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(Seattle Times)   Employees with multiple tattoos and piercings find it hard to fit in at work   ( divider line
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11423 clicks; posted to Main » and Business » on 22 May 2006 at 8:55 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-05-22 7:41:11 AM  
No we don't.
2006-05-22 8:57:33 AM  
You mean kids should think twice before getting that totally sweet nose ring or goofy 'straw in the ear' thingee? Dang, they should teach that in college!
2006-05-22 8:58:17 AM  
My friend used fishing line for his eyebrow piercing.
2006-05-22 8:58:34 AM  
They don't even get hired here.

2006-05-22 8:59:26 AM  
I won't hire someone with a shiatload of piercings or visible tatoos.
2006-05-22 9:00:15 AM  
It's their "holier" than thou attitude...

/Dude! What's mine say? Sweet!
2006-05-22 9:02:13 AM  
madcatcasey: It's their "holier" than thou attitude...

2006-05-22 9:02:16 AM  
Phil Herup: I won't hire someone with a shiatload of piercings or visible tatoos.

Then you're a prejudiced dumbfark.

/No piercings
//Not ruling it out.
2006-05-22 9:02:19 AM  
Isn't that what they want? To convince themselves that they are "not like everybody else"?
2006-05-22 9:02:33 AM  
If your company only sees your tattoos / piercings when they look at you it might be time to upgrade your skillset.
2006-05-22 9:03:08 AM  
While I don't exactly think that a tattoo is a mark of a stupid or bad person, I also don't exactly have sympathy when they have trouble getting work where the want.
2006-05-22 9:04:10 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I can't get a job selling banannas
2006-05-22 9:05:28 AM  
I just wouldn't hire someone with trendy or unoriginal ones. Fool me by covering them and you win!
2006-05-22 9:05:37 AM  
People getting facial piercings and/or visible tattoos then complaining about others reaction to them says one thing.

These are hip, happening and living in the now idiots.
2006-05-22 9:06:22 AM  
Phil Herup: I won't hire someone with a shiatload of piercings or visible tatoos.

If they're not dealing with the public, what's the problem with tatoos/piercings? I bet you make them wear ties in their cubicles too.
2006-05-22 9:07:00 AM  
I haven't had a problem, nor has my woman. Of course we both look normal in business attire. Nothing shows when I go to work. I look respectable, she looks like a grade school teacher. We both work in computer security where such things are more accepted anyway.
2006-05-22 9:07:26 AM  
"For septum piercings (the part of the nose that separates the nostrils), there are short metal U-shaped retainers that can be slipped in and flipped up inside the nose."

There is also a bullet to your own temple.
2006-05-22 9:07:42 AM  
Deicist: If your company only sees your tattoos / piercings when they look at you it might be time to upgrade your skillset.

It's a bit difficult stapling these diplomas to my forehead, but I'm sure the body modders will figure it out soon and give me tips.

/no problem with tatoos or piercings
//has neither
///might get a small, easily hidden tatoo on an ankle or similar with a lot of meaning at some time
2006-05-22 9:08:09 AM  
I expect to see this article in 2035 with the same headline, but this time it will be about 50 somethings finding it hard to keep their tats and metal from looking like even more crappy.

/tats are the 90s equivalent to parachute pants in the 80s
2006-05-22 9:08:48 AM  
It's all about placement. I have several tattoos and some are quite large. Most are covered by my shirt. However, I find that it's my piercings that have the potential to cause me the most grief. Earrings are ok mostly, but any other piercings are frowned upon in most work settings. You can either take them out, or possibly wear a retainer. They make some damn good ones that really hide the piercing. As someone with both tats and piercings I would have to agree that it just doesn't look professional to see, for instance, a bank teller with shiat hanging all over their face and that huge skull and dragon on their lower arm.

/most I've ever said on fark
//I need breakfast
2006-05-22 9:09:06 AM  
I've got two tattoos, one on the inside of each forearm. They're both guitars [a Rickenbacher on the left, a Black Beauty Les Paul on the right]. They have significance to me beyond the fact that I'm a guitarist. I work in customer service and I'm not required to cover them. Truth be told, my manager thinks they're pretty rad. I've received many compliments from customers as well AND I've gotten into conversations about music with them as well because of the tattoos.

I fully understand not getting a job because you're covered in tattoos of naked women and devils and that garbage, or because your entire face is a pincushin, but it's alllll relative, I guess.
2006-05-22 9:10:29 AM  

Parachute pants? (a) what are they, and (b) how were they permanent?
2006-05-22 9:10:43 AM  
My admin was reprimanded by HR when I was out-of-town for wearing something that exposed part of the "tramp stamp" she has on her lower back. Stupid rules, but they might give pause to some people.
2006-05-22 9:10:55 AM  

chick from NCIS who is a forensic pathologist, has tattoos, has piercings, and is the most beautiful thing on TV today

/ except for Evangeline Lilly
// actually it's more like a tie
/// that is all
2006-05-22 9:11:17 AM  
Its an easy way for employers to get that elisist feeling without illegally discriminating. 'We don't have any of those people working for us'. Once someone has a visible tattoo then they are pretty much stuck with it or a nasty scar after laser removal. Most of the people who get the visible stuff are either trying to say fark off to society or are trying to change the culture. Fat people in most cases did it to themselves so why not choose to hire them? What's the difference?
2006-05-22 9:12:21 AM  
danduran, (a) clothes (b) metaphor
2006-05-22 9:13:30 AM  

From looking at the pic in your profile it looks like you had one of the most hardcore piercings I've ever seen.
2006-05-22 9:13:56 AM  
having multiple piercings and tats i can say it's pretty easy to get a respectable job. Take the piercings out when you get to work, wear sleeves and such to cover said tats, and don't forget a nice tie. Don't bring your home life to work, but keep in mind that a work day does indeed end at some point.

/Still doesn't like the close minded pricks that won't hire b/c of appearance
//Might have been the best employee you've ever had
///Oh yeah, and don't get facial tats, thats just the pinnacle of stupid
////pierce my slashie!
2006-05-22 9:16:15 AM  

(a) assumed (b) sarcasm

What kind of pants? I'm picturing something like MC Hammer.
2006-05-22 9:17:09 AM  
Ha ha, stupid businessmen. I have no tattoos or piercings and I'm a terrible employee.
2006-05-22 9:17:56 AM  
When I see facial tata I immediately think "gang member".

/Has a good friend with facial tata
//He's a gang banger
///Don't fark with MS-13
2006-05-22 9:18:42 AM  
For the love of God, it's spelled TATTOO.
2006-05-22 9:19:21 AM  
Big City Saints
/Still doesn't like the close minded pricks that won't hire b/c of appearance

and welcome to the nihilistic modern world. I wouldn't hire someone with facial piercings or someone who had bad B.O. or someone who chewed gum in the interview or wore a sweat suit.
2006-05-22 9:20:04 AM  
For most, it's all about getting/needing attention.

No different from people who talk really loud on cell phones, those who play their car stereo at 200 decibles or cover their car in bumber stickers.

If something is meaningful, carry it in your heart, not pasted on your lower back.
2006-05-22 9:20:05 AM  
serious question to the pierced:

i personally like eyebrow rings, but if u get into it with sumbody, havent u provided them with a very easy way to pwn u ?

i mean, a light palm-heel to the eye area seems like it would drop u in pain...
2006-05-22 9:20:30 AM  
My life revolves around pain avoidance, so piercings and tatoos were never a consideration. I'm the kind of person whose hair gets really, really long because I hate 'wasting my time' at the salon. And those fake claw things women get--people actually PAY to have those put on AND maintained. WTF?

I do wear clothes, though. So I'm not a total wierdo.
2006-05-22 9:20:43 AM  
danduran haha. That is correct sirah!

2006-05-22 9:21:28 AM  
Why go with tattoos or piercings? What about other physical deformities? Like, say, hacking off a couple of fingers or your whole hand. Nobody would pick on you and call you an idiot for missing a hand! Well, unless they know how you lost it, so better keep that secret. But that would be simple, and you would still be expressing your individuality, even more so than with tattoos or piercings. People with piercings are everywhere, but when was the last time you saw a guy with a missing hand?

So what I'm saying is, there's more to self-mutilation than just tattoos and piercings. Go for something natural instead, like a missing limb, blindness, or even paraplegia. You'll even get disability benefits. You know all those parking spots for disabled people? They can be for you! In some legislations, you'll even get preferred for jobs.
2006-05-22 9:21:35 AM  
I've got an arm length dragon tat down my left arm and a few piercings. Since I'm an artist for the government, have worked for the American institute of Architects, and I designed my own tattoos, does this make me a professional slacker just by default? Idiots who can only think in one dimension about how someone with a modification to their body might not be as intelligent as them should just off themselves before the revolution.
2006-05-22 9:22:58 AM  
Hang On Voltaire

With that attitude you dare use the name Voltaire in your farkname? My head asplode.

/thinks everyone should read Emerson's Self Reliance at least 10 times before 20
2006-05-22 9:23:06 AM  
I meant to spell it 'tattoos.'

Sorry, there, SlayerDave.
2006-05-22 9:23:14 AM  
I don't have a problem with people who get art on their bodies, but seriously, it really is an obvious tag for a reason.
2006-05-22 9:23:38 AM  
The majority of "Employees with multiple tatoos and piercings" ruined it for the few that are good employees.

Just an FYI.
2006-05-22 9:24:03 AM  
hey, the world needs Carnie workers too.
2006-05-22 9:27:00 AM  
Few emplorers want to hire someone with pink hair and a medal stud in their eyebrow. Sorry.... enjoy your $8hr at the mall.
2006-05-22 9:27:25 AM  
I will make an exception to the hot chick with a belly ring or tounge stud.
2006-05-22 9:27:25 AM  
germaniac: What about other physical deformities? Like, say, hacking off a couple of fingers or your whole hand.

What an excellent analogy. Because marking your body is exactly like putting art on it. Idiot.
2006-05-22 9:27:33 AM  
I do not understand why people are judged by whether or not they have visible tatoos and peircings. Who cares as long as they do a good job? Seriously, does anyone know?
2006-05-22 9:27:44 AM  

I had to get it removed becuase it made it to hard to do CAD work.
2006-05-22 9:28:15 AM  
Well if that guy from the star-trek with the chick captain can get a job as the #2 guy on board with a tattoo then I dont see a future problem.
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