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56140 clicks; posted to Main » on 10 May 2006 at 4:36 PM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-05-10 2:15:32 PM  
The beer bottle one looks like some prank during a late night party. It probably never ran with all those bottles.
2006-05-10 2:38:06 PM  
Mazda RX8 no popup.

Heh, thats an ad car from the Mazda dealer near my house.

The purple car and chopped volvo are freaking awesome though.
2006-05-10 2:46:05 PM  
I had to do a double take on the John Deer grass "Chopper."
2006-05-10 2:48:28 PM  
That chopped Volvo is insane...

... can you even drive that?
2006-05-10 2:51:15 PM  
What, no... [image from too old to be available]?
2006-05-10 4:42:16 PM  
Meh. Some of the refurbished lowriders around here (West Texas) look more bizarre than that. I scoff.
2006-05-10 4:42:28 PM  
yawn. I want my 3 mins back.
2006-05-10 4:42:29 PM  
The smart car with the bike painted on the side is pretty damn cool.

The rest... not so much.
2006-05-10 4:44:03 PM  
And maybe the site wouldn't take so long to load if the pics weren't THIS BIG.
2006-05-10 4:44:53 PM  
What? No one is impressed with the spidery-looking thing?
2006-05-10 4:44:54 PM  
2 of them are just cool paint jobs, WTF?
/the fighter one was cool
//the purple one looks like it should be the Jokermobile
2006-05-10 4:45:13 PM  
Is that Drew's motorcycle?
2006-05-10 4:45:14 PM  
Yes RX-8 is bizarre in this piston crazy world we live in.

2 suicide doors.

Farking beautiful machine inside and out (inside as in under the hood) I must say :)
2006-05-10 4:45:14 PM  
That purple one looks like it belongs in one of the animated Batman shows.
2006-05-10 4:45:43 PM  
What? No one is impressed with the spidery-looking thing?

it looks cool standing there, can it move?
2006-05-10 4:45:50 PM  
The spider-backhoe was worth the 3 minutes. Awesome link, submitter.
2006-05-10 4:45:54 PM  
Farked already?
2006-05-10 4:46:48 PM  
"Wow, this is the biggest waste of money since I tricked out my Big-Wheel...

'Hey, ladies, want to go make trouble for the establishment?'"

/from memory, probably not verbatim
2006-05-10 4:46:50 PM  
Am I the only one that got the creeps from the first pic?
2006-05-10 4:47:22 PM  
2006-05-10 4:47:29 PM  
Farked.... damn that was fast
2006-05-10 4:47:32 PM  
behold the power of fark!
2006-05-10 4:47:38 PM  
burningbright: What? No one is impressed with the spidery-looking thing?

Maybe if it was video of it moving. It would be just too hard for one person to operate.
2006-05-10 4:47:54 PM  
The spidery thing is a 3d render, I've seen the original someplace else, that guy designed some neat shiat.
2006-05-10 4:48:12 PM  
Drat, trying to post pic but preview page is too slow to load...

Oh, I see -- it got farked just as I tried to load it, so now the URL doesn't work.

Silly me -- shouldn't have bothered with those internal quotation marks.
2006-05-10 4:48:29 PM  
Some of the real ones are interesting, but the photoshop at the top is just stupid.

The yellow one with the Air Force ID on the side probably was a heavy equipment trailer hauler or some kind of aircraft/airport heavy mover. Looks like a couple of modified Dodge cabs put together, with some aftermarket chassis.

The Volvo looks like someone took one of those funky Hot Wheels cars and tried to make one for real.

The trike at the top looks like something that Red Green would build if he had a real budget, and the John Deere Chopper looks like Monster Garage was smoking something...
2006-05-10 4:50:54 PM  
What's so special about the bike with the beer bottles? The fact that someone stuck a bunch of bottles on and around their bike?
2006-05-10 4:52:29 PM  
The Volvo was pretty cool, note the trailer mirrors. They were towing the travel trailer in that pic.

I'm just glad that they chose to chop and section the Volvo and not the RoadRunner/GTX in the background.
2006-05-10 4:53:46 PM  

If you find the link, post it. I can't believe that isn't real.

Although, then again, I really can't believe that if it is real it would ever work.

2006-05-10 4:53:47 PM  
I'd love to spiderwalk the first one to work.
2006-05-10 4:54:16 PM  
Yeah, that slammed Volvo is wicked..
2006-05-10 4:54:29 PM  
Oh man, I could get so much done with the spidery backhoe. I would love to cruise down the street in that thing, cackling as I go.
2006-05-10 4:56:10 PM  
Whats special with the bike with the beer bottles? It won't even move...
2006-05-10 4:57:23 PM  
I think that trieek was off that show that use to run called BIG of something another. They took adverage sized things and made them huge. Any one else remember that show?
2006-05-10 4:57:41 PM  
Yeah I gotta just say that it doesn't qualify as a vehicle if it can't transport anything anywhere.
2006-05-10 4:58:21 PM  
I wanna see!

2006-05-10 4:59:07 PM  
Link appears to be Farked.
2006-05-10 4:59:46 PM  
Most of these have nothing on the art cars/mutant vehicles at Burning Man. Except for the backhoe spider -- very worthy.
2006-05-10 5:01:44 PM  
TWX The yellow one with the Air Force ID on the side probably was a heavy equipment trailer hauler or some kind of aircraft/airport heavy mover. Looks like a couple of modified Dodge cabs put together, with some aftermarket chassis.

Sir, that is a Herkimer battle jitney, the finest nonlethal military vehicle ever made.
2006-05-10 5:03:09 PM  
Where's the street legal sofa? I've yet to see anything to beat that!
2006-05-10 5:05:05 PM  
That seriously sucked ass.
2006-05-10 5:05:38 PM  
Its not farked.. I just looked at it.. some of the images are hosted in brazil though so that could cause a bottleneck between there and here (wherever you are)

I liked the chopped volvo the best and the ones with the vehicle wraps were cool.
2006-05-10 5:06:58 PM  
I wanna see the top spider vehicle in real life. That thing is sweet.
2006-05-10 5:07:08 PM  
That spider looking thing reminded me of those video games where you're in a mecha trying to destroy other mechas.

/Front Mission 3 was my favorite of that kind of game
//Armor Core series close second.
2006-05-10 5:07:09 PM  
Is that the truck from the FALL GUY behind the car that looks like a F-14?
2006-05-10 5:07:33 PM  
A normal car with an image painted on it is NOT bizarre.

THIS, on the other hand . . .
[image from too old to be available]
2006-05-10 5:08:07 PM  
Big Daddy Roth:

[image from too old to be available]

/a lifetime of cool and bizarre
2006-05-10 5:08:33 PM  
The chopped volvo rocks. But this list as a whole is kinda silly. A frickin paint job?
2006-05-10 5:09:44 PM  
I want that backhoe spider thing.
2006-05-10 5:10:10 PM  
Hollywood Cole: Is that the truck from the FALL GUY behind the car that looks like a F-14?

Wrong colors. Fall guy were brown and tan.
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