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(AZCentral)   Slow news day in Arizona as a peace protest consisting of two people makes the paper   ( divider line
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4940 clicks; posted to Main » and Politics » on 20 Mar 2006 at 6:12 PM (17 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-03-20 5:48:20 PM  
who cares? is there some sort of conflict going on?
2006-03-20 5:52:49 PM  
Those crowd estimates are never right.
2006-03-20 6:16:32 PM  
This was a million man peace protest.
2006-03-20 6:16:32 PM  
Too bad it wasn't a nude peace protest.
2006-03-20 6:17:27 PM  
Slow news day on Fark as news of peace protest consisting of two people making the paper makes the front page.
2006-03-20 6:17:55 PM  
There is no such thing as the liberal media...
2006-03-20 6:18:17 PM  
haha .. It should be a nude protest ... How come there is never any peace protests where i live i want to stomp and chant bullshiat !


thanks for clearing that up
2006-03-20 6:18:21 PM  
Pot calls kettle black.

/Film at eleven
2006-03-20 6:18:55 PM  
"pulling troops out of Iraq would force Iraqis to work together in building a society."

um, right. I think he was mistakenly hitting off the crack pipe, instead of the peace pipe.
2006-03-20 6:20:01 PM  
It is now down to one ....Judy had to go home and make snacks for her Girl Scouts Troop ...
2006-03-20 6:20:37 PM  
Sherrif Joe Arapaio seen torturing another mental defect and raising his six shooters to tha air! \"deomocracy we don need no stinkin democracy"
2006-03-20 6:24:16 PM  
I think it's hilarious how protestors will often claim a much larger attendance than the media or police estimate.

Sometimes the estimates will differ by a magnitude of four or five. At least in this case, the media and protestors are likely in agreement as to numbers -- there were indeed just two.
2006-03-20 6:25:04 PM  
This should only make the news if they get into a fight.

/yes, with each other
2006-03-20 6:25:16 PM  
(Former Idiot Sportscaster now Pol) J.D. Hayworth is a buffoon.
2006-03-20 6:26:06 PM  
Was there punch and pie?

2006-03-20 6:26:46 PM  
Keep in mind that there is also a 2% margin of error.
2006-03-20 6:32:50 PM  
I wonder what the turnout would have been if the local affiliate of Air America didn't switch to a bible-thumping format? Possibly the same?
2006-03-20 6:33:32 PM  
Yeah I saw them on Friday. They were on Lakeshore Dr between Rural & Baseline. The weird part is no one really travels that way. Not really effective to put up signs there. Now I know that McCain's office is right there, but unless he was working from Tempe, I doubt it did any good.
2006-03-20 6:36:37 PM  
The rest of the state is more concerned w/ immigration.
2006-03-20 6:41:28 PM  
I don't get it. In AZ, that's a farkin CROWD!
2006-03-20 6:42:30 PM  
In their defence, this war thing is becomming a bit much. I mean, the entire rest of the world hates us. that should be an indication that we are doing something wrong.
2006-03-20 6:42:46 PM  
I love that the Hayworth guy wasnt even in his office. Haw!

Pretty effective protest though, if they got ink with only two people showin up!
2006-03-20 6:44:25 PM  
A KKK protest of three people made the newspaper a few years ago here.
2006-03-20 6:46:18 PM  
[image from too old to be available]
2006-03-20 6:47:10 PM  
why are we protesting peace?
2006-03-20 6:49:36 PM  
"In their defence, this war thing is becomming a bit much. I mean, the entire rest of the world hates us. that should be an indication that we are doing something wrong."

'defence' = defense

'becomming' = becoming

'war thing' = last three years of iraqi/american killings

'a bit much' = bummer?

/cypherin the slow-brain'd is phun!
2006-03-20 6:49:41 PM  
When we drove home Friday, I saw them too. I thought there were more than two, but I was too busy trying to read the signs to figure out what they were there for.

I wasn't able to clearly read them though... I did catch something about "Peace" or "War", but was more concerned about avoiding their stupid cars parked on the side of the road right at the corner. >:(
2006-03-20 6:50:38 PM  
Meanwhile here in Colorado you can't buy a farkin beer on Sunday! Bob-damned Chris... oops wrong thread.
2006-03-20 6:50:46 PM  
There've been some hardcore Quakers protesting almost every day either in front of the capital or across the street from my apartment in front of the armory for years now, even in the coldest, suckiest days of winter. They are truly badass. Hippies can suck it.

Bonus: Quakers don't believe in bongos.
2006-03-20 6:58:19 PM  
Not surprised this made the news.

Portland, OR had an anti-war protest over the weekend... 1,000 people... (Portland population - 538,544)

Pendleton, Or had a welcome home the troops rally over the weekend... 2,000 people... (Pendleton population - approx. 17,000)


/didn't RTFA
//Trolling with statistics
2006-03-20 6:59:30 PM  
Hey, now I ain't no Quaker-Hater so back off on the Hippies cuz they are teh funny.
2006-03-20 7:00:20 PM  
I blame bush.
2006-03-20 7:06:59 PM  
No suprise, the AZ Republic (newspaper) and AZCENTRAL.COM, which are owned by the same group, have thier heads crammed so far up the governor's (liberal democrat) ass they don't when it's dark outside anymore.
2006-03-20 7:07:50 PM  
Why would anyone protest peace?

If they were protesting the war, shouldn't they be war protesters? Did you people learn nothing from the whole suicide bomber/homicide bomber thing?
2006-03-20 7:08:10 PM  
Bonus: Quakers don't believe in bongos.

They do make some damn tasty oats, though.
2006-03-20 7:40:52 PM  
breaking into houses and scaring little children and families

We're not scaring them, we're putting them out of their misery. Big difference.
2006-03-20 8:02:24 PM  
The MSM had their marching orders, report on the war protests to promote the false notion that Americans do not support the war or the President.
2006-03-20 8:10:32 PM  
Bahahaha....frigging media, will use any idiot (or two) leftist out there to promote their anti-military agenda.
2006-03-20 8:10:35 PM  
Its pretty amazing when you think about it. It only took two people to get the message out and know you're all talking about it.
2006-03-20 8:15:29 PM  
I don't call that a peace protest; I call that a date.
2006-03-20 8:30:50 PM  
I could have gotten atleast 3 people to show up.
2006-03-20 8:38:06 PM  
If it were two hot chicks in skimpy outfits it would have been newsworthy.
2006-03-20 8:44:25 PM  
MyNameIsMofuga:Too bad it wasn't a nude peace protest.

nekkid 56 and 63 years old women making love, not war?

/fears me some arizona leatherback boobies
2006-03-20 8:44:54 PM  

Most Americans? based on what? Polls? Taken in high population centers that typically vote democrat? Hmm...

You know, they've done studies on what happens when you take a bunch of animals and cram 'em all in together, with no elbow room... Yep... They vote democrat too...

Right before they turn cannibal.

Support the war if you're not a cannibal.
2006-03-20 8:47:28 PM  
Wow, look: The freepers have arrived to 'enlighten' us with their talking points.
2006-03-20 8:50:51 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

2006-03-20 9:11:44 PM  
It's good that there are people protesting Muslims of one denomination killing Muslims of another denomination.

And it's good that there are Leaders in the world who care enough to do something about it.
2006-03-20 11:05:48 PM  
......"Cindy Sheehan said, adding that pulling the police & occupying troops out of New Orleans would force residents to work together in building a society."
2006-03-20 11:11:43 PM  
The entire liberal left mise well just write off the Phoenix area entirely. Maricopa County (including Phoenix and all the suburbs) was supposed to help "Turn Arizona Blue!" for the 2004 election. What wound up happening? Look at that one map which shows the margins... it was one of the highest red margins, if not THE highest red margin, on the map. That's what you get when you combine Sun City retirees, Mesa mormons, and Scottsdale blue-bloods... and they ALL turn out and they ALL vote Bush.

Even Arizona's GOVERNOR, a moderate Democrat, only won by selling her soul to Joe Arpaio, the most corrupt law enforcement officer since the Sheriff of Nottingham. This ship has sailed. You people in other states think Bush has hurt your civil rights? You don't know the half of it. Joe and his thugs arrest people and sometimes beat them TO DEATH and they never even had a hearing or got convicted of any crime.

Meanwhile here I was in Tempe voting libertarian (Badnarik), surrounded by unwashed mobs of protest and patchouli as the hippie undergrads all plead with me to vote for a Massachusetts millionaire. And the left wonders why nobody wants to jump on their crusade these days.
2006-03-20 11:56:49 PM  
In Chicago, 7000 showed up for a protest rally.

60,000 show up to a typical football game.

Maybe the protestors could get more people if they drop the wacco taglines of "Bush is just like hitler and Saddam is better." People don't want to asociate with extreme hippies.

Then again, they'd have to find thousands of people with nothing better to do all day.

But just to let you know how much protesting works, consider this:

Nixon was elected during the Vietnam war and campaigned on winning it.

He was elected.

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