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(The Phoenix)   The 100 unsexiest men in the world. Gilbert Gottfried is No. 1   ( divider line
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46481 clicks; posted to Main » on 03 Apr 2006 at 1:24 PM (11 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-04-03 02:36:21 PM  
2006-04-03 02:36:24 PM  
Who, or what, the fark is that, Valacirca!?!?! What's wrong with his chin?

Surprised that anchorman Frunell Chatman (sp??) isn't on that list.

/L.A. Farkers would know who he is
2006-04-03 02:36:47 PM  
carrot top is pretty bad, but at least he has all his hair. where is the uglier prop man gallagher?

stephen hawking?

c'mon this list stinks.
2006-04-03 02:38:07 PM  
Did a guy or girl write this?
2006-04-03 02:38:25 PM  
The guy is awesome and all but he ain't pretty. Ditto
2006-04-03 02:39:33 PM  
if i was a model and had to choose between george costanza, kramer or jerry. i would hafta go with jerry.
2006-04-03 02:41:17 PM  
Jared from Subway not #1? Clearly who ever made up this list is an idiot.

And Jon Lovitz is a genius.
2006-04-03 02:41:18 PM  

WHERE IS bruce vilanch on that list?

I don't understand how that troll ever got a job. I think Whoopi Goldberg said he was the funniest guy she ever met. Tells you a lot about Whoopi.

Not funny. Either one.

I think Bruce may have his own special list. Like the "Not with your dick" list.
2006-04-03 02:42:21 PM  
IamEvil WTF is that thing?

/goggles do nothing.
2006-04-03 02:47:12 PM  
Occam'sLadySchick: iggy pop-undead
lou reed-zombie

forgot walken. just the creepiness factor alone makes him seem like a real boogeyman. (gotta love him tho')
2006-04-03 02:48:17 PM  
Most of those guys have lots of money, and are therefore deemed sexy by many women.

This list should be renamed;

"List of men without a big gay following."
2006-04-03 02:49:46 PM  
just to be on the safe side, they shoulda put bea arthur on there.

/i could go on and on
2006-04-03 02:52:26 PM  
Whats worse than Rick Ocasek? Rick Ocasek next to Steven Tyler....

That was just horrid. Just horrid!

2006-04-03 02:52:52 PM  
2006-04-03 02:42:21 PM trapped-in-CH

IamEvil WTF is that thing?

/goggles do nothing.

That thing is Bruch Vilanch. Ugliest thing evar!
2006-04-03 02:55:26 PM  
I think John Kerry should be on the list. The man looks like, to borrow a phrase from Conan, "a bloodhound's scrotum."
2006-04-03 02:56:02 PM  
bahahahahaha Tom from MySpace
2006-04-03 03:00:58 PM  
chago04: a phrase from Conan,

conan is no prince either. i'd hafta put him above leno. but maybe i just got used to looking at leno after all these years.
2006-04-03 03:02:14 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-03 03:02:43 PM  
Drew Carey?? He's as cute as a button on a pocket.
2006-04-03 03:06:44 PM  
What, no Ann Coulter?

/Thankgu, thangu, I'll be here all week
2006-04-03 03:09:41 PM  
recent mike d:
kinda scary.
2006-04-03 03:12:51 PM  

You farking bastard. After seeing that, I just cut my penis off and threw it out the window.
2006-04-03 03:13:33 PM  
So Wallace Shawn isn't sexy. But he is one of the smartest men I've ever met.
[image from too old to be available]
2006-04-03 03:14:15 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

What the hell happened to carrot top anyway??!
2006-04-03 03:14:32 PM  
Clint Howard ranked beneath Ron Howard?

Clint Howard ranked beneath ANYONE?!

I call shenanigans. The man is a farkin' ogre.
2006-04-03 03:19:28 PM  
Quentin Tarantino didn't make the list?????
2006-04-03 03:21:45 PM  
David Guest?
2006-04-03 03:24:26 PM  
WTF is up with Carrot top? Is he wearing eyeliner and lipstick in that pic? He looks like one of those buff bodybuilding chicks.
2006-04-03 03:26:51 PM  
Is that really Carrot Top, or just a very confused TV in search of the right look?
2006-04-03 03:28:11 PM  
Uh...why does Carrot Top have boobies?
2006-04-03 03:30:00 PM  
Tom Leykus didn't make the list? Best radio face EVAR.
2006-04-03 03:30:43 PM  
yeah, i'd hafta put clint howard at the very top too.

what about prince charles AND his noble steed?

yeah, quentin tarrantino is pretty bad. he joins walken and these 2 in the creepy catagory. krispin glover, steve buscemi
2006-04-03 03:45:55 PM  
Clint may be ugly but he has delicious Tranya for you to drink!
2006-04-03 03:46:16 PM  
Hey, you guys farked our server.

/No, really.
//Lenny's gonna be pissed.
2006-04-03 03:47:56 PM  
Mike D was sexy back in the day, but now he looks sort of sickly. I also think Gerard Way is sexy.
2006-04-03 03:55:39 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
'Meo-YIKES....What in the hell is a Bruce Vilanch?'
2006-04-03 03:56:26 PM  
Bruce Vilanch
2006-04-03 03:56:58 PM  

Is that really Carrot Top, or just a very confused TV in search of the right look?

Why "or?"
2006-04-03 03:57:13 PM  
Carrot Top lives here in Orlando. He used to work out at the YMCA that I go to. He's freaking huge.

And yes, he always wears makeup. Don't ask me why, maybe to cover the freckles, but he wears it all of the time.

But I won't question him. He's likely to kick my ass with those 24 inch pythons he's packing.
2006-04-03 03:59:48 PM  
Where's Hitler?
2006-04-03 04:01:15 PM  
Oh Z'No!
2006-04-03 04:03:00 PM  
Hey Robert Patric is hot in an intense middle aged guy way, T-1000 or no T-1000.
2006-04-03 04:05:28 PM  
Trail Mix

28. Gerard Way (from My Chemical Romance): Luckiest dude since Ringo. Or at the very least, since D12.

Aw, I kinda like the semi-deranged, strung-out, goth-dude-with-red-eyeshadow look...

I'm not goth at all (aside from a tendancy to like some of the more luxurious clothes) and I think he's kinda cute in a 'little lost waif' kinda way myself. But then, I have always had a soft spot for girly boys in eyeliner, particularly if they give good puppy-dog eyes.
2006-04-03 04:06:23 PM  

Clint may be ugly but he has delicious Tranya for you to drink!

Heh, after watching the glory that is Ice Cream Man, I have no doubt that Clint's got Tranya-flavored ice cream in his ice cream truck of doom.

/Clint's so ugly that he has to sneak up on a glass of water to keep himself from dehydrating
2006-04-03 04:07:24 PM  
What about that fat drunk, killer etc from Mass?
2006-04-03 04:24:07 PM  
24. Paul Shaffer: The bic'd look does not work for everyone, plus he makes all those crazy faces while he plays.

I have no opinion on his sexyness. He is a guy.

But I think it is some sort of musician's union rule that they all make crazy faces while they play. Can some musician verify this.
2006-04-03 04:25:31 PM  
Superjoe: Bruce Vilanch

seconded (thirded and fourthed for him)
2006-04-03 04:31:24 PM  
Why is Michael Jackson only #11?
2006-04-03 04:32:06 PM  
Got ya all beat

[image from too old to be available]

Grand Vizier of Uglistan
Otis Nixon
2006-04-03 04:45:32 PM  

Is carrot top turning into a lesbian? I thought it was a body building woman too.
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