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(Yahoo)   Asshole doctors responsible for nurse shortage.   ( divider line
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7022 clicks; posted to Main » on 06 Jun 2002 at 5:38 PM (20 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2002-06-06 5:40:52 PM  
Helooooo nurse.
2002-06-06 5:42:03 PM  
2002-06-06 5:42:34 PM  
yeah their assholes until you need them to save your life huhh?
2002-06-06 5:43:49 PM  
doctors get chicks, therefore i am going to be a doctor
2002-06-06 5:43:56 PM  
I think the preferred term is proctologist.
2002-06-06 5:44:26 PM  
"Who were these men!!!! I wanted to be a nurse!!!!"
2002-06-06 5:44:35 PM  
The shortage is actually caused by nurses defecting to the pornography industry as the popularity of nurse setting pornography skyrockets. Obviously.
2002-06-06 5:44:43 PM  
It's true. My g/f is a nurse and she biatches about the asshole doctors all the time.
2002-06-06 5:45:09 PM  
It probably doesn't help that nurses have tiny paychecks to go with their huge responsabilities... or so I've heard.

And let's not even start talking about the paycheck to responsability ratio for teachers...

2002-06-06 5:45:54 PM  
Huh? I though America was getting all our nurses? What did you guys do with them?
2002-06-06 5:46:13 PM  
did someone say ...
[image from too old to be available]
Hellooooo NURSE!
2002-06-06 5:47:14 PM  
The hospitals want us to hold hands and sing Cumbaya with the nurses. Instead of being a Doctor, now I'm a member of a "healthcare team". What a load of crap. The reason doctors think they know more than all the other "team members" is because they do. We school for ten years after college to get where we are.
Now I don't condone being a jerk and there are lots of those in medicine. But when you screw up dealing with peoples lives, you're damn sure going to hear about it.
2002-06-06 5:47:44 PM  
I farked a nurse once, the next day she called me an asshole, does that count?
2002-06-06 5:48:10 PM  
sooo true.
when my dad was in hospital last year (cancer),the nurses
were amazing and went out of their way to make him comfortable,
the doctor showed up for about two minutes once a week and treated everybody like crap.
2002-06-06 5:48:33 PM  
they pay em big bucks to move down there and then they get biatched on and come back
2002-06-06 5:49:13 PM  
My name is Cosmo Kramer, and I am the assman!
2002-06-06 5:51:22 PM  
Mysticcat:My father died due to the incompetence of a docter. While I will agree with you that doctors know more than nurses and the other hospital staff, this does not necessarily make them a) good doctors or b) competent ones.
2002-06-06 5:51:53 PM  
Sure, fling the mud at asshole doctors while you can, but when you need a suppository or an enema and the asshole doctors are all gone, you'll be sorry.
2002-06-06 5:52:36 PM  
2002-06-06 5:52:55 PM  
Mysticcat, I think the nurses would settle for more doctors dropping the whole "Me big doctor, you stupid broad nurse" routine.
2002-06-06 5:53:54 PM  


that was brilliant
2002-06-06 5:55:00 PM  
[image from too old to be available] <---I just got farked in my explorer address bar.
2002-06-06 5:55:10 PM  
I don't know why you think you don't deserve to be in a "team" because you know more than the rest of the staff. Most other businesses adopted the "team" mentality years ago. Everyone brings something different to a group and an experience.
2002-06-06 5:55:26 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-06 5:55:31 PM  
no amount of education makes you a human being.
2002-06-06 5:56:34 PM  
It's their biatchin'-ass wives that I can do without. You know the ones whose only claim to fame is the fact that they married a doctor.
2002-06-06 5:56:45 PM  
Sterben:Doctors make mistakes like everyone else. The difference is that when we screw up, its not money thats lost, its often at the expense of human siffering and misery. Thats a big burden to bear for anyone. Any procedure has risks and, generally, the bigger the procedure, the bigger the risk. Bad things happen despite the best efforts of the best doctors.

You're right that not all doctors are good,though.
2002-06-06 5:57:43 PM  
Dr. Nick Cornholio, M.D.
2002-06-06 5:59:10 PM  
Problem with inpatient nursing is: most hospital docs are surgeons and most surgeons are assholes. They get into surgery so they can be little Napoleans. Don't mix the rest of us in with them.
2002-06-06 5:59:50 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-06 5:59:51 PM  
I had a doctor bend a metal rod in me while trying to extract a Kidney stone last year. Dont know about most but this guy was an asshole.

And he has the nerver to try to collect on the bill.
2002-06-06 6:02:08 PM know....unless their real hotties of course
2002-06-06 6:03:39 PM  
Has anyone besides me noticed that the nurses have a room where they give blowjobs? Every hospital I've been in has a room with a door that says "Head Nurse".
2002-06-06 6:04:54 PM  
I haven't seen the word "asshole" actually written anywhere in a long time.

Come to think of it, I hardly ever hear spoken either.

2002-06-06 6:04:58 PM  
Mysticcat: Though I understand what you are (somewhat misguidedly) attempting to say, My g/f is also a nurse of 20 years and as bad as you would like to disagree....Doctors are assholes.
2002-06-06 6:05:00 PM  
mysticat: If I might ask, what is your specialty. I think you are right that some specialists tend to be more authoritative and assholish then others.
2002-06-06 6:07:30 PM  
Mysticcat - you're part of a healthcare team because without the nurses, you're farked. You sound a little like a shiathead lieutenant I worked for back in the Army. Surprisingly, he learned late that you can delegate authority, but not responsibility - I dropped what was a very small ball for me, but a huge one for him - screwed him royally. Its OK to be the top of the pyrimid, but mind the base. Sing cumbaya. Find a little humility.
2002-06-06 6:07:59 PM  
my mom's friend was a nurse. she had to help with the circumcision of an 85 year old man whose penis had broken. then she had to help sew an old woman's vagina up because her bits and pieces were startig to fall out. i think stuff like that is far worse than jackass doctors
2002-06-06 6:08:19 PM  
In a somewhat related topic: Can someone explain why the fug do these M.D.'s have to write so shiatty? I mean, is it some kind of pre-requisite to write like a fuggin 3rd grader or something?
2002-06-06 6:08:41 PM  
The great majority of physicians have no quarrel with nurses when they are professional, do their work efficiently and correctly and focus on patient care rather than their own little problems. The difficulty today is finding well trained, competent, mature, emotionally adjusted nurses. Plain and simple.
2002-06-06 6:09:57 PM  
Hey - I was an NYC Emergency Medical Tech for 2 years, and believe me, the shiat rolls downhill. If the MD's where treating the nurses badly, it was coming along in spades in the nurses' treatment of us techs.

'Course, my partner **was** fired for hitting up the morphine stash...
2002-06-06 6:10:04 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2002-06-06 6:10:47 PM  
Sihaya, just oout of curiosity, how does one break their penis? there are no bones.
2002-06-06 6:10:49 PM  
Plain and simple Ive never had a problem with a nurse but Ive had plenty of problems with a doctor or two.
2002-06-06 6:11:03 PM  
You have the right to not go to a doctor that you don't like. In an emergency, you may not have much a choice, but generally you do. Sure, there are many asshole doctors, but people who put up with asshole doctors are the ones who keep them in business.
2002-06-06 6:11:15 PM  
My wife is a doctor, working in a large, famous hospital in the US. So naturally, I have some uninformed views to throw out here. ;-)
First off, Nurses get paid well, mostly. Why? Because they have a union. There are nurses at my wife's hospital who pull in $60,000 / yr for a 36 hour week (and the Union makes sure they only work 36 hours).
Nurses at my wife's place also have their own call rooms, with coffee perks and fridges. The doctors don't get that (indeed, the nurses won't let them in to their call rooms). Union again.
Most of the doctors in the hospital are what are known as 'residents'. Residency is the biggest scam going in US Healthcare. It's a way for hospitals to get cheap (and I mean *cheap*) work out of doctors for four years, under the guise of 'training'. Basically, when you graduate from med school you have to go into a Residency if you want to practice medicine. The residency programs collude on prices and work conditions - in fact, there's a suit currently filed in Federal court against the residency program co-ordinating body for just that. Can't remember the district, though. ;-(
Anyway, my wife gets paid $40,000. Not bad, huh? Well, she works, on average, a 90 hour week for that. Some weeks its as low as 70, others as high as 100+. The *only* residency programs that don't have this cripplingly high work week are psychiatry and pathology. Some rotations (Surgery, for instance) run at over 120 hours /week.
Anyway, back to the article.
So imagine you get paid $40,000 for 90 hours of work. And you have co-workers who won't let you use their coffee machine or fridge. And who get paid more than you, and have *much* shorter hours. And get lunch breaks and dinner breaks (there have been days where my wife has worked from 7am thru midnight without any food - simply too busy to get out of the ward to eat). And who, generally speaking, know less than you about your job. Perhaps now it's a little clearer why some doctors are rude to nurses. I say 'some', because not all doctors are assholes. The same applies to nurses. But there are bad eggs in both professions, unfortunately.

Anyhoo. Rant over. Move along, now.
2002-06-06 6:13:05 PM  

I agree wholeheartedly with what you said. But there is a big difference between incompetence and inadvertent mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, true. But doctors by their very nature (and 10yrs of post-college studies, as you say) are expected to know what they are doing, especially in light of what of they do.

My own personal experiences with doctors include:
a) I went to my school doctor, had been having stomach aches for over a week. He told me I had a stomach flu, to not eat much and take amodium ad. I came back 2 weeks later, said the same thing. I then went home to my _real_ doctor, who actually did some tests and found out I had salmonella.

b) Toward the end of my senior year in college, I started having very bad sore throats. A doctor in the town took a look, felt my lymph nodes, and even did a strep test. No strep, so he basically said he didn't have a clue and that it was probably just a bug. I went home after graduation, saw my _real_ doctor again, who took one look at my throat and said 'your tonsels are really inflamed'. Someone the original doctor had missed that....?!??!

I have a huge respect for doctors, don't get me wrong, but from now on I do the research myself to make sure what they tell me fits with whats wrong.
2002-06-06 6:13:11 PM  
I have a couple of doctor-friends and the REALLY think they are super-heroes above the rest of mortal mankind. And that is, basically, because their professors tell them that. A friend of mine calls nurses "subrace" and made a lot of fun of a cousin when she joined nursing school. "LOSER, could not make it to med school! HA!"

Nurses will always be seen as doctors-wannabe. :-(

I had surgery a couple of months ago and the doctor didn't even say hello to me. When I woke up he was gone.
2002-06-06 6:14:31 PM  

Damn, your wife is a Doctor. Nice.
2002-06-06 6:14:35 PM  
Countermeasure: You're a cute little troll, aren't ya.
The MDs that I respect the most- are the ones that can make a farking decision and answer my damned pages when I need to tell them information about their patients. I don't care whether they are friendly or want to sing Kumbaya with me.
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