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(Some Guy)   CBS has hidden $2 million in gold somewhere in the U.S. To find it, all you have to do is watch every show and every commercial all season long for clues   ( divider line
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1635 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 23 May 2006 at 8:36 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-05-23 1:04:57 AM  
I'm considering watching it all now.
2006-05-23 1:07:15 AM  
maybe for 50 million. not a chance in hell for 2
2006-05-23 1:12:29 AM  
RobertBruce: maybe for 50 million. not a chance in hell for 2

Oooh, an aristocrat!
2006-05-23 1:14:18 AM  
And they can bite my shiny metal ass.
2006-05-23 1:38:39 AM  
I remember when ABC did this a few years back. They called it Push, Nevada. It blowed monkey goats.
2006-05-23 1:40:17 AM  
Nah. Not enough.
2006-05-23 1:56:01 AM  
Submitter, how did you manage to screw that up? You don't just have to watch everything on CBS.

clues to locating it will be buried in programs and advertisements on CBS and on and "other media properties."

No effing way.
2006-05-23 2:00:42 AM  
Vin Diesel: Submitter, how did you manage to screw that up?

Well, I was going to say "to find it all you have to do is watch every show and commercial on CBS and read a brazillion pages on AOL for clues" but I was afraid I'd get lynched.
2006-05-23 2:50:59 AM  
There's gonna be a lot of 67 year olds out prospectin' again
2006-05-23 3:16:15 AM  
Someone will find it after 2 weeks, I bet.

Than what will the douchebag network do?
2006-05-23 8:47:19 AM  
They couldn't keep the Survivor winners secret, how do they expect this to work?
2006-05-23 8:50:25 AM  
I'm on record, this very day claiming all rights to season long "Official Gold Rush Discussion Thread" on Fark. So all you haters out there... respect.

/ I keed
2006-05-23 8:56:37 AM  
Wouldn't it be ironic if some cletus or some other nitwit stumbled upon this 2 million in Gold?
2006-05-23 9:18:40 AM  
What happens when the main show is cancelled within a month? Do they just have a raffle?
2006-05-23 9:38:32 AM  
2006-05-23 9:40:38 AM  
It's buried under a big W. Say, what is a big W?
2006-05-23 9:48:15 AM  


It does sound like the plot for Rat Race

/really funny movie btw
2006-05-23 9:53:09 AM  
Sounds like a great way to make $2million, watching CBS and going to AOL. Once you paid for your ensuing therapy, not so much.
2006-05-23 9:56:04 AM  
It's buried under a big W. Say, what is a big W?

[image from too old to be available]
2006-05-23 12:32:42 PM  

Damn you, thunder-stealer!

/I can do anything, I'm eccentric! Rrrowr!
2006-05-23 1:39:52 PM  
"Million Dollar Mystery"
The first one to solve the clues in the movie won a million dolllars.
Someone won and the movie didn't even gross One Million Dollars.

/has to count as the biggest flop of all time
2006-05-23 1:50:27 PM  
How long before a wiki springs up on this and we go back to having no reason to watch CBS?
2006-05-23 3:51:56 PM  
The gold's at Cronkite's house out on Nantucket. Let's drop in!
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