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52574 clicks; posted to Sports » and Main » on 06 Feb 2007 at 5:31 PM (15 years ago)   |   Favorite   |   Watch    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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‘’ 2007-02-06 4:52:19 PM  
(insert obligatory comment about Duke here)
‘’ 2007-02-06 5:43:48 PM  
(insert not-so-witty retort here)
‘’ 2007-02-06 5:46:29 PM  
third post?
‘’ 2007-02-06 5:53:28 PM  
fourth post.
‘’ 2007-02-06 5:57:37 PM  
submitter: Fark Sports Forum: only the last 7 days of comments listed

Looks to me more like the last seven minutes. Or so.
‘’ 2007-02-06 5:58:56 PM  
Does this mean no more figure skating discussion threads?
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:00:19 PM  
Could somebody bother explaining this to the people who don't get it, please?
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:09:04 PM  
eighth post?
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:12:10 PM  
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:17:47 PM  
Yeah, WTF is this? We're supposed to talk about every sporting event in the last 7 days? This is retarded.

/Leafs are on a 5 game winning streak
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:21:25 PM  
i read somewhere that Nash won't be playing tonight...
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:24:29 PM  
Duke does Maryland.
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:25:45 PM  
Goal Post.
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:31:56 PM  
yankees suck
lakers suck
giants, cowboys, patriots, colts suck

or as peter griffin says:

"Mets suck! Yankees suck! Knicks suck!"

glad this forum was started... i am not big on the other forums, but i can talk sports all day long...
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:42:44 PM  
HEREHERE, mathmatix
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:44:13 PM  
You wanna talk sports? OK. National signing day for soon-to-be college students starts tomorrow at 7:00 AM ET. How's your school doing on the recruiting front?
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:48:35 PM  
sports forum has been here forever
‘’ 2007-02-06 6:54:11 PM  
For those that don't "get it":

This is just like the Fark Forum and TotalFark Forum and Photoshop/Audioedit Forum that have been there for years -- permanently open catchall threads. Have another look at the left sidebar on the page under "Community" -- each one of the tabs (well, most of them) now have their own dedicated forums.
‘’ 2007-02-06 7:13:01 PM  
This would work a lot better if there was 1 forum for each of the major sports. Then I won't have to argue with rednecks about why "hockey sux" and "nascar rulez". Everyone could be happy in their own thread and we could get back to arguing whats important - whos hockey team sux and whos hockey team rulez!

/p.s. Leafs rule Sens suck ass
‘’ 2007-02-06 7:21:46 PM  
Wow. We took over thread 2.
‘’ 2007-02-06 7:34:38 PM  
Now that NFL football ("armored wankball" to some of you) what's the point?
‘’ 2007-02-06 7:54:35 PM  
Pitchers and catchers report next week. WOOT!!

Best time of the year!
‘’ 2007-02-06 8:01:19 PM  
FSU sucks!
‘’ 2007-02-06 8:30:52 PM  
thats what she said?
‘’ 2007-02-06 8:33:59 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Can't wait to see how many free beers the guy who bought this gets (airborne delivery, of course).
‘’ 2007-02-06 9:09:44 PM  
I don't get it.
‘’ 2007-02-06 9:10:08 PM  
Finally, a place for comments on Fark.
‘’ 2007-02-06 9:17:22 PM  
Mrs. Roethlisberger: I don't get it.

You and I are going to be King and Queen of this spiffy new Sports Forum. That's what to get. :-)
‘’ 2007-02-06 9:19:45 PM  
The NaSkAr

That is if my head doesn't asplode first..!
‘’ 2007-02-06 9:32:50 PM  
Allright, Fark has a virtual Sportsbar!

/Go Lightning!
//don't suck too bad Devil Rays
‘’ 2007-02-06 9:39:56 PM  
Juan Gonzalez in the Caribbean Series, trying to get another MLB contract, and STILL jogging around the bases. Trying for third would have been a mistake, but still... run has-been.
‘’ 2007-02-06 10:28:10 PM  
Motormouth: Go Lightning!

Bah - nice shootout.

Go Kings.
‘’ 2007-02-06 11:01:47 PM  
I'm watching the Sharks host the damned Ducks. Both teams are really good with talent to spare. Getting scrappy.

The best part? Pronger gets the puck and is assaulted by a chorus of boos. Sharks fans do not like Pronger one bit.

Feh, Ducks score, figures. 13:16 in first. Damned Ducks.

Oh well, got nothing.


--- wow, 2-0 Ducks, dammit dammit dammit ---
‘’ 2007-02-06 11:13:21 PM  
I'm still pissed that Larry Pleau(the NHL version of Matt Millen) let Pronger go. Thank god the Blues have someone in there now with some brains.
‘’ 2007-02-06 11:28:03 PM  
Sedins are lighting it up tonight, 8 points between them so far.
‘’ 2007-02-06 11:40:35 PM  
make that 9 as Dan gets the Hat Trick
‘’ 2007-02-06 11:50:21 PM  

farkin Sharks though...

/would buy 7 tickets to a SJ-Vancouver series..... 1 ticket to each game in each city.
‘’ 2007-02-07 12:00:21 AM  

/goin to bed!
//back tomorrow!
‘’ 2007-02-07 12:10:18 AM  
anyone see the highlights of the dominican republic/venezuela game from last week... deciding game, DR down 10-2 going into bottom of 9th, have a 9 run rally to win the game....

then continued on to win the caribbean world series...

pretty cool, cant wait for pitchers and catchers to report

oh yeah, eventhough i am not a yankee fan, this is funny as hell to me...

[image from too old to be available]

can you see this boston? cuz he's doing at as hard as he can!
‘’ 2007-02-07 1:10:24 AM  
Whoda thunk it...UVA is atop the ACC after beating Maryland.

Go Hoos!
‘’ 2007-02-07 1:18:11 AM  

/Never betting on any team with Rex Grossman as QB ever again.
‘’ 2007-02-07 2:59:27 AM  
I just heard this place existed. I may use it to on rare occaisions to rant about how the gods despise me. Why?

The Caps (start your flames here) up to a month ago were in the hunt for a 6-8 seed and have the talent to surprise someone in the playoffs. Now they're slowly, slowly sinking out of the race.

This wouldn't be sooooooo bad....but...IF the Caps failure (again). What do I have to look forward to?

Maryland stinks. They had NIT written all over them since they lost a home game to Miami. They can't shoot outside. Can't stop anyone when it matters. And they stink.

Next on the calendar? Baseball! You think I'm a DC boy, right? Wrong! No Nats for me! I like having my nuts squashed on a daily basis because I grew up BETWEEN DC and Baltimore in a magic, smurf filled time called the 80s. So I'm an Orioles fan! Oh farking yippee! Even if the O's weren't run by a bunch of assclowns, the deck is retardedly stacked against them by the most retarded sports economic system ever. The Yanks and the Sox will reload year after year after year. Maybe one day the O's build a great farm system that yeilds a surprise system. The following year the jackals from the Northeast spend 800 hojillion dollars to decimate our roster. Playing in the American League is the ultimate Kobiyashi Maru.

So....if anyone cares about this post (and you shouldn't), I'll get flamed for that. Tons of STFU you whiny biatch. The O's just suck, if they got their heads out of their asses and actually fielded a competitive team they'd be fine. Laissez Faire FTW!

dollars to donuts everyone who feels that way has a zipcode that starts with either a 0 or a 1. I promise you that. Or Sox/Yanks (with a smattering of Mets) bandwagon jumpers.

So.....essentially.....I'm effed as a fan until next football season. Right. Except that.....yeah.....I'm a Skins fan, born and bred. They're my best hope.


So....other people can find a reason to biatch too. That's what makes life great. Most of it will come from Philly. The sports gods deliver to Philly exactly what they deserve year in and year out. It's called karma. (yet karma avoids NY like the goddam plague....haven't figured that one out yet).

So.....grand internet void.....that's my story. The gods hate me, and I needed a good beer fueled rant.
‘’ 2007-02-07 3:11:59 AM  
[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]


[image from too old to be available]

/Life is good at the top.
‘’ 2007-02-07 3:15:24 AM  

How dare you complain about the Nationals! You steal my beloved Expos away from me, trade away every decent player left, force me to become an Athletics fan, and now you don't even want them! Send 'em back!

/nice handle, though
‘’ 2007-02-07 3:17:27 AM  
Doh...I probably should have read the whole post, instead of knee-jerking out a response when I saw Nats and complaints in the same sentence. Send 'em back anyway!
‘’ 2007-02-07 4:02:44 AM  
Okay, now anyone care to comment on the Liverpool hijacking? WTF is going on in England?
‘’ 2007-02-07 5:00:14 AM  
Deece: How dare you complain about the Nationals! You steal my beloved Expos away from me, trade away every decent player left, force me to become an Athletics fan, and now you don't even want them! Send 'em back!

Careful what you wish for. Considering the Nats rotation this year is John Patterson, a legless hobo, the ghost of Martin Van Buren and a piece of string, DC might just take you up on that.

/Stick with the A's
‘’ 2007-02-07 9:02:39 AM  
I ♥ this!
i can go on about NC Duke
or what's on FSN!
go blue!
[image from too old to be available]
‘’ 2007-02-07 9:08:58 AM  
like little boy blue, Liverpool needed the $!
they are in debt big time.
they will still a great club though.
‘’ 2007-02-07 9:14:55 AM  
sorry about the bold
we hafta stare at that for a week!
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