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(Yahoo)   Ugly-ass baby turtle born at British zoo (with pic)   ( news.yahoo.com) divider line
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2006-05-24 02:02:04 AM  
Oh no. I know what's coming.
2006-05-24 04:04:06 AM  
in before i saw a turtle
2006-05-24 04:04:18 AM  
I saw a turtle..

2006-05-24 04:05:37 AM  
2006-05-24 04:10:31 AM  
dunk it in TCRI
i want a ninja tortise
2006-05-24 04:11:20 AM  
More like tiny-ass baby turtle.
2006-05-24 04:13:39 AM  
Do baby turtles make a better soup?
2006-05-24 04:13:47 AM  
That's a goddamn small turtle...
2006-05-24 04:15:53 AM  
looks like that pic was photoshopped.
2006-05-24 04:16:42 AM  
How soon before they toss it and its siblings in a toxic New Jersey sewer?
2006-05-24 04:17:47 AM  
Damn, those testudo tortoises are mighty tasty!
2006-05-24 04:18:42 AM  
I'm a dude, but I have to say it's damn cute...
2006-05-24 04:18:45 AM  
[image from bedoper.com too old to be available]

turtle turtle?

/hated that movie
2006-05-24 04:35:21 AM  
That is seriously cute.

(The tortoise, NOT the Dana Carvey picture!)
2006-05-24 04:39:41 AM  
I had one of these dipped in chocolate once. Okay, a dozen in a heart-shaped box.
2006-05-24 04:43:56 AM  
Unforuntately the handler forget it's a powerful snapping turtle and that would be the last time he would be able to use that finger.
2006-05-24 04:45:24 AM  
"While Don agrees with the headline, Mike thinks the baby turtle is cute..."
[image from filebox.vt.edu too old to be available]
2006-05-24 05:09:05 AM  
Turthle birth is the beginning of turtle death, unfortunately.
2006-05-24 05:19:18 AM  
Do you lot really not know the difference between a turtle and a tortoise? How sad.
2006-05-24 05:33:38 AM  
[image from i31.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2006-05-24 06:07:20 AM  
baby mutant ninja turtle
baby mutant ninja turtle
turtle in a half shell, turtle power!
2006-05-24 06:10:54 AM  
1. I posted this 2 days ago with a ... etc
2. It's a tortoise not a turtle

BBC link with words as well as pic (pops)

/goes off muttering
2006-05-24 06:19:44 AM  
From the last turtle/tortoise thread, I think the agreement was that in common US English, all turtle-like reptiles are "turtles", while in British English we commonly distinguish between tortoises (land-dwelling), turtles (sea-dwelling) and terrapins (freshwater).
2006-05-24 06:25:59 AM  

You and me both, brother
2006-05-24 06:50:09 AM  

That pic made my day!
2006-05-24 06:55:57 AM  

2. It's a tortoise not a turtle

Don't be that guy...nobody likes that guy.
2006-05-24 06:59:04 AM  
I can understand not knowing the difference between a tortoise and a turtle just from the picture, but the article has the word "tortoise" several times...
2006-05-24 07:08:12 AM  
BenR - in other words, we're right, they're lazy.

How... ordinawy.
2006-05-24 07:13:41 AM  
2006-05-24 07:14:21 AM  
"When we were little,' the Mock Turtle went on at last, more calmly, though still sobbing a little now and then, "we went to school in the sea. The master was an old Turtle-we used to call him Tortoise-'

"Why did you call him Tortoise, if he wasn't one?' Alice asked.

"We called him Tortoise because he taught us,' said the Mock Turtle angrily: "really you are very dull!'

// I think it's about time someone posted this!
2006-05-24 07:23:44 AM  
FYI Submitter... Turtles/tortoise's aren't 'born'; they are hatched :)
/just sayin'
2006-05-24 07:32:09 AM  
I still can't get over how so many animal births with false headlines get on the front page. The thing is pretty damn cute.

"The world is ending. In other news, albino rhino is born."

That's the headline I'm waiting for.
2006-05-24 07:55:27 AM  
2006-05-24 08:12:04 AM  
Awwwwwwwww, so cute!

2006-05-24 08:14:42 AM  
This thread needs voting enabled for Devo37.
nice work.
2006-05-24 08:17:23 AM  
A the turtle. . . Nature's "D" student. . .

They're slow, dumb, and their only defense is a shell that doesn't cover them completely. . . How have they survived?

/But they are so darn cute!
//Except snappers. . .
2006-05-24 08:19:11 AM  

lol. I almost missed that. Freaking genius.
2006-05-24 08:36:59 AM  
hey! hey! tippy turtle!
2006-05-24 08:37:26 AM  
[image from i29.photobucket.com too old to be available]

Not many people know this, but the turtle is nature's suction cup!
2006-05-24 08:47:02 AM  
It is adorable! What perfection.
2006-05-24 08:58:07 AM  
Actual size on a 1024: [image from fabsites.com too old to be available]
2006-05-24 09:08:38 AM  

A turtle has a flatter shell and spends most of it's life near water and (I believe) has webbed feet. A tortoise has a high arched shell, spends it's life inland, and has padded feet.
2006-05-24 09:09:03 AM  
It looks like a hundred already. Poor little egyptian muslim tortli.
2006-05-24 09:19:38 AM  
Get one now! The baby tortoise is the hot new trend in Hollywood accessory-pets!

Tinkerbell is sad.
2006-05-24 09:20:17 AM  
[image from nmfs.noaa.gov too old to be available]

[image from tomuphoto.com too old to be available]

NOT the same thing.
2006-05-24 09:21:23 AM  
"I work for Chester Zoo.

So I am really getting a kick really .

Some of you guys are very good at making it sound like you know what you are talking about.

But trust me.... You don't.

I think you just want to make yourself sound smart, when in reality you dont know what you are talking about.

This is how bad info gets passed around.

If you dont know about the topic....Dont make yourself sound like you do.

Cuz some people belive anything they hear."
2006-05-24 09:31:26 AM  
Turtles, tortoises, rabbits, whatever!
2006-05-24 09:32:42 AM  
smitty what do you mean, "Ugly-ass"?

I'd hit it...

...with a SLEDGE HAMMER!!!
2006-05-24 10:09:29 AM  
Aaaahh, it's so wee! So cute!
2006-05-24 10:14:38 AM  
... cute little feller ...
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