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(The Smoking Gun)   If you've already been in trouble for threatening President Bush's life, you should probably find a better hobby than making fake Secret Service IDs. TSG is there   ( divider line
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9854 clicks; posted to Main » on 20 May 2006 at 2:32 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-05-20 2:07:38 AM  
2006-05-20 2:10:27 AM  
What about CTU badges?
2006-05-20 2:36:31 AM  
This guy was just asking for it
2006-05-20 2:40:37 AM  
Am looking for "Dumbassest" tag, can't find it....
2006-05-20 2:41:55 AM  
He probably has mental problems.
2006-05-20 2:42:09 AM  
The Dumbass tag sure fits this one like a glove. I hope he enjoys his new home at Attica. Their gonna love him there.

The moral of the story, don't fark with the Secret Service
2006-05-20 2:43:23 AM  
mc frontalot: He probably has mental problems.

I'd have mental problems too if I was getting ready for years of PMITA prison.
2006-05-20 2:44:27 AM  
Dumbass for sure. Empty threats solve nothing.
2006-05-20 2:44:43 AM  
This cat is totally nuts. He reminds me of my ex-wife's twin brother. He was paranoid schizophrenic with a raging case of OCD on top of it..

Federal badges with a home printer? Yup. That's batshiat crazy.

and - just look at him
2006-05-20 2:45:19 AM  
He looks like a backstreet boy.
I suppose it goes without saying that he's an idiot in the first degree.
2006-05-20 2:47:23 AM  
From the formal complaint:

"Secret Service agents then went to the Queens residence, where they found defendent PETER BONFIGLIO on the stoop with a kitchen knife in his waistband and smoking a cigarette. When questioned by the agents, the defendent admitted that he was manufactring United States Secret Service credentials, and stated that he was selling them."

Classic. Enjoy PMITA prison, nutcase.
2006-05-20 2:49:12 AM  
No shiat.
As noted in the complaint, the counterfeit credentials bore the name of a Secret Service agent involved in the first federal action filed against Bonfiglio. In that case, the teenager, then residing in Florida, allegedly made repeated telephone and written threats on Bush's life and warned that he would bomb federal buildings in Sarasota.

Worth noting he wasn't kidnapped and put on the 'disappeared because of the big evil government' list after pulling that.
This? Yeah he's going away for quite a while.
2006-05-20 2:49:18 AM  
Zipster: What about CTU badges?

Given how easy CTU is to infiltrate, what would be the point? Just tell them you have a mysterious box to deliver to the room where all the top-secret stuff is going on, and they'll let you in.
2006-05-20 2:55:24 AM  
This dude needs medical treatment. Not prison.
Poor guy.
2006-05-20 3:09:25 AM  
Wait a second... is there anyone who HASN'T threatened Bush's life? I figured its fair game since he threatens our lives every day.
2006-05-20 3:14:04 AM  
Dude, call him Dubya. "President Bush" makes it sound like he's some kind of legitimate leader or something.
2006-05-20 3:25:46 AM  

Well, like it or not, he was elected.

/for God's sake, the Democrats give us Kerry, what choice did we have??
2006-05-20 3:29:48 AM  
Sad thing is, half the people on Fark agree with this nutjob.

Just look at the above posts.
2006-05-20 3:33:53 AM

2006-05-20 3:34:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-05-20 4:01:25 AM  

It is unclear how long Bonfiglio was a ward of the Sunshine State or when he relocated north

for some reason this statement cracks me the hell right up
2006-05-20 4:02:09 AM  
greenbeans_and_physics: Was he? He sure as shiat wasn't in 2000, and 2004 is debatable.
2006-05-20 4:33:23 AM  
Bonfiglio admitted to manufacturing and selling the Secret Service IDs and even showed agents the computer and printer he was using to produce the fakes.

Bonfiglio non c'e un bon figlio...
2006-05-20 4:58:56 AM  
Mitch Leary: Watching the President, I - I couldn't help wondering why a man like you would risk his life to save a man like that. You have such a strange job - I can't decide if it's heroic or absurd.

Frank Horrigan: Now, why would a man like you want to risk his life to kill a man like that?

Mitch Leary: Don't you have a psychological profile on me yet?

Frank Horrigan: I don't put a lot of stock in them.

Mitch Leary: Nor do I. A man's actions don't equal the sum of his psychological parts. Doesn't work that way.

Frank Horrigan: Just how does it work?

Mitch Leary: It doesn't work, Frank. God doesn't punish the wicked and reward the righteous. Everyone dies. Some die because they deserve to; others die simply because they come from Minneapolis. It's random and it's meaningless.

Frank Horrigan: Well, if none of this means anything... why kill the President?

Mitch Leary: To punctuate the dreariness.

- from In The Line Of Fire (1993)
2006-05-20 5:01:34 AM  
xen0blue: Sad thing is, half the people on Fark agree with this nutjob.

Just look at the above posts.

Are you referring to Bush or Bonfiglio? ;)
2006-05-20 5:13:12 AM  
StillH2O - really how?
2006-05-20 5:51:52 AM  
*flashes badge*:

[image from too old to be available]

Ok people nothing to see here, move along please.
2006-05-20 7:56:02 AM  
The Jackal is still out there so there's still hope.

/just kidding
//oh crap the NSA
///Ireallydidntmean---------carrier lost----------
2006-05-20 8:18:07 AM  
Um. The Jackal, aka Carlos the Jackal, Aka Ilich Ramirez Sánchez, is rotting in a french prison. Has been since the early ninties.

And he wasn't the real terrorist mastermind that fiction gives him credit for. He was just incredably lucky.
2006-05-20 8:54:49 AM  
So? People have been selling these at conventions for ages.

[image from too old to be available]

Of course if you're REALLY talented, THIS might work:

[image from too old to be available]
2006-05-20 9:23:59 AM  

greenbeans_and_physics: Was he? He sure as shiat wasn't in 2000, and 2004 is debatable.

Oh good then he can run again in 2008 - care to keep up that whine?
2006-05-20 9:24:34 AM  
This kid sounds like a typical Democrat voter. Wonder if he has a future as the Party Chairman, since Dean isn't sufficiently insane.
2006-05-20 9:34:23 AM  
Oh and according to the article it wasn't a hobby, it was a profession
2006-05-20 9:52:06 AM  
The kid's gotta be pretty much whacked out. Shoot him up with thorazine and store him somewere.
2006-05-20 9:58:50 AM  
I wonder what his Fark handle is.
2006-05-20 11:48:17 AM  
Completely side note.
Best practical joke I was ever a part of was fooling a guy at JPL into thinking his office mate was a Soviet spy. The "spy" was actually getting clearance and was getting his background check done (and was in on the prank IIRC), and after the initial *real* interview by the Defense Investigative Service, we sent people in with very real looking IDs to interview the office mate (the mark), and then followed up with "FBI" interviews and whatnot, and let the Mark believe they had uncovered some pretty damning information, and to watch the "suspected spy" and report any strange behavior etc. It got the Mark all riled and nervous, and he was finally "invited" to a meeting of "government agents" where a mission to bring the guy down would be planned. It was of course the "reveal" party, with cake and booze and fun. The Mark didn't really see it that way though. But we all had a good time.

/Point being, now post 9/11 no one would *EVAH* do this if they're in their right minds. Damn t'rists ruining all our fun.
2006-05-20 12:28:01 PM  
The Secret Service could arrest the entire city of NYC.

I keep telling people that NYers are pissed off as hell. The mere mention of Bush or Rice or Frist or Spector or McCain or Hastert or Delay...basically the whole incompetent bunch...usually elicits some comment or another that would be grounds for arrest in today's facist climate.
2006-05-20 1:10:53 PM  
newmoonpuppyhead, whats it like? Being a communist and all that?

/innocent eyes
2006-05-20 1:24:39 PM  
That guy looks a lot like the "I love midget porn" guy.

See... (pops)
2006-05-20 5:11:41 PM  
2006-05-21 4:21:48 AM  
All I saw was Bungholio. I dunno.
2006-05-22 10:54:26 AM  
Very interesting how mods delete conservative posts, but the most outrageous, off-topic posts by leftists like "newmoonpuppyhead" are untouchable.

I've had at least 3 on-topic posts deleted by mods in the last month.
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