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2002-06-16 01:58:58 AM  
f!rst post I'm so good
2002-06-16 01:59:02 AM  
2002-06-16 01:59:11 AM  
2002-06-16 01:59:23 AM  
Reverend admits he "screwed up"!!! HA!
2002-06-16 01:59:33 AM  
What else does threesome stand for?!
2002-06-16 02:00:30 AM  
Portland OR? I used to live there! Holy crap.
2002-06-16 02:00:36 AM  
where is karla holmoka these days ?
2002-06-16 02:00:56 AM  
Misleading headline, though and amusing article. Problems only arose when they threesome began involving teenage girls in their sexplay and were arrested for molestation.

Priest said he was unaware they would be sexing up others, not eachother
2002-06-16 02:04:24 AM  
Damn, I'd hate to be a Catholic priest/bishop in America right now...
2002-06-16 02:06:43 AM  
You know who I feel badly for the most? The one guy in the midst of all the women.

Of course by badly, I mean envy.
2002-06-16 02:10:56 AM  
Threesome?..Foursome, Fivesome, Sixome.
2002-06-16 02:17:05 AM  
PORTLAND, Ore. -- An Oregon pastor who blessed the relationship of a threesome says he's a "sucker" who only wants "to help people."

Now, the threesome is in jail, charged with abusing two teenage girls, and the pastor is offering his resignation.

The Rev. Elwin Schwab admits he "screwed up" by using the word "blessing," a term associated with the sacrament of marriage. Schwab held a ceremony 18 months ago for a married couple and a single woman where they exchanged rings and then told others that they were married.

Schwab says he told them before the ceremony that "they were nuts," but they were persistent and he finally agreed to their request. He says he had no idea they may have been involved in playing sex games with underaged girls.

The three allegedly set up games with the girls in which they would take turns having sex with them by drawing lots.

And I was going to find a Church to attend tomorrow.


What in the world is going on with these men supposedly 'ordained' by God?

Not top start a flamewar (honestly) but it's kind of ironic that we blast Muslims for their beliefs, then have the Catholic scandal and stupid stuff like this blow up in our faces.

Perhaps God has taken the task of thinning the herd.

Maybe I need to screen Churches like a couple would screen a babysitter or something..
2002-06-16 02:17:59 AM  


2002-06-16 02:26:32 AM  

and..yes I know running planes into buildings is not a good way to express your beliefs. Just to end that before it starts. Those people are monsters. Period.

And I know that there is a difference between Muslims and terrorists..blah blah.

Yes yes yes.

It's just odd that when I am outside of my office building reading the Editorial section of the Newspaper, surrounded by Middle Eastern men speaking their language to one another, there always seem to be 2 opinions captioned. One about the Middle East thing, the other about the Church.

Just seems ironic.

2002-06-16 02:26:44 AM  
We blast muslims for KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE. The moral law of who has sex with whom and at what age is not exactly universal. But the law of killing is universal. Evil people are using Islam to brainwash dumbass arab kids into killing people. That is the problem people have with Islam. You seem to be thinking the moral laws of sex are as important as that moral laws of murder. Very wrong, Sweater Girl.
2002-06-16 02:38:18 AM  

See above.

Not all Muslims kill.

The ones that do are referred to as radical Islamists.
2002-06-16 02:49:29 AM  
your argument would be valid if all catholic priests were pedophiles. The reason why we blast Muslims is because we had a recent attack on our country which killed thousands by their radicals. If catholic radicals killed a bunch of people, it would be fair to start watching them more closely, and making arrests.
2002-06-16 02:55:01 AM  
Mce1123: Well, Catholic radicals have killed a lot of people, it just occurred a long time ago, such as the Catharists in France, the Crusades, etc.
2002-06-16 03:01:21 AM  
Let's not forget the anti-abortion Christian / Catholic / whatever fanatics that kill doctors that perform abortions and bomb abortion clinics in the name of 'God'.

Blah blah, flame war. Blah blah, trolling.

Seriously though, I think the religious extremists in the US are worse than the Islamic fundamentalists. The Islamic extremists just seem to be more organized / motivated and tend to actually get something done.
2002-06-16 03:01:49 AM  
Cappy Goat: Not all is long ago. Don't forget Northern Ireland.
2002-06-16 03:02:17 AM  
...which is why I said "recent" and "our country" (implying the USA, which may or may not be your country). We could go after turkish muslims for massacring armenians or any other past religious violence, which there is plenty to spread around. There is by no means a monopoly on religious violence in history by catholics.

I just think it's ridiculous to say a small number of deranged priests molesting boys makes all catholic priests bad, but a few radical muslims cause a huge amount of damage and kill thousands, yet I'm reminded every day on the radio to not think badly about muslims. I haven't heard anything similar about catholics, and there was that priest shot recently.
2002-06-16 03:02:39 AM  
I'm sorry, I seem to have misrepresented myself.

I tied in too many things at once. I shouldn't have even brought up the whole Muslim/Islam thing come to think of it.

I'm just disappointed in the way that we (USA) seem so much holier than thou when it comes to judging religions, when we have a huge scandal brewing right now. That's all. So please disregard the other comments that may lead you to believe I meant something different. I used a poor example.

I go back to my original point. I cannot believe that some of these people are considered 'ordained' men of God.

To marry a couple and a 'single' woman? To give that his blessing?

Where did he attend Seminary?
2002-06-16 03:02:42 AM  
I will close my tags.
I will close my tags.
I will close my tags.
I will close my tags.
I will close my tags.
2002-06-16 03:10:51 AM  
Sweater Girl:

There's a lot of musings going on about why sexually deviant people get into the catholic priesthood, and some conspiracy theorists stating that it is to put these people in to deliberately discredit the catholic church and destroy it from within. (and some protestants would say "good riddance")

But you see all these dumb decisions making news by other people all the time (and posted on fark). So I guess it just proves that a moron can get any job whatsoever. I'm just waiting for a mensa official to make news doing something incredibly stupid.
2002-06-16 03:14:26 AM  
We could go after turkish

NO! Leave Turkish alone!!

He's the king of photoshops!!

/trying to make it better with a lighthearted attempt
2002-06-16 03:18:53 AM  

I hear you.

It only takes one or two bad apples, you know?
2002-06-16 03:20:52 AM  
Is there any organization without bad apples?
2002-06-16 03:25:38 AM  
Ah, c'mon. The fact that they were abusing underage girls is somewhat independend from the fact that they were involved in a threesome.

I wanna play that game where we draw lots...
2002-06-16 03:27:23 AM  
I'm not Catholic, so I don't know.
2002-06-16 03:28:20 AM  
But women in the groups at Baptist churches can be quite biatchy.
That I DO know.
2002-06-16 04:22:09 AM  
Apparently, seeying the light, doesn't always make you bright.
2002-06-16 05:12:14 AM  
well, at least he was bright enough to resign... which makes up for some stupidity
2002-06-16 09:25:13 AM  
Where does it say the pastor was Catholic? I would think that, if that were the case, the writer would've made a point of saying so.
2002-06-16 10:18:49 AM  
Don't be titilated by this story. I guarantee these people look like the Mom in Florida that had the x-rated slumber party. Or the woman in Texas that cut off her boyfriend's buttocks. They never look good. They are always trashiest of trash.
2002-06-16 11:12:06 AM  

SG: not to proselytize, but having read your stuff here before, you might try to find yourself a local UU congregation.

...and now, back to our regularly scheduled flamewar...
2002-06-16 01:05:49 PM  
Pastors are not Catholic, they are Protestants.
2002-06-16 04:17:02 PM  
Ivory7th and SweaterGirl, I'm not sure if you're insinuating that the pastor was Catholic or not, but the article does not say. I personally doubt that a Catholic priest would do this, and ChadManMn has indicated that it was not a Catholic but rather a Protestant, but the article does not say. Don't automatically assume that this is another Catholic scandal.
2002-06-16 08:47:17 PM  
What the fark?

Why is everyone saying that this guy was a Catholic priest? Most priests have the title "Father" rather than "Reverend." Besides, to perform such a ceremony would go drastically against church teachings (so does pedophilia, but this was an obvious, public thing). This guy was probably a Protestant.
2002-06-16 11:07:16 PM  
Lord, we beseech thee to heal mine judgement abilities...
2002-06-17 02:19:03 AM  
I love seeing these ignorant FARKERS mentioning Catholics when a pastor is not a Catholic. Better learn a little more about who you want to flame eh guys and gals? Of course that would probably take time away from your constant flaming on these forums. Real conflict of interest for you to educate yourselves when instead you could have that time to keep posting worthless crap.
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