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(CBS 2 Chicago)   Republicans to Chicago: "How about hosting our 2008 convention?" Chicago to Republicans: "How about no? Does no work for you?"   ( divider line
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28318 clicks; posted to Main » on 16 Feb 2006 at 4:50 PM (12 years ago)   |   Favorite    |   share:  Share on Twitter share via Email Share on Facebook   more»

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2006-02-16 05:02:14 PM  
I agree with those that said New Orleans. That should go over really well. And help the local economy. Plus show how much they care about the city.

2006-02-16 05:03:30 PM  
"Suck it" would have been way better.

A vote for me is a vote for SUCK IT!
2006-02-16 05:03:47 PM  
"Chicagoans are pretty poor example of the Midwest..."

And how long have you lived in Kenosha, ericjohnson0? Oh, my mistake - Richfield.

The reason Chicago doesn't want to host the convention is that we don't want to turn McCormick Place into Guantanamo North the way Bloomberg did with the docs in New York.
2006-02-16 05:04:02 PM  
Republicans seem to bring out the best hookers

[image from too old to be available]
2006-02-16 05:04:29 PM  

"Flatlanders" is better. Almost funny, even. FIB's - not so much.
2006-02-16 05:04:49 PM  
May I suggest Beijing maybe there they can learn more about spying on the citizenry.
2006-02-16 05:04:50 PM  
-lol, now this I would like to see, hell all those people out looking for work could be hired as security-
That, in a nutshell, is the irony. The labor market in New Orleans is uber tight. Good luck getting a bunch of locals o run security. Unless you want the NOPD doing detail. Then all you would get are a bunch of vandalized vehicles the police were "supposed" to be watching.
2006-02-16 05:04:54 PM  
Rich Daley has enough problems of his own without bringing even more slimy politicians to Chicago. So many scandals and revelations under the Daley administration have been revealed in the last 18 months that young Richard J. may not be able to follow in his father's footsteps and die in office.

Yes, I know that, "slimy politicians" is redundant.
2006-02-16 05:04:56 PM  
"republican" can be rearranged to spell "Cuban peril."
2006-02-16 05:05:53 PM  
Weather in chicago sucks but the pizza is badass!
2006-02-16 05:05:58 PM  
funny headline.
2006-02-16 05:06:20 PM  
do you know which group is probably the most upset about this? every single prostitute in chicago.
2006-02-16 05:07:19 PM  
Daley ain't going anywhere. He could shoot an old dude in the face with a shotgun and still win another 2 or 3 terms.
2006-02-16 05:07:40 PM  
That was real silly to ask them. Why not just petition San Francisco to host the thing while they are at it?
2006-02-16 05:07:42 PM  

Good call there. Republicans are so hated that the President is a Republican, the Senate has a Republican majority and the House of Reps has a Republican majority. But they probably stole those votes from Democrats right? Diebold and what not. Go back to being a troll.
2006-02-16 05:07:47 PM  
Cue Peter Griffin laugh

2006-02-16 05:07:48 PM  

Do you remember those protesters who spray painted the expensive and newly refurbished bus stops on Chestnut? Or, the overturned car in Rittenhouse? While incarcerated for said and other things, the biatching about grilled cheese sandwiches not conforming to vegan diets?
Ah, memories.

The protests and shenanigans for 2008 would kick ass compared to '00.

phila police > vegan anarchists
2006-02-16 05:07:52 PM  
Not Available: 'FIB' country, as Cheeseheads refer to to our southern neighbors (FIB- Farking Illinois Bastrads).

Funny - that's how we referred to them in Michigan as well.

Here we have our Flids. (farking Long Island Dicks)
2006-02-16 05:08:06 PM  
[image from too old to be available]

Seems like a perfectly logical place for the GOP.
/to poop on.

2006-02-16 05:08:23 PM  
They should just do Salt Lake City or Dallas or some other big crappy city where Republicans live.
2006-02-16 05:08:30 PM  
So glad that Farkers can stereotype Republicans with every Democratic talking point so readily. Ever try thinking for yourselves?

I know this works both ways, but for a guy who was a naive Democrat until I was 28, it's interesting to see the nauseating consumption of crap that you buy into so easily. Spouting Democratic drivel somehow makes you feel enlightened, but that doesn't make it real.
2006-02-16 05:08:38 PM  
Politicians sit yourselves down, there's nothing for you here
won't you please come to chicago for a ride
don't ask jack to help you `cause he'll turn the other ear
won't you please come to chicago or else join the other side

We can change the world rearrange the world
it's dying - if you believe in justice
dying - and if you believe in freedom
dying - let a man live his own life
dying - rules and regulations, who needs them open up the door

Somehow people must be free I hope the day comes soon
won't you please come to chicago show your face
From the bottom of the ocean to the mountains of the moon
won't you please come to chicago no one else can take your place

We can change the world rearrange the world
It's dying - if you believe in justice
dying - and if you believe in freedom
dying - let a man live his own life
dying - rules and regulations, who needs them open up the door

/big ups to chitown!
2006-02-16 05:09:12 PM  
I heard KC is in the running for the convention also.. I'd say heck no to both the RNC and DNC..who wants the trouble?
2006-02-16 05:09:42 PM  
soia: Here we have our Flids. (farking Long Island Dicks)

where i live we call you guys simply "new yorkers" but we say the words with a level of contempt usually reserved for child molesters.
2006-02-16 05:09:59 PM  
Im going to Chicago for the first time in the beginning of April, anything good going on that time of the year????????
2006-02-16 05:10:03 PM  
Should have used "suck it."

I hate crackhorns and niagras and slop heads and camel jokers and... What other racist tags can I mess up?
2006-02-16 05:10:45 PM  
Way to go mayor, just pass up a chance to showcase your city to the nation and bring in some major league cash.
The only reason I can see for doing this would be if he was certain they would lose.
Farking defeatist pussy. Fire him!
2006-02-16 05:10:59 PM  
Eat More Possum "I knew there was a reason I liked Chicago."

You'd LOVE IT here!

Most Democrats seem to, anyway ....

"CHICAGO MAY be the third-largest city in the U.S. and the Second City when it comes to culture, but without a doubt, Chicago is Americas first city when it comes to political corruption.

Not a day has passed in the last five months without the media exposing some lurid story of city hall corruption. The current ruler of Chicago, Mayor Richard Daley II--who just a short time ago was considered by Time magazine to be one of the best mayors in the country--suffered the humiliation of being interrogated by the U.S. Attorneys office about the recent scandals.


Even amid Chicago's storied reputation for corruption, this has been an unusually significant and far-reaching investigation involving 30 indictments and 23 convictions. Those charged have included a top official at the mayor's office of intergovernmental affairs and the former deputy water commissioner, who pleaded guilty to taking bribes, shaking down companies for political contributions, and rigging hiring. With a number of cooperating witnesses, including the water czar, the investigation is far from over.


A former city worker who married into Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley's family and later was fired by the mayor from his water department job pleaded guilty Thursday to bribery charges. Prosecutors say the Hired Truck Program that was designed to save money by enabling the city to outsource to private truckers its hauling work has been riddled with corruption.

* Whistles "Sweet home, Chicago" *
2006-02-16 05:11:24 PM  
Why would Chicago turn down the money and publicity of a national convention? That is plain stupid, or they figured they didn't have a chance in hell since they are a bunch of left wing liberals
2006-02-16 05:11:45 PM  
foodstuffs: poor Republicans, hated by just about every [lazy, ignorant, government-teat-sucking loser].

There, fixed that for ya.

/flame on
2006-02-16 05:11:55 PM  
Seriously though, major metropolitan cities aren't really representative of the Republican party anyways. Kansas, Nebraska, Kentucky, South Carolina, the Dakotas, any crappy state that no one gives a fark about that is grossly over represented in our Union would probably be more than happy to host the Reich...err the Republican National Convention.
2006-02-16 05:12:14 PM  
"2006-02-16 03:53:25 PM Torc

NEW ORLEANS! Go for it, guys! C'mon, the irony generated would power the country for a year!"


Damnit, you made my head explode. I had to pick it up off the floor and reattach it to my body. Don't do that again, damnit.
2006-02-16 05:12:29 PM  
I love when the dipshiats show up throwing out partisan crap. I loath the Dems just as much as I loath the Reps, lawyers, and everyone else that makes their money by farking the other guy...
2006-02-16 05:12:33 PM  
Great tgot.

You should work Ted Kennedy into all that while you're at it.

Republicans=pwnded by Chicago
2006-02-16 05:13:02 PM  
Oprah, the Queen of Chicago, has spoken. As it is said so shall it be done for her fury is mighty and awesome to behold. She rules over the city from behind the walls of the great Sears Tower.

Few know that "Sears" refers not to the well known retailer but to the incredible flesh-searing heat produced at the top of the great black tower. It is there where she sacrifices middle-aged women to an ancient sub-Saharan god.

Her prime henchman, Dr. Phil, is the son of an evil Nazi doctor. He continues his work in the dungeons beneath the great tower in the hopes of turning Oprah's book club into the greatest army the world has ever seen.

So, it's probably a good thing Chicago didn't work out for the GOP.
2006-02-16 05:13:04 PM  
The can come to Virginia Beach anytime!

/probably won't, it's already Republican
//republican and lovin it
2006-02-16 05:13:04 PM  
Chicago = Urine Soaked Hellhole

/Peepee soaked heckhole
2006-02-16 05:13:53 PM  
Liberal: a. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry. b. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded. c. Of, relating to, or characteristic of liberalism. d. Liberal Of, designating, or characteristic of a political party founded on or associated with principles of social and political liberalism, especially in Great Britain, Canada, and the United States.

Who is bashing liberals in this thread? OH... you guys aren't under the misguided notion Crats actually are Liberal, are you?

They haven't had a new idea in 70 years... and if they did, it died of loneliness...
2006-02-16 05:14:59 PM  
So glad that Farkers can stereotype Democrats with every Republican talking point so readily. Ever try thinking for yourselves?

I know this works both ways, but for a guy who was a naive Republican until I was 28, it's interesting to see the nauseating consumption of crap that you buy into so easily. Spouting Republican drivel somehow makes you feel enlightened, but that doesn't make it real.
2006-02-16 05:15:08 PM  
Nahhhhhh, whidbey,

Ted Kennedy=pwns Bawstan Masss.
2006-02-16 05:15:15 PM  
Chicago is trying to get the 2016 olympics (which is a ludicrous idea) and as such doesn't want to have two mega-events 8 years apart. They would have to dump TONS of development money into building for the olympics and dump TONS of development money for the convention (and police money)

you can only squeeze out so much blood from a turnip
2006-02-16 05:16:21 PM  
GOP/Chicago would never happen. I'd like to see though. It would keep the GOP out of a swing state.
2006-02-16 05:16:27 PM  
Can't we all just pick on Oprah?
2006-02-16 05:17:19 PM  
They should have it in Portland, Oregon, because it's midway between the Republican strongholds of Seattle and San Francisco.

/not really midway.
//and nowhere near Conservative.
///would be brave, though.
2006-02-16 05:17:36 PM  
GREAT headline!!! I'm still laughing.
2006-02-16 05:18:51 PM  
Speaking of Chicago, anybody see the penis in the photo of Paris Hilton on page 41 of today's Sun-Times? They used a still from her sex tape, and it clearly has the offending member still in the photo.
2006-02-16 05:19:07 PM  
Face it, Wisconsinites - "Cheeseheads" is too funny to counter with "FIB's".

Shove it, flatlander.

That's just great. Chicago leftist politicians just cost local businesses _how much_ money by doing this? Great going, guys.

Remember there's still one more convention up for grabs if you want one so badly. Just won't be your party.
2006-02-16 05:19:25 PM  
Philadelphia got the R convention in 2000 partly because D mayor Ed Rendell set aside political differences for the sake of the city getting a huge boost out of hosting the convention.

D mayor Ed Rendell then became D GOVERNOR Ed Rendell, because Philly did well under his watch and got respect from both sides.

Learn from it Chicago. Do your job, do the right thing for the city.
2006-02-16 05:19:48 PM  
I think it should be in Berkley or near enough to Berkley so the Alpha-Crazies their can show up

/I like political events to be great television
2006-02-16 05:19:57 PM  
Why don't they just have it in one of the "red-state's" cities. They have some great metropolitan cities that have lots of stuff to keep people entertained and are well prepared for large numbers of tourists, plus the Republican's will be supporting their electorate.

Now if the red-states could just build a city with all of those qualities real quick we'd be set.
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