king wipes in all can stand witness to his superior posterior.
2006-06-09 10:37:44 AM  
Piss boy!
2006-06-09 10:38:41 AM  
At 5am he pees.
At 6am he poops.
At 7am he wake up...
2006-06-09 10:41:31 AM  
Ah, that headline made me laugh. Thanks, I needed that
2006-06-09 10:42:58 AM  
Wouldn't he wipe prior to emerging? Or do they do it differently in Thai-town?

The headline is misleading. He's the king. He emerges and someone wipes for him.
2006-06-09 10:45:20 AM  
Good to see that some countries LIKE their leaders. Wish we could get some of them here.
2006-06-09 10:46:50 AM  
One up, one down, one to polish!
2006-06-09 10:47:53 AM  
Oh, wow. A poop thread made it to the front page!
2006-06-09 10:49:52 AM  
Sounds like he needs more fiber.

Or less fiber, depending on the issue.
2006-06-09 10:50:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-06-09 10:51:18 AM  
I lol'd at headline.
2006-06-09 10:57:17 AM  
I must admit I chuckled at the headline
2006-06-09 10:59:42 AM  
It's unbelievable how much the average Thai adores their King. You have to be very careful, they just don't have a sense of humour when it comes to him. And with ears like his, it's very hard I tell you.

I saw a Phillipino guy very nearly get the shoeing of his life in a pool hall at the hands of a gang of rabid Thais.
He had just won a game, collected the money they had bet and put it in his shoe (as you do). Because the kings head is on their money and they find the soles of feet very offensive, he may as well have taken a leak on the king himself.
If not for some very quick talking by his mate and alot of apologising he would have been in all sorts of trouble.
2006-06-09 11:02:58 AM  
King takes bishop
2006-06-09 11:05:08 AM  
Thisbymaster: Good to see that some countries LIKE their leaders. Wish we could get some of them here.

It's a lot easier to like him if all he ever does is show his face and do nice things at public events.
2006-06-09 11:09:25 AM  
"Police estimate almost one million people were there at the peak of the royal audience"

That's a lot of underage prostitutes!

/i feel dirty
2006-06-09 11:17:00 AM  
I'm not a big monarchy guy in general. But having been to Thailand I must admit it's pretty awe inspiring to see the love they have for the dude. And it's completely sincere. When he dies you are going to see national mourning on an entirely different scale. I mean they really love the guy. Nobody will work for a few days after he dies - it'll be interesting to see what happens.
2006-06-09 11:17:14 AM  
Fahkinell I guess you didn't read the article.
2006-06-09 11:18:38 AM  

It's not that simple. First of all, he does a lot more than that. Also, there's lots of figurehead monarchs. Nobody has the universal appeal of this guy.
2006-06-09 11:21:45 AM  
Zipf: Fahkinell I guess you didn't read the article.

You're right, I didn't, but now that I did, I found nothing to contradict what I said. Remember what I was responding to.

Monarchs with no real power do not have to make decisions that upset people - politicians do.
2006-06-09 11:24:08 AM  
I was looking at our Thai Baht on the plane over there and said to my wife 'So who's joe 90? (british tv show by the guy who did thunderbirds).

A stewardess overheard me and said 'Ahem, sir, Thats is the King of Thailand and I advise you not to repeat that. Yesterday a Frenchman made a similar joke, a thai passenger reported him to immigration and he was deported as soon as he landed. He never made it out of Bangkok international airport'.

So, yeah, they love their king. Although it is kind of sickening to see some of the shiat the thai people have to live in and yet they still worship some guy in a golden palace who never wears the a pair of socks more than once....

Anyway, I thought it was appropriate:

[image from too old to be available]
[image from too old to be available]
2006-06-09 11:39:54 AM  
This headline would get you whipped in Thailand.
2006-06-09 11:42:37 AM  
Tie a rope to him and drag him out if he hogs the place for too long.

/It's what we did back home.
2006-06-09 11:46:30 AM  

It's also sickening to see the shiat some people in the US have to live in. While our literacy rates are equivalent it might interest you to know that there are more people living below the poverty line in the US than in Thailand. Source - CIA factbook.

/glass houses
2006-06-09 11:52:12 AM  
People who live in grass houses shouldn't show thrones.
2006-06-09 11:53:14 AM  
good one yotta
2006-06-09 12:00:18 PM  
I dont know if youve ever been to Bangkok, but im sure parts of it could take the Pepsi shiathole challenge with anywhere in the US.

Although, I dont know that for sure since im not American.

/Makes an Ass out of U and Me..........
2006-06-09 12:08:32 PM  
Bah. Wipes and emerges.
2006-06-09 12:09:38 PM  
how about 'member of an industrialized western nation'. Sorry for assuming. I loved bangkok. There are parts of manchester, liverpool, berlin, paris, topeka, montreal, brussels, adelaide, new brunswisk, etc. ad nauseum that could fail the pepsi shiathole challenge. One city does not a shiathole make. Do the Thai people a favor and stay away. It has problems like any other place, but having spent a lot of time there i think it's a wonderful place. long live the king.
2006-06-09 12:26:20 PM  
Oh, dont get me wrong, I love Thailand. I too spent a fair bit of time there.

But since you missed my point; Its just there are vast areas of the city that need regeneration more than the palace needs a new layer of gold leaf.

Like in this country (the UK), the Royal familyies popularity is steadily on the wane as people see them living in such unfair, birthright opulence, paid for by the people and then turn around and see how crap their own lives are.

The monarchy in this country is progressively becoming a tolerated novelty. On the one hand, It is part of our national identity, but on the other, the whole concept of institutional monarchy is just immoral to a growing majority of this country.

For those reasons, it cant quite understand why people in 'poorer' countries whos royalty live even more extravagantly than ours continue to tolerate them.

So I wont be 'keeping out' of anyones country. Thanks for the advice, though.......
2006-06-09 12:27:43 PM  
nickthegun -
the royal family is very humbled when compared to some of the leaders around the world. arguably, they work harder than most of their subjects, making appearances (openings, graduations, ceremonies, etc.) and visiting all parts of the country almost daily. first part of the newscasts is always focused on these daily appearances.

just so you know it's not all some cultish blind following.

/lived in bangkok for 12 years
2006-06-09 12:27:45 PM  
apolologies for the horrendous spelling of families. Its hot, its hometime and beer is beckoning. So long work. World cup goodness here I come.
2006-06-09 12:31:21 PM  
Yeah, I've been to Thailand. I think the way they define "poverty" there is significantly different than here. That said it's a nice country, some of the nicest people I've ever met, and they really do love their king. More power to 'em.
2006-06-09 12:31:24 PM  
OK - I gotcha. I mistook you for one of those people who... oh never mind. No offense intended. I think the king in Thailand has done a lot of political good over there and it would crush the people to remove the monarchy. He donated land on the actual palace grounds in bangkok for agricultural research fer chrissakes. The number one industry is tourism and many of the prime sites are royal in nature. Then again you have an entirely different perspective on royals than I do since i've never lived with any.
2006-06-09 12:33:42 PM  

I don't know about how 'they' define it. But the way the CIA defines it, there is a higher percentage below the poverty line than the USA. Don't take my word for it - look it up.
2006-06-09 12:37:24 PM  
nickthegun -
the royal family does not live in the gilded grand palace; they have royal residence not too far away. the grand palace is just a tourist attraction nowadays.
2006-06-09 12:46:45 PM  
JohnBigBootay, damn dude. Have a fruit rollup.
2006-06-09 12:49:42 PM  

Don't like fruit rollups. Does sourced data always make you grumpy?
2006-06-09 12:51:52 PM  
Having been to Thailand a few times, I used to think they portrayed him with jug ears because it was some kind of Thai reverential thing. After seeing pictures of him, the truth is much simpler. The guy has jug ears.
2006-06-09 12:52:59 PM  

With apologies to any Thais reading this thread - the man does have some big ears.
2006-06-09 12:59:23 PM  
I spent 30 years on the "throne", one night not so long ago. And, suprizingly, it was not because of Taco Bell.

/Nacho Balls, indeed.
//Maalox was my Hero that night!
2006-06-09 3:39:39 PM  
Can't say anything bad about a royal family where everyone's got a PhD and are scientists. Crazy.
2006-06-09 4:06:00 PM  
My wife stayed up all night watching this on tv. I was impressed by the amount of people that showed up. You know it had to be hot as hell.
2006-06-09 4:06:13 PM  
I hate anyone being deified like the Thai people and their royal family.

I don't care two hoots for the king. You can't force me to respect him, you silly people.

(I just hope you don't see the day when the Secret Service arrests you for being disrespectful towards George W Bush)
2006-06-09 4:16:38 PM  
Monarchs with no real power do not have to make decisions that upset people - politicians do.

That's a very good point. A person could get away with being a mere ceremonial figurehead and never offend anyone, but he wouldn't earn any special respect either. The King of Thailand, however, was constantly on the move when he was younger, trekking (and sometimes wading) through rural Thailand to plan roads, irrigation and other development projects.

Although it is kind of sickening to see some of the shiat the thai people have to live in and yet they still worship some guy in a golden palace who never wears the a pair of socks more than once....

The Grand Palace is rarely used these days; it is mainly, like someone said previously, a tourist attraction. The residential palace complex is Chitralada Palace. And lest that conjure an image of neatly manicured gardens, lines of fancy topiary and elegant fountains (which it may have - I don't really know), it's actually been converted mostly to research compounds. Not the fancy high-tech sort of research - think farms for developing cash crops (like those that can tolerate the high salt conditions of the unfertile eastern Thailand), engineering projects for the development of simple water irrigation, aeration and purification devices, etc, dairy farms, fisheries ... in other words, simple scientific self-sustaining innovations for a mostly rural nation.

See for yourself at:

So, it's alright. You don't have to feel sick about this. And in any case, you'd really be better off not wearing socks in muggy Thailand ...
2006-06-09 5:42:04 PM  
Well said Codex. Look, people - No one is saying monarchy is a good idea. This dude didn't ask to be king, it was thrust upon him and he made the most of it by working extremely hard his entire life to be of service to his nation. He could have easily chosen another route but he didn't. For that he is to be admired. Also, they have the Buddha thing going on over there, which means past lives. From their perspective the king must have lead some pretty good lives to come back as the king. It's refreshing to see allegiance for a leader who has actually done something to deserve it.
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