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(SFGate)   Subaru car ad pulled because it had the wrong king of bunny in it.   ( sfgate.com) divider line
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2002-06-14 10:32:38 PM  
oh yeah my favorite bunny of all time

[image from cbhp.ua.edu too old to be available]
2002-06-14 10:36:38 PM  
2002-06-14 10:37:41 PM  
2002-06-14 10:37:53 PM  
I saw that commercial during The Price Is Right. She stole the class bunny!
2002-06-14 10:38:12 PM  
Subaru said it had intended to show a cottontail or wild rabbit, one with survival skills a domestic rabbit does not have. But, as rabbit fanciers know, the animal in the ad is a domestic breed which would quickly fall to prey in the woods.

Yeah, ten minutes as opposed to fifteen.
2002-06-14 10:39:37 PM  
it has pointy teeth...
2002-06-14 10:44:56 PM  
"...'tis the most foul, cruel, and bad tempered beast you ever set eyes on."
2002-06-14 10:46:38 PM  
Margo DeMello of Berkeley, executive director of the House Rabbit Society

That CAN'T be a real farking position! WTF?
2002-06-14 10:47:31 PM  
Mostly no bunnies were harmed much in the making of this ad....
You owe me a new keyboard because now mine's all full of rabbit blood.
2002-06-14 10:51:06 PM  
yeah Wareagle03, everybody knows its the Senate Rabbit Society.
2002-06-14 10:53:44 PM  
Hooray for the rabbit activists! We wouldn't want to send the signal out there to all the rabbit fanciers out there that it's ok to release their pets into the woods, which is what they all want to do don't you know, loving them so much and all.

TRAGEDY PREVENTED! Bring on a Budweiser commercial that lies to me about women liking me because I drink piss.
2002-06-14 10:54:24 PM  
If I correctly remember a report I saw a while ago, people buy bunnies for their children as pets, especially around easter. If the bunny dosn't die, the kids loose interest or for whatever reason, the civilized bunny is dropped off somewhere with a limited chance of survival. One woman found like a dozen domesticated rabbits near the edge of the road, took them home, cared for them and found them good homes. At least dogs and cats who are (sadly) drop offs have a better chance to survive.

Yea, *I* know its JUST an ad, YOU know its just an ad,but there *are* those out there that takes things literally.

"As God is my witness, I firmly believed that turkeys could fly!"
100 points to whomever can name the sitcom this is from!

*goes back to dark corner*
2002-06-14 10:54:32 PM  
Not the rabbit king.
[image from showgate.com too old to be available]
2002-06-14 10:55:37 PM  
Hef's got this one beat...
[image from utdallas.edu too old to be available]
2002-06-14 10:56:30 PM  
Ps. LOVE the Bunny/Rabbit King references! LOL!

*Sacrifices lettuce and carrots on the alter to the Bunny King*
2002-06-14 10:56:58 PM  
[image from aerosmith.mu too old to be available]
Lizard King...
2002-06-14 10:57:15 PM  
WKRP in Cincinnati
2002-06-14 10:57:56 PM  
*bestows 100 points apon DogInARocket*
2002-06-14 10:59:06 PM  
The page that I found that Morrison pic on SCARED THE HELL OUT OF ME!
Your speakers have to be on loud.
2002-06-14 11:06:42 PM  
sorry bout the non english and the popup or two that may be present, but this person shows just how a domesticated rabit can operate in the wild, I mean, just look at some of the pictures....

if you are unclear on which ones to click, just about any link will take you to a picture of a his rabbit.

rabbit insanity

oh yeah, I also forgot, the rabbit gets it's picture taken with all sorts of crazy shiat on it's head also...

as far as the lunatics go of the RAS or whatever they are, for crying out loud, it's a farking rabbit.
2002-06-14 11:12:52 PM  
SWM seeks SWF to leave this country before it implodes in acts of gutless kowtowing. Programming and MST3K fan a plus. Rich, close parents a definate plus. Pic on request.
2002-06-14 11:13:02 PM  
The rabbit king
upon his throne.
2002-06-14 11:15:05 PM  
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
2002-06-14 11:20:13 PM  
I'm glad he is taking being called a fag a badge of honor because it is truly a lame insult. Beside Bush is not exempt from criticism. If he botch issues he should be called on it. Same goes for Democrats as well. If an administration makes errors nothing wrong with calling someone on it I'd say.

I read the inflammatory column. See nothing wrong with it. Just like I thought the Clinton jabs were hilarious. (Limbaugh playing Hey Paula was funny. I hate the man but I'm letting him have that one.)
2002-06-14 11:22:15 PM  
Uh-Oh. Wrong thread sorry folks.
2002-06-14 11:33:43 PM  
Mantix, i was getting ready to say the exact same thing. When I saw the commercial I was like "oh what a cute bunny rabbit....too bad it's a domesticated rabbit and won't live in the wild...oh well. whatever." the reason they used that rabbit instead of a wild rabbit is b/c
1. a domesticated rabbit is cuter than a wild rabbit.
2. a wild rabbit would have bit that girl's finger off.
it's stupid what some people get themselves all worked up over. It'll be a shame when those same people die of a rabbit-huggin-people-hating stroke.
2002-06-14 11:37:42 PM  
The house rabbit society does a lot of good. They rescue a ton of abandoned rabbits and run minishelters for people who buy them and then don't want them any more. They also put out one of the best books for people with house broken rabbits. The ad being pulled is kinda silly, but think of what would happen if they did the add with releasing a domesticated dog or cat into the wild, people would be pissed.
2002-06-15 12:09:57 AM  
Howzabout a competing SUV brand filming a commercial showing hunters decending from it, and shooting the released rabbit?



2002-06-15 01:52:18 AM  
Many years ago, I used to raise meat rabbits for consumption. I had a few run-ins with the rabbit-Nazis, as I like to call them. Even among the "I love animals more than people" wacko crowd, these house bunny morons take the delusional cake.

If you ever get bored, go troll the rabbits as pets group on Usenet.
2002-06-15 02:05:03 AM  
Ok first off...Suburu's are butt ugly and second...the bunny people need to get real jobs
2002-06-15 02:14:12 AM  
Goom: I raised them, too. We'd raise the bunnies in a dark box (less movement, more tender), otherwise clean and well fed and watered. We had one buck and one doe. For anyone who'es never tried, you'll never eat chicken again once you tried domestic rabbit. I never had to butcher them, though......I heard they used the amplified sound of rabbits being butchered to attempt to smoke out David Koresh in Waco.
2002-06-15 02:28:46 AM  
When I read this headline, I was sure it was for another commercial, but the story shows it's for an ad I haven't seen.

There's one commercial where this guy in a race car stops his car suddenly and then gets out and picks up a domesticated bunny from the middle of the track and releases it into the woods.

I have no idea what product it was advertising. Goes to show you how crappy most ads are at conveying the product they're selling nowadays. :-)
2002-06-15 02:29:41 AM  
Hell yeah, fenester.
2002-06-15 02:58:39 AM  
damn PETA...
[image from mediaservice.photoisland.com too old to be available]
damn kittens...
2002-06-15 04:21:39 AM  
Every time you drive a Subaru, God kills a rabbit.
2002-06-15 05:37:35 AM  
just another reason why I dislike TV ads and activists.
Damn, both annoying to the max.
Funny the tree huggers did'nt biatch about that ugly rice burner being in the woods and possibly crushing a leaf
2002-06-15 07:50:43 AM  
Complaining about a car commercial featuring the simulated release of the wrong kind of bunny is almost as stupid as complaining about a shoe commercial where a woman isn't brutally murdered.
2002-06-15 08:24:54 AM  

Now that's an idea....
2002-06-15 09:20:52 AM  
in other news...we are still at war
2002-06-15 12:40:28 PM  
I was "Lucky" enough to see this ad. What I got from it, was that they ran over a rabbit, and were nice enough to take care of it untill it was well again.
I had no farking clue that was a domesticated rabbit. Go figure.
Some people need better things to do.
2002-06-16 02:56:08 AM  
What kind of idiot does it take to be the head of the Bunny Preservation Society or whatever the fark it's called????
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