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(Some Guy)   Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie hold a party at their parents house, completely trashing it. Article includes pics of the surprisingly hittable looking daughters of Fergie   ( divider line
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56597 clicks; posted to Main » and Entertainment » on 04 Apr 2006 at 3:45 AM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-04-03 11:22:51 PM  
Fergie looks terrifying in that photo.
2006-04-03 11:35:52 PM  
Fergie used to be quite hittable herself.
2006-04-03 11:41:04 PM  
Philbb: Fergie used to be quite hittable herself.

As did I. And some other folks I know. We were all HOT. Or something. Hello. Hello.
2006-04-04 12:09:02 AM  
Eugenie is the dumbest name ever. Even Shaquanda laughs at a that name

/If there are any farkettes out there with that name, I would like to take a moment to apologize. -I'm sorry your parents gave you a such shiatty name
2006-04-04 1:21:52 AM  
assmasacre: Hello. Hello.

Shiat. I wound up all drunk and in a greenlighted thread. I have, however, a counter measure.

/If that didn't scare you off then shiat.
//go look at the moon, it's covering up Pleides(SP?) right now.
///yay moon!
////SK8 STr8 'Dood'
//Why is my lawn looking so appealing right now?
\one other slash to ask
\\What the fark were we talking about?
2006-04-04 2:05:27 AM  
I'd like to be the meat in that sammich.
2006-04-04 3:35:58 AM  
Still hitable.
2006-04-04 3:52:22 AM  
Quite hittable. Fergie was a lot hotter back when she got married, but farkina she's still damn hot
2006-04-04 3:53:13 AM  
btw, isn't the one on the left Sarah Connor?
2006-04-04 3:54:56 AM  
The Pirates of the Caribbean-themed party was held to celebrate Eugenie's 17th birthday

Submitter managed to find the one article with the wrong age. It was her sixteenth birthday.
2006-04-04 4:04:45 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-04 4:24:25 AM  
Meh. Eventually the Ferguson girls will run to fat & fugly, like all Harkonnens.
2006-04-04 4:52:53 AM  
Whats her other daughter look like? All I see is daughter, Fergie, and some hippy.

Nyquila laughs at the name Eugenie
2006-04-04 4:58:56 AM  
Seriously, Fergie used to be so hot, and not all that long ago, even. I'm talking slim-fast days.
2006-04-04 5:10:21 AM  
I wouldn't hit it. You can see from the picture how sharp all of their knees are. It must run in the family or something.
2006-04-04 5:13:48 AM  
I remember once hearing Fergie describe herself as a "single mother," like she was on some equal footing w/some chick w/offspring in the ghetto. At that time, I really really really really really wish God granted me the ability to kick her in the box from afar. She richly deserved it (was that a pun?)

Too bad God was killed in a car accident last year.
2006-04-04 5:20:43 AM  
I so wanna royally plow my oats into those sweet girls....
2006-04-04 5:24:12 AM  
Rub one off to Eugenie and make a wish?

They are good looking in a handsome type of way. Though I guess it is hard to call a lady handsome and still make it sound like a compliment.
2006-04-04 5:31:16 AM  
The one on the right is a boy, yes?


Oh dear.
2006-04-04 6:09:52 AM  
what horribly desolate & hellish corner of the friggin uni is submitter from to categorize the lil' fergs as hittable? alaska?? a submarine that doesnt surface for a year or 2?? thank god i live in socal. geez submitter. bust out a 1932 national geographic "girls o' tha outback" & rub one out ya sik perv
2006-04-04 6:15:07 AM  
I read th headline as being about "Princess Eugenics."

I really need to sleep.
2006-04-04 6:34:37 AM  
surprisingly and on a total side note, alaska has a plethera of hot and hittable guys.

/rugged and very sexy
///alone in bed
2006-04-04 6:48:31 AM  
They all look scary!
2006-04-04 7:00:20 AM  
They live at Sunninghill Park?!? I know exactly where that is. I had no idea they lived there.
2006-04-04 7:02:36 AM  
several guinness would make them look much more appetizing.
2006-04-04 7:11:20 AM  
The one on the right definitely got Andrew's
genes, with that Sgt. Slaughter/Hapsburg jaw
thing goin' on.

Of course, by House of Windsor standards, Prince
Andrew is bleedin' Brad Pitt, and even his
lantern-jawed daughter is a good-looking woman
even withal.

Hey, Andrew's a combat veteran chopper pilot, so
he, at least, can stay.
2006-04-04 7:15:29 AM  
I thought with ancient names like Irene and Eunice, the final "e" was originally pronounced, so isn't the "i" in Eugenie redundant?

/I'm bored, okay?
2006-04-04 7:30:54 AM  
2006-04-04 7:35:29 AM  
Ok, I'm adblocking the sharp knees image. It joins a host of orly owls in image purgatory.
2006-04-04 7:41:09 AM  
Yeah, but who (even a royal) is going to name their little girl Eugene?
2006-04-04 7:41:15 AM  
All these posts and no one has yet mentioned the most egregious thing about the story: the misspelling of occasion.
2006-04-04 7:57:42 AM  
The older one could use a bit less makeup and the younger could do with a bit. Maybe they should rub noses for a transfer.
2006-04-04 7:58:43 AM  
For cripes sake, it's a party, they're teenagers, & I think they all look pretty hot [I'm sure Fergie cares what I think]. No one got hurt or raped. No fires, no drugs. By US standards it sounds like a big snoozfest party. Happy Birthday Eugene. Buzzy.

/I got your birthday package...right here.
2006-04-04 7:58:45 AM  
It's spring time in my pants very much these days so I'll fark all three of them. No wait, I'll just do Fergie if it doesn't matter to me, saves the legal hassle of uglybumping a 16 year old girl.

/mmm 16 year old girl
//stop it you perv!
2006-04-04 8:04:06 AM  
..........As in "hittable in the face"?

\No donkey punching
2006-04-04 8:05:46 AM  
Yes, they are hittable, etc, or will be when they're 18, teensecks is bad, but wow they're hot, etc and so on.

All I'm saying is, those stupid little b*tches better have been the ones responsible for cleaning the place up. Prince Andrew, if necessary, can have the place surrounded by heavily armed SAS to make sure the little skanks I mean girls don't try and pull a runner.

If I ever have kids and they trash the house, they're cleaning every square inch of it, hangover and all, and whatever's damaged, they're paying to fix it, and if they can't afford it, then can turn tricks until they can afford it.

/ can't wait to be a parent
// ten adults were present at all times....? They were probably the scullery maids, and were probably getting done by tag-team groups of male party-goers
/// or female, whichever
//// stand by for "Royal Rave Nets Nappy Nippers for Minging Maids" headline
2006-04-04 8:12:35 AM  
[image from too old to be available]
I'd hit it thrice!!!
2006-04-04 8:13:45 AM  
Def NOT hittable.

/Shudders at the man in the pic on the right side of Fergie.
2006-04-04 8:19:49 AM  
Sixty. Nine. Thousand. Dollars.

Austrailian, Canadian, American, I don't care, that is a mind-numbingly stupid amount of money to spend on a child's party. And 30 thousand of that was on catering? When I think that we make that much in a flipping year, it just blows my mind. Princesses or not, the word "spoiles" just leaps screaming to mind.

Apparantly, you can be too rich.
2006-04-04 8:23:34 AM  
spoiles= spoiled. Too early for me to spell correctly, apparantly.
2006-04-04 8:28:34 AM  
'sure' they had to smuggle alocohol in, WTF ?.

i mean its hardly the USA, the UK has much less strict views on alcohol. i would expect champaign and other alochol to be standard at royal parties, and giving alochol to kids (of this age) is not illegal in the UK (just selling it!)

my favorite quote is -
"To be honest it was the best party I've ever been to. Within a couple of hours it was out of control"

reminds me of the best parties i've been to ;)
2006-04-04 8:37:46 AM  
[image from too old to be available]

Sunninghill Park...

release the hounds.
2006-04-04 8:37:47 AM  

spoiles= spoiled. Too early for me to spell correctly, apparantly.

Yes, it is too early for you to spell "apparently", but you did spell "correctly" correctly.

/Sorry, the Devil made me do it.
//Kinda like the word "spoiles"
///Sounds like Aussie slang
2006-04-04 8:42:31 AM  
"To be honest it was the best party I've ever been to. Within a couple of hours it was out of control," one guest said.

I've been to a number of parties that were the very same standard, but we never had to drop 30,000 dollars, pounds or euros on the food.

Any Canadians remember Fuddle Duck wine? It was the Thunderbird wine of Canada. $1.45 a bottle. 2 bottles and you were good for the whole night.

/sweet memories
2006-04-04 8:58:18 AM  
randomhookup:Yes, it is too early for you to spell "apparently", but you did spell "correctly" correctly.

I did say it was too early for me to spell. :-) Also, the word "apparently" is one of those words I just can never seem to spell right no matter what I do.
2006-04-04 9:04:10 AM  
I remember Cold Duck, and Baby Duck, but I don't recall Fuddle Duck... was this back in the Trudeaumania days?

/man, that was some nasty stuff
//oh, yeah - and why are we surprised at Beatrice & Eugenie acting like 'Princesses'?
2006-04-04 9:10:29 AM  
NOW we know why Chuck's boys want to get back to the royal tradition of marrying first cousins.
2006-04-04 9:21:46 AM  
um...looks like submitter is a pedophile...
2006-04-04 9:27:07 AM  
I remember once hearing Fergie describe herself as a "single mother," like she was on some equal footing w/some chick w/offspring in the ghetto.

Well, technically she IS a single mother.
2006-04-04 9:29:08 AM  
um 16 is legal in the UK
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