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(   White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle is now prohibited from sliding across the tarp on his stomach during rain delays   ( divider line
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2006-04-16 9:11:56 PM  
What would the fine be? $20k? Big deal. It would be totally worth it if I were making millions a year. If he gets hurt, just don't pay him.
2006-04-16 9:13:07 PM  
I can see the potential for injury angle, but they just wouldnt pay him then...but he wasn't injured, he's fine and making a sh*tty time great for the fans that PAID MONEY FOR ENTERTAINMENT

How police strike again
2006-04-16 9:21:28 PM  
I bet that they'd forbid Ozzie Smith from doing the backflips if he played in the age of super-big-contracts. When Pete Rose slid, he tore up the field.

Of course Mickey Mantle tore up his knee tripping over an exposed drain pipe in the outfield. Where was the safety police then?
2006-04-16 9:27:25 PM  
A) He could be seriously injured if he accidently hit something under the tarp or got a wrist/arm caught on an edge.

B) It would definitely incite others (one person did) to repeat the act. The White Sox are the LAST team that would want fans coming out of the stands

C) He could tear up the field, damage the tarp. And, baseball diamond-sized tarps aren't easy to come by.

D) Most managers/General Managers prefer a better examlpe put forth as the face of their team.
2006-04-16 9:34:49 PM  
So ban slip n' slides if it's so dangerous.. Geez.. the guy was just trying to have some fun.
2006-04-16 9:37:27 PM  

/didn't RTFA
2006-04-16 9:40:35 PM  
They should hold some sort of disco-themed night when they blow up disco records.
2006-04-16 9:42:16 PM  
Or do some wacky, uniform switch. Shorts, perhaps.
2006-04-16 9:47:46 PM  
Alacritous: So ban slip n' slides if it's so dangerous

They did ban it...see how he was fined for his actions?
2006-04-16 10:36:31 PM  
Unavailable for comment...

[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-16 10:53:27 PM  
How much more farked up can things be in baseball where you fine a guy for having some fun, but you let 'roided up farks tainting the game?
2006-04-16 11:17:17 PM  
They should make a new sport that you play by sliding on a tarp. That way there'd be no more rain delays because it'll become a tarpball game.

Patent Pending.
2006-04-16 11:24:14 PM  
bulldg4life, please tell me you forgot the line that says, "just playing devils advocate here, but....".

You cant be serious, can you?
2006-04-16 11:38:17 PM  

I bet that they'd forbid Ozzie Smith from doing the backflips if he played in the age of super-big-contracts

They DID forbid Ozzie from doing the back flips. Wasn't MLB that did it - the Cardinals organization did it. Of course, it's pretty much the same thing.
2006-04-16 11:48:00 PM  
Bigtimmy: You cant be serious, can you?

About which part?
2006-04-16 11:54:20 PM  
Which team has the most fun in the MLB?

And which team won the 2005 World Series?

Case Closed. Save the Buehrle slide!
2006-04-17 12:11:07 AM  
Like some people above said... it just comes down to "nothing good can come from this, and a lot of things could go wrong"

Who knows if the fine will ever go through. If it is the White Socks and it gets some chuckels in the media (like this article) I would imagine that they don't take it any further than a warning to not do it again.

I mean the guy is a great pitcher. They don't want him to fark up something because he hit something... fark the tarp, his arm costs more... :)
2006-04-17 1:28:11 AM  
I remember a game years ago where at least four players slid across a soaked tarp. Response? Nada. People need to lighten the fark up.
2006-04-17 1:30:28 AM  
Ozzie Smith used to run onto the field and do a roundoff to backflip. People loved him for it. Imagine a short stop doing that now. He'd be killed by his own manager. That just sucks.
2006-04-17 1:58:54 AM  
WhyteRaven74, that would 8/8/88, the first night game at Wrigley Field,
2006-04-17 2:56:11 AM  

That was it. And may I say, you rock at life for remembering that. I remember that game well. Remember the hoopla surrounding it. Was heady days, three weeks later I started high school.
2006-04-17 3:15:59 AM  
What asshatted-ness on the part of the team to fine him. O's catcher Rick Depsey did this during the 80's and his fun never led to anyone copying him. Sad.
2006-04-17 9:04:42 AM  
twobux: Damnit - beat me to it. He may have been a half-assed catcher, but damnit Dempsey could tarp slide with the best of them.

/ Saw it once at Memorial Statium
2006-04-17 9:17:09 AM  
heh. I remember when robin ventura was on the mets and he did a similar thing during a rain delay at yankee stadium - only he put on mike piazza's jersey and used some eyeblack to give himself a piazza-esque 'stache. he acted out hitting a homerun (right-handed), then he ran around the tarp and slid into home plate. the dumbass yankees announcer (michael kay?) kept saying "how can mike piazza take this kind of risk!? he's too valuable to the mets!"
2006-04-17 10:12:43 AM  
weeeeeeeeak.... let the man slide if he wants.
2006-04-17 11:10:59 AM  
Future fun for Buehrle probably will have to consist of earning 20 victories or winning the American League Cy Young Award

You can say that again
2006-04-17 12:42:48 PM  
Yep, next time Buehrle should pull Simon Diamond onto the field and beat his ass. That'll be much better.
2006-04-17 1:32:27 PM  

I was going to mention Dempsey if no one else did. Im glad someone else remembers.

Buehrle was only continuing a time-honored tradition.

(My first attended orioles game was vs the redsox in 1968, I think)
2006-04-17 2:53:41 PM  
No steroid rules for years and years, but no slippy-slidey on the first day. Nice.
2006-04-17 3:17:28 PM  
That's just stupid.

/Buehrle has been doing this for years.
2006-04-17 4:19:51 PM  
Hey Buehrle, what's the matter with you?
You can't have fun while playing a game, don't you know that?

/asshat MLB
//still no fine for headhunter Pedro yet
2006-04-17 4:41:28 PM  
That article reads like vanguard party propoganda.
2006-04-17 5:06:12 PM  
Get Off the Government Teat

They DID forbid Ozzie from doing the back flips. Wasn't MLB that did it - the Cardinals organization did it. Of course, it's pretty much the same thing.

Yeah, they limited him to once a year before the home opener, right?

Remember in 1985 when the fastest man in baseball, Vince Coleman, was run over by the auto tarp in the NLCS? Ah, the irony.

/Misses days of 100+ stolen bases
2006-04-17 8:31:50 PM  
Ahhh well, I can see why the MLB wants to put a stop to it. Both risk of injury to him and inspiring fans to do so as well but it was still cool.
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