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(Fark)   Ideas needed for Halifax Fark party. Beer and donairs already in the plans. If site gets farked, email them to   ( divider line
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899 clicks; posted to Main » on 14 Jun 2002 at 2:20 AM (18 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-06-14 2:21:21 AM  
Slip 'n slide. . . wait . . . Halifax. . .
2002-06-14 2:21:23 AM  
Idea #1: Photograph lots of boobies.
2002-06-14 2:22:51 AM  
Is that in Canada?
2002-06-14 2:24:57 AM  
Nova Scotia I think. . . Might be cold. It is pretty mild in the summer though.
2002-06-14 2:24:58 AM  
They should have a pity party and cry into their beers about not living in Upper Canada.
2002-06-14 2:25:10 AM  
Halibut, Haille Berry and Halifax. Sounds like a a halof a good time.
2002-06-14 2:30:49 AM  
Oh and my suggestion for the party:

DO NOT talk about odd high school team names. It get real boring real fast.
2002-06-14 2:31:32 AM  
Canadia in the Summer....
Naked Twister in the Forest is always fun, lots of slapping of flesh, as the swarms of gnats and biting flies detect your carbon dioxide emissions.
Then there is always "Bust the Beaver Dam" Ages 5 and up. Bust open a dam, and sit there as anglers downstream are washed to other points downstream. The beavers, as always, become very angry...
Sorry, these are all that I can discuss, the rest involve maple syrup, French trollops and chest waders.
2002-06-14 2:31:52 AM  
Toronto is a culture-less wasteland. Come down and see how Maritimers have a good time.
2002-06-14 2:32:30 AM  
Ohh baby, i'm up in new brunswick.. reeeal close to Halifax.

hey where's brooks? i know he'd love to take a trip to the maritimes..
2002-06-14 2:33:23 AM  
spacecoyote your from fredericton?!?!
2002-06-14 2:36:07 AM  
I hope both of you have lots of fun at the party
2002-06-14 2:37:11 AM  
heheh.. wow.. didn't think there were in fredericton farkers on here.. or maritime farkers.. this is a rare sight.
2002-06-14 2:39:18 AM  
Yeeeah! You all need to come to Halifax for sure. If someone wants me to look into anything for them I'd be more than happy to help out... drop me an email at neilmo[nospam-﹫-backwards]l­iamy­ob­ort­sa­*com
2002-06-14 2:42:00 AM  
Anyone got a picture of Farley Mowats sailboat?

I heard it's located near a park there. I think it was called Happy Adventure.
2002-06-14 2:46:39 AM  
Grateful_Phish: Not any more, I'm afraid. I graduated from UNB this spring and I'm spending the Summer on PEI.
2002-06-14 2:48:12 AM  
geez.. ahh well, looks like i'm still the only fredericton farker... anyone....Anyone??

nahh doubt it, i was surprised brooks heard of the place though..
2002-06-14 3:32:38 AM  
Toronto is a culture-less wasteland. Come down and see how Maritimers have a good time.

I have. It was sad. I was there as recently as March. I have been a few times to both urban and rural Eastern Canada. They can't get past 200 year old grudges. They live with this UC hatred that UCs don't even know about. If they knew, ythey wouldn't even care because Eastern Canada is culturally, economically and politically irrelevant to central Canada. It's sad, but true. The only people who are being hurt by Eastern canada's hate-on for Central Canada is Maritimers.

And if you think Toronto has no culture, you have very obviously never been here. the only culture out East is WHITE culture. The whole world comes to Toronto.
2002-06-14 3:36:41 AM  
Hahahaha Spacecoyote. I see you're in PEI. Let me tell you an anecdote. One of my BEST friends in the world is from T.O., I met him at university and he is black. He is easily the kindest and most honourable man I have EVER met. He is marrying a white girl he met here in Toronto. Her family is from PEI. He went out to meet her family a few months ago. They were horrified. Gotta love that eastern Canada small town charm. Multi racial marriages are apparently more common, and not looked down on here. I'll take what we've got in this instance, sorry.
2002-06-14 3:45:29 AM  
To follow up about the East Coast grudge it's funny because it's also teh way the US sees Canada. They don't know anything about Canada, and don't care. And rightfully so. Realistically Canada is barely a blip on their radar socially and politically. Economically we are their largest aprtner in some aspects but they practically own our asses anyway so what do they care? The CAnadian shoulder chip is as unhealthy mentally as Eastern Canada's shoulder chip. Time to move on kids. If you want people to notice you, do something worthwhile.
2002-06-14 4:05:44 AM  
Can someone lend me 40 bucks for the ferry ride over? ; ) Or maybe it's 60..
2002-06-14 4:43:00 AM  
Halifax in England? Or Halifax somewhere else?

Nobody on Fark is from near me :(
2002-06-14 4:48:05 AM  
what the fook is a doanir?
2002-06-14 4:50:35 AM  
Everyone else in the world calls a "donair" Souvlaki on a bun. I think something that sounds Greek would be run out of lily white Eastern Canada. They had to whiten it up to sell it.
2002-06-14 4:56:49 AM  
Robzster1977: I'm in Edinburgh, is that near Doncaster?

We call 'em Dona Kebab's in Australia
2002-06-14 4:58:27 AM  
Canadia actually looks like a good place to be, nestled into the North American continent, kinda like Sweden.
A little too good, though. Too easy to get into, too easy to cross borders. I wish Canada had Oil, so we could have interest in this godless barren tract of tundra.
2002-06-14 5:48:56 AM  
we have more oil than a 10 americas... and it drives your governent nuts because we won't rape the environment to get at it..

if you think we have a goddless barren country than you obviouly haven't been spending enough time learning your own geography. what a shocker.

2002-06-14 5:57:38 AM  
lol, thanks lord watson
2002-06-14 6:13:17 AM  
Cormee: I'll be donning my wonderful Irish jersey on Sunday just like th erest of the exiles in Canada. You got big plans?
2002-06-14 7:01:46 AM  
As a Haligonian I'm curious: How many Farkers ARE there in this little city?
2002-06-14 7:10:07 AM  
omg beer! no way!
2002-06-14 7:10:33 AM  
Kitten-killing contest.
2002-06-14 7:35:45 AM  
Whorehouse, I think they want to get people to go, not drive them away.
2002-06-14 7:42:12 AM  
Any lobsters being served?
2002-06-14 7:44:17 AM  
Well my dog in heaven!

I'm originally from Nova Scotia! In fact I'll be in town from the first of July until the 13th, so have the damn party somewhere in there, plaese!

Attention all upper Canadians: Go out and buy a sense of humour!

And who maligned the beloved Donair? It has absolutely nothing to do with Gyros, Souvlaki, or anything! It is a uniquely Lebanese Canadian creation, made special by the sauce, which is profoundly secret! (tastes sweet, actually)

And to suggest the Maritimes have only white culture borders on the retarded. Nova Scotia has 77% of Canada's Black population, and 92% of Canada's Canadian-born black population. For crying out loud, my first kiss was with a black girl in junior high!

We have the largest Sikh population in Canada outside of Vancouver, and the largest Lebanese population outside of Lebanon. By the way, the Lebanese rule. don't forget the Chinese Buddhists who started arriving....

Ah, never mind. You'll just say: "But your Elbonian population is nearly non-existent!".

Let me explain why people are always ragging on Upper Candada: Upper Canada treats the rest of Canada the way the US treats the rest of the world. Oddly, southern Ontario trats the rest of Ontario the same way!

Why do people from Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal think Canada is Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal? Canada is a hell of a lot more like Red Deer, Thunder Bay, Moncton, and Truro. In fact, it's a great deal Castlegar, Wawa and Upper Tantallon!

Tim Horton's is the rule, Starbucks the abberration, baby!

My name is Pierre, and I am Canadian!

God I could really use a beer.
2002-06-14 7:51:35 AM  
southern Ontario treats the rest of Ontario the same way!

Sadly no. The farkwits outside of Toronto elected the Conservative government that is raping the City of Toronto. It is the rest of Ontario that is screwing Southern Ontario.

As for your 77% and 92% stats, I'd like to see some corroboration. Sounds a bit funny to me.
2002-06-14 8:02:08 AM  
Halifax Nova Scotia right? People should put where it is on the page. There is a halifax in the states somewhere and one in europe.

If it is in halifax Nova Scotia I will probably go because I live an hour a way.
2002-06-14 8:23:18 AM  
Would someone please sacrafice their forever witty responces for just a moment and say exactly where this Halifax is?

Please :)
2002-06-14 8:23:44 AM  
Hot damn! I've been talking about a Halifax Fark party for a few months now. I'm definately in.
2002-06-14 8:35:23 AM  
Halifax is here. Zoom in for a closer look.
2002-06-14 8:39:03 AM  
Wrong, that is one halifax.

here is another one​3.gif
2002-06-14 8:46:17 AM  
Ok, but my post contained the Halifax where the Party will be. There's no way they'd mention donairs and pub crawls if they didn't mean *my* Halifax :)
2002-06-14 8:47:44 AM  
OK, Halifax Nova Scotia, on Canada's East coast is the location. Date unknown but I suspect within a month.

LordWatson, the oldest black community in Canada is in NS and we do have the highest population of lebanese. We don't need your Toronto attitude in here, especially since we're planning a party. I could tell you how your SO pollution ends up over here and how TO had the 2nd worst traffic problems in North America (I've been there, it is as bad as they say). I like my little city by the harbour. We ain't perfect, but we are hospitable and we do love our Tim's.

And it is my girlfriend Tihr'_a_lahn and I who set this all up. I knew it was talked about for months but Someone had to rally the kilts together and get this thing off the ground. Halifax is Canada's party central, and Fark wants a small slice of that damnit!.

Party on!
2002-06-14 8:54:45 AM  
A donair is a calzone. You just changed the name.
2002-06-14 8:57:24 AM  
A donair is most certainly NOT a calzone. I've had both, and they're VERY different. Calzones don't violate me.
2002-06-14 9:09:43 AM  
i think american's call them "Gyros"?

nothing close to a calzone
2002-06-14 9:18:57 AM  

I am from Freddy Beach.
2002-06-14 9:20:45 AM  
2002-06-14 10:06:09 AM  
ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh steev, you just made my mouth water... shiat that looks good. gaaaaaaaaaahggggggggh

Would love to go to halifax party but unfortunately I am trapped in upper canadia and will not make it to the east coast for at least a couple of months.
2002-06-14 10:37:37 AM  
I'm in Fredericton too!! By the way.. Donairs are like cheap knockoffs off Greek Doners.. which I used to eat all the time in Montreal.. the white sauce is SUPPOSED to be Tzaziki (sp?) not that weird sugary type stuff Maritimers put in it.. but not too bad after all...

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