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(ArmyTimes) Hero Bikers drown out Fred Phelps protest at soldier's funeral   ( divider line
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42139 clicks; posted to Main » on 21 Feb 2006 at 6:57 AM (16 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook

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2006-02-21 12:48:03 AM  
Hero, indeed.
2006-02-21 12:52:50 AM  
Very cool.
2006-02-21 12:53:36 AM  
not submitter, HERO'S indeed.
2006-02-21 12:54:44 AM  
Joined up last month and have made one ride.

/Semper Fi.
2006-02-21 12:59:22 AM  
Best use of the Hero tag in a while.
2006-02-21 1:00:38 AM  
2006-02-21 1:01:13 AM  
Very awesome. Aside from manning up and ignoring them (which I understand can be difficult at a funeral), THIS is how you combat completely asinine protests. Not by having the government make certain non-violent protests illegal.
2006-02-21 1:01:51 AM  

Thank you. You rock.
2006-02-21 1:08:06 AM  
Heroes. Yes.

Hero's. No.

I'd pay to have 5 minutes alone with Fred Phelps or any of his douche bag followers. God hates Fred Phelps.
2006-02-21 1:10:36 AM  
Thank God for people like these.
2006-02-21 1:17:58 AM  
I want to flirt with Fred Phelps. Tell him his hate is sexy.
2006-02-21 1:28:57 AM  
I_Hate_Iowa: Tell him his hate is sexy.

He'll probably come out of the closet at that point.
On the one hand, holding a coming-out party for Phelps would be amusing, especially if its at an anti-gay protest. On the other hand, no one should ever victimise themselves that way.
2006-02-21 1:29:51 AM  
beirmaster: Joined up last month and have made one ride.

I need to hook up with these guys. My rider's club forum has some guys who do this on it, I'll have to ping them and see what's up.
2006-02-21 1:30:48 AM  
Very cool.
2006-02-21 1:32:15 AM  
Fred Phelps isn't a religious man or a hating man. He is just an attention whore. If you've ever seen him on TV, you can tell how he is just getting off on the attention.

I hope when he dies God laughs at him and calls him an asshat.
2006-02-21 1:41:23 AM  
Phelps is gonna shiat his pants when he learns God is gay.
2006-02-21 2:15:13 AM  
Personally, I can't wait until the day of Phelps's funeral. I'll be there, waving a big smiley face flag and reminding his followers that God loves everyone.

/except Fred Phelps
2006-02-21 2:36:29 AM  
First good use for loud pipes I've ever seen, er, heard. Phelps is a phark head.

/lives two blocks from popular weekend warrior biker-preening bar.
2006-02-21 3:03:25 AM  
I would also like to express my gratitude to these folks. Truly American heroes.
2006-02-21 4:08:02 AM  
The ultimate burn on Phelps would be to simply ignore him.
2006-02-21 4:43:56 AM  
I'll fwd this off to the local Blue Knights chapters. Those guys would love to do this, I'm sure.
2006-02-21 5:23:29 AM  

Good for you folks. That's awesome
2006-02-21 6:59:15 AM  
Just a friendly reminder: Everyone in KS hates Fred Phelps as much as you do.
2006-02-21 7:01:14 AM  
Hooray for these guys.

And... Fred Phelps is a farking cockmonger. Why else would he go so far out of his way to protest teh ghey? Methinks the lady doth protest too much...

And, one day, a Fark headline will announce, "Fred Phelps Busted for Groping a 14 Year-Old Male Church Member." Or a 14 Year-Old's member. Take your pick.

/Phelps is a fag.
2006-02-21 7:02:07 AM  
If God wanted to punish homosexuals he'd do it directly instead of killing soldiers. Unless he was a total farking pussy.

I'm atheist and even I know that according to the Bible, neither God's rewards nor punishments come in this life.
2006-02-21 7:02:23 AM  
Theres a time and a bloody place for protesting, funerals are not that time, nor place.

Well played, well played indeed.

//Didn't this happen a few months ago too?
2006-02-21 7:03:01 AM  
Since when are bikers pro-government propaganda tools? What happened to being rebels? Men who normal people feared? How the hell did they become apologists for war criminals?
2006-02-21 7:06:01 AM  
I think an effective way to deal with this abomination would be to give the honor guard real bullets and fire the 21-gun salute at the protestors.
2006-02-21 7:06:10 AM  
man that fred phelps church sounds whacked.
life must be good down there if people that retarded can actually continue to survive.

you'd think they'd be too stupid to have a heartbeat.
2006-02-21 7:06:30 AM  
What the fark is wrong with these people?
2006-02-21 7:07:15 AM  
Since when are bikers pro-government propaganda tools? What happened to being rebels? Men who normal people feared? How the hell did they become apologists for war criminals?


/it was a joke, right?
2006-02-21 7:07:31 AM  
The church of the troll.
2006-02-21 7:10:17 AM  
Pete and Repeat were sitting on a log. Pet fell off. Who was left?
2006-02-21 7:13:29 AM  
I_Hate_Iowa: I want to flirt with Fred Phelps. Tell him his hate is sexy.

If you are a guy, you are now my third favorite gay person. After my uncle and his friend.

Does anyone have a point of contact for these guys? I'd ride with them.
2006-02-21 7:17:32 AM  
Guess it shows you every religion has it's fair share of wackjobs. We get around their protests by having our funerals at the base chapel. Protesters are a threat & are not allowed on base. Keeps out the Patriot Riders too, but they understand. Good guys. Buzz.
2006-02-21 7:17:56 AM  
saying something has "jumped the shark", has jumped the shark
2006-02-21 7:18:22 AM  
Found it. I had feared that the low rumble of cruiser bikes might let some disgusting phelps hatred through in the higher registers. Fixed by ninja EX500.
2006-02-21 7:18:48 AM  
Some protesters signs said, Thank God for IEDs,

How farking farked up are these people? I mean this goes beyond the normal psychosis that goes with religious fundamentalism. This is a whole other level of sickness.
2006-02-21 7:20:20 AM  
I hate those protesters.
2006-02-21 7:21:39 AM  
Actually, I might just follow Phelps on my own. It's an excuse to install those muzzy pipes I've been eyeing ;)
2006-02-21 7:22:14 AM  
Seems like this problem could be humorously solved with paintball guns....
2006-02-21 7:22:28 AM  
Phelps and homosexuality is more than homophobia. It is a deep-seated, truly irrational hatred, which (although it shouldn't be condoned) is not bad in and of itself. Problems rise when action is taken upon that hatred. Here we have a man who takes another person's private event (the burial of a loved one is about as personal as events can get) and tries to turn it into their own politico-religious event. That this idea even exists, even simply on the fringes of society, is another sign of the decline of our civilization. In a normal world, people let other people mourn, unless they knew the mourned (or the mourners) and have historical reasons to dislike them.

Besides, I heard that when Matt Stone and Trey Parker were looking for someone to do Tom Cruise's voice in that episode where he's hidden in the closet, they wanted Phelps because his resume had the most experience on it.
2006-02-21 7:22:47 AM  
Wow, I thought those "Thank god for IEDs" posters I see on Fark threads were just Photoshopped jokes. That's scary.
2006-02-21 7:26:16 AM  
Wow, the protestors are a bunch of farks.

The bikers are definitely heroes in my book.
2006-02-21 7:29:17 AM  
at first I thought the headline read:

Bikers drown and out Fred Phelps protest at soldier's funeral

that would have been far more enjoyable

/this was pretty sweet too though
2006-02-21 7:29:24 AM  
If those asshats ever protest somewhere near where I live, I'm going to get a group of people to print out lots of pictures of hardcore, graphic gay porn, blow it up on large posterboards, and hold it up literally in front of these people's faces.
2006-02-21 7:29:53 AM  
If only the "out" wasn't in that headline it'd be even better.
2006-02-21 7:29:55 AM  
Who protests a funeral? That absolutely makes me sick.
2006-02-21 7:29:58 AM  
I'd love to be there when Phelps dies and God sodomizes him with a massive black penis.
2006-02-21 7:32:09 AM  
Wow, a thread with near-unanimous agreement, and a troll shut down long before a flamewar could be incited?

This is a rare day, indeed.

/probably just jinxed it
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