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2006-04-06 02:11:29 PM  
2006-04-06 02:15:39 PM  
Week 3 bye week for the Chiefs? That sucks.
2006-04-06 02:15:53 PM  
and yes, i will be in houston on new years eve...

go browns!
2006-04-06 02:15:55 PM  
What the fark does Duke have to do with the NFL?? Man its sickening.. I don't give a shiat where the admin came from.
2006-04-06 02:16:38 PM  
Same week 3 bye for the chargers and the Cowboys, weak.
2006-04-06 02:16:40 PM  
'hawks for Superbowl 2006/07!
2006-04-06 02:16:42 PM  
It appears I will be freezing my ass off on December 30.
2006-04-06 02:17:20 PM  
Some players from Duke end up in the NFL every now and then. Therefore, it logically follows that Duke sucks.
2006-04-06 02:17:38 PM  
Duke sucks and it should be said at the end of every sports headline.
2006-04-06 02:17:40 PM  
I will brb, I am going to take the Browns to the SuperBowl!
2006-04-06 02:17:49 PM  

We're going to be good this year.

Especially if farknuts Winslow steps up
2006-04-06 02:17:54 PM  
Monday, Sep. 25
Atlanta at New Orleans 8:30 p.m.

I'll be there! Who's going with me?
2006-04-06 02:18:02 PM  
[image from i23.photobucket.com too old to be available]

It didn't take long before I got to use it, either!
2006-04-06 02:18:43 PM  
BoxingLegend.. and nobody gives a shiat where you came from. Get your own site or STFU and GBTW u silly asshat
2006-04-06 02:19:16 PM  
Hawks look like they have a winnable schedule. Seriously... maybe 5 serious tests out of that whole schedule.

That's nice.
[image from profootballhof.com too old to be available]
2006-04-06 02:19:49 PM  
CBS sportsline has the following as Duke players in the NFL:

(no idea how accurate this is)

Ryan Fowler (55) Dallas Cowboys LB
Lennie Friedman (62) Chicago Bears G
Michael Hart San Francisco 49ers TE
Nate Krill (69) Cincinnati Bengals DE
Kevin Lewis (44) New York Giants LB
Shawn Lynch (65) Arizona Cardinals C
Patrick Mannelly (65) Chicago Bears T
John Miller (67) Houston Texans T
Calen Powell Washington Redskins TE
Drew Strojny St. Louis Rams T
Orrin Thompson Miami Dolphins DT
2006-04-06 02:21:13 PM  
[image from images.nfl.com too old to be available][image from images.nfl.com too old to be available]

2006 Schedule
Date Opponent Time/Result
Sep 11 @Oakland 10:15pm WIN
Sep 17 Tennessee 4:15pm WIN
Week 3 BYE
Oct 1 @Baltimore 1:00pm WIN
Oct 8 Pittsburgh 8:15pm WIN
Oct 15 @San Francisco 4:15pm WIN
Oct 22 @Kansas City 1:00pm WIN
Oct 29 St. Louis 4:05pm WIN
Nov 5 Cleveland 4:15pm WIN
Nov 12 @Cincinnati 1:00pm WIN
Nov 19 @Denver 4:15pm WIN
Nov 26 Oakland 4:05pm WIN
Dec 3 @Buffalo 1:00pm WIN
Dec 10 Denver 4:15pm WIN
Dec 17 Kansas City 4:05pm WIN
Dec 24 @Seattle 4:15pm WIN
Dec 31 Arizona LOSS (So as not to offend God, who can be the only perfect one)
2006-04-06 02:21:35 PM  
Two games on a Monday night? 7 is cool, but FARK the late one...
2006-04-06 02:22:39 PM  
Green Bay doesn't do shiat and won't in 2006 and still they get three night games so everybody can fawn over St. Favre
2006-04-06 02:22:57 PM  
The Eagles have a real shot to go 1-0.

/go iggles
2006-04-06 02:23:05 PM  
Hawks look like they have a winnable schedule. Seriously... maybe 5 serious tests out of that whole schedule.

Ahh, pre-season power rankings.

Two games on a Monday night? 7 is cool, but FARK the late one...

We had overlapping night games last season. It was the night of the first New Orleans game, I believe.
2006-04-06 02:24:15 PM  
Go Eagles! Easy season this year. YOu can do it!
2006-04-06 02:26:02 PM  
I wish wish wish the Texans would draft Vince Young.

But, I know they won't. They would rather take Reggie Bush.

Oh well, nuts to them! Charlie Casserly should have been fired, but I guess going 2-14 last season saved him from the axe.

Oh yeah, Vince supposedly got a bad score on a 12 minute 50 question multiple choice test. His whole college career is now worthless!!

[image from photopile.com too old to be available]
2006-04-06 02:26:07 PM  
Looks like the Patriots have a easy season, now all we need is a team!

/Pats Fan
//Brushci Backer!
2006-04-06 02:26:24 PM  
I've never said this before, and I mean ever. I think the Arizona Cardinals will have a winning season.

/When someone said this last year I shot them down.
//Go Rams
2006-04-06 02:27:03 PM  
still they get three night games

Lots of shiatty teams get multiple night games.
2006-04-06 02:27:03 PM  
low_dazzle: go browns!

Whooo hoooooo!
2006-04-06 02:28:22 PM  
hawks get to walk to the playoffs

now if only they wont take away their trophy this year

2006-04-06 02:28:56 PM  
2006-04-06 02:29:16 PM  
Oct. 22 World Champion Steelers at ATL Mickael Vick's - I'll be there, helping the black and gold outnumber the Atlanta bandwagoners.

/Go Stillers
//One for the other hand's ring finger!
2006-04-06 02:29:59 PM  
[image from philadelphiaeagles.com too old to be available]
2006-04-06 02:30:03 PM  
Always remember one simple truth about the NFL:

Whatever happened last year matters for squat. For all you know, the Steelers could suck and the 49ers could go to the Super Bowl.
2006-04-06 02:30:36 PM  
Let's hear it for the Cleveland Browns!!!!!
2006-04-06 02:31:23 PM  
Oh, I pray for my beloved NY J-E-T-S! It appears my executive board is composed of a bunch of asshats. I have an unproven coach who I think still wears diapers. I have no offensive line.
I think I may be happy with six wins.
But, I am a true fan who will stick by my chosen team through thick and thin, old and young, etc.

/wearing a Jets sweat outfit as I work right now
//works from home
2006-04-06 02:32:19 PM  
It's nice to dream Gosling - just let me dream... for a while.

/Could not bear to see the Seahawks fall apart this year.
2006-04-06 02:33:16 PM  
/Could not bear to see the Seahawks fall apart this year.

I know how you feel. Being a cheesehead last season was just plain excruciating.
2006-04-06 02:33:31 PM  
[image from img.photobucket.com too old to be available]
2006-04-06 02:33:42 PM  

Looks like BoxingLegend has a sandy vagina.

/Duke Sucks
//Sandy Vaginas Suck
///Slashies Rock
////STFU Noob
2006-04-06 02:35:19 PM  
oh, I pray for my beloved NY J-E-T-S!

they should put jets fans in all the sites in the NFL studio on draft day. you guys are so amusing when your management makes the obligatory crappy pick
2006-04-06 02:35:50 PM  
Looks like I'll be flying to Boston for the weekend of November 11th.

/girlfriend's a Patriots fan
//Jets fan
2006-04-06 02:35:53 PM  
I thought T.O. was coming to Philly for Christmas!
2006-04-06 02:36:54 PM  
unfarkingbelievable: I think I may be happy with six wins.

C'mon, now, wait until Matt Leinart turns out to be a superstar.

2006-04-06 02:37:01 PM  

2006-04-06 02:38:32 PM  
I thought T.O. was coming to Philly for Christmas!

Not after we break him in week 2.
2006-04-06 02:41:06 PM  

Youre right, but I have 10 more months of my team being the reigning champs, I will enjoy every minute of it.

/I wish I knew html
//cant wait for training camps and preseason
///hates basketball
2006-04-06 02:41:11 PM  
[image from angelfire.com too old to be available]

/I bleed burgandy and gold
//Joe Gibbs is your daddy!
2006-04-06 02:41:24 PM  
Wow,a triple-header on Thanksgiving,with our Bucs playing one of them. (Their first).
2006-04-06 02:41:29 PM  
From one Eagles fan to the rest of the world. Please be nice to T.O. so the Eagles can pound him into oblivion on October 8th! Thank you in advance.
2006-04-06 02:41:40 PM  
First of all, Buufoo the chargers got second to last place in the AFC west last year, With trading Breez there is no way that that they can compete in the BEST division in football

Denver Sucks
Chargers Suck
Raiders really suck

KC Chiefs 2006 Superbowl Champions
Go Browns (second best fans in NFL)
2006-04-06 02:41:52 PM  
Hawks look like they have a winnable schedule. Seriously... maybe 5 serious tests out of that whole schedule.

I hope your counting the Super Chargers as one of those 5.

Talk about a winnable schedule. If Rivers comes anywhere close to performing like Brees did, the Chargers should easily win 11 games with 13 being somewhat realistic.
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