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(Yahoo)   Weird: A camera was discovered filming the inside of the German chancellor's apartment. Weirder: It's a museum security camera. Fark: It did it for years before anyone noticed   ( divider line
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9015 clicks; posted to Main » on 27 Mar 2006 at 12:19 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-03-27 12:21:59 PM  
Was he caught fapping?
2006-03-27 12:22:30 PM  

And I thought it was gonna be a slow news days on FARK.
2006-03-27 12:22:59 PM  

damn nazis
2006-03-27 12:23:15 PM  
For a headline obsessed with the weirdness of the situation, the [amusing] tag is a definate fark-up.

/cliche + tag doesn't match = F for submitter
2006-03-27 12:24:37 PM  
Thanks Romero for the scoop on

/pfft noobert
2006-03-27 12:25:25 PM  
Wow, that must be expensive... all of that film. I wonder what kind of film they're using?
2006-03-27 12:25:38 PM  
Das ist es Liebling, Spiel mit wurziger deutscher Wurst des Vatis. Kummern Sie sich die um Trauben!
2006-03-27 12:25:51 PM  
Was he caught fapping?

Angela Merkel had a sex-change?
2006-03-27 12:26:11 PM  
That's kinda creepy.

/just woke up
//not like being awake longer will make my comments better or anything though
2006-03-27 12:27:59 PM  
Wow! Just like out of Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. He must of stole that idea too.
2006-03-27 12:28:59 PM  
Was he caught fapping?
Angela Merkel had a sex-change?

daskleft was referring to Angela Merkel's husband who was seen in the living room on the tapes (FTFA).
2006-03-27 12:30:06 PM  
Wake me up when they invade Poland.
2006-03-27 12:30:35 PM  
This must be the slowest news story on the slowes news story day.
2006-03-27 12:32:16 PM  
A museum spokesman told Bild am Sonntag the camera had been adjusted Friday to prevent further filming.

Adjusted? Not removed? Why does she still want the camera there?

/Goddam Germans and their voyeurism
//and kids and their drugs
2006-03-27 12:35:03 PM  
Can you say "4.99 an hour"?
2006-03-27 12:35:15 PM  
I wonder if they will show similar concern for the dozens of security cameras capable of viewing the inside of my 5th floor living room/computer room.

//me thinks not.
/glad the german chancellor is worthy of such privacy
2006-03-27 12:35:20 PM  
Headline submitter deserves a hammer in the groin. It took me minutes to figure out what he actually meant.
2006-03-27 12:35:23 PM  
daskleft was referring to Angela Merkel's husband who was seen in the living room on the tapes (FTFA).

Sure he was. *snicker*
2006-03-27 12:37:56 PM  
It's in public. Whoop de doo.
2006-03-27 12:41:23 PM  
Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!!!
2006-03-27 12:41:55 PM  
2006-03-27 12:46:52 PM  
//me thinks not.
/glad the german chancellor is worthy of such privacy

I believe Germany actually has a law on the books that makes it a crime to take pictures of someone inside a private residence without their consent. The same is true of other European countries.

Even an Ordinary Joe like you and me could get a court order to have any security camera that is in violation of the law removed and, on top of that, press charges.
2006-03-27 12:47:13 PM  
1. German hidden cameras

this is a time honored business model that no one should find that weird. its a well known fact that germans love to film themselves and other people for pervereted means, it's part of German life...

...and so is this:
[image from too old to be available]
/so oblig that it ceases to be funny, oh wait, its still amazing.
2006-03-27 12:48:00 PM  
Ehh, Mom...if you were in a German scheize'd tell us, right ...
2006-03-27 12:51:19 PM  
*scheie (scheisse, ftw)
2006-03-27 12:52:04 PM  
bah, them foreign symbols aint welcome here
2006-03-27 12:53:51 PM  
Good thing it was not Supreme Chancellor Sutler

/saw "V for Vendetta" this weekend.
2006-03-27 1:04:46 PM  
this is a sad day for internet porn. even the slightes chance of accidently seeing "The Merkel"(noun neutr. sing.) will scare me away from movie sites forever.
2006-03-27 1:27:24 PM  

The German chancellor lives in an apartment!

2006-03-27 1:31:32 PM  
It did it for years before anyone noticed

Confusing taglines make my head hurt and make the Baby Jebus cry.
2006-03-27 1:33:32 PM  
Achtung! Achtung!
2006-03-27 1:41:17 PM  
Is Robert Langdon being sought to help solve the mystery?
2006-03-27 3:26:22 PM  
Well, if she has nothing to hide..

Seriously, Germany passes more and more surveillance laws each year and almost nobody cares or even applauds.

Monitoring and saving all internet traffic to fight "terrorism" while preparing a law to give access to it to the German RIAA.
More use of CCTV cameras.
About five cameras on each public transport train station per plattform here (quiet, kinda wealthy neighborhood)
Constantly granting more and more permissions to bug homes.
Dropping all those "separation of powers" safeguards, who needs court orders.
Big increase in telephone bugging.
Requiring IDs to get a prepaid phone.
Thinking about giving free aceess to toll system data to law enforcement (explicetly verboten when the laws introducing the system were passed).
Biometric data (even fingerprints next year) for all passports and ID cards.

/rant off
//wondering why everybody dislikes the GeStaPo and East Germen STASI while introducing surveillance crap they couldn't have dreamt of
2006-03-27 3:57:30 PM  
And _that's_the_way_the_cookie_crumbles
I believe Germany actually has a law on the books that makes it a crime to take pictures of someone inside a private residence without their consent.

You aren't allowed to take pictures of someone who "is in a situation where (s)he can expect a reasonable amount of privacy".
I think that law was passed after cell phones with cameras became widespread.
AFAIK the main reason for that law is to protect (women) from being photographed or filmed in secret (e.g. in dressing rooms or "upskirt" pictures)
2006-03-27 4:21:41 PM  

They're using Film-RE (re-exposeable).
2006-03-27 7:06:10 PM  
Recorded shots of Merkel's husband, Joachim Sauer, in the living room.

[image from too old to be available]
2006-03-28 5:12:02 AM  
In other museums across the street from Melissa Theuriau.
United Nations are currently investigating as to why not...
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