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(Japan Times)   Japan's junior high kids have so much sex they don't know who they last slept with, while their parents have no sex at all   ( divider line
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2006-05-06 08:25:51 PM  
Well, duh. Adult women don't wear schoolgirl outfits nearly often enough.
2006-05-06 08:47:31 PM  
omigodiAMjesus: Well, duh. Adult women don't wear schoolgirl outfits nearly often enough.

Game, Set, Match. You win!
2006-05-06 10:30:04 PM  
See, this should be an arguement that the anti-uniform advocates could bring up in US schools. "They do that in Japan, and look at the moral breakdown!"'s really nice when you can use 'morals' vs. the Jesus Freaks....the whole 'use their own weapons against them' thing.
2006-05-06 10:48:56 PM  
" are shedding their virginity younger and younger, though the actual numbers are rather surprising: According to one survey Shukan Post cites, 35.7 percent of third-year senior high school boys, and 44.3 percent of girls, have already crossed that milestone." this the only society where adolescent girls are hornier than guys?
2006-05-07 12:04:12 AM  
social scientists are singularly credulous creatures
2006-05-07 01:45:16 AM  
I eat breakfast every day. so much for that theory.
2006-05-07 01:45:33 AM  
Were tentacles involved?
2006-05-07 01:47:10 AM  
*throws away all boxes of poptarts and cereals*
2006-05-07 01:48:30 AM  

It's Japan. What do you think?

/the answer is "of course!!"
//Japanese are freaky sex maniacs
2006-05-07 01:48:31 AM  
um, i'm not familiar with the source, but it's not written like it's something to be taken seriously. it's more like the kinda stuff parents worry about than what is actually true. just some dude raving about "kids these days."

/stop farking on my lawn!
2006-05-07 01:54:26 AM  
Yea, I am not at all inclined to believe that part about not eating breakfast=sex, that is pretty ridiculous.

"I am so hungry from not eating breakfast, have sex with me?"
2006-05-07 01:56:24 AM  
Girls that age are not even supposed to be interested in sex.

Well not according to American sources anyways
2006-05-07 02:02:02 AM  
Note to self: Find excuse for business trip to Japan.
2006-05-07 02:02:17 AM  
A survey last month by the Gunma Prefecture Board of Education shows an interesting correlation between the sexual activity of young teenagers and, of all things, breakfast habits. Kids who eat breakfast regularly are less apt to be prematurely preoccupied with sex, the explanation being that regular breakfasts imply a harmonious family.

This message brought to you by General Mills. Great people. Trusted brands.
2006-05-07 02:02:48 AM  
use your sources from Roppongi.
That's like basing the entire USA's drug habits and gang wars on Baltimore City alone.

Roppongi is where you get a VD just by exiting the train station.

/None of my JHS kids are farkin'
//I guess they all eat breakfast?
2006-05-07 02:03:02 AM  
They should do like the americans do...

blame it on the media... or in their case, Anime.
2006-05-07 02:03:51 AM  
All these Japanese kids have too much time on their hands since Godzilla stopped crushing their cities...
2006-05-07 02:04:24 AM  
Abortion is a common form of birth control in Japan. When I first lived there in the late 90's, it was practically impossible for women to get the pill. But after viagra was ok'd by the goverment in in about ninety seconds, there was a backlash and it's easier now. Problem is there is no pill "culture," and since Japanese think they are a species apart, and immune to western diseases, they tend to ride bareback a lot.

Japan is heaven for Farkers. Japanese girls love foreigners, and they find pale, short, pasty ones especially approachable and non-threatening.
/form a line
//no pushing
2006-05-07 02:05:38 AM  
So censoring pubic hair in Japanese produced porno isn't preventing moral decay?
2006-05-07 02:07:03 AM  
The girls aren't hornier, they just start earlier.

/That article still grosses me out.
//"Are you stupid, Uriel? Japanese people don't have souls."
2006-05-07 02:07:25 AM  
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...

[image from too old to be available]
2006-05-07 02:07:38 AM  
no, Iomans, its the breakfast cereal, get it right
2006-05-07 02:10:32 AM  
If a simiar article was to come out in the U.S. (which it does every couple of months) people would chalk it up as scare tactics/danged old people not understanding the chillun'. Just look at it from this same perspective; just a different country, then it all makes perfect sense. Of course, I could just be drunk right now. Which, I seem to be.
2006-05-07 02:11:11 AM  
Not really -- around then I was making it with two guys at the same time . . . '

Damn, this biatch went and had an abortion without getting my and/or my buddy's consent!? Oh, she's gonna get smacked if I ever see her ass again! Better hope Sailor Moon is ready to teleport her ass to the fairy world!

Japan is heaven for Farkers. Japanese girls love foreigners, and they find pale, short, pasty ones especially approachable and non-threatening.
This is not entirely true. The short, pasty, chubby Japanese girls may do so, but the kogal types who are getting pregnant at 14 by two guys at the same time don't. Besides, most Japanese girls aren't all that hot. The most common Japanese phenotype tends to be rather different from a classic Western standard of beauty (i.e., long legs, round butt, hard abs, medium-to-large breasts). For hot Asian chicks, it's Korea FTW. Good luck getting with them if you're not Korean, though...
2006-05-07 02:11:16 AM  
From TFA

"The other day," says gynecologist Tsuneo Akaeda, who offers free weekly nighttime health consultations in Tokyo's Roppongi, "a third-year junior high school girl came to me; she wanted an abortion.

Well, there is your problem: Rappongi.
That's where the hoes hang out.

/or so I've heard... ahem.
2006-05-07 02:12:37 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Chi Approves

/Fark does not approve of XHTML
2006-05-07 02:14:22 AM  
The article's actual headline is better than submitter's what with the "moral fiber" and all.
2006-05-07 02:15:59 AM  
The breakfast thing isn't at all surprising, and they give the proper explination for it. I'm sure the same thing would be true in the US.

And by the way, if only 30-40 percent of high school senior in Japan have lost their virginity, that's pretty good by comparison to the US. I'm pretty sure we're over 50 percent here.
2006-05-07 02:16:50 AM  
It's clearly sensationalism. Take one or two of the most exteme examples you can find, and write about them as if they were some sort of nationwide trend. It's completely ridiculous, and I don't believe it for a moment.

People around the world like sex. I can't see why one region will, overall, be more active than another, and why one man, travelling around the world, say, would find the women to be more sexually active, or bold, or discover any particularly noticeable trends regarding ages or other factors.

I would like to study this at greater length, as there is clearly quite a lot to be learned from a study such as this.

I would appreciate if this fine proposal could find its way into the hands of anyone with more money than sense, as I think it would make a fine subject for a thesis, and I would like to volunteer for those long, tedious months or years working on it.
2006-05-07 02:17:13 AM  
By request:
[image from too old to be available]

/Yuko Ogura
///It's hard to find a picture of a swimsuit model with clothes on
//No more slashies, more Ah My Goddess now
2006-05-07 02:17:18 AM  
But if the parents aren't having sex how are they parents?
2006-05-07 02:18:06 AM  
If I went to Japan, I wouldn't know who I last slept with too!
2006-05-07 02:18:51 AM  
And by the way, if only 30-40 percent of high school senior in Japan have lost their virginity, that's pretty good by comparison to the US. I'm pretty sure we're over 50 percent here.

Especially if you count the number of boys having sex with their teachers.
2006-05-07 02:21:36 AM  
The US statistic is like... 3 out of 4 kids graduate HS with a VD? I don't know, but it's pretty crazy.

/wants to go to Japan
//still trying to figure out how
///Maybe a good English conversation school...?
////I heard Nova Group is kinda shiatty...
//mmm slash pie
2006-05-07 02:24:15 AM  
3 out of 4 kids graduate HS with a VD?

What? No way, dude. Maybe 3 out of 4 kids graduate with a GED or something, given our awesome public education system...
2006-05-07 02:30:20 AM  
If you are a moderately attractive guy, you'll have the time of your life in Japan. If you don't there is something wrong with you.

/lived it up
2006-05-07 02:31:04 AM  
Kids who eat breakfast regularly are less apt to be prematurely preoccupied with sex
No breakfast for you, baby! I want you ready!

Actually, one thing that brings up was that Dr Kellogg invented cornflakes not only as something nutritious, but the soggy flakes were supposed to suppress the male drive, thus daily use would prevent the loss of his vital semen as an essential bodily fluid.
2006-05-07 02:32:37 AM  
This was a well written article and I enjoyed reading it.
2006-05-07 02:37:25 AM  
Judging the way things are going with my current girlfriend, I'll be losing my virginity in Japan.
2006-05-07 02:39:49 AM  

2006-05-07 02:42:12 AM  

Chi! Pantsu! Pantsu pantsu pantsu pantsu....
[image from too old to be available]
2006-05-07 02:43:32 AM  
. . I have a lot of boyfriends. I don't know which is the father.

Cause they all look the same.
2006-05-07 03:00:22 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-05-07 03:01:14 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

/obviously time for BR
//can't believe no one posted this yet
2006-05-07 03:03:41 AM  
Maybe I'm just nit-picking here...but in that "otaku-phen" pic, it says "For treatment of Occasional recurring yellow fever." Isn't one of those words good enough?
2006-05-07 03:09:49 AM  
So all that shiat in straight shota manga is true?
2006-05-07 03:13:06 AM  

See, "recurring yellow fever" (or "RYF") is the name of the medical condition. Just like you'd say "for treatment of occasional IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)", except in this case it's a disease that makes you want to read Yuri and tentacle rape comics.

I made it for a photoshop called "design a prescription for what ails for fellow Farkers." If it were a real life medicine, my buddy Jeff_from_MD would be ordering it by the crate. Just wait til he gets here- then you'll see some good photos.
2006-05-07 03:25:32 AM  
Japan's junior high kids have so much sex they don't know who they last slept with,

You know, I could make a joke about how all asians look exactly the same, but that would be beneath me. Instead, I'll just post some more anime.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-05-07 03:33:00 AM  
If you guys want to have easy sex with hot girls in Japan, I highly recommend asking around to find the nearest bar/club that has lots of white girls. Even the hottest white girls working in Japan are desperate for white cock.

I walked into a bar in Roppangi, sat down to have a drink, and women were at one point lined up to give me their phone numbers. Women wrote their names/numbers on the backs of business cards that previous women had just given me. When I got tired around 3:00am, I just walked up to one and asked her if I could crash on her couch. When I got to her place, I said "uh, you don't have a couch," and she just smiled and shoved my (drunk) ass onto her bed. She proceded to impose her will on me in a most aggresive manner. I had to beg her to slow down and let me put a condom on.

/I am not any better looking than you.
//Having a hot girl force herself upon me was #3 on my things-to-do-before-I-die list.
2006-05-07 03:36:01 AM  

Mostly SFWish I think.......
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