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(Some Catholic)   DaimlerChrysler creates new Popemoblie   ( divider line
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6207 clicks; posted to Main » on 07 Jun 2002 at 4:34 AM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2002-06-06 12:34:39 PM  
Finally, the Pope can get rid of that beat up Nova.
2002-06-06 01:00:22 PM  
Surely it's loaded with explosives. Besides, if the Pope is infallible, why does he need a bullet proof Pope-mobile?
2002-06-06 01:12:56 PM  
Comes equipped with a built in polka band, a pierogi kitchen, and a real long table for him to lie on in order to receive back rubs from altar boys as well as making it more manageable for his Depends to be changed from his caregiver.
2002-06-06 05:28:04 PM  
Is the Pope Catholic?
2002-06-07 04:37:20 AM  
Anybody else here first think it said "Poop-mobile"?
2002-06-07 04:44:04 AM  
Equipped with bagged saline and IV nutrient feeds, the new popemobile is rated for 6 months of continuous operation without pope reload.
2002-06-07 04:45:18 AM  
Meshman:if the Pope is infallible, why does he need a bullet proof Pope-mobile?

Yeah - you think he's just trust in G-d. And another thing: If the pope is infallibe, how do you explain his choice of hats?

AdamK:Anybody else here first think it said "Poop-mobile"?

At first, I thought it said "pedophile." Either way, it all goes back to the Vatican.

I mob people
Bo peep limo
2002-06-07 04:45:57 AM  
Infallible doesn't mean the same as invincible.

Which is good, because otherwise my boss would probably be a superhero and we would all be in trouble.
2002-06-07 04:46:34 AM  
Oh, Mother of Pearl,
So semi-precious
In your detached world.
2002-06-07 04:47:46 AM  
Hytes Xian: 565? unless I missed a vowel.

2002-06-07 04:51:03 AM  
Maybe we should start making everything voting enabled. That way we would all start trying really hard to be intelligent, witty, profound, and eloquent.
2002-06-07 04:52:05 AM  
They should give him one of those leftover Crusader prototypes, painted white. I mean, the Crusader has to be driven by The Pope, right?
2002-06-07 04:56:28 AM  
Nothing on this world could bring about a change like that, Hytes. *L*
2002-06-07 05:07:49 AM  
You know, you're right, Stephenv. It's supposed to be so-so instead of so. But it's an old Roxy Music lyric. I hadn't even noticed the haiku. Pretty cool.
2002-06-07 05:08:25 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Sup NiGgZZZ!!!! The new popemobile is in FULL EFFEKCT and the DOPE POPE JP is StrAITT BALLIN!!!
2002-06-07 05:19:11 AM  
Why the fark is the voting enabled?

P.S. Vote for me.
2002-06-07 05:27:33 AM  
Could God create a Popemobile so solid that God himself couldn't shoot the Pope?
2002-06-07 05:49:38 AM  
Damn that's good.

Icy Hot Stunnaz for pope 2005!
2002-06-07 05:54:26 AM  
I wonder if it has wheelchair access?
2002-06-07 06:27:16 AM  
hmmm.. new poopmoblie is being dedicated on world youth day? there's an evil conspiracy here somewhere. crusin' for hairless hotties in da p' mobile. yo! yo! wuzzup altar boy? i'm gonna make you an altar man.
2002-06-07 06:42:36 AM  
the popemobile, the popemobile
we're pushing along in the popemobile
oh what an exciting way to feel
pushing along in the popemobile.
2002-06-07 07:17:23 AM  
Does the pope sh|t in the woods?
2002-06-07 07:23:48 AM  
Honestly, someone should pop the pope.

Here's why:

There are too many people in this world. This in turn causes unnecessary suffering in terms of poverty, diseases, famine and environmental destruction that in the long run threatens the survival of us all, including us in the rich part of the world.

The pope and the Vatican is the foremost force in hindering the UN to implement effectiv birth-control measures throughout the world. For example, at the UN Conference on Women's Rights in Cairo 1994 the Vatican, being a nation of 1000 men (what were they doing there in the first place?), single-handedly vetoed (these resolutions has to be taken in unison by all members) a UN-sponsored plan on birth control that were supported by ALL other countries in the world, including for example some rather farked up countries when it comes to women such as Iran.

This is why I believe that the Vatican is one of the most evil institutions there are in the world today, all along with al-Qaeda and the NRA.
2002-06-07 08:22:31 AM  
Oh, the Irony.

I think Daimler was a big supplier of vehicles for the Nazis. But then again, so was Volkswagen.
2002-06-07 08:39:05 AM  
How am I gonna Pop the Pope if the NRA isn't around to support my right to Pop Popes?

All those silly ass countries can, in fact, hand out their own condoms.
2002-06-07 09:34:44 AM  
This one BETTER transform into a freaking giant robot.
2002-06-07 09:34:59 AM  
When I first read the headline I thought "PIMPMOBILE" and wondered intently what it was going to look like, boy was I dissapointed.

*Needs to remember to put on glasses before reading Fark*
2002-06-07 09:48:25 AM  
Head-to-head demolition derby "PapalSmear2002"
3.Knight Rider
4.Dale Earnheart
5.BA Barracas

Any other suggestions for competitors?
2002-06-07 09:52:28 AM  
That finned-up Ford Futura was the only real Popemobile. And I still think Adam West was an amusing Popeman, even if he did stare at Altar-boy's legs all the time.

Vote Quimby!
2002-06-07 10:21:40 AM  
GIS for "popemobile":
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-07 10:24:26 AM  
If EVER there was a Photoshop contest in waiting, it's this one. Photoshop a new Popemobile.
2002-06-07 10:27:47 AM  
IRONBAR: Daimler Benz made some bad-ass airplane engines for some bad-ass German fighters like the ME-109.

The whole Catholic church needs a major overhaul. Like Microsoft, they're standing in the way of the evolution of the human race. fark the Pope.
2002-06-07 10:29:37 AM  
I'd love to see the Pope racin' down the road in his Type 'R' Bumpin some R Kelly.

Dig the pic of the FJ, 1200cc Sport Tourer, is that the '87?
2002-06-07 10:51:21 AM  
Is the old one for sale?
2002-06-07 10:57:00 AM  
Someone find a pic of this mofo...PHOTOSHOP!
2002-06-07 11:29:23 AM  
it should have kielbasa grill on the back.
2002-06-07 11:51:59 AM  
Isn't it a little hypocritical of him to own a car like that? Seriously...Catholocism and Christianity teach followers to strive to live like Jesus - and share the gospel...not to own some ridiculous vehicle like that.
2002-06-07 11:54:05 AM  
At the end of the article, I thought it said they were stored in the Museum of Papal Carnage - not carraige.
2002-06-07 12:01:37 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Is it just me, or does it look like he should be pulling Bingo numbers out of that thing?
2002-06-07 12:07:30 PM  
na na na na na na na na na na pope-man!
2002-06-07 12:45:16 PM  
The new Popemobile comes equipped with a new holy water water cannon so he can spritz it all over the faithful as he passes by.

Say... that sounds strangely phallic...ironical, even...
2002-06-07 12:45:33 PM  
Dodge...The Mayor of Catholic City.
2002-06-07 01:46:47 PM  
Meshman: Infallible, not invulnerable. The infallibility BS is a nicer way of saying "What I say goes and I'm always right."

Know how he could afford that? From the money poor suckers pay trying to get people out of a non-existant purgatory. Big money-maker.
2002-06-07 01:48:27 PM  
I hope this one isn't bulletproof.
2002-06-07 01:53:08 PM  
This is why I believe that the Vatican is one of the most evil institutions there are in the world today, all along with al-Qaeda

Not sure what the NRA does, so I didn't include that.

But yeah, I know the Vatican is evil. There are fundie sites (I surf a lot, can't you tell) that say that nations have been in bed with Rome. 'Cause the Vatican kinda works behind the scenes. All these leaders bow down and kiss the Pope's ass, it's obvious.

I'm not a fundie, but fundies are right about a lot of things. Lots of people are right about a lot of things, it's a matter of filtering out the crap. Like I don't believe it's a sin for me to wear jeans or makeup. :)
2002-06-07 01:59:19 PM  
"Hey John, where ya headed?
"Oh, I don't know, down to the beach, to buy some t-shirts... y'know, all proceeds go to help the local church get their preist out of jail"

biatchin' popemobile!
biatchin' popemobile!
2002-06-07 02:10:25 PM  
btw Todd300, I love the biatchin Camero reference... I'm laughing, but not rolling on the floor.

[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-07 02:41:32 PM  
0 to 60 in less than 6 "Hail Mary"s.

So did AMG soup it up for them?
2002-06-07 03:06:02 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
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