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(Denver Channel)   Utah chooses new state slogan, "Life Elevated." C'mon, Farkers, we can come up with a better slogan than that   ( divider line
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1917 clicks; posted to Main » on 12 Mar 2006 at 11:39 AM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-03-12 08:02:50 AM  
Let's see how long that anti-abortion slogan lasts.

Cue ACLU in 3....2......1.....
2006-03-12 08:08:17 AM  
"We've got salt!"

/What the hell is there in Utah to see anyway?
2006-03-12 08:11:23 AM  
"Utah: It makes more sense if you're Mormon"
2006-03-12 08:13:28 AM  
"Utah: Letting a man have three nagging wives and not letting him drink alcohol is our idea of a good joke"
2006-03-12 08:29:52 AM  
Utah: Gimme two...
2006-03-12 11:28:37 AM  
Utah: You can't spell morman without moran!!!

Utah: Come for the Salt Lake, stay for the polygamy!!!

Utah: Visit us, or we'll visit you!!!

Utah: Where secret underwear is normal!!!
2006-03-12 11:42:39 AM  
Utah: Where A Good Tan Makes You A Minority!
2006-03-12 11:43:03 AM  
Gots me more'n one wife, and a clan full o' kids thanks to incest.
2006-03-12 11:43:48 AM  
Utah: Utah, Itah, We All Tah For Utah
2006-03-12 11:44:21 AM  
Utah: "We built this city on rock, that's all."
2006-03-12 11:44:38 AM  
Utah: Gateway to Idaho.
2006-03-12 11:45:11 AM  
Utah? At least it's not Nebraska.
2006-03-12 11:46:37 AM  
Why not just a variant?

Livin' the High Life

/Wasn't that a slogan for beer?
//A vote for me is a vote for beer!
///You wouldn't want to vote against beer, would you?
2006-03-12 11:46:48 AM  
Utah: Rabid Fundies and Magic Undies
2006-03-12 11:50:46 AM  
Utah: Two girls for every boy.
2006-03-12 11:51:19 AM  
Utah, Itah, Wealltah!
2006-03-12 11:51:34 AM  
Utah: Bring 'em young.
2006-03-12 11:51:58 AM  
Utah: We told those Katrina refugees to repent to god... the heithen bastards *spit*
2006-03-12 11:52:05 AM  
"Relax and shed your second skin"
2006-03-12 11:52:32 AM  
Utah "We got more salty goodness than Peter North"
2006-03-12 11:52:56 AM  
"Utah: Big love was our idea, not Ron Jeremy's"
2006-03-12 11:53:03 AM  
Utah: If you thought trying to find a needle in a haystack was hard, try finding a black person
2006-03-12 11:54:01 AM  
Utahaseein' is Utahabelievin'
2006-03-12 11:54:09 AM  
"coupla gats, coupla knives, coupla rats, coupla wives"

2006-03-12 11:55:27 AM  
"Oh, sorry"
2006-03-12 11:56:08 AM  
"Utah: menage a trois without the fun"
2006-03-12 11:56:51 AM  
"Utah: We're on an express elevator to hell - going down!"

[image from too old to be available]

(yes, that is Hudson and his 3 wifes )
2006-03-12 11:57:33 AM  
Utah: No Teenaged Boys Allowed!
2006-03-12 11:58:34 AM  
Utah: Low Beer Only
2006-03-12 11:58:35 AM  
Pr0n: I live in utah guys (an I AM NOT Mormon) and half of you couldn't be more wrong with the whole polygamy thing to anyone in Utah you just look like an idiot. but w/e

But are you getting a kick out of most of these replies?
2006-03-12 11:59:19 AM  
"Utah - But I'm Taller"
2006-03-12 11:59:38 AM  
2006-03-12 12:00:31 PM  
Utah : Where every mom is a swinger.

Utah : Sit quietly and pray for death.

Utah : Every daddy double dips.

Utah : Go home and tell your momma what Utah.
2006-03-12 12:01:32 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Utah: Where seagulls are loved and gold trimmed bull baptism tanks are the norm.

/actual picture
2006-03-12 12:01:34 PM  
"Utah: Heroin Bob Lived Here"
2006-03-12 12:02:21 PM  

2006-03-12 12:03:36 PM  
Utah: it's Utah
2006-03-12 12:03:59 PM  
Utah: Baptizing dead Jews since 1890

Utah: Praying to a salamander since 1985
2006-03-12 12:04:09 PM  
"Utah is a little bit country, not enough rock and roll"
2006-03-12 12:07:25 PM  
When did they drop "Polygamy: It's What's For Dinner"?
2006-03-12 12:07:44 PM  
Utah: Dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb!

/can't believe no one used that one yet
2006-03-12 12:08:01 PM  
Get a Brain! Morman!
2006-03-12 12:09:21 PM  
Utah: Living Proof that Hell Really is THAT Bad
2006-03-12 12:11:07 PM  
"At least it ain't $cientology."
2006-03-12 12:13:00 PM  
2006-03-12 12:13:44 PM  
"It's Bigamazing!"
2006-03-12 12:14:01 PM  
Support Utah Police: Beat Yourself Up!!

Utah: We Still Haven't Legalized Adulthood!

Utah: Where you can be called an "Elder" at 16!
2006-03-12 12:14:10 PM  
Utah, because we do the missionary better
2006-03-12 12:14:16 PM  
Utah: After being kicked out of PA, NJ, and IL this is the best we could do.

Utah: Jesus didn't die for your sins, Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints did.

Utah: Hitler's children live here.

Utah: What else are you going to do on Sunday?

Utah: It's a trap.
2006-03-12 12:16:01 PM  
Utah: Where 10% of your money are belong to us.

/wife's family is morman so I'm really getting a kick out of all of these replies.
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