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(Yahoo)   Readers send in letters regarding Brett Favre's attitude of playing only if Green Bay will be a contender. General consensus is, "Die in a fire"   ( sports.yahoo.com) divider line
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2006-04-05 02:25:40 PM  
And they still can't get Jon Madden on a helicopter.

"Get in Jon - theres sausage!"
2006-04-05 02:26:51 PM  
While none of the angry submissions came from Packerland...

Thank you, Captain Obvious. That vicodin chomper is still worshipped like a god here in cheeseland.
2006-04-05 02:55:12 PM  
From the comment section:

So Favre is only going to play if he's on a winning team? This goes against all that is sacred about playing for love of the game, so help me Hank Aaron.

you moron. you think he wants to "play" for free. this is a business, he has a job to do. that job is to win. not only that, his reputation is on the line.

even ric romero knows that.

Give one the best QBs of all time some respect.

love of the game? go play in your backyard with your kids if you "love the game." get some friends together and organize a couple of teams.

isn't winning part of the practice? i certainly don't put forth all my energy to lose.

I personaly applaud him, even though he plays for a team I despise.

Go Farve!
2006-04-05 03:43:00 PM  
Jebus, tasteme.
2006-04-05 04:31:00 PM  
As an Aaron Rodgers fan, I hope that Favre thinks the Packers will lose, but Rodgers leads them on a totally righteous playoff run that makes Favre's head explode.
2006-04-05 04:32:27 PM  
They might have a decent team if 60% of their team doesn't get injured this year.
2006-04-05 04:32:43 PM  
Stick around for another year ole Bretty. I'd love to see Chicago pound the shiat out of you a couple more times.
2006-04-05 04:32:51 PM  
I hope he retires. I'm tired of trying to pronounce that last name.

/keep fvarking
2006-04-05 04:33:27 PM  
I've been a Packers fan since I could say "Touchdown", and have always loved the attitude and passion Favre brought to the game.

However, I am a bit ticked off at his recent statements and actions.

First, he made the comment that he's "not here to teach Aaron Rodgers anything. All he has to do is throw the ball and collect a check." Yes, that's a paraphrase, but it was pretty much what he said. I agree that it's not his "job" to mentor Rodgers... but for farks sake Brett... help the team out.

Second, this whole "not playing unless the Packers are contenders". Either shiat or get off the pot man. If you want to keep playing the game the play. If you don't, then don't. Just don't make it seem like the Packer organization owes you anything, especially putting a team together around your soon-to-be-leaving self.

Bottom line, I'll continue to love and support the Packers. I just wish it wasn't so hard to see where Brett was coming from with him up on that high horse.

/Go Pack Go!
2006-04-05 04:33:58 PM  

That would be asplode. You moran.
2006-04-05 04:34:19 PM  
Definately, I just want to see a healthy team come regular season this year. Is that too much to ask for?
2006-04-05 04:34:21 PM  
tasteme: Give one the best QBs of all time some respect.

OK, I'll give Tom Brady, Joe Montana, etc. some respect. Favre? Eh, he's good, but not best. AH hell, Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl with the Ravens, so does he deserve the one of the best QBs?

Ah hell, Big Ben > Favre.
2006-04-05 04:35:20 PM  
Good for him. He has the right to demand what he wants. And he deserves what he gets.

Go Pack!
2006-04-05 04:35:41 PM  
Sorry Bret, I've been awed by you many times, but it's really time for you to wake up and bow out gracefully. Don't be that guy who stays in the league for 3 more season than he should have....
2006-04-05 04:37:51 PM  
Steve Yzerman had a long great career with the Wings. He isn't playing at the top of his game any more. The fans of Detroit respect Stevie Y and still cheer him for the 20+ years of great play he gave Wings fans. Everyone in Wisconsin is a turd for hating on Favre.
2006-04-05 04:38:04 PM  
I hope he retires. I'm tired of trying to pronounce that last name.

What's so hard? Just pronounce it the way a lot of people spell it- Farve.
2006-04-05 04:40:05 PM  

You must be delusional. To say that the man with the second most touchdown passes ever is not one of the best Quarterbacks ever is absolutely ridiculous. Oh, and call me when Big Ben or Tom brady get 200 touchdowns, because then Brett will still have almost twice as many as them.
2006-04-05 04:41:05 PM  
He still has the talent and if the Packers won't get a decent line to support the run or make sure he's not on his back, why would he come back? I don't blame him for that, its a smart decision on his part.

What I do blame him for is not renegotiating his contract before free agency so they could clear up some money to get a decent o-line.

The Packers are 2-3 years from being a serious contender so if Brett doesn't commit to at least that long, then he should retire. I'm not convinced about Rodgers, he may have bee the second best QB in last years draft, but over the last 3 years (including the upcoming) he's a second rounder if he's lucky.
2006-04-05 04:41:08 PM  
With enough $$$ millions and Vicodin, I'd be willing to take the reins and lead the Packers to the cellar.
2006-04-05 04:41:11 PM  

3 MVPs > 0 MVPs

Look at the man's career stats, season by season


Big Ben isn't even close

He's top 10 all time, easily
2006-04-05 04:42:07 PM  
Here's hoping you don't ever see anyone who has died in a fire.

// Thread.continue();
2006-04-05 04:42:36 PM  
[image from a.abclocal.go.com too old to be available]
Green Bay fans are "fanatical". Film at 11.
2006-04-05 04:43:11 PM  
Funny that this guy seems to care about these people from Texas, California and the east coast who think Favre should retire. Packer fans want Favre back, the ass hats who are afraid he'll tarnish his legacy can go fark themselves.
2006-04-05 04:44:47 PM  
Anyone who says "Favre's still got it!" obviously didn't see the 20-25 times he just randomly heaved the ball downfield this year without any regard for who was standing there waiting to catch it.
2006-04-05 04:45:22 PM  
Speaking as a Packer fan, Favre should do the Packers a favor and retire. He just doesn't have it anymore. It's time to see what Aaron Rodgers can do.
2006-04-05 04:45:34 PM  
Btw, He should make up his mind already. No one is above the game.

/Go Pack!
2006-04-05 04:45:35 PM  
Come on, Brett! Stay another year or two! I think you cou---HOLY CRAP it's April and you somehow managed to throw two more interceptions...
2006-04-05 04:46:45 PM  
ButteryDamage: OK, I'll give Tom Brady, Joe Montana, etc. some respect. Favre? Eh, he's good, but not best. AH hell, Trent Dilfer won a Super Bowl with the Ravens, so does he deserve the one of the best QBs?

Ok, this one made me spit out my beer....

thanks for the laughs!!
2006-04-05 04:46:58 PM  
Wasn't he in Rudy?
2006-04-05 04:47:30 PM  

This is different than Steve Yzerman. He no longer plays the minutes he used to. In his prime, he played 25 minutes a game and on penalty kills and power plays. He now plays 15 minutes a game (he was only getting 10 before the olympics) and is on the third line and sometimes power plays. This is a whole lot different than a quarterback, who plays every play and controls a lot more of the action.

Plus, Steve never biatches about his teammates and always reflects the positive things in his career to others. He's never biatched about mentoring new players in the locker room or showing the rookies how to play the game. He has taken huge pay cuts to help out the Wings. And also, he's on a 9 game point streak. Boo-yah.

Steve Yzerman is the man. Judging by Brett Favre's recent quotes, he is nowhere near the quality of athlete Steve Yzerman is.
2006-04-05 04:47:36 PM  
Funny that this guy seems to care about these people from Texas, California and the east coast who think Favre should retire. Packer fans want Favre back, the ass hats who are afraid he'll tarnish his legacy can go fark themselves.

Denver fans still want Elway back (I hear it all the time). that does not mean it would help the team win.

What it means is that lots of sports fans can't let go of the past when their team was winning.
2006-04-05 04:47:51 PM  
all those letters are from states where their team SUCKS!!!!!--california--2 teams that suck--ohio--their team sucks--michigan--always did suck--always will suck--why blame last year on favre--we had a 6th string running back--one good receiver--no offensive line--thanks mike and ted--you pricks--if management spent the money to keep pro bowl players--one that was ranked number 1 in 2004--instead of wasting a first round pick on a friggin punter--nice job mike--dumbass---then favre wouldn't be running for his life--brett will be back--but since ted hasn't even tried to get good free agents--why rush it--if he doesn't come back--he doesn't get the 3 million anway--aaron rogers is not the heir apparent either
2006-04-05 04:48:06 PM  
What pro athlete doesn't want to be on a winning team?
2006-04-05 04:50:01 PM  
"ohio--their team sucks"

ohio has two teams. one of them doesn't suck.
2006-04-05 04:50:04 PM  

Uh yeah, and he's also 2nd in all-time interceptions.

/hates Favre
2006-04-05 04:50:59 PM  
As a life long Vikings fan I only have one thing to say to those who think Favre is merely good: You clearly haven't been paying attention.
2006-04-05 04:51:08 PM  
"Uh yeah, and he's also 2nd in all-time interceptions."

who's first? testeverde?
2006-04-05 04:51:39 PM  
2006-04-05 04:52:15 PM  
[image from img369.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2006-04-05 04:52:56 PM  
It's not about the 'rightness' or 'wrongness' of wanting to win, it's about his appalling arrogant attitude.

But some people dig arrogance, and I personally am unable to understand why....
2006-04-05 04:55:14 PM  
Brett Favre is the product of a great system. Nothing more.

/Loves saying that to Packers Fans
//What has he done without Andy?
2006-04-05 04:56:28 PM  
son of secret police:

Its the great George Blanda with 277. Brett has 255. C'mon stay Brett, get the all-time interceptions mark!
2006-04-05 04:56:40 PM  
Favre is not the GM, or the HeadCoach.

They are the ones that need to put their foot down and tell them what they expect of him.

If he doesn't want to play by their rules, he can retire.

I'm tired of everyone catering to him. He's an employee, not an employeer.

-Daffy from Green Bay, WI
2006-04-05 04:57:57 PM  
"Its the great George Blanda with 277"

how could i forget?

only 22 INTs left to get the record? ok, let him play the first two games and THEN retire.
2006-04-05 04:58:02 PM  
I'm on Fav-ruh's side on this one. Why bother, otherwise?
2006-04-05 04:59:22 PM  
You guys saying Favre "Doesn't have it" anymore are simply out of your minds. Favre is still one of the best QBs in the league. What he has suffered from is a lack of support. The team was decimated by injuries last year and the Offensive line is just Offensively bad. If the Packers can get a decent O-Line in front of him, he can still be a top 5 QB in the league.

/Not from Wisconsin
//From St. Louis and had to deal with Brenda Warner
2006-04-05 04:59:23 PM  
Sure, it would be nice if he made up his mind.... But if the Packers organization agreed with you dimwits that think he can't play, they would get rid of him. It's not even close to unprecedented to let go of a Hall of Fame QB towards the end of his career.... Why blame Favre for asking to get a little support instead of blaming the management who won't get it for him?

Anyone who actually watches the game should know why Favre throws interceptions.... He's doing the only thing he can to win the game. If he throws dinks to third rate route runners he will not reach the endzone, period. He opens it up when he needs to spread the defense for some breathing room.... The worse his receiving corps gets, the more interceptions he throws.
2006-04-05 04:59:50 PM  
The only thing Brett Favre could win is the highest-velocity interception contest-- I don't care what team he plays for.
2006-04-05 05:00:27 PM  
And yes, I do believe he still has it and can still play.

2006-04-05 05:03:04 PM  
On behalf of fans of the other 15 NFC teams, I would definitely like to see Brett Favre return for another year of interceptions and losses.

The Green Bay Packers will never again be a threat to the rest of the conference with Favre at QB.
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