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(Chicago Sun-Times)   Study finds more ads for fast food on BET than on other TV stations. Jesse Jackson plans investigation on whether McDonald's is racist   ( suntimes.com) divider line
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2006-04-04 10:35:43 AM  
White america (owners of BET and fast food) trying to kill black america (target audience of BET). Where's the strange?
2006-04-04 11:13:27 AM  
I'm still waiting for WET (White Entertainment) to come up. Oh wait... that's racist.
2006-04-04 11:13:54 AM  
Jesse Jackson should be planning an investigation into how he lost all credibility after his adultery.
2006-04-04 11:14:07 AM  
cue the cute black kid in 3... 2...
2006-04-04 11:14:14 AM  
I saw a Pepsi ad with Jackie Chan in it. Obviously another part of "the conspiracy".

/sarcasm off
2006-04-04 11:14:19 AM  
....and there are way more toy commercials on Nickelodeon too!

/hates kids
//loves toy, though
2006-04-04 11:14:46 AM  
I'm guessing that Jesse finds the answer to be... yes? Just a hunch...

/The man probably thinks slashes are racist, too
2006-04-04 11:14:57 AM  
Jesse Jackson should also investigate whether the character in 1,001 Nights that kept saying "In the name of black chivalry ..." is racist.
2006-04-04 11:15:24 AM  
And when I watch ESPN, they keep trying to shove sports crap down my throat!
2006-04-04 11:15:27 AM  
Mcdonalds? What about the Colonel? He is the real culprit here!
2006-04-04 11:15:44 AM  
But I get a diet coke with my 20 burgers.

[image from img97.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2006-04-04 11:15:56 AM  
This is like the Boondocks episode, except that was more entertaining.
2006-04-04 11:16:00 AM  
I'm still waiting for WET (White Entertainment) to come up. Oh wait... that's racist.

Don't forget about White History Month. And a class in Anglo-American studies.
2006-04-04 11:16:01 AM  
Jerry Springer always shows commercials on litigation attorneys, quickie loans, and bad credit car dealerships. Coincidence?
2006-04-04 11:16:16 AM  
WB and Disney are not "general programming". If they're serious about this accusation, the spectrum needs to be broadened.

Nothing to see here. Move along.
2006-04-04 11:16:28 AM  
Peaves: I'm still waiting for WET (White Entertainment) to come up. Oh wait... that's racist.

it's called every other station on the air
2006-04-04 11:16:32 AM  
Don't be silly. Nobody would waste valuable advertising dollars on genocide.

They're just exploiting any identifiable group of prospects their market research targets for them.

It may by psycopathic, but is it truly evil?
2006-04-04 11:16:33 AM  
Still trying to figure out who actually watches BET.
2006-04-04 11:16:36 AM  
Why, peaves? Whities already have CMT, CBS, FX, FOX, ABC, NBC, The Golf Channel, Etc.

/TV Sucks in general
2006-04-04 11:16:40 AM  
Where's my Whopper with tater tots and a NeHi? Biggie size it please......
2006-04-04 11:17:10 AM  
or it could be that fewer products are targeted towards a black audience and so more ads are bought by fast food places. I.E. It's not McDonalds who are racist, it's DeBeers, Staples, etc, etc.
2006-04-04 11:17:13 AM  
2006-04-04 11:17:16 AM  
Kanyon: And a class in Anglo-American studies.

european history? american history?
2006-04-04 11:17:50 AM  
"psychopathic," I meant to type...
2006-04-04 11:18:06 AM  
blindmind: White america (owners of BET and fast food) trying to kill black america (target audience of BET). Where's the strange?

The owners of BET are black.
2006-04-04 11:18:11 AM  
[image from img308.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2006-04-04 11:18:16 AM  
McD's isn't racist. They *love* black people!
2006-04-04 11:18:16 AM  
"There are far more ads for fast food and snacks on black-oriented TV than on channels with more general programming, researchers report in a provocative study that suggests a link to high obesity rates in black children."

I think the CRONIC is more at fault here!
2006-04-04 11:18:19 AM  
[image from tag.surreal-media.com too old to be available]
2006-04-04 11:18:20 AM  
Commercials on Black Entertainment Television, the nation's first black-targeted cable channel, were compared with ads during afternoon and evening shows on the WB network and Disney Channel

Uh...not that I watch the Disney Channel, but 90% of their ads are for upcoming movies and shows. They don't do very much product placement at all. Not sure about the WB, but comparing BET to Disney is like comparing apples to frogs. They might have something in common but that is by accident. You'd think the "researchers" would spend a little more time finding networks that are comparable. I wouldn't compare HGTV with Nickelodeon and expect to find any meaningful correlations so why would you compare a kid-centric network like Disney with BET when the target audience is completely different (adults vs. kids in this case)?
2006-04-04 11:18:53 AM  
Kanyon, what do you....

Oh come on Headso
2006-04-04 11:19:26 AM  
ZOMG Advertising targeted based on gender, race, age, and income level!!1! To what has the world comE??/?
2006-04-04 11:19:29 AM  
Unsurprising they'd target whatever demographic they think will net them sales. McDonald's is cheap and nasty food.

On the whole "WET/every other channel on the air"...find me a television station that will explicitly discuss "white issues, for white people."

There are none.
2006-04-04 11:20:22 AM  
Fried chicken and watermelon !


//could not help...my.self...dont kill me!
2006-04-04 11:20:27 AM  
Carbonatedpizza: Oh come on

heh heh
2006-04-04 11:21:20 AM  

The Founder of BET Holdings is a black man and the current CEO and chairperson is a minority - I think Afro-asian but I am not sure. For more info, cut and paste;

http://www.bet.com/Site+Management/Packages/aneweraforbet.htm?wbc_purp​ose=Basi c&WBCMODE=PresentationUnpublished&Referrer=%7BA12D4659-8E81-407F-8DDC-​82F4A4A0 57C7%7D

The more you know...
2006-04-04 11:21:35 AM  

The owners of BET are black.

Tools of the White Conspiracy, obviously. That, or robots.
2006-04-04 11:22:28 AM  
european history? american history?

Close, those are primarily white by coincidence. But I was referring to a class that intentionally studies exclusively the white race and its acheivements and intentionally excludes all other races. You know, like African-American studies.

Got a counter-point for that white history month deal?
2006-04-04 11:23:03 AM  
so black people like fried chicken and mexicans like burritos - that doesn't make you racist. it makes you hungry.

\I don't really remember the mencia quote but it was vaguely something about that
2006-04-04 11:23:10 AM  
Almost, StarshipPooper, almost..

[image from img102.imageshack.us too old to be available]
2006-04-04 11:23:12 AM  
So should I be pissed that those GlaxoSmithKline ads for herpes meds are targeted at white people?
2006-04-04 11:23:53 AM  
This is like the Boondocks episode, except that was more entertaining.

I'm sorry... did you just imply that Boondocks was entertaining?

/shakes head in confusion
2006-04-04 11:24:06 AM  
magicinsomniac: Tools of the White Conspiracy, obviously. That, or robots.

Yeah, I went to school with their kids, even ate at their house one or twice. They make Bryant Gumble look like Malcolm X.
2006-04-04 11:25:12 AM  
Didn't they basically steal this idea from Undercover Brother? Was that the name of the movie?
2006-04-04 11:25:31 AM  
Um....perhaps because maybe blacks per person eat more fast food? Let's be honest, black cuisine is not the most health conscience. Fried foods are a staple. But so what? You can have a burger every once in a while and be healthy. Granted, you can't live on fried foods, but it tastes so good! Mmmmmm.......burgers.....

I really doubt that Mc'd's would spend money in some kind of nefarious plan to slowly kill blacks via cholesterol. Occam would say it's because they want to make $$, and blacks as a group buy fast food.

Of course, I don't know if blacks eat more fast food than whites, but I grow weary of complicated conspiracy theories that divide us as a people.
2006-04-04 11:25:38 AM  
Well, Eochada, When most TV stations are the result of an unconscious exclusion of race, the owners arent going to say, Here is a message for the all the whites out there because they assume their audience is white. There is no need for such a direct approach. When a Black station needs to get its message out, they subvert this practice, saying The REAL message for people like us. Its conscious and deconstructive of the racial barriers that exist, and the mere fact that it angers you is proof of the subversion.
2006-04-04 11:25:49 AM  
Never knew there was a BET, will have to check my cable out tonight. Have always thought is was strange that there is a sign in the Xchange that limits the sale of Newport Cigarettes to only one carton, now that's racist. Also, have noticed there are always more Black folks in the fast food courts when I grab a quick burger & fries. My kids love McDonalds [think it's the playground rather than the cruddy food.] Buzzy. [not a racist]
2006-04-04 11:26:01 AM  
I work for BET.....blah blah
2006-04-04 11:26:08 AM  
Kanyon: Close, those are primarily white by coincidence.

Uh the coincidence being they were written by whites about whites.

Got a counter-point for that white history month deal?

Black history month, is just a reminder by the powers at be that black folk are different then white folk, dont forget it!
2006-04-04 11:26:16 AM  
These researchers are trying to blame childhood obesity in black children on the advertisements on BET?

What parent lets their kids watch BET? Is BET anything other than a vehicle for music videos that do nothing but showcase T&A? It seems to be the only thing I've ever seen on that channel.

Do they do saturday morning cartoons on BET?
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