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8068 clicks; posted to Main » on 01 Jun 2006 at 7:34 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-06-02 12:00:50 AM  

Graduated from SUNY Fredonia, magicalOne.
2006-06-02 12:06:52 AM  
productiveslacker: Atrus - I'm originally from the Franklin area too, now Memphis (just in Franklin yesterday)

Hah, fancy that, I'm headed to the University of Memphis this fall.
2006-06-02 12:25:35 AM  
Another one for St. Louis...preferably somewhere that underage drinking can occur!
/Diamond Cabaret anyone?
2006-06-02 12:31:37 AM  
Have one in Dallas-Fark Worth area already!
2006-06-02 12:33:24 AM  
I've seen Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, Mobile and Auburn. I can grab 2 from Birmingham. Why don't we split the difference in driving? I'd hit any Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, or Montgomery parties. Sorry, Auburn (us Bama's only hit there during the Iron bowl. Otherwise, no reason *grin*) Well, there's a few I just shot down...! Seriously, has there been an Alabama Fark party? I'm game!
2006-06-02 12:35:38 AM  
It seems that LA is a sad and lonely place for farkers :(
Go fig. LA Representin' but don't want to drive all the way to freaking Pasadena for any shindigs. Why Pasadena, when there are so many good places to fark around in K-town proper? With all you can meat restaurants?
2006-06-02 12:45:24 AM  
CMFC0405, How much under 21 are you?
2006-06-02 12:48:43 AM  
Fark party in a strip joint on the east side with a self-proclaimed dream girl with really big boobs?!?!?!

2006-06-02 01:10:02 AM  

I got married at the lucky lab! Only problem is trying to get "the other one" to let me out of the house. You end up in the hospital a couple times and in jail once then all of the sudden I get a rep that I can't control myself when I'm out on the town. Biatch.
2006-06-02 01:12:42 AM  
I don't know what lucky lab you are talking about since this one is the official lucky lab in portland.

Google, it's a good thing.
2006-06-02 01:15:20 AM  
butcher818 - *Care to try the Black Cat Tavern in Sellwood?*

Yes,*hic* me portland too from beer drink.......

But seriously folks.....Black Cat sounds like a hoot! Never been there and I'm all for checking out a new pub. Haven't made a Fark party here yet either. I live such a sheltered life......NOT!
2006-06-02 01:16:08 AM  
OK, I'm officially a dumbass. I had no idea lucky lab had three bars in pdx.
2006-06-02 01:20:14 AM  
I'm about a half hour from Los Angeles...live in Rancho Cucamonga...anyone in Southern Cali interested in a socal Fark
2006-06-02 01:27:48 AM  
Sellwood? WTF? Let's all just go to Gresham! Even better, let's go to BEAVO!

How about "The Matador" right f-ing downtown? What's up with all these stupid bars out in no man's land?
2006-06-02 01:29:07 AM  

Doesn't sound too bad now, I can drive to Rancho Cucamonga, I live in West Covina. There are some good places around there (Dave & Busters, a couple of other little bars too). If you have any ideas please share!
2006-06-02 01:32:00 AM  
I'm two years off.
2006-06-02 01:37:50 AM  
You talking about the Lucky Lab Public House on 7675 SW Capitol Hwy?

thats the one!
2006-06-02 01:52:24 AM  
swingbozo: I don't know what lucky lab you are talking about since this one is the official lucky lab in portland.

Google, it's a good thing.

Well since Lucky Lab has 3 locations. I was making sure which one he was talking about.

He shoots, he misses.

How about "The Matador" right f-ing downtown? What's up with all these stupid bars out in no man's land?

Because nobody suggested that one until now. And parking downtown isn't always the best.

A review Matador out of Bar-Fly. "Top-of-the-heap, king-of-the-hill, a-number-one Dive-with-a-capital-D".
2006-06-02 02:00:00 AM  
Walking Carpet...
i live in stamford. burn tree?
2006-06-02 02:00:49 AM  
swingbozo: OK, I'm officially a dumbass. I had no idea lucky lab had three bars in pdx.

Were thinking about June 16th or 17th. You free that weekend?
2006-06-02 02:14:20 AM  
Sanderling68. Would be good to get some Sydney ppl together
2006-06-02 02:21:35 AM  
A Sydney party would be good.
Would it be the first Sydney Far Party or have there been others?
2006-06-02 02:41:15 AM  
CruzAzul: I live and work in both Philadelphia, PA, and Ottawa, Ontario. And there has been no mention whatsoever of having a Fark party in either city

There was a fark party in ottawa last year. I went. No one else did.
2006-06-02 02:49:40 AM  
Someone with a lot more free time than me could put in a Fark camp at Burning Man.
2006-06-02 02:56:40 AM  
eraser8: mrhaider: The meat in smoked meat sandwiches is generally beef.

That's good to know. It seems like every second shop there has smoked meat sandwiches. Curiosity got the better of me and I actually tried one. Tasted like pastrami.

Dont get me wrong. Some places they sell actually horse shiat. But you would have to be looking hard for them. Usually the smoked meat around the downtown area is pretty good.
I actually had a conversation with a friend about the mclobster. We had it here like 5 years ago so sadly(or gladly, whichever way you look at it) I didn't get to taste it, and FYI ive never even had the ribwich.

/The animal they made it out of was smaller than a pig and had more legs, and is now sadly to be, extinct.
2006-06-02 03:09:39 AM  
How about a New Zealand Farker's partaaaaaay? There's certainly enough of us, and NZ wins at Fark.
2006-06-02 03:36:17 AM  
There's gotta be more than 2 Hawaii farkers...

///more slashies
2006-06-02 03:41:35 AM  
athens, ga here, but i won't be back till the fall. till then, columbus, ga anyone?
2006-06-02 03:49:01 AM  
Springfield MA Fark Party!

This Saturday night at Naismith's on Worthington.
Every Saturday night at Naismith's on Worthington for that matter.

Just be there around 11pm.

I'll be in a Schilling jersey.

/Like every week.
//Just come out and get drunk.
///We don't need a reason
2006-06-02 04:29:18 AM  
2006-06-01 11:39:19 PM ecmoRandomNumbers [TotalFark]

darwin_fish: Phoenix Pharkers unite!!!!


If the George and Dragon II is anything like the Monastery, I say we should hold it at a BAR.

I went to the last PHX Fark Party at the Monastery, and there was some nutty dog show going on, and screaming kids playing volleyball. Any Fark party needs to be in a BAR, not a half-assed grill-it-yourself "restaurant," with a half-assed beer-and-wine-only license, with kids and suburbanite parents running about.

I love kids. I teach them. I don't want to see, or hear them screaming on my free time, especially when I'm drinking. Hire a sitter and come out to a PHX Fark party at a bar.

I'm just sayin'.

I can say without a doubt that G&D is not a "child friendly" establishment. It's not fancy, it's not some yuppie Scottsdale bar, it's just a plain ol' bar with friendly staff and lots of good beer on tap.

How do I know this? I was just there about 10 minutes ago. :-)
2006-06-02 04:32:10 AM  
Mission Accomplished: Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins fark party anyone?

/I love to drink.
//Will not go South of Castle Rock

yes yes yes

farkusername@ gmail dot com if you want to speak
2006-06-02 06:05:11 AM  
vincennes, Indiana.....no one comes here, they get out as fast as they can....

/move on folks
//nothing to see here
2006-06-02 06:50:03 AM  
Carth and Fantaboy

I'm in Beijing.

I even submitted a Beijing Fark Party once, to be located at the Goose & Duck. (ChaoYang Park, West Gate) But, the submittal was rejected.

We can do this. After all, all it takes to make a party is more than one person (and lots of beer).
2006-06-02 07:47:36 AM  

2006-06-01 10:26:19 PM Sanderling68

Anyone interested in a Sydney, Australia party???

I'm up for a Sydney party
2006-06-02 08:26:15 AM  
Has anyone noticed that if you don't go to Fark parties all the time, they're not that much fun? The couple I've been to kinda sucked. It's kind of an old boys club... newcomers not particularly welcome.

/longtime Farker
2006-06-02 08:46:50 AM  
Yeah Im up for another London one. Dunno what dates work for everyone, but after the World cup would be good. Mid July maybe.
2006-06-02 09:33:59 AM  
Are there any Myrtle Beach / Grand Strand Farkers out there? I'm moving there in a month and a half and don't really know anybody... I may have to organize some righteous Fark party time.
2006-06-02 10:00:30 AM  
Anybody in Ridgewood, Glendale, Middle Village, Elmont, Richmond Hill, Maspeth lets do it up at Yer Mans.
2006-06-02 10:11:50 AM  
Not for nothing, but I attended a Fark party here in New York City about three years ago... for about five minutes. Those throwing the thing wanted me to where a glowing green lanyard, and I could tell they were intimidated by the fact that I wasn't a geek. It was kind of sad. Red-headed 30-year-olds wearing white tube socks and Birkenstocks mixing with tall skinny dudes with huge adam's apples and Metallica T-shirts. And the women that attended were... uh... I think they were women. More like blobs.

Now, I know there are 'normal' if not 'attractive and upwardly mobile' people who visit fark and opt in to discussions on occasion. But these parties are kind of like the marching band end-of-year award ceremony... at least, the one I went to in the East Village.

Perhaps those throwing the party could post their pictures so those of us who aren't pathetically geeky will know before we show up. And no lanyards... that's the height of dweebish.

2006-06-02 10:41:37 AM  
We're moving to San Antonio, but not until July 4th weekend. Guess we'll have to catch the next one.
2006-06-02 11:41:03 AM  
Would anyone be interested in attending one in either Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda or Venice, Florida?
2006-06-02 11:55:59 AM  
2006-06-02 12:25:35 AM CMFC0405
Another one for St. Louis...preferably somewhere that underage drinking can occur!
/Diamond Cabaret anyone?

A few of us from the last STL party made it over to the East Side only to found out that Diamond Cabaret is now called the Penthouse Club. It's a good place to end the night, but a little pricey to drink $5 beers for the entire evening.
2006-06-02 03:33:57 PM  
I am in STL and a friend of mine is opening a new micro-brewery/restaurant in Kirkwood. It should be open next week. I will contact him and see if we can work out having a gathering there. If it is, I will organize it.

email in profile - contact me if interested.
2006-06-02 03:41:59 PM  
Hurlburt field baby, lets do it
2006-06-02 03:57:46 PM  
Murphy's Corollary, AlabamaGirl, Boojum2k, and all other Alabama Farkers

I'm also in Alabama... I go to college at Troy and I love road trips... we really need a Fark party during the summer sometime.
2006-06-02 04:16:56 PM  
PDX party @ lucky lab?

Count me in....
2006-06-02 05:12:26 PM  

If anyone would be interested in a Sacramento fark party and I'll take the lead.

I'm in for a Sac party. Anyone else out there?
2006-06-02 05:27:49 PM  
PDX fark party:

Lucky Lab Pub, Multnomah Village on Capital Hwy.
June 16th.
that work for everyone?
2006-06-02 06:37:13 PM  
One more time...

Central Ohio Farkers Unite!

I'm gonna volunteer to be that guy, but you have to let me know you're there. And I don't care if you're young or old, attractive or not, lanyard wearing or too cool for school.
e-mail in profile. I've already heard from 2 of you. Where is everybody?
2006-06-05 07:12:03 AM  
nice to see others that live in albany ga, there is hope for us yet!
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