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2006-04-28 11:52:04 PM  
My original class (I graduated a year early, so I didn't graduate with the kids I went to kindergarten with) had 9 valedictorians. I was at college when my mom called and told me that. My high school didn't have a weighted system based on AP courses, and used just grades on a 4.0 system. Turns out that the 9 people who received the honor had straight A's all the way back to kindergarten. They actually had to go back 13 years to verify everybody's grades.
2006-04-29 12:42:34 AM  
Summon DIA.

This is such bullshiat, all this touchy feely education.
2006-04-29 12:45:52 AM  
Ah, liberals. They knew so far in advance that we could better society by celebrating mediocrity and punishing the gifted. Oh, wait...
2006-04-29 12:46:47 AM  
tarrant84: Summon DIA.

You don't have to summon him, tarrant. He'll feel the disturbance in the force and be here a tout de suite.
2006-04-29 02:03:16 AM  
For clarification,
At [the schools in question], leaders have decided any student with a 4.0 GPA earns the title of valedictorian. At Westview, that's one in every seven seniors.

The issue has less to do with strictly "feel-good" moves (e.g. naming everyone valedictorian on a whim) than with faulty grading policies and procedures. Far fewer than one out of every seven seniors should have a 4.0.
2006-04-29 02:35:28 AM  
I got a 3.71 GPA in High School. I was royaly pissed when I was not eligible for several scholarships because the airheads who took the BNN (Brain Not Needed) classes all got 4.0 GPAs while I worked my ass off on the hard classes and "only" got a 3.71 GPA. They ranked higher in GPA and where first in line for college money.
2006-04-29 02:53:01 AM  
Multiple valedictorians? WTF?

/we had one
2006-04-29 02:53:05 AM  
Dang, i remember in grade school at the end of teh year they handed out all these little awards for good attendance and other stuff... some people just got an envelope with a ribbon that said "participant"
2006-04-29 02:53:53 AM  

Welcome to Life Is Not Fair We Live In A Cruel Harsh Reality. Would you like some humble pie and a slice of cheese to go with that whine?
2006-04-29 02:55:53 AM  
ecmoRandomNumbers - My original class...

Waaay more detail than I can absorb on a Friday night.
2006-04-29 02:56:24 AM  
I graduted from a class that had 1,200 freshmen entering and ended up with only 300 seniors graduating.

Sheesh, we should have all been valedictorians. But thinking of where it got c/o 1987's shining star--she was working the parking booth at Knott's Berry farm last time I saw her--I guess we didn't need that distinction.
2006-04-29 02:56:56 AM  
Crosshair: the airheads who took the BNN (Brain Not Needed) classes all got 4.0 GPAs while I worked my ass off on the hard classes and "only" got a 3.71 GPA.

I know what you mean, I used to be in "Tag" (talented and gifted) starting in 4th grade and all that did was bump me up a level in everything bookwise so I was doing harder work for the same grade for the rest of my school days.
2006-04-29 03:00:40 AM  
whoever is suprised by this kind of shiat doesn't have kids.

Kills me to argue with the moms that don't want to have sports teams win or lose either. Read Bill Gates' biography, you can bet his mom encouraged competition.

I used to teach Martial Arts to rich kids. Gave that up for my own sanity. Everyone wanted little johny to pass his test even though he only showed up for class twice a month.

God Bless fat white America in their little green belts.
2006-04-29 03:01:15 AM  
They need to figure out how to weigh the GPA's so that students who got 4.0's taking HomeEc and autoshop don't get the same consideration as those who took all AP courses. That would probably lessen the amount of valedictorians they have.
2006-04-29 03:01:44 AM  
when everyone is super, no one will be

[image from images.zap2it.com too old to be available]
2006-04-29 03:02:38 AM  
hooray im drunk on the tineretn!!!
2006-04-29 03:04:18 AM  
safeinsane: I graduted from a class that had 1,200 freshmen entering and ended up with only 300 seniors graduating.


I went to a LAUSD school for my junior and senior years... and they were teaching what I had learned in middle school. It was a huge waste of time, yet only ~25% graduated.
2006-04-29 03:04:28 AM  
I can sort of see having four or five or even ten if the class is big enough and all the students really deserved it by taking hard classes. At graduation, we had a class of over 400 and had 7 valedictorians, each with a GPA within .15 of each other. But 75 is stretching it quite a bit, especially if the courses are weighted. You could get straight B's and still have a 4.0. Stupid school district.
2006-04-29 03:05:51 AM  
I don't have a problem with not assigning wins and losses at lower, entry levels of athletic competition but this 75 valedictorian stuff is bs.

Overall, people need to chill out about grades. We have grades for failing, below average, average, above average and excellent. I can see that nobody needs to be given F's but teachers need to give out more C's and D's but in order for that to happen people need to accept the fact that not everybody is above average or excellent.

If half the class is getting an "A", the standard for "A" work is too low.
2006-04-29 03:07:45 AM  
ANother thing, it does make sense that a B in an AP class should count as more than an A in a retard calss
2006-04-29 03:08:33 AM  
I was always annoyed that football players who couldn't read got to graduate. T-t-t-t


"oh right"
2006-04-29 03:09:00 AM  

Ah, liberals. They knew so far in advance that we could better society by celebrating mediocrity and punishing the gifted. Oh, wait...

Sadly conservatives have the "cult of the individual" hammered into them from childhood. This tribal construct when overlayed into modern societies gives the adherent a form of personal justification for extra legal and extra moral methods towards the gaining of status. Furthermore, it divorces the person from rational self examination and honest evaluation.

So say.. Jeff Skilling, the idiot who engineered much of Enrons utterly useless business model. He sees himself as successful, and a self made alpha male self constructed from the very dust of creation. When in reality, he was a priviledged male who rode the wealth of his nation into a position of power that he exploited in a dillusion of grandeur, ruining countless lives in his endevour to overcome his insecurities and rise to the top of his belief that some people are just better, and therefore more worthy then others.

Some people are more skilled and ambitious then other people, and they should be rewarded for it. But you ride on the backs of generations of hard working people that construct your society. If you have no regard or understanding that in fact, yes you live in a socialist system by default, you need to either get a more rounded education, or you need to get counselling. Otherwise you'll be a burden to the people who come after you, and a disgrace to the people who came before.
2006-04-29 03:09:04 AM  

Ah, liberals. They knew so far in advance that we could better society by celebrating mediocrity and punishing the gifted. Oh, wait...

Were you reading the same article I was? I read the whole thing, and yet could not find one mention of how this plan was linked to political liberalism. But hey, maybe I missed that part of the article. Why don't you point it out to me?
2006-04-29 03:09:45 AM  
Should be only one, or the term "valedictorian" loses meaning.

Rather, it lost its meaning already.
2006-04-29 03:10:29 AM  
From Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 3:

"However, when they had been running half an hour or so, and were quite dry again, the Dodo suddenly called out `The race is over!' and they all crowded round it, panting, and asking, `But who has won?'

"This question the Dodo could not answer without a great deal of thought, and it sat for a long time with one finger pressed upon its forehead (the position in which you usually see Shakespeare, in the pictures of him), while the rest waited in silence. At last the Dodo said, `Everybody has won, and all must have prizes.' "
2006-04-29 03:11:33 AM  
I was valedictorian, which helped me get a full ride academic scholarship to a private university (where I ended up getting one B from a prof who was fired that semester and told me he never read my paper-- see how obsessive grades made me).

Anyway, it was more of a curse than a blessing. I honestly can admit that I took college classes based on maintaining my GPA- not to prepare myself for the real world. The real world care nothing about grades. Of my peers who went on to greatness, most were more well-rounded. It takes great social skills to reach a C-level suite (as one B-student is stationed)... and a kid who never went to college had the risk taking qualities (and maybe something to prove) that brought him millions in owning a media outlet.

Class rank should be obliterated entirely-- despite their biases, standardized tests can measure far more accurately.
2006-04-29 03:13:50 AM  
Crosshair: I got a 3.71 GPA in High School. I was royaly pissed when I was not eligible for several scholarships because the airheads who took the BNN (Brain Not Needed) classes all got 4.0 GPAs while I worked my ass off on the hard classes and "only" got a 3.71 GPA. They ranked higher in GPA and where first in line for college money.

If your priority was scholarship money rather than an education, wouldn't the smart choice be to take the easier classes that would get you a 4.0? In my state, AP and honors classes get extra points in terms of weighted GPAs, so we didn't have that problem.
2006-04-29 03:14:03 AM  
2006-04-29 03:15:49 AM  
ZoeNekros: LAUSD?

Nope, PUSD. But just as bad.

How bad was it? The school's wrestling coach was also our psychology teacher and one of the football coaches was an English teacher.

It's amazing I learned anything there. I did, however, have excellent English and biology teachers who weren't moonlighting doing other jobs on campus.

Side note: One of the students is organizing our 20-year reunion. Last time I checked, only 8 people signed up. Never had much school spirit, either.
2006-04-29 03:19:24 AM  
hell, i'm pleasantly surprised when oregonians are able to properly fill out their tax exempt forms when they don't want to pay an extra 30 cents. oregonians are fine by me. so long as i'm not behind them in traffic or checkout lines.
2006-04-29 03:20:29 AM  
Someone has to post the
"You win... the PRIZE!" Photo.

I find it to be relevant and quite hilarious.
2006-04-29 03:23:08 AM  
any student with a 4.0 GPA earns the title of valedictorian.

Yeah, those students who are merely perfect shouldn't get any recognition. We should only recognize those who push themselves beyond normal human limits, destroying their livelihood and driving themselves insane to be better than perfect.
2006-04-29 03:25:46 AM  
A rural school near where I live "elects" their valedictorian - which is equally stupid to everybody being valedictorian.

Strangely the person who had the best grades got shut out on the voting, but big breasts were rewarded...I guess a life leason can be learned from that.

I am sure years later the "Real Val" will hire the then saggy boobie woman and give her lots of menial jobs and make her life hell.
2006-04-29 03:27:08 AM  
"I think recognition is important, but it makes other students feel inferior," Libov said. "I don't think graduation should be a time when students get recognition over someone else."

What incentive does a student have to excel if they are not recognized for their superior performance?

...and the pussification of America continues.
2006-04-29 03:35:57 AM  
My highschool had two students who where within a millionth of a point of each other going back to middleschool, and they still managed to choose.
2006-04-29 03:37:32 AM  
Makineri: Yeah, those students who are merely perfect shouldn't get any recognition.

An unweighted 4.0 GPA is perfect. The 4.0 GPA mentioned in the article is weighted, meaning that the maximum possible GPA is higher than that by definition, and there's a huge difference between a 4.1 weighted and a 5.0 weighted, even though both of them exceed 4.0.
2006-04-29 03:40:24 AM  
I win
2006-04-29 03:44:59 AM  
My graduating class has 250 people in it. Of those 250, 19 were national merit scholars (top half of the top 1% of LSAT scores) meaning we had roughly 15 times as many NMS winners as would have been "average". Yet we didn't have a single student with a GPA over 4, and we only had one valedictorian. Incidentally, the valedictorian wasn't one of the 19 NMS winners.

I'd wager that an average 2.0 GPA student at that school got a better education, and was a better student, than the vast majority of these 75 "valedictorians".
2006-04-29 03:48:09 AM  

whatever crap it is that liberals have wrought upon us, we have W. to thank for no child left behind, a much more signifigant factor in the decline of the america than some silly symbolic thing that noone really cares about anyway.

/ i remember some kids in high school did care, but i can say honestly that i never gave two shiats about the gpa, until college when i lost part of my scholarship for not having enough gpa.
// honestly, grades don't matter. it's contacts, charlie, contacts!
/// okay grades matter order of magnitude . although i admit to giving higher grades than merited sometimes just to avoid hearing the complaints
////they get renormalized anyhow, so they don't REALLY get higher grades
2006-04-29 03:50:54 AM  
In my high school, I graduated Valedictorian over 120 kids. we didn't have AP classes, and I graduated with a 3.95. I was named Most Likely to Succeed.

fast forward 10 years. I am a college dropout, I couldn't hack the honors program (or even the regular program) at my college, and haven't really found a direction in my life, after having everyone cram "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING" down my throat. I've worked a series of sucky service industry jobs, and yeah, my life kinda sucks.

These kids are going to get a rude awakening when they get tossed out into the real world. This whole AP class thing stems from the idea that college is going to lead to a better life for people, and that's not neccessarily the case. College isn't for everyone, and it's really up to parents, teachers and guidance counselors to make sure their kids know that. I didn't need the whole "the world is your oyster if you go to college" speech, I needed "here, take these interest tests and we'll see what a good job would be for you...".

Being named Valedictorian is not neccessarily a ticket to a good life and good school. It's actually a big farking joke, especially if you're a while male and get no scholarships, and the Saluditorian is an asian female and gets two free-rides.
2006-04-29 03:51:45 AM  

as silly as grade chasing can be, i still have to say "how much you wagerin?"

i would bet that there EXISTS a 2.0 student who got a better education etc. but you would have to be a damned fool to think the AVERAGE 2.0'er was a better student than the 4.0'ers...

2006-04-29 03:51:47 AM  
Out of 716, I believe my graduating class had 25 or so valedictorians.
Anyone with greater than a 4.0 got it and the weighted grades were rediculous.
I graduated with a 4.35, did see an A my senior year and was finally ranked 16th.
Still got a full ride out of all of it though!
2006-04-29 03:54:15 AM  
this is fun reposting to each post.
SoBeDrummmmer, I was much lower than 16 out of 250, but at least I lurnt to speel in my day. Use sentences too.
2006-04-29 03:58:38 AM  

i am also 10 years out of high school. i have 3 post secondary degrees of non-trivial academic worth.

my life sucks too though, so don't sweat the dropout thing!

it's true though: college isn't for everyone. i know i shouldn't, but there are times i want to take some of my students, give them an application for Target, and save time for all parties...
2006-04-29 03:59:50 AM  
We had a 10-way (count 'em) tie for Valedictorian at my high school. Each kid was allowed a 2 minute speech. It translated to about an hour of hell as no one wanted to say SHUT THE FARK UP.

I was the class president, and unfortunately had to sit on stage during all this anguish. I knew that once the 10 Valedictorians had spoken, no one wanted to hear whatever there was left to say from me. I stood up, asked for my family to wave to me since my view of most of the crowd was blocked by whoever was yammering at the podium, thanked them for being there, grabbed a bottle of water from under said podium and sat down. It was about 20 seconds. I heard from a teacher I'm still in touch with that someone was considering echoing "my" speech at this year's graduation.

Sorry, tangent. Oh and nightfallcub, you couldn't be more right. There were three or four white male Vals, none of them got much in terms of financial aid. I know a girl who wasn't even a Sal and got a full ride to U of Michigan because she was half Mexican. Let me tell you... she was the whitest girl I knew, in both looks and personality. Farking insane.

/no, I'm not bitter
//Go Green!
///Go White!
////I should probably be studying
2006-04-29 04:01:57 AM  
Who cares, you learn all of shiat in Highschool anyway. Think about it this way: 15 units in College takes up an average of 15 hours a week. Highschool you go 35 hours a week (normal week) so apparently you learn more in college in less than half the time. Sounds about right to me, screw the U.S school system.
2006-04-29 04:03:06 AM  
There's an easy way around this. Don't work on a 4.0 scale if the harder classes give a bonus quality 0.5 or 1.0! That way the person at like 4.2something will be the top dog...
2006-04-29 04:17:35 AM  

You pretty much hit the nail on the head. Something needs to be done to curb the egoistic head trip that the priviliged and wealthy suffer from.
2006-04-29 04:23:31 AM  
Valedictorians are like highlanders.. there can be only one
[image from blog.simplyhired.com too old to be available]
2006-04-29 04:24:15 AM  
Famous valedictorians include the following (source: Wikipedia):

John Foster Dulles
Steve Ballmer
Melinda Gates
Johnny Bench
Conan O'Brien
Cindy Crawford
Robert Frost
W. C. Handy
Alicia Keys
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo
Ben Stein
William Rehnquist
"Weird Al" Yankovic
Nicole Sullivan
Dexter Holland
Tiffany Amber Thiessen
Eric Young

At my schools we had one valedictorian, one salutatorian, and one athlete-scholar. For all I know they're all living in a van down by the river.
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