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1055 clicks; posted to Entertainment » on 05 May 2006 at 6:21 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-05-05 06:25:46 PM  
far, far, far, far better than the movies
2006-05-05 06:33:22 PM  
In my opinion Mission Impossible and Gomer Pyle were the two most significant American series of the '60s. The former peddled the notion that American high tech geekiness could depose nasty dictators leaving our hands unbloodied; the latter could protray a Marine private at the height of the Vietnam war never getting his ass shot at. Fantasies, both. Hmmm, they wouldn't be out of place now, would they?
2006-05-05 08:40:35 PM  
What Xenu's biatchboy pretty much did to the Jim Phelps character in the first Mission Impossible movie would be about as logical and expected as having James Bond suddenly turn into child pornographer.
2006-05-05 10:56:56 PM  
I remember watching the M:I series on reruns when I was a kid and one time Barney was hiding under a table with a makeshift mirror setup kinda like how a magician does under the table so you can't see what's going on behind it and anyway so Barney is hiding behind this mirror thing under the table and the bad guys are in the room and one of them drops something that rolls under the table and Barney freaks out cause of course they're going to come retrieve it and then BOOM he's busted and you see the beads of sweat on his forehead and it cuts back to the bad guy standing up and walking to the table and then in big letters on the screen it says TO BE CONTINUED and so the next week I turn on the TV to the same time and the same station and the FARKING LOCAL STATION HAD CANCELLED THE M:I RERUNS AND HAD SOMETHING ELSE RUNNING and so to this day nearly thirty years later I still don't know how it ended but I guess it was okay since nothing really bad ever happened to any of the characters but the actor that played Barney is dead now but probably not because of that episode.

I like Red Bull.
2006-05-05 11:56:06 PM  
There was actually so little dialogue on this series, that you could spot actors falling asleep in the background at certain times.

/no joke, can't remember the guy's name who you could spot several times sleeping.
2006-05-06 12:41:00 PM  

Graves actually fell asleep during the filming of The Town from Season 2.

It's on page 149 of The Complete Missoin: Impossible Dossier.


There actually weren't that many multi-part episodes. Sounds like it may have been The Falcon from Year 4. It featured magic equipment.
2006-05-06 04:14:25 PM  
The thing that I noticed most was, no matter how intricate and foolproof the con/plan/operation was, SOMETHING would get farked up, invariably, and it was always rewarding to see how the team members would roll with it and ad-lib a way out when you were dead nuts certain everything was ruined. After watching many episodes, this became a little *too* expected, though, and got a litle formulaic.

The attempt to bring the show back later inthe 80's, with Morris' son doing the "Barney Junior" part, had some good moments, but somehow never quite built the same edge.

In the original show, two episodes I really liked were the one where they trick a guy into ducking into his underground bomb shelter and put a panoramic strip photo of a destroyed surface in front of his periscope to make him think WW3 had happened. And the episode where they added a duplicate car underneath an elevator and used the unoccupied 13th floor of a building to make a fake '12th floor', as part of an elaborate con. it was just simple and devious and cool. That's a concept that could still work in a contemporary setting.

One last thing I alsways remember was how they all made their getaway in the same car at the end of the show. When my crew gets done on an assignment and we wrap, I kind of hum the MI coda theme as we make our "getaway", but they are too young to 'get it'.

/old fart
2006-05-08 02:47:36 PM  
The original MI was a great show, but it only
worked while people had some trust in the

The remake in the early 90's was OK, but like
many remakes was only a pale copy of the original.

The movies completely shat upon the legacy of
the original, and reduced it to mere empty
collections of explosions and unconvincing
CGI and wirework.
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