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(Netscape)   PETA continues its quest to win friends and influence people with its new ad campaign: "Avian Flu: It's Your Fault"   ( divider line
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11339 clicks; posted to Main » on 28 Mar 2006 at 4:08 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-03-28 12:38:16 PM  
2006-03-28 12:58:05 PM  
it is my fault. i have that lab in the basement and i've been doing experiments and then one of them flew away and..and...

2006-03-28 1:02:27 PM  
I'll just add this to the ever growing list of things that are my fault.

/sectarian violence
//global warming
///the inexplicable continued on-air life of "The War at Home"
2006-03-28 1:29:45 PM  
Avian Flu: The feathers are about to hit the anus.
2006-03-28 1:52:08 PM  
I thought it was Dr. Peters' fault.
2006-03-28 2:50:10 PM  
I thought it was Paris Hilton's fault
/thanks conan
2006-03-28 2:56:33 PM  
Can't decide which of the three is stupidest: This, the campaign where they gave tofu turkeys to the homeless or the college campaign urging students to binge drink because alcohol is healthier than milk.
2006-03-28 4:11:15 PM  
gg peta.
2006-03-28 4:11:59 PM  
Can't blame this one on San Andreas
2006-03-28 4:12:04 PM  
Fark PETA and fark all the PETAphiles.
2006-03-28 4:12:21 PM  

Avian Flu: The feathers are about to hit the anus.

I'll get the tar.
2006-03-28 4:12:41 PM  
I, for one, welcome our Avian-flu-spreading overlords.
2006-03-28 4:12:44 PM  
World hunger. My bad.
2006-03-28 4:13:33 PM  
2006-03-28 4:14:01 PM  
I broke the dam.
2006-03-28 4:14:28 PM  
That's petarded.
2006-03-28 4:14:34 PM  
Peta only do these stupid things to get headlines.
Otherwise they get overshadowed by al queda & jessica simpson
2006-03-28 4:15:01 PM  
You know, when some disease starts that is spread my brocolli, they are sure going to have egg on their faces.

/not litterally, of course
//because, you know, eggs are evil
///or something
2006-03-28 4:15:04 PM  
Wait, I thought bird flu was being spread by bird migration. Guess it's time to kill the planet's population of wild birds, eh, PETA?
2006-03-28 4:15:19 PM  
You're likely to have trouble, however, when the feathers hit your anus.
2006-03-28 4:15:47 PM  

You should really go get tested, then. God only knows what those hookers have...
2006-03-28 4:16:08 PM  
It's all Snakes on a Plane to me.

/Dam, DAM, no I broke the dam.
2006-03-28 4:16:17 PM  
Spread BY brocolli, that is.
2006-03-28 4:16:29 PM  
If these guys are so compassionate , why aren't they helping the millions of their own species that are starving, dying, and being mistreated?

Nothing I hate more than people getting more jail time for beating their dog than for beating their kids.
2006-03-28 4:16:36 PM  
Every time I see an article like this, I feel better and better for having hocked a huge green loogie at Peta protesters outside Northwestern those many years ago.

/yeah, that was me
//they were mad, really mad
2006-03-28 4:16:37 PM  

ZING! you win.
2006-03-28 4:16:47 PM  
The only way to cure Avian flu is to Choke the Chicken, Choke Every Chicken!

\\It may also cure the Kitten Flu (to be released in Asia Jan. 2007)
2006-03-28 4:17:08 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-03-28 4:17:08 PM  
Gosh I dunno, seems reasonable really.

/not a vegetarian
2006-03-28 4:17:09 PM  
Crap I knew it. My bad. I really apologize about that.

And the Tsunami.
2006-03-28 4:17:23 PM  
gnosis301: tarry stool is a sign of a peptic ulcer. You should get yourself checked out.

/the more you know
2006-03-28 4:17:53 PM  

wow. just f*cking wow.
2006-03-28 4:17:59 PM  

That's great. LOL!
2006-03-28 4:18:19 PM  

If The War at Home still being aired is your fault, I'd like to have a word with you.


2006-03-28 4:18:25 PM  
khaos4k no, I broke the damn.
2006-03-28 4:19:19 PM  
Avain Flu
Anal Warts

yep yep, all me.
2006-03-28 4:19:19 PM  
How can you hate on someone who loves Animals?
I love Animals!!!!!!

[image from too old to be available]
2006-03-28 4:19:56 PM  
You almost get the sense PETA is onto the fact every rational person on the planet knows they are crazy, so now they are just trying to live up to that expectation.
2006-03-28 4:20:09 PM  
mmmm PETA
People Eating Tasty Animals.... i'm in..
2006-03-28 4:20:48 PM  
From the statement:

"The cramming together of thousands of chickens in buildings where the birds are never allowed outside and live in their own filth was an ideal breeding ground for disease"

Actually, those birds are well protected from the disease because they are inside and basically under quaranteen. It's the free range and wild birds that come into contact with other disease carrying birds that are the real problem.
2006-03-28 4:21:11 PM  

Must be time to go get a nice big Med-Rare prime rib again.

Or mebbe some ribs.

Hmm.... Ribs tonight, prime rib early next week?

Too bad deer seasons over, I've love some venison steaks, or chili, or stew, or jerky... heck venison anything.
2006-03-28 4:21:41 PM  
br4dh4x0r: If The War at Home still being aired is your fault, I'd like to have a word with you.

actually, it's my fault...I just can't get enough of the daughter.
2006-03-28 4:22:20 PM  
Is there anything that hasn't killed more people than bird flu?

Who the fark cares? Wake me when ten thousand people have died and maybe I'll start to give a damn.

If we were all vegetarian we'd just have different things to worry about. Bad tofu, moldy sprouts, etc.
2006-03-28 4:22:41 PM  
They say that humans are bad, let's meat 'em half way and feed them to the animals.
2006-03-28 4:22:54 PM  
yep yep, all me.

all of that's o.k. w/ me, but you crossed the line when you made that Gigli movie...
damn you!
2006-03-28 4:23:12 PM  
Finally! Something that's not my fault!

* re-reads list of accomplishments *

... uh, nevermind.
2006-03-28 4:23:21 PM  

I have plenty saved up in the freezer for just such an emergency. In fact, I am having some tonight. Tenderloin, wrapped in bacon, cooked on the grill with an olive oil seared marianade.

2006-03-28 4:23:35 PM  
in order to prepare for the avian flu, i am going to innoculate myself with with buffalo sauce and shmear bleu cheese dressing all over
2006-03-28 4:23:36 PM  
I haven't been paying too much attention to this bird flu "scare" but if you cook your fowl there should be little to no risk, right?
2006-03-28 4:24:12 PM  
br4dh4x0r: If The War at Home still being aired is your fault, I'd like to have a word with you. Outside. Now.

That show is so unfunny that it makes me physically uncomfortable to watch. Seriously.
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